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8 Countries Where The Women Despise American Men (And 8 That Adore Them)

8 Countries Where The Women Despise American Men (And 8 That Adore Them)

The typical American man may believe that he is irresistible to women from countries all around the world. However, this is most certainly not the case. In fact, there are certain countries around the globe where women despise American men, so the chances of going to these places and meeting that special someone are slim to none! Of course, there are also countries where the women adore men from America, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are some countries where an American accent alone will help a man score with the women. However, in some other countries an American could be the most handsome man in the world and he would still struggle to find a woman to take an interest in him. For American men that enjoy travelling, it’s always a good idea to find out more about the countries in which they will be welcomed and appreciated and those where they might find themselves facing constant hostility. At least this way, it is possible to make a more informed decision with regards to the best place to take vacations. So, to find out more about the countries where women hate or adore American men take a look at the list below.



Reports have shown that there has been an increase in the number of Turkish-foreign marriages among younger generations. However, this is not necessarily good news for American men. Studies have shown that more than 70 percent of Turkish-American couples that get married end up getting divorces – a figure that does not bode well for any American man hoping to settle down with a Turkish woman! Many American men that head to Turkey are there for a chilled out vacation with friends, which means that there is often drinking involved. As a result, they sometimes tend to approach Turkish women with a view to getting intimate for one night. This is not something that appeals to the typical Turkish woman, as they believe intimacy should be reserved for married couples.


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Women in the United States tend to love British men and their accents – many go wobbly at the knees simply by hearing a British man speak. Likewise, British women tend to love American accents so when an American man appears on the scene, it causes a flurry of excitement. Perhaps it’s because they watch too many American movies with hot male leads or maybe it’s just the novelty of being around an American. Whatever the reason, an American man will generally receive a very warm welcome from British women. For the average British woman, meeting an American man is exciting and different. Unless they live in a major city such as London, many British ladies rarely come across American men other than on TV, so it makes a refreshing change for them to actually meet an American male in person.


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Women from Tunisia are known for their beauty but for an American man, looking may be as far as it goes with these ladies. Many Tunisian women view American men as being shallow and they lack trust in them – this could be due to the depiction of many American men on TV and in movies. In addition, women from Tunisia are meant to be virgins when they marry, so trying to hit on a woman from this country makes a man even more despicable in their eyes. The pressure among Tunisian women to maintain their virginity until marriage is huge, so a laid back American man coming along in the hopes of taking this away is definitely not looked upon kindly!


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Women who hail from Dubai are raised very strictly and therefore hobnobbing with men is off the menu no matter where they are from. However, the good news for American men is that a huge proportion of the women living in major cities such as Dubai are from other countries where these strict rules are not in place. This means that an American man can expect a warm welcome from the majority of the women in many parts of the UAE. This is a place where most non-Emirati women love to party and meet new people from other parts of the world. Many come from places in Europe where women love American men, which is great news for the average American male.



While American women may stand a pretty good chance with a Greek man, sadly for American men it doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Many Greek women can be judgmental when it comes to people that do not speak their language and they do not tend to take kindly to men with less than honorable intentions. They also tend to be more engrossed with their own culture and can be quite sophisticated. If a brash, American male approaches them with the intention to hook up, this is not something that is likely to go over well. Greek women tend to have extremely strong family ties and they are often religious. They may view the typical American man as shallow and they’re only after one thing.



An American male heading to Thailand for a trip could be in for a good time. The women in Thailand tend to love men from America. In fact, factors such as looks and even age don’t come into it. The accent alone is enough to get a man the right sort of attention from women there. There seems to be some fascination among women in Thailand when they come across an American man. Perhaps it is down to the difference in culture and the American way of life – who knows? One thing that is for certain, however, is that the majority of Thai women adore American accents and will be happy to engage in conversation with an American male.



The women in Germany do tend to have a penchant for foreign men. Unfortunately, this does not generally include American men. The women here tend to like men of African or Cuban origin so the typical American male won’t stand much of a chance. For an American man, the results of approaching the typical German woman could range between apathetic to downright hostile. They cannot be won over by men acting all manly either, as women from Germany are known to reject outward signs of masculinity so men flexing their muscles at them are unlikely to win them over. When it comes to breaking the ice with a German woman, an American man will usually have a real challenge ahead of him.



Brazil is a place that boasts a real party culture, and the women there tend to be welcoming and open to all sorts of nationalities. This is great news for American men, as they not only get to enjoy the beauty and attractions of Brazil itself but they can also look forward to a warm welcome from the majority of the women there. Women from Brazil can be quite loud and brash at times – they may even come across as aggressive. However, they like to live life to the fullest and are open to new experiences and cultures, which means that they will be happy to mingle with American men. American males that love to party are definitely in luck, as this is what many of the women there spend their time doing.



Many American men are under the impression that women from Russia love Americans. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. Some women from Russia have a sense of humor that they do not think appeals to Americans. In addition, many even find American men to be under-educated and shallow. The typical Russian woman tends to be quite deep and enigmatic, not to mention well-educated. For some, mixing with American men for anything other than work and business is considered a step down. Russian women tend to be quite ironic too when it comes to their sense of humor. This is something that the average American male may find annoying and even offensive. As a result, American men and Russian women are unlikely to click on a personal level.



American men that love blonde women will be thrilled to know that Sweden is one of the places where the ladies tend to love American males. Swedish women are known for being very friendly to outsiders, so men visiting from America will be welcomed with open arms. These women are also very laid back with open minded attitudes, so American men won’t have to worry about being judged and branded shallow as they might in some other countries. They are also known to be quite adventurous and very open to meeting men from other parts of the world. Some of the women here do not view Swedish men as being particularly manly or outgoing, which is why they tend to love American men – especially those that are sporty and masculine.



Egypt is a fascinating and deeply historic place. Unfortunately, it is also a place where women tend to dislike American men. There are a number of obstacles that an American male is likely to face when it comes to Egyptian women – one being that they do not tend to find the typical American man attractive at all. The religious differences alone will have an impact on the success of any American man when it comes to women from Egypt. They are also very close to family so American males also have the wrath of a large family to contend with in order to get anywhere near an Egyptian woman. In addition, American men will most likely also struggle to find Egyptian men that are willing to extend a warm welcome other than those working in vacation resorts.



The Ukraine is a great place for American men to meet women, particularly men who have a lot of wealth and assets. Many of the women there are keen to meet a man who can provide for them and whisk them off to a new life in another part of the world. An American man is therefore likely to be very popular with the ladies. There are also more women than there are men in the Ukraine, which makes it even more likely that an American male will be warmly welcomed. According to figures, there is a 46 percent to 54 percent ratio when it comes to the male and female population in the Ukraine. This shortage of men could spell very good news for an American man!



Many of the women in France – and in particular large cities such as Paris – consider themselves a cut above everyone else. For American males with a laid back attitude, this does not bode well at all. French women have an air of sophistication about them but they can be very condescending and snobby. They are therefore unlikely to take kindly to being approached by the average American man. They often look upon American men as childish and immature based on their personal standards. These women are known to be quite disrespectful to men from countries such as America – they tend to prefer males from other sophisticated parts of Europe or from their own country. French women also have a preconception of the typical American male and this includes traits that they dislike such as drinking excessively, eating junk food, and their casual fashion sense.



Women from Australia often find themselves being treated as just another one of the lads by Aussie men. Therefore, when they come across a charming American man, it opens up a whole new world for them. They will often see American men as being more respectful, romantic, and exciting than their Aussie counterparts. For those Australian women that watch rom-coms starring American males, they already have a preconceived idea of what to expect. They see Americans as men that will treat them chivalrously rather than just one of the gang. American men that are stylish and good with conversation are likely to enjoy huge success with the ladies there. This is because the typical Australian guy is usually very laid back and casual, so it makes a refreshing change.



American men visiting Pakistan are unlikely to get a warm welcome from anybody, including the women. The females there are brought up very strictly and they have to abide by rules and regulations. This means that liaising with men in the way that women in many other countries do is not an option. In addition, Pakistan views the United States as a threat and enemy, so the likelihood of being welcomed by any of the women there is very slim. There is a high level of mistrust and hatred between Pakistan and America, which makes this one of the worst places for the typical American male looking to meet a woman.



The women in Mexico appear to love American men and in particular men with fair skin. They have a fascination with the United States and this extends to American men, which is great news for any American male planning a vacation south of the border. Many of the women there are fun and quite flirty with men. However, they also like to be treated like ladies and enjoy romance, which is something that many believe they will get with an American man rather than a fellow Mexican. For American males hoping to score with the ladies in Mexico, the best way to do this is to wine and dine them to demonstrate just how romantic American men can be.

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