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7 Odd Cars From This Year (And 8 Really Nice Ones)

7 Odd Cars From This Year (And 8 Really Nice Ones)

One of the modern day intrinsic feelings in this fast-paced world is the excitement that comes with driving. Satisfying your desire to roam freely and fulfilling the fundamental need to driving is the reason behind the love affair that human beings have with the automobile. The challenge is that different cars have varying aesthetic specifications to meet the various needs of different groups of users. The design of most cars is catching to the eye, but some of them will attract the eye in the wrong ways. Part of the list is dedicated to the ugliest cars men have driven this year. On the other hand, everyone looks toward to auto shows each year to get a clue of what the manufacturers have in store for us. Each person is looking for innovative vehicles that have a super cool appearance. 2017 was a year of significant innovations in the motor industry. It goes without saying that the market will have something for everyone. You are in the right place whether you are looking for a car that is sexy or something that will blow you away. We have a long list of hot looking vehicles that come with several cool features for each user. So, the last part of our list will be the nicest cars men have driven in 2017.

15. Nice: Jaguar F-type 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

The Jaguar F type of 2017 enables high performance and responsive handling. Many people choose it because it gives them exciting driving experiences. Jaguar engineered this luxury sports car for individuals that love driving a vehicle with everything. It provides affordability and a brand experience. The supercharged V-8 has 575 hp and speeds reach up to 200 mph. The convertible models give owners large luggage room. This car is safe to drive and has ABS brakes which automatically come to a halt when the tires stop rotating after extreme braking. The extreme stopping moderates the brake pressure to ensure wheels turn when braking. The front-impact airbags, stability control for passengers and drivers protects the head during a frontal crash. Side-impact airbags are installed and are crucial during a sudden collision. The seatbelt tightens on impact and places occupants in a safe position during a collision.

14. Ugly: Nissan Cube 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

Some people will tell you that it is fashionable to be square. However, don’t expect driving a cube-shaped vehicle to enhance your popularity any time soon. It’s evident that the person who came up with the design of the Nissan Cube has OCD. After all, what is the reason behind an automobile having all right angles? This car can pass as a mail truck if you decide to cover its windows and give it a white paint job with red and blue stripes. The Nissan Cube is topping this list due to its oddly shaped symmetrical design. Its windows are another feature that makes the Nissan Cube ugly. The vehicle comes in a broad range of colors but not even a single paint job, whether creative or solid, would make this awful car look good.

13. Nice: BMW M6 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

Drivers who desire the accelerating thrust that comes with high-speeds and enjoy the comfort of a grant touring will find the BMW M6 2017 to be very appropriate. Come to think of it, how do the 500 pound-feet of torque and 560 horsepower sound? It has power gains, an active suspension that has an upgraded M-tuning, brakes, steering, and the rear differential that is electronically controlled. These substantial enhancements to this huge luxury handling vehicle have significantly improved over time. It has a comfortable cabin that is trimmed in the top shelf materials to balance all the performance hardware. The interior has a carbon fiber trimming and a fine-grain leather appearance. The machine is equipped so well that you will find a few extra options to further increase the price gap between the M6 and the 650i. All said and done, this car strikes a nice performance balance and has a grand touring level of comfort. It delivers everything that you are looking for in a nice car.

12. Ugly: Scion IQ 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

You cannot find a person that has a high level of intelligence driving a Scion IQ. You may think that it is a little circus vehicle as you observe several clowns bursting out from the windows. A bird’s eye view of the car gives it a weird and unsettling look with features that resemble an insect. The model has a black antenna that looks like a stinger on a wasp’s back end. Make sure to leave the doors of this car wide open. This angle gives the vehicle a ridiculous set of ears to complete the face and accompany that cartoonish look. Indeed, this car has an ambiguous design and comes in various colors like neon yellow and burnt sienna. However, no color makes this car nice looking. It is just plain ugly.

11. Nice: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

We all have heard of the days in the pass at GM where there wouldn’t be a car that was permitted to go up against the Camaro’s sovereignty. Those days are behind us, because Team Camaro has applied its philosophy of ILE handing to their preposterously powerful ZL1. This has resulted in a monster that is the most track-capable road car that GM has ever sold. The supercharging V-8 and standard 6.2-liter engine of the Camaro ZL1 has a 650 lb-ft and 650 horsepower components. There was no need to make more of these components more powerful than that. Given that it is a passionate automobile, it has a six-speed manual transmission. An electronic precise variance circles out the powertrain. The manufacturer has replaced the magnetic shocks with multimatic spool-valve ones. They are hard mounted that use a replaceable thin tube and not rubber like the other suspensions. The rear anti-roll bar, front camber, and ride height can all be adjusted manually.

10. Ugly: Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

We appreciate the fact that this car has excellent gas mileage, but its design is just horrible. We don’t think one of the rules in the auto manufacturing industry states that all-electric vehicles must be ugly. The starting price for the 2017 Mitsubishi i-MiFV is apparently low but it has a less practical design in comparison to other electric cars. It is better to go for other EVs if you are searching for convenience and comfort. Its performance is very low in comparison to the other competing EVs. According to the EPA, driving for 59 miles can run the battery power completely down. Other EVs that come at the same cost can go for 20 to 30 more miles. The battery of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2017 takes a while to recharge after you deplete it. Charging it takes double the time required for other electronic vehicles. It is also the slowest car on the road reaching only up to 60 mph. Expect a rough and bouncy ride if you plan to drive on the highway. It also lacks the sound insulation to block the road noise and wind outside. Therefore, you will remain disturbed and troubled while driving this car.

9. Nice: Dodge Challenger 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

Starting at a price of $34,490 with a $1,095 destination charge implies that the 2017 Dodge Challenger GT is the car to own. You will not find another five-passenger, two-door, all-wheel-drive car on the modern market like this one. The AWD sales for this machine keep on increasing each year and over half of the sales are in the northern states that have AWD. The active transfer case of this automobile and the front-axle disconnecting system to the Challenger entails enchanting the suspension which originates from the massaging. The Dodge Charger Pursuit has unique automobile components that make it ready for any cross-country adventure. The springs and shocks are slightly softer and the antiroll bars are less aggressive. The package is completed with GT badging, fog lights, and a rear spoiler. The interior standard equipment encompasses a heated steering wheel, ventilated front seats, hectic mesh aluminum bezels, universal garage door opener, bright pedals, six 276-watt alpine speakers, an Android auto and Apple car play Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen. The interior has a very decent look and a personality of a Challenger that is overly redefined.

8. Ugly: Fiat 500L 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

The Fiat 500L was never considered a good looking car. The new 2018 vehicles were supposed to receive a facelift, but the car is still plain as Jane and ugly as ever. About the only good thing that this car has is its ornamentation that is on the front of the vehicle. The 2017 Fiat 500L is a little bit bigger than its previous vehicles. It’s a car that looks like a cross between a Mini Cooper Countryman and an SUV. The interior is a little bit better than the outside. However, you shouldn’t buy a car because the inside looks nice. The overall look and performance should be your guide. If you take a look at it, the L should stand for large and loathsome because there is nothing charming about this car. When you drive it, it’s almost like you’re driving a very small bus.

7. Nice: 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

The 488 discharges a raw sex appeal from the technical front towards the curves that run down the sides. The designers left the 458 in a few new traditions that have more depth in the side panels and back quarters as compared to the flat-sided 458. The carbon-based appearance is there but is augmented in a way that the sheet metal slices out in a new decor. It has a design that is more appealing when you are next to it. The speed of the Ferrari is out of this world. In three seconds, it can go from 0 to 60 mph. There’s just nothing like this car.

6. Ugly: Ford Flex 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

There is no big difference between this car and the grotesque Scion XB. The Ford Flex model is one of the most unattractive cars that have taken the design efforts of Ford back to the drawing board. The car has a weird and angular shape that resembles a cardboard box on one side and one-part Mini Cooper on the other. The car has a very large bumper that resembles that of the Scion XB with a rounder design. The upper section of its headlights is similarly gaudy with Flex emblazoned on it. The car tries to be a minivan, crossover, and a station wagon at the same time. Each of them have dissatisfying results and this explains why it is among the least selling vehicles from Ford.

5. Nice: Lamborghini Huracan 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

The 5.2-liter high accelerating V-10 paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission is only available in the Lamborghini Huracan that came out in 2017. The engine has a rating of 398lb-ft and 571 hp of torque in the rear-drive and 413 lb-ft and 602 hp in the all-wheel-drive variants. Common features are the digital display for drive info, navigation, seats, and media. Options include the rearview camera, distinct interior colors, alloy wheel styles, rear parking sensors, brake caliper colors, and a sports exhaust. This drive has the best precision and steering response offered by any Lamborghini. This car is more driver-oriented and feels cleaner than other all-wheel-drive. The four-wheel traction gives it additional power and makes it go quicker in a straighter line. It has relations to the second-generation Audi R8.

4. Ugly: BMW i3 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

Having a single uniform color for your car has been the norm for a long time. The BMW i3 is an electric car, has a uniquely distorted and strange design and can come in up to three exclusive colors. Unlike the bottom of a tadpole, its rear slopes downwards and has a bullfrog spherical front. It is among the few BMW models whose classic BMW grill comes with a very unattractive appearance. It typically has a black hood, and this sets it apart from any other car that is not modified on the road. Its fog lights have a P-shaped depression and set in a black color with a very huge front bumper. When you view it from the front, the assembly of the fog light and its black background gives the entire bumper a sporting hipster goatee appearance.

3. Nice: Bugatti Chiron 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

According to history, you might be hoping that the next move would be a distinct item like the 16c Galibier Super Sedan concept that came out in 2009. However, the Chiron comes and stops just before the reinvention of the eleven-year-old Veyron coupe. During its time, Bugatti sold just six of the 41-Royales versus over seven hundred 57s produced. Ettore Bugatti realized that coupes attracted more sporting gentlemen than sedans. Some aspects do not change. A lot has changed underneath and on the surface, but the vital mission remains intact. The use of prodigious horsepower produced by technology and delivered by the four-wheel drive inspires awe and brings shockwaves to wealthy people. Unlike McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche, Bugatti does not use hybrid items. This hip, clean ride is fast, swift and will blow the average person’s mind when taking this car out for a ride.

2. Ugly: Yaris Verso 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

Some designers at Toyota thought that it was a brilliant idea to replace their Mini Cooper with a van. This thought led to the invention of the Yaris Verso. This car has a very unique and strange appearance with a downward sloping hood that is very short. Its rear section is also excessively large. The lack of symmetry between the back and front sections of this car makes it extremely ugly. The leading edges of the front door window point downward towards the front bumper and someone thought that it was giving it a sportier look. The inner corners of the headlamp slant downwards toward the bumper, which gives the whole vehicle a look that is somewhat sad. The manufacturer of this car should have never made it, because it looks odd and ugly.

1. Nice: Ford Mustang 2017

7 Ugliest Cars Guys Drove In 2017 8 Of The Nicest

This car remains among the most thrilling performance cars of today. Distinctive from earlier generations, it handles the road like a genuine sports car. Its four-cylinder engine is turbocharged and people find the V-8 engine enticing. Each model offers massive crash protection. The head-turning paint is still grabber blue, fiery red and triple yellow. Diehard fans of these cars will choose the V-8 engine since it puts out 400 pounds of torque and 435 horsepower. The car goes from 0 to 60 in four and a half seconds and it puts it among the quickest coupes in its class. This car earned a five-star rating in safety. You can use the MyKey feature to set speed limits. It also comes with a powerful anti-locking braking system and a blind-spot monitoring to enhance safety on the highway.

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