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8 Meghan Markle Pics That Really Embarrassed The Queen (And 7 Kate Middleton Pics)

8 Meghan Markle Pics That Really Embarrassed The Queen (And 7 Kate Middleton Pics)

The British royal family has had its share of scandals and embarrassing moments in the past. Do you remember the time when a conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla was caught on tape back in 1992 where he said he’d like to be one of Camilla’s tampons? Yes, that really happened. Or was it even more embarrassing when Princess Diana admitted to her long-lasting affair with James Hewitt during an interview in 1995? Or when everybody suspected Prince Harry was Hewitt’s son? Her Majesty the Queen must have had some pretty hard times dealing with all those scandals in the past, and, unfortunately, it didn’t all end right then and there.

One of the riskiest things in every royal family is bringing a new person into the family. Everybody expects royals to be perfect at all times, but they are people just like everybody else so that might be pretty hard to accomplish. However, when the (future) princesses’ embarrassing photos start spreading all over the Internet, that is really not something the Queen wants to see. Let’s take a look at how William’s and Harry’s better halves, Kate and Meghan, managed to embarrass the British royal family with some inappropriate pics that probably shouldn’t have gone public.

15. Meghan: On-Screen Romantic Scenes

Via: Glamour

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially engaged but people have heard of her way before she was even in the run for becoming a future Princess. Markle is an American actress and people became familiar with her work mostly thanks to the TV series Suits. However, as it usually happens in popular TV series, there are a couple of pretty steamy scenes she shared with her co-star Patrick Adams. Once the royal engagement was announced, there was a big cloud of awkwardness flying over her head thanks to all those inappropriate scenes, and when asked about it, she admitted that it felt pretty weird now that she was about to become a member of the royal family. Unfortunately, there is no way of escaping one’s past so everybody will have to learn how to deal with it.

14. Kate: The Roller Disco Party


Organizing and taking part in a big roller disco charity event was a pretty cool thing for the Duchess of Cambridge to do. It would be perfect if it weren’t for two things that made Kate look pretty ridiculous that night. The first (and so painfully obvious) issue was this little outfit she was wearing that made her look anything but elegant and classy, which is the look the royal family usually goes for. The other embarrassing thing that night was when she was skating a bit too vigorously for her own good which led to her landing straight on the floor and just laying there helplessly for a moment. Her friend, Sam Waley-Cohen, rushed to help her and they got Kate back on her feet. Even though she took it with a smile on her face, that fall must have hurt pretty badly.

13. Meghan: Photo Leaks Showing Too Much


A series of nude pics featuring Meghan Markle shocked the Internet as they appeared on a number of different adult sites. As you can guess, some of them were pretty steamy and not at all what you would expect from a future member of the royal family. But there is a catch – the pics were proven not to be authentic. Somebody photoshopped Markle’s head on an adult film actress’ body and posted the pics online. One of them looked like a nude selfie with the added caption where she was inviting someone to join her, while the other captured her having some private 1 on 1 time with a man on a sofa. A Palace insider stated they were worried some Brits might believe those pics were genuine, which would cause terrible embarrassment to the whole royal family.

12. Kate: Spelling Issues


One would expect Kate Middleton to have impeccable manners so it was pretty disappointing, not to mention embarrassing, when it was revealed that spelling is not really her strongest point. Back in 2008, she wrote a letter to the All England Club, thanking the Wimbledon officials for their hospitality. And while the letter itself was pretty cute and it was definitely a nice gesture, she should have probably double-checked what she wrote before mailing it, because it contained two spelling mistakes. However, that didn’t stop the Wimbledon chiefs from posting it in the Wimbledon museum for everybody to see. Sure, some people will appreciate the thought behind it, but there will always be those who will look at the letter and their eye will immediately find the misspelled words.

11. Meghan: Selfie In Bed


The members of the royal family need to stay classy at all times so that is really something Meghan Markle has a lot to learn about. Not only did she appear in a bunch of inappropriate scenes on TV, she also posted some pretty steamy selfies online that the Queen definitely wouldn’t approve of. Let’s just hope her Majesty isn’t one of Meghan’s followers on the social media. Apparently, Meghan really enjoyed posting some provocative pics on Twitter in the past, including those snapped in her bed. There should really be a section on selfies in the Royal etiquette pamphlet because all those Royal rules can get pretty confusing. On the other hand, it is more a question of basic common sense. After all, you don’t have to be a genius to realize this is highly inappropriate.

10. Kate: Why is it always so windy?

Via: Youtube

Kate has struggled with her skirts fluttering in the wind on several occasions, but things got even more embarrassing than that a couple of times. Her bare bottom was captured on camera (more than once) as she was walking alongside her husband. The biggest shock of all – the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t wearing any underwear when those pics were snapped! Leaving the palace without a pair of panties on doesn’t seem like such a great idea, especially if you are wearing a dress! It wouldn’t matter if it were just some random girl in the pic, but when you are a member of the royal family, slips like this are something you should try to avoid at all costs; especially if it can easily be avoided by simply putting on some knickers.

9. Meghan: Posing For A Men’s Magazine


Meghan Markle posed in a pretty provocative photo shoot for a Canadian men’s lifestyle magazine Sharp not so long before she met her Royal sweetheart. The pics were taken in 2013 and they feature Meghan wearing a series of pretty revealing black outfits while taking a bunch of different poses for the purpose of the shoot. There is no denying that she looks great in those pics, but that is not exactly the look members of the British Royal family usually go for. Sure, it might seem like a completely different person than the Meghan we get to see nowadays in Nottingham, but this will always remain a part of her past. After all, you can’t date an American actress and model and not expect to see pics like this pop up somewhere.

8. Kate: The Marilyn Monroe Moments Continued


There was one iconic image of Marilyn Monroe that everybody has seen at some point where she was posing over a subway gate with her dress was flying around in the wind. From that moment on, that pose became known as the Marilyn Monroe Moment. And while you might expect some perky model rocking this pose, the biggest fan of all seems to be none other than Kate Middleton! Of course, she is not doing it intentionally but there have been so many pictures of her taken with her skirt blown by the wind that it is pretty ridiculous at this point. No one should be able to see that much of the young Duchess’s legs, except maybe her husband! The Queen should probably talk to her about the old skirt weight trick.

7. Meghan: Deal Or No Deal


Have you ever wondered what Markle’s life was like before she met Prince Harry? Well, there have been some pretty embarrassing career choices there in her past. A while back, NBC’s TV show Deal or No Deal was a pretty popular game show in the US. It’s a game of odds and chance hosted by Howie Mandel where each contestant gets to choose between 26 briefcases full of money. There was a different amount in each briefcase so the contestant could win anything between 1 penny and 1 million dollars. So what does that have to do with Markle? Well, each briefcase was carried by a beautiful woman whose task was just to hold it and look pretty in front of the cameras. You are guessing right; one of those girls was Meghan Markle. Definitely not the most ambitious career choice ever.

6. Kate: The Royal Under Clothing


Here we have a picture that is embarrassing for two different reasons. First, there has been some speculation that the pic was taken while Kate was pretty drunk, hence the goofy grin on her face. You have to admit she seems to be having a pretty good time there. However, that is not the biggest issue that makes this pic so inappropriate. If you take a closer look, you will notice Kate’s underwear showing pretty clearly here. Well, that is one unfortunate image angle so the result is pretty humiliating, especially since this pic went viral and everybody got a chance to see the royal panties. On a more positive side, at least she was wearing them so it wasn’t a complete disaster. Let’s hope the night she was having was worth all the embarrassment that came once this pic went public.

5. Meghan: Very Questionable Roles In Hollywood

Via: Evening Standard

If one was to choose the most embarrassing of Meghan Markle’s on-screen appearances, it would definitely be this one! She portrayed a call girl named Wendy in the first episode of the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot back in 2008. She appeared in a pretty odd scene with her co-star, Dustin Milligan. The scene involved Markle performing an intimate act on Milligan in the front seat of a car in broad daylight. Sure, it is hard to score the best roles in Hollywood so numerous famous actors started off with small and unimportant roles in various shows, but this might have been a bit too much. You know who never took jobs like this and made it anyway? Well, Meryl Streep, for example, so it is possible even if you don’t take the easy way.

4. Kate: Showing Too Much On Her 25th Birthday


Back in 2007, everybody expected Prince William to propose to Kate on her 25th birthday. People around the globe were discussing that possibility and it just made so much sense. The two hadve been dating for 5 years at the time and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pop out the question. However, it didn’t happen. In fact, she had to wait for the proposal for another 3 years when he asked her to marry him during their trip to Kenya. But let’s get back to Kate’s 25th birthday. She went out to celebrate, probably slightly disappointed by the lack of the ring on her finger, and she was caught on camera with some pretty low cleavage. In fact, her breasts were pretty much out there in the open and everybody got to see her black bra.

3. Meghan: The Happy Couple


You probably know Meghan Markle was married once before she met Prince Harry but the marriage fell apart pretty quickly. She was dating the producer Trevor Engelson (best known for the hit film Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson) for six years before they decided to tie the knot. They got married in Jamaica in 2011 and the wedding was a 4-day celebration with over a 100 guests. However, the marriage wasn’t as successful as the wedding party and they were officially divorced less than 2 years later. So what happened there? Well, no one can tell for sure, but Engelson stated that the problems in the relationships started when Markle accepted her role on Suits. Apparently, they didn’t spend enough time together because she wanted to focus on her career. Interesting how easily she left it all behind when she started dating Prince Harry.

2. Kate: Too Much Skin During Her Holiday In France

Via: Just Jared

Sunbathing topless is quite common in France and it is not considered to be a big deal. That is if you are not the Duchess of Cambridge. On the other hand, when Kate was caught on camera without her bra, it was quite a scandal. The pictures were taken back in 2012 in Provence, and they were published in a French magazine. One of them even made the cover so basically everybody who glanced at the nearest newspaper stand had the chance to see Kate’s bare chest. After this incident, French officials pursued the photographer behind this pics as well as the magazine’s publisher on criminal charges, but the damage had already been done and there was no way of going back. It is safe to assume that was the last time Kate sunbathed topless in public.

1. Meghan: Who Is Samantha Grant?


You might have heard that there is a person named Samantha Grant who has been constantly calling out Meghan Markle on Twitter, and who is even writing a book about Prince Harry’s future wife. So who is Samantha Grant and why is she doing what she’s doing? She is Markle’s estranged half-sister and she is set to spill all family secrets to embarrass Markle as much as possible. Grant is a former actress and model, but she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008 and had to give up her career. According to her, Meghan had always fancied Prince Harry, because she was ambitious to become a part of the royal family. She also claims that Meghan started ignoring her completely when she became wheelchair-bound because of her condition, and that Meghan wouldn’t offer any emotional or financial support once she became famous.

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