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8 Kinds Of Guys Women Will Do Anything To Avoid (And 7 They Want To Meet)

8 Kinds Of Guys Women Will Do Anything To Avoid (And 7 They Want To Meet)

Most women at one point in their life may have desired the fairytale life and would have wanted to live happily ever life. But when reality hits, and they realized how shady men are or how they avoid commitment like the plague, they may have had a new desire. Others, to some extent, are maybe a bit more flexible with their desire for a happily ever after and for that reason, they may get involved with guys that other women would do anything to avoid.

Then, once a woman has met a guy she should have avoided in the first place, she is better able to know the types of guys she wants to meet, and she will do her best to meet these guys. When she meets the right guy, she will also want to keep him in her life. If ever you want to meet Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect, then this article is for you. It will tell you the guys to avoid and the guys you want to meet. If you are a guy and looking to commit, it will help if you avoid having the traits that women tend to avoid.

15. Avoid: The Jealous Type


A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. What is unhealthy is jealousy that borders on possessiveness. Women tend to avoid these men because they remind them of Ike Turner and they expect that they will soon have to be like Jennifer Lopez’s character in Enough and learn to fight him. Men who are overly jealous have the notion that if they cannot have you then no one else can. There are certain red flags to look for: if he has an issue with you talking to other guys, or hanging out with your friends, then you ought to avoid him. Also, if he tries to isolate you from your family, then he could potentially be abusive. The attention may make you feel special at first, but soon he will want you to spend every waking moment with him.

14. Meet: Sir Romance A Lot


No matter what she says, all women like romance and all women want to be treated like a queen by their significant other. Once a woman dates a guy who is romantic, she is unlikely willing to want to date someone who is not a romantic in the future. The romantic man will spoil her for anyone else. Romance is more than giving her the occasional flower or candlelight dinners. Romance can be doing something thoughtful for her, like setting up a massage or even writing cute notes and leaving them all over your home for her to find. You can also just remember the things that are important to her. If you are this type of guy, keep it up. If not, then you need to be this type of guy.

13. Avoid: The One Who Does Not Commit


Women of this century have been gifted with Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City. If you ever watched the show, you would have known that she sort of dated Mr. Big for years before he decided to get married to her. A guy who has a problem with commitment may or may not tell you initially. He is going to drag you around on a leash and tell you what he thinks you want to hear by giving you tons of mixed signals. He is also probably going to take you on a few fancy dates and then remind you when you start to develop feelings for him that he is not looking for a relationship. Women avoid these guys, because they have the power to cause a world of emotional hurt.

12. Meet: The Gentleman


Women who think of gentlemen may think of characters like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. If you are a gentleman, women are attracted to you. Yes, she wants her independence, equality and recognition of the feminist movement, but she also wants to be treated like a lady. Men who practice chivalry are those she wants to meet. She wants a guy who will open doors for her, the one who will help her with the groceries and she wants a man who will hold the umbrella when you’re both sheltering from the rain. So, if you are the type of guy who will give his female friend or girlfriend his jacket when she is freezing, women are just going to love you. If not, then you need to practice chivalry.

11. Avoid: The Misogynist


These guys openly hate women. Even if they don’t hate women, they don’t view them as their equals. These are the guys who will come home and expect you to have dinner ready even though you too may have just come home from work. He is probably not going to help you with house chores and the kids, because he thinks it is a woman’s duty to do those things. Women tend to avoid these men because they value their independence and are unwilling to subject themselves to this kind of treatment. Women have fought for equal rights for too long in the past, only to be set back a hundred years, If you are this guy, then don’t be him. Very few women will tolerate this sort of behavior and she only will because she does not know any better.

10. Meet: The Sensitive Guy


Women want to be with guys who are sensitive. Guys always have problems expressing their emotions because society is somewhat homophobic. So a man expressing any sort of emotion was greatly frowned upon. Guys who are sensitive and in touch with their emotions are better able to articulate and express them. Women always encourage guys to talk to them, so with the sensitive guy, they no longer have their work cut out for them. Sensitive guys are also more understanding. He is going to listen when she speaks. He is going to remember, and he will provide emotional support when needed. Women have dynamic emotions, so a man has to be sensitive and patient to decipher them.

9. Avoid: Mr. Argumentative


This is the guy who questions everything you do. He is unable to engage you in conversation without it turning into a debate of some sort. You have to be careful about what you say to him for fear that it may turn into an argument. These men can take you out of your comfort zone and you may even question your self-confidence. After a date with this guy, you have to go reevaluate your life choices and decisions. No one likes to be around argumentative people because you are always going to put up your defenses and you are probably not going to be able to relax. If you are a guy who is guilty of doing this, then you need to stop because a date is supposed to be comfortable and not stressful.

8. Meet: Mr. Ambitious


As mentioned before, women are attracted to guys who are ambitious. The attraction has nothing to do with money. The attraction is based mainly on the fact that ambitious guys know what they want. A guy who is ambitious sets goals and makes concrete plans to achieve them. When it comes to relationships, she assumes that he will approach it with the same enthusiasm and vigor. If you are ambitious, you should be a man of action, rather than one who is full of hot air. If you are not so ambitious and lack vision or enthusiasm, maybe you are in the wrong career or you have yet to find your passion. If you want to remain stagnant, this is something you should tell a woman upfront before she wastes her time.

7. Avoid: One Who Is Arrogant And Self-Righteous


An arrogant man is a huge turn-off. They tend to be jerks, have a big ego and they can be rude to you. They also believe themselves to be superior to everyone else. So, unless she has a better paying job, comes from a wealthy family or studied at an elite University, she is probably not going to put up with your arrogance. If he does not treat others well, then how is he going to treat her in the future or when they are behind closed doors? Self-righteous guys are very judgmental, and they believe that their way of life is the best way of life. He is also going to try to get you to follow in his footsteps. Women avoid these men because they feel unnecessary pressure and of course, only God can judge.

6. Meet: The Funny Guy


Women want to have a good time, but they also want a guy who can make them laugh. This also goes well in reverse as men too want women who are funny. Sometimes you may wonder why a couple got together and looks may have had nothing to do with their union. His ability to make her laugh could have been the factor that pulled them into a relationship. A guy who is funny can make your day. He can literally turn your frown upside down. Women are renown for being moody, so a funny guy may be just the thing she needs to recover from a foul mood. If you are funny, continue being you and you will soon attract the right woman. If you lack humor, you should probably invest in a joke book.

5. Avoid: Cheap Or Unemployed


Women avoid cheap guys. Cheap guys are those who invite you to dinner and suggest that you split the bill. He also does not do anything special because days like Valentine’s Day, your birthday and Christmas are all commercialized. It’s not that you have to buy an expensive gift; something thoughtful will generally be appreciated. A bouquet of flowers, a pair of sock if she is always cold or even a hoodie if she steals yours are thoughtful gift ideas. Women are not after men with money, but they avoid unemployed men. If he is actively looking for a job or was recently made redundant, she is not going to judge him. If he is perpetually unemployed, she gets the impression that he wants her to take care of him financially. These are men to avoid.

4. Meet: The Generous Guy


Women want to be with and are attracted to guys who are generous. Guys who are generous are obviously not cheap and they are not selfish. They are likely to make good partners, husbands and fathers. This generosity may not have anything to do with how he spends or shares his money, but she is going to look at his willingness to help others and the patience that he has with them. She likes guys who give freely of things that are simpler than cash. If he volunteers, he is also going to get additional stars added next to his name. So, if you have tendencies to be a Scrooge or you are very selfish, and lack generosity, it is unlikely that you are going to attract a quality woman.

3. Avoid: Guys Who Are Set In Their Ways


In life, change is constant and sometimes we are forced to adapt, whether or not we want to. Women tend to avoid guys who are set in their ways and unwilling to learn something new. These relationships over time get boring and one-sided and may usually result in one person cheating on the other. While women want stability, they also desire a man who is flexible. They are also going to want to try new things in the relationship. Being in a relationship with a guy who is set in his ways may also result in frequent arguments. If you fit the bill of a guy who is stuck in his ways, you should try to be a bit flexible. Scientists claim that it takes 21 days to learn a habit. Take that time to learn a new habit.

2. Meet: Guys With Style


Last but not least, women like to meet men with a sense of style. A man with a sense of style will know what clothing looks best on his body. He has some confidence but not too much to make him arrogant. He also has a sense of time and place, so he will know when to be casual and he will also know when to be formal. Apart from a great sense of style he also knows how to maintain his beard. He is not too scruffy and he makes sure that he keeps his hair neat even if it is longer than what is traditionally expected. Women like to know that they will have a man who can compliment them in all ways. If she takes her time to dress, she also wants to know that he is going to make an effort for her. Further, guys with a sense of style can give fashion advice.

1. Avoid: He Lacks Ambition


Women are attracted to ambitious guys because they usually will work hard to accomplish their goals. If they work hard to accomplish their goals, then it is likely that they will work hard building the relationship and commit to it. Men who lack ambition can easily woo a woman. He has a lot of plans, but it all lacks the action to back it up. After months of talk, there is no real progress and he does not make any moves. Some things take time, but a small start can make a very big difference. Women avoid these men because they are all flash and no substance and some of them are usually very phony. If you want to settle, then you should at least have some ambition or even goals you want to achieve.

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