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25 Worst Employees Who Got Fired For Stupid Reasons

25 Worst Employees Who Got Fired For Stupid Reasons


We all know that there are some truly stupid people in the world. They walk amongst us every day and on a good day we won’t cross paths with any of them. There are plenty of days though that we do come in contact with some of these people. It could be at the store, the hospital or maybe even at the local bar. You just never know where one of these idiots is hiding out.

One thing that is certain though, is that’s it’s always very entertaining to read when one of these stupid people strike. We love to read about what they did and if there is video involved it’s even funnier. The stories are never ending because there is never a lack of stupid people doing stupid things.

The ones that do stupid things and have it cost them their jobs are always greatly funny and highly entertaining. Those are the people who we are concentrating on today. So be ready to laugh out loud because some of what you are about to read, well, you just won’t believe. If any of it sounds familiar or it sounds like something that you have given thought to in the past, take these as a learning lesson. You never want to be guilty of doing any of what you are about to read!

25. Dallas police officer = Official Bum Roller

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In February of 2011, Dallas police officer Senior Cpl. Cat Lafitte made a post on Facebook. It was just another case of “should have kept it to herself”. In the post she described a fight she had gotten into with a hospital worker. It read “I threw my boot at him, Jerry Springer style, and nailed him in the face. It broke his glasses and cut his face and bruised it up real good!”

Elsewhere on her page she called herself an “Official Bum Roller”, cop slang for officers who deal with homeless people. That’s obviously not something they wanted the public to know. As you have probably already guessed, Lafitte is no longer part of the Dallas Police Department.

24. Giving the term ‘personal pizza’ new meaning


Domino’s pizza employees Michael Setzer and Kristy Hammonds were apparently bored at work one day. They decided to kill time by doing things like using a sponge to clean one’s butt and then using it to clean a pizza pan. Then of course they followed that up by sneezing on a sandwich or two. The two geniuses captured their antics on video and actually posted it on YouTube.

The video quickly went viral and you can only guess what came out of that; some of the bosses found out, not to mention the cops. Both were fired and then arrested on charges of tampering with food.

23. Save a life, lose a job


Juan Canales is the type of guy that we all want to be friends with. While working his job as a waiter at a Thai food restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he saw a carjacking taking place outside of the restaurant. Seeing there was a woman inside of the car and that the attacker had a knife, Canales sprang into action. He bolted out of the restaurant, caught the attacker and held him on the ground until the police got there to take him into custody.

He was the talk of the area and hailed as a hero. However, he was fired from his job because of all the attention he brought to the restaurant. Apparently free, very good, publicity is a bad thing to have.

22. A radio contest leads to death


This one is not only stupid but it’s very sad. Tragically someone actually lost their life because of this stupid contest. Three DJ’s in Sacramento, California once held a contest to give away a Nintendo Wii. Contestants had to drink as much water as they possibly could without using the bathroom.

Several hours later a 28-year-old woman was found dead in her home after she drank about two gallons of water. The official cause of death was listed as “water intoxication” and that lead to the firing of the three DJ’s along with seven other employees of the morning show program.

21. Basketball coach embarrasses opposing team


In 2009 Micah Grimes was the women’s head basketball coach at The Covenant School. On their schedule that season was a team from an academy that helped kids with learning issues, such as dyslexia, among several others. Grimes’ team was a favorite coming into the game but nobody could have predicted what was about to happen.

Grimes led his team to a 100-0 victory, a game that is embarrassing on countless levels in basketball. The school said that what he did was not “Christlike” and when Grimes refused to apologize, he was fired.

Winning is good, but there comes a time that you have to be a good sport. Letting things get to that point was just stupid on his part.

20. Take a nap, lose a job


There was once a technician who worked for Comcast that missed some appointments. Well, he missed three of them on the same day and it’s not really known as to why. We can only guess that he was tired because the appointment that he did show up for, well, the results weren’t very good.

While working on a broken cable modem the technician actually decided to take a nap on the customer’s couch. That’s right, he fell asleep right there in the living room. It’s not known if he thought that the customer wouldn’t notice, but they did and a quick phone call was made. The technician no longer needs to worry about being overworked.

19. Bored nurse equals bad results


When working the night shift things can be slow. Most people welcome slow times and find that it’s the best way to earn good money. Then again, not all people are smart. This is a good example of that…

“A girl I know was a nurse at a hospital and got fired for posting things on Facebook such as: ‘Soooooo sleepy here in the ICU. Will someone please code and give me something exciting to do? #isthatbad?’ and a lot of racist things. The dumbest part about it was she was TAGGING the hospital she worked at in her posts.” Seriously? Wow!

18. Cop threatens Starbucks


Daytona Beach once had an officer patrolling its streets by the name of Major Garvin. Garvin was a Lieutenant and he figured that he was entitled to free coffee from the local Starbucks. He received his specialty coffees for free for almost two years when one day he was suddenly denied of his daily fix.

The results weren’t good as Garvin got extremely upset and threatened the store with a slow response time if they ever needed help from law enforcement. Obviously, store management wasn’t happy with this threat so they filed a complaint against the officer. He denied the allegations and asked for a polygraph test. He failed the test and now he doesn’t have coffee or a job.

17. Tweeting threats to the boss


Ok you don’t really have to love them, but you might not want to take to social media to air your true feelings for them. Every single time that happens, nothing good is going to come out of it. Take this story for instance…

“One of my Facebook friends worked for the postal service in my town. She posted about how she wanted to kill her boss and went into some gory details. Then, about 5 hours later, she posted another status about how the Feds showed up at her house and that one of her coworkers had showed her boss the status and she was now fired. She’s obviously really dumb.”

16. Taking a bath at KFC


Many of you might remember this incident. It happened some time ago but is still well worth a mention today. Three friends who once worked at a Kentucky Fried Chicken, decided one night after work to take a bath. It wasn’t your normal bath though; it was in the main sink at the closed restaurant.

One of the three women thought it would be a good idea to post the video of the incident on her MySpace page. Obviously the bosses soon found out about it and the women were fired. A local health inspector chimed in during the scandal and said that the action was a violation of the State’s Health Code. You think?

15. Hospital employees post about dead police


When a cop is killed nobody releases the name of them until their family has been notified. It’s a respect thing that doesn’t really have to be explained. Well, not to smart people anyway. Here is an instance where some hospital workers weren’t in that smart category.

“I work in a hospital and there was a police shooting in my area a couple of years ago. Multiple officers were brought into our ER. One officer was DOA and a number of idiot hospital employees posted condolences on their Facebook pages with the name of the officer before the family was officially informed. Seven or eight employees were rightfully fired for that one.”

14. Make sure the call is over before insulting the CEO


We’ve all heard the story of this happening to people before, and it’s still funny each time it happens again. Several upper management people were on a conference call with the CEO of their technology retail store. Rumors say this instance was Best Buy but we can’t be sure. When the conference call was supposed to be over one employee said “If that idiot tells me how to do my job one more time, I’m going to quit.”

You know what’s next right? The CEO, who hadn’t hung up yet, heard what was said and she replied “I’m sorry, what was that?” The employee didn’t have to quit, he was shown the door instead. It’s always a good idea to make sure the call is actually over and done with.

13. Firefighter skipping work


There was once a volunteer firefighter who liked to take time off by lying about what he was doing. As the story goes, “I had to fire someone for this. He was a volunteer firefighter and left for a call which I allowed. Fifteen minutes later someone showed me his five-minute-old post of him riding quads saying something along the lines of ‘Sometimes you just need to F-off from work.’ That put him on a final warning. He then left because he said HIS house was on fire then half-an-hour later his wife tagged him in a photo of him sitting in a kiddie pool in front of his house. The funny thing is, in both cases, if he had simply asked to leave early I probably would have said yes.”

12. Peeing in a freight elevator


The Smoking Gun once reported on a gentleman who worked at the IRS who didn’t like using the employee’s bathroom. Instead he chose to relieve himself in a freight elevator that was in the building. He did this so many times that eventually the elevator started to smell like urine. Management installed a camera to find out what was going on and soon after they caught their guy with his pants down.

When asked why he did it, the man simply stated that he did so just because he thought he could get away with it. At least he was honest right? He was fired from his job, brought up on felony charges of damaging government property and he had to pay $4,600 for the cleaning bill.

11. “Anyone know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours?!”


Anyone with any kind of common sense knows that when they apply for a new job they may be drug tested. If they indeed do get the job the chances of that drug test happening go up considerably. So what’s the best way to not get a job? This is how…

“A prospective employee at the company I work for had just passed his interview, and was told that all he needs to do is pass a drug test and a physical and he would start on Monday. Someone found the new hire on Facebook and the guy had just posted 20 minutes after the interview, ‘S—! Anyone know how to pass a drug test in 24 hours?!’” Job lost before he even started it.

10. Heroic cop posts gruesome photos on Facebook


There once was a man from Staten Island, New York. For many years he was a cop and he saved a lot of lives. A few of his highlights are saving a man from a burning car, rescuing a mother and her child from a capsized boat and preventing a homeless man from committing suicide.

After retiring from the police force this man became an EMT and everything was going well until he got to a crime scene that involved a victim of strangulation. For some reason this man took gruesome photos and then posted them on his Facebook page. A friend reported him and he was quickly fired. It’s hard to say why he did something so stupid.

9. Posting photos of smoking and drinking on the job


Getting older does not guarantee someone to continue growing smarter. Age keeps on going but in some people their level of intelligence just may reach a peak and then stop. For example, take this genius who was thirty years old at the time…

“A co-worker of mine was fired recently because he got caught sneaking off from work to smoke weed and drink. This moron would post photos of him smoking and drinking on Facebook. The boss found out and predictably fired him on the spot. This guy was almost 30 years old.”

Someone should have taken his phone away from him. Who knows how long he may have gotten away with it if he only had half a brain.

8. Sending indecent photos to a child


Who says that teachers need to be smart? We all know of countless times they have proven otherwise. Beth Ann Chester is just another example of that. The high school teacher sent some nude photos of herself to a 14-year-old student’s cell phone. The boy’s parents found them and confronted the 26-year-old Chester about them. Later that day she quit her job and admitted to having a sexual relationship with the boy.

She didn’t get fired because she quit before they could fire her. It’s close enough to still count for the purposes of this article. She was obviously brought up on several criminal charges. For the purposes of this section you could actually replace Chester’s name with countless others.

7. “My coworker is trying to kill me; worst driver ever.”


This is a firsthand story from someone who did not take the advice to not post about coworkers. “It was my first week on the job at a law firm, and had to ride with one of the female employees to the UPS store. She was a terrible driver, and almost wrecked multiple times. I posted on Facebook, ‘One week on the job and my coworker is trying to kill me; worst driver ever.’ The next day I was called into my bosses office with the girl sitting there with an expressionless look on her face, and there was a printout of my post. It was awkward and they fired me on the spot. All of my account information was also set to private, so they figured a way to check my activity.”

6. School supervisor skipping work


John Haplin was an employee of the New York City school system for twenty-one years. He was a supervisor who didn’t miss that much time from work. Eventually the city figured out how that was happening though. He was doctoring his time cards saying that he was working when he actually wasn’t.

When the city figured out something was wrong they tracked Haplin’s comings and goings through his city issued cell phone. The GPS verified that there were countless instances of him reporting that he was working, when he really wasn’t. He claimed that it wasn’t fair to be tracked like that but he doesn’t have to worry about them doing it anymore. He was fired and no longer has to worry about fixing his time cards.

5. Dental assistant is “too hot”


In this case it’s not the employee who was stupid, it was actually the employer. Melissa Nelson had a very good job. For ten years she was a dental assistant and she had a very good employee record. Nothing out of the ordinary could be found if looking over her work records. Then suddenly, without warning, she was fired. Why you may ask? Because she was too sexy.

James Knight, the dentist that she worked for, fired Nelson at his wife’s urging because Nelson was too hard for Knight to resist. Mind you, it has been said nowhere that Nelson wanted Knight to have to resist her.

Nelson once made a comment about her lack of a sex life and Knight responded with that being like “having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it.” Yet Nelson was the one fired even though what Knight said was obviously sexual harassment. Funny things happen in Iowa.

4. Man calls boss “serial masturbator”


One time in South Africa, a 23-year-old administrative clerk shared a status update on his Facebook page. While talking about his boss, he referred to him as a “serial masturbator”. Now you can only imagine what came out of that right?

A co-worker saw the status update and alerted their boss on how he had been the subject of the original employee’s status update. Upon checking it out to verify it the boss immediately went and had a chat with said employee. The conversation went something along the lines of ‘You can go home now and not worry about coming back’.

3. Man skips work for Halloween party


In 2007 Kevin Colvin wanted to go to a Halloween party. The problem is though, he had to work. So he figured a way to get out of work. He told Paul Davis, his supervisor, that he had a family emergency going on and he wasn’t going to make it in to the bank where they worked.

Colvin then posted a very stupid photo from the party onto his Facebook page. Davis saw it and you know what the end result was. When Davis fired Colvin he made sure to share the stupid picture with everyone in the office. It might have been a message of half joke, half “Don’t do something so stupid like Colvin did”.

2. Nurses mock patient on Facebook


Sometimes people just do things that are unexplainable and sometimes you really don’t want an explanation. However, anytime you go to the hospital you should be assured of privacy no matter how stupid the action is you did.

A pair of nurses from a hospital in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin dealt with a patient one time that had a dark secret. He had a sex toy stuck in his rectum. The nurses discussed the incident on their Facebook pages and there are rumors that they even posted the X-rays on there as well. There is nobody that can verify if the pics were ever put up but both nurses were fired anyway for discussing the patient.

1. Bartender calls customers “Porch Monkeys”


Meet Chicago bartender Jessica Elizabeth. In 2012 she worked at Proof nightclub as a bartender but she didn’t last very long. She had the looks to be a successful bartender but not the attitude it takes. See, if you want to be a successful bartender, you have to like people.

Elizabeth took to Facebook to voice her disapproval about getting hit on by members of the opposite race. During her rant she used the words “porch monkeys” and “apes”. Her manager, Zoe Gainey, was notified of the post and responded “Hey Hitler. This is in violation of your social media contract, please remove it ASAP.” The bartender answered back “R U joking? I have a life outside of the club.”

Gainey fired her and now Elizabeth doesn’t have to worry about her little problem anymore.


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