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8 Celeb Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded (And 7 Who Upgraded)

8 Celeb Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded (And 7 Who Upgraded)

We’ve all heard of amazing Hollywood couples who have spent most of their lives together and happily married. For example, Bob and Ginny Newhart have been married since 1963. Can you imagine that? Some of the people reading this article weren’t even born in 1963. Some of their parents weren’t even born then. And what about Christopher and Georgianne Walken? They have been married since 1969. That is actually the year Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. Doesn’t that seem like ages ago?

However, not all celebrities were so lucky to have a lovely and long-lasting marriage like those mentioned above. Unfortunately, there are quite a few celebrity cheaters out there who are not known for their happy love life, but for some pretty big scandals instead. No matter how hot and gorgeous their partners were, some of the biggest Hollywood stars still weren’t immune to cheating and their little affair definitely didn’t go under the radar. And while some of the stars have found themselves lovers even hotter than their spouses, some went in the opposite direction and left us all quite surprised with the lovers they chose. Was it just a moment of weakness or did they really think it through? We might never know.

Here are 8 celeb cheaters who seriously downgraded (and 7 who upgraded).

15. Downgraded: Hugh Grant

Who in their right mind would cheat on a gorgeous model like Liz Hurley? The woman is a sex icon and men around the world would die to have a chance with her! Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for Hugh Grant and he thought it would be a good idea to have some fun on the side. The next thing you know, everybody was talking about Grant being caught with a prostitute named Denise “Divine” Brown. It was a huge scandal that left everybody scratching their heads because it just didn’t make any sense. Trading a beauty like Liz Hurley for a prostitute whom you pick up somewhere in a dark alley? Yeah, there wasn’t anything Pretty-Woman-like about this story. It just felt completely wrong and a couple of years after the incident, Hurley and Grant got divorced.

14. Downgraded: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger got himself quite an amazing wife and people used to think it will be one of those great love stories that only happen once in a lifetime. However, he messed up big time when he cheated on his lovely wife with their housekeeper. His wife, Maria Shriver, is an activist, journalist, Emmy winner, and, on top of that, she is the niece of John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for Arnold and he had an affair with Mildred Baena and got her pregnant. He admitted that it was the stupidest thing he’d ever done but, unfortunately, there was no going back from there. He and Maria never got officially divorced, but they have been separated for quite some time now. He told her about the affair and his illegitimate child during a couples therapy session back in 2011.

13. Downgraded: Jesse James

Everybody was a bit surprised when Sandra Bullock decided to marry Jesse James back in 2005. It looked like those two have absolutely nothing in common, but then again, who are we to judge? If they are happy together, that is all that matters, right? Unfortunately, we were all right about this one. The famous motorcyclist was caught having an affair with Michelle McGee, a woman who used to be described in media as the “female Marilyn Manson”. And while Sandra is a knockout even today when she is in her 50s, Michelle McGee is so out of her league they don’t even play the same sport! She became even more likable when people noticed a couple of white supremacist tattoos in the sea of tats on her body. Seriously, Jesse, what were you thinking?

12. Downgraded: Eric Benet

Eric Benet is an R&B musician who was considered one of the luckiest men in the world when he tied the knot with Halle Berry. She was at the top of the world at that time; her career had exploded, and she had just won her first Academy Award. And do we really need to point out how gorgeous she is? Unfortunately, Benet wasn’t all that impressed with his wife and he cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend, Julia Riley, and rumor has it that she wasn’t the only one. There was a whole bunch of women he cheated on Halle with, some of them even her good friends. Benet and Berry separated in 2003, 2 years after they got married, and the divorce was finalized in early 2005.

11. Downgraded: Kristen Stewart

There was a time right after the first Twilight movie was released when almost every girl on a planet had a thing for Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart was not only lucky enough to be his co-star, but the two were actually a couple in the real life as well. It’s kind of a perfect story when you think about it. Two young actors meet on the set where they play a couple who is madly in love despite everything that goes against them and then the actors fall in love for real. It is one of those cliché romantic Hollywood moments. Or at least it was until Kristen decided to cheat on Robert with the director Rupert Sanders. And while Edward and Bella in the Twilight Saga got their happy ending, Kirsten and Robert broke up when he found out about the affair, and so did Sanders and his wife.

10. Downgraded: Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is known for having the perfect family life. Or is he? Well, he has a gorgeous wife, beautiful children, and a “professional mistress” on top of that. It was pretty shocking to hear that he was cheating on his wife for years since they were named “Celebrity family of the year” back in 2007. The woman he had an affair with decided to publish all she had learned from her relationship with Ramsay and she wrote a book Having an Affair: A Handbook for the ‘Other Woman’. In her book, she analyzed why men cheat, why the wives ignore the signs of what is going on, and why every mistress accepts her role being of the “other woman”. It seems that the Ramsays aren’t such a perfect couple after all.

9. Downgraded: Peter Cook

Peter Cook is an architect who entered the celebrity sphere and he married one of the hottest models ever, Christie Brinkley. She gained worldwide fame after she first appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and her career continued to grow from there. She signed contracts with numerous major brands and she spent 25 years being the face of the CoverGirl cosmetics brand. But even though she is considered one of the most beautiful women ever, Peter Cook decided to have some fun on the side and he cheated on her with an 18-year-old. Later, he attempted to cover the whole thing up by paying the teenager a massive amount of money to keep her mouth shut but unfortunately for him it didn’t work and Brinkley divorced him in 2008.

8. Upgraded: Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez divorced Chris Judd and started dating Ben Affleck around the time when he was at the peak of his career. At the same time, Marc Anthony was married to Dayanara Torres. And while both Jennifer and Marc were in their own relationships, that didn’t stop them from having an affair. Shortly after that, they both left their partners and married each other eventually. In this case, Jennifer definitely downgraded when she traded Affleck for Anthony. However, it was a major upgrade for Marc Anthony at the same time. Jennifer was at the very top of her acting career and she is still considered to be one of the hottest Hollywood celebrities out there. They were married for 10 years when they decided to part ways and get a divorce.

7. Upgraded: Brad Pitt

This is one of the world’s most famous love triangles of all times. Brad Pitt is considered one of the hottest Hollywood actors and he was married to beautiful Jennifer Aniston for 5 years. They were one of those cute couples that everybody was rooting for and, truth be told, when you have a wife as hot as Jennifer, it is quite hard to upgrade from there. However, it is not impossible. Brad was working with Angelina Jolie on the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith and he wasn’t immune to Angelina’s extraordinary beauty. He divorced Jennifer and married Angelina shortly after that. People have divided into two teams: “Team Jennifer” and “Team Angelina” but most of the people still believe it was an upgrade. Jennifer might be hot but Angelina is Angelina.

6. Upgraded: Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton is the ultimate Hollywood charmer and he had been married 6 times (for now). However, after his 4th unsuccessful marriage, the things really looked like he was ready to settle down with the actress Laura Dern. The two seemed really happy with their relationship, but then something unexpected happened. Thornton became really close to the gorgeous Angelina Jolie while they were working together and shortly after that, he broke up with Dern to continue his relationship with Jolie. They got married in 2000 and they decided to adopt a child together. However, the relationship got a little bit weird after some time and they both claimed they brought out some really freaky sides in each other. They divorced in 2003 and they both got married to other people after that.

5. Upgraded: Mel Gibson

People have been wondering for quite some time what happened to Mel Gibson. Back in the day, he wasn’t a controversial celebrity at all; he had a wife, a quiet family life, a fine career, and everything seemed to be in perfect order. And then, out of nowhere, Gibson was berated for anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, and whatnot. He had been married for 26 years to Robyn Moore, a classic housewife, when the pictures of him and gorgeous Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva leaked all over the media. He divorced his wife and continued his relationship with a much younger and much hotter girl Grigorieva. However, the new happy couple didn’t stay happy for long and Grigorieva left Gibson shortly after having his child. She claimed he had assaulted her and that was the reason why they parted their ways.

4. Upgraded: Meg Ryan

Men are not the only ones with the wondering eye. Women are not immune to cheating either and some of them have, in fact, caused some pretty big scandals. One of them is the beautiful actress Meg Ryan who was married to Dennis Quaid for 10 years, but she traded him for a hotter lover, Russell Crowe. Ryan and Crowe were working together on Proof of Life when they realized they had feelings for each other. On one hand, she had a moderately successful husband at home, but on the other hand, there was a wildly successful and hot actor on the set with her and she just couldn’t keep her hands off of him. She divorced Quaid after he had found out about the affair, but the relationship with Crowe didn’t last after that either.

3. Downgraded: Jude Law

Jude Law and Sienna Miller seemed like one of those matches made in heaven. He is a charming and successful actor. She is a gorgeous actress, model, fashion designer, and songwriter, and they just looked like a perfect couple. That is until the news got out that Jude cheated on her with the nanny of his children, Daisy Wright. The whole thing didn’t blow over quietly since Wright sold the story to the tabloids and soon enough, everybody was talking about their affair. Sienna broke off their engagement and they both went their separate ways. There is some weird connection between husbands and nannies since Jude wasn’t the only celebrity who had an affair with the person who took care of his children. The same thing happened with Ethan Hawke, Ben Affleck and others.

2. Upgraded: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani married Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale back in 2002 after years of on and off dating. After they were married, they had three children together and everything seemed to work out perfectly between them. So what happened? Gwen accepted the job on The Voice and she met her new fellow judge Blake Shelton. Suddenly, Gwen demanded a divorce and she announced she was dating Blake Shelton about a month after the divorce was finalized. It is pretty obvious what happened there. Gwen and Blake hit it off immediately and there was no stopping them from there. So she traded her moderately successful husband for a county idol and the two got engaged shortly after that. There have been some rumors about them breaking up earlier this year, but it seems that there wasn’t much truth to that.

1. Upgraded: Claire Danes

Do you remember the time when Billy Crudup cheated on Mary-Louise Parker and he left her for Claire Danes? Well, this time it was him who got cheated on. Claire Danes met Hugh Dancy while she was dating Crudup and they were having a secret affair while working together on a movie Evening. Once the movie was finished, she decided to come clean and she left Crudup to continue her relationship with Dancy. The two got married in 2009 in a small ceremony in France and they have been together and happy ever since. They have a son together and they live a quiet life and try to keep their child out of the public eye as much as possible. It looks like a happy ending for what started out as an affair.

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