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8 Celebs Who Were Bullied And 7 Who Became Bullies

8 Celebs Who Were Bullied And 7 Who Became Bullies

15. Lady Gaga Was Always A Freak

via Billboard

If we must describe her in only one word, we’d most likely use “extraordinary”. The world of music has always seen her as an eccentric woman. More often than not, her unique stage costumes have always caught us off guard. Lady Gaga is just an exceptional woman and an immensely talented artist. As such, it’s really hard to imagine her as a vulnerable kid often teased by schoolmates. Maybe her vibrant personality and the desire to be different got her in serious trouble back in the day. Thankfully, these days are long gone.

14. Sandra Bullock Was A Loner In High School

via Pinterest

Can you ever imagine Sandra Bullock being fearful and shy? We know it’s quite a challenging thought given her strong presence on the big screen. Would you believe us if we told you that Sandra was actually called names in high school? Indeed, Sandra Bullock was actually the perfect target for the mean kids back in the day. Thankfully, these awful moments have already bitten the dust. Today, she’s a gorgeous celebrity with countless movies under her belt. Much to our surprise, Sandra Bullock was even dubbed the clown in class. Well, who’s laughing now?

13. Rihanna Was Teased For Her Beauty

via SheKnows

Well, it seems like Rihanna was not always that fierce and audacious. In fact, she doesn’t have lovely memories of her high school years. As stunning as she is, Rihanna was often teased by her schoolmates. The reason for it could be her green eyes combined with her darker skin tone. Her fellow schoolmates were probably only jealous of her exotic looks without even realizing it. Today her eccentric personality and fine looks are idolized by many guys around the world. In a nutshell, Rihanna’s got the last laugh for sure.

12. Justin Timberlake Was Teased For Bad Acne

via Entertainment Tonight

You may not know this, but Justin Timberlake was mercilessly teased by other kids. Much like any guy in his teenage years, Justin had a serious acne problem back in the day. When you add in his curly hair and love of music, Justin must’ve had terrible encounters with bullies. In fact, his musical gift was the main reason why he was targeted by the mean kids. Well, he might have been a nerdy kid, but today he’s still one of the greatest superstars around. Just for the record, his skin and hair look pretty good now. Apparently, Justin Timberlake has changed a lot since then.

11. Tyra Banks Did Not Always Look Like A Supermodel

via Tomi’s Colour Pavilion

Next on our list is the gorgeous Tyra Banks. Best known for her exotic looks and beautiful gait, Tyra Banks is considered one of the most stunning and gifted supermodels around. As such, it’s really a mystery how in the world she was ever mocked or teased by other kids. If we must stick to the details though, Tyra Banks was indeed the ugly duckling on the street. Much like any other teenage girl, Tyra Banks was quite skinny as a kid. As a result, Tyra was often called “a bag of bones”. Another absurd detail was that Tyra was actually harassed because of her “gigantic forehead”. Isn’t that ironic? Today, Tyra Banks is one hell of a beauty who has graced countless magazine covers across the world.

10. Kate Winslet Was Picked On For Being Chubby

via This Is Glamorous

Born on October 5, 1975, Kate Winslet is a cherished British actress who portrayed Rose in Titanic. As you can see in the picture, Kate Winslet is just as beautiful as she was on the set of Titanic. Today, Kate Winslet may be a phenomenal actress but she’s had her fair share of tough periods as well. As a teenager, Kate was often bullied for her curvy looks. Perhaps this was why Kate Winslet has always been so stressed over her body image. Little did she know that curves are what any guy would look for in a woman.

9. Kate Middleton Was Not Always A Beloved Princess

via The Sun

We wish it was a tasteless joke but no, it’s as real as it gets. The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge is definitely not a stranger to bullies. It seems like royalty isn’t exactly above bullying and Kate is the perfect example of this. Known as the glamorous Duchess of Cambridge, Kate was actually targeted by bullies at her boarding school. While such an awful encounter could break one’s spirit, it has apparently made her stronger. Besides, all of these unpleasant memories are long gone. Currently, the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge is the definition of elegance and delicacy.

8. Jennifer Lawrence Was Just Too Quirky

via YouTube

As hilarious and charming as she is, Jennifer couldn’t save herself from the bullies too. Her flamboyant personality must’ve helped her cope with all that negativity back in the day. If it weren’t for it, Jennifer would hardly be the charismatic person she is today. If you ask us, this sure is the best way to fight off any negativity coming your way. As for the talented actress, she perfectly knows how to deal with haters and gossipers. Also, if you really like Jenny, then you must know how little she cares about rumors anyway.

7. Vanessa Hudgens aka “The Alpha Bully”

via TheRichest

Who could have thought that Vanessa was such a bad gal? Best known as the High School Musical starlet, Vanessa Hudgens was actually the alpha bully of her own girlie group. At the age of 16, she met the handsome Zac Efron. As you can guess, all girls were drooling over him at that time. She must’ve been smitten with him since she practically disrespected everyone around him. Vanessa even admits to having been extremely jealous when they were together. But thankfully, she’s stopped giving other girls death stares. Well, it’s certainly a step forward.

6. Cher Lloyd Had Mean Attitude That Got Her Into Trouble

via Daily Star

Born on 28 July 1993, the gorgeous Cher is a British songwriter and a successful model. But before she became a musical sensation, she was just another girl from the block. Cher was an ordinary gal who never really got along with other people. In her own words, she was even kind of rebellious. She grew up as an opinionated girl who never held back her feelings. Perhaps this could explain why she skipped classes in high school. Well, it seems like the stunning singer’s been keeping lots of dirty secrets up her sleeve. Sadly for her, we’ve just revealed her true colors: Cher is a mean girl who didn’t play nicely with other girls.

5. Paris Hilton Was The Original Regina George


The wealthy hotel heiress has always been dragged in ugly stories and scandals. Recently, we’ve even talked about her racist outbursts aimed at random people, including an ex-friend. It turns out that Paris Hilton actually loves bringing people down, especially minorities. Paris was actually a bully who mocked and emotionally harassed other people. She and her best friend, Nicole Richie, were practically the leaders of their vicious circle. It turns out that Paris Hilton can perfectly portray the mean character of Regina George from the Mean Girls.

4. Angelina Jolie Was A Punk With A Rebellious Streak

via The Inquisitr

You weren’t prepared for this one, were you? While some celebs kind of look like potential bullies, Angelina Jolie is the ultimate surprise on this list. This exceptional woman was literally bad to the bone back in the day. In her own words, she was a rebellious kid, a punk, and an outsider. Well, it turns out that Angelina was such a badass that she even attended AJ’s school aka the “school for bad kids”. But unlike her fellow schoolmates, Angelina wasn’t forced to attend it. In fact, she was the one who desired to get enrolled in this particular type of institution.

3. Lance Bass Made A Lot Of Shameful Gay Jokes

via Vulture

The case with Lance Bass really deserves our attention. Lance Bass is a homosexual which was his best-kept secret in high school. In fact, he was the one to tell the dirty gay jokes as a way to dispel any suspicion. Although he was a bully, he wasn’t the physical type who always got in fights. Instead, he had the awful habit of spreading nasty rumors about others. This sure included shameful gay-related jokes and fake stories. His little game was pretty successful so nobody ever knew about his nature back in the day. If it weren’t for his music career, it would still be his best-kept secret.

2. Tina Fey Was A Vicious Bully As Well

via Konbini

Meet the gorgeous Tina Fey or the actual creator of Mean Girls. She literally grabbed the pen to create one of the most accurate teen stories. She did such a great job with the plot of the movie and the creation of Regina George. Directed by Mark Waters, Mean Girls is the perfect depiction of what high school social cliques really are. If you think that Tina Fey got lucky with the plot, you’d be 100 % wrong. Tina Fey was an alpha bully herself. So, let’s just say that Tina practically portrayed herself with the help of Regina aka The Queen Bee of The Plastics.

1. Adele Was Loud And Very Shady

via Billboard

The beautiful “Hello” singer wasn’t really a good girl back in the day. Presently, she may be a terrific singer whose vocal skills are simply breathtaking. However, Adele wasn’t always like that. At the age of 17, Adele found herself in the middle of a heated dispute over a reality show she loved. When a fellow schoolmate threw a little shade at her favorite show, Adele got foaming mad. This otherwise harmless discussion quickly escalated into an all-out brawl. As you can imagine, Adele was immediately called into the principle’s office which led to her suspension.


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