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8 Things That Suck About The iPhone 8 And 7 Things That Are Awesome

8 Things That Suck About The iPhone 8 And 7 Things That Are Awesome

The upcoming iPhone 8 is Apple’s 10th-year anniversary iPhone. Since it is a milestone iPhone, fanboys and non-fanboys alike have high hopes of what’s to come in this iconic smartphone. Although nothing is confirmed yet, the rumour mill about the iPhone 8 is as active as we expected it to be.

Some rumours say that the upcoming iPhone will arrive with a major redesign from the outside to the inside. Hence, this can either make the iPhone great again like when it was during the Steve Jobs era or it can break it and result to more fanboys switching teams. Whatever it may be, the stakes are high for this celebratory iPhone.

In this regard, let us take a look some of the rumoured features of the iPhone 8 that either suck big time or make the phone even more likeable than it was before.

15. Suck: Wireless Charging


This should be an awesome feature, right? It could be if done right, however, knowing Apple, if this pushes through, time will come that they will also eliminate from the bundle the Lightning-to-3.5 mm adapter. This adapter is included in the current iPhone 7 bundle. If this happens, this means spending an extra $9 just to get the adapter. The iPhone is already expensive on its own so additional cost is just not that welcome.

According to reports, Apple is working with an organization dedicated to wireless charging technology. This is the first time Apple is reported doing this so they might really be serious in incorporating this on the celebratory iPhone.

14. Awesome: New Design


The new iPhone is rumoured to come with a revamped design. With many premium Android phones having thinner bezels and providing more real estate to the user, it may be time for the iPhone to do something drastic on its looks as well. Apple has used the same industrial look for its iPhone since Steve Jobs era. Now, it may be awesome to see a new design on the iPhone 8.

From leaked renders, it appears that iPhone 8 may also have thinner bezels like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Furthermore, it may do away with the physical circular Home Button, which eats a lot of space on the display.

13. Suck: Change in Shape


According to the iPhone 8 renders that have leaked, the upcoming Apple phone will have a change in shape. This change is quite controversial not only because it appears bezel-less but because the new iPhone looks longer than its predecessors. From the looks of it, the new iPhone will have an 5:9 aspect ratio. Although it shows to have a lesser footprint and more screen estate for users, the change in shape may take some getting used to.

In addition to the change in shape, the iPhone 8 will have a reduced bezel size of 4 mm on all sides.

12. Awesome: 4K Display


Apple’s Android rivals have already gone into the 4K arena. Now, the new iPhone 8 is rumoured to be going head to head on the display game with its premium rivals. We may soon see an iPhone that has a 4K display resolution. Although the past iPhones have Retina Displays, having a 4K display is still much wanted especially by avid mobile phone gamers and users who love to watch movies on-the-go.

If the iPhone 8 comes with 4K display, it will enhance significantly the mobile experience. Also, this might be something that should really arrive especially with Virtual Reality headsets coming on the spotlight soon.

11. Suck: New Fingerprint Sensor (causing delays)


Having a new fingerprint sensor is an awesome feature on the upcoming iPhone. What is not awesome is that it is causing delays on the manufacture of the iPhone 8. According to reports, Apple is still having issues in embedding the Touch ID sensor on the display. Since Apple is removing the physical Home Button, they might introduce an “activity area,” which is a part of the display panel where users can configure the phone. However, with the roadblock on integrating the Touch ID sensor on this part of the phone, we may see the iPhone 8 later rather than sooner.

10. Awesome: Improved Camera


Although it doesn’t have the highest pixel count, the iPhone’s camera has always been reliable. On the iPhone 7, Apple gave it a dual camera system with 12 megapixels each. One camera was a 12-megapixel telephoto lens while the other one is a 12-megapixel wide angle lens with OIS. Hence, the iPhone 7 was able to take better photos with improved depth and wider range.

On the iPhone 8, we expect Apple to top its previous camera system. Most likely, the iPhone will have improved camera capabilities to set its place as an amazing tool for mobile photography. Possibly, the iPhone 8’s camera will have better HDR and low-light photography capabilities, which it has been struggling with ever since.

9. Suck: Protruding Camera


Although Apple is improving the quality of its phone’s camera on the upcoming iPhone 8, it is not a welcome news that the said improvement will involve protruding the rear camera. If this pushes through, it can be a nightmare for people who enjoy using their phones on a flat surface. The iPhone 8 will be very wobbly when you lay it flat on a surface, if ever you can lay it flat. We feel there is no need to protrude the camera, just improve the lens. Come on.

This is not the first time that Apple will have a protruding camera. They did it before on the iPhone 6 but that camera did not stick out as much as the one on the leaked iPhone 8 renders. Hence, it wasn’t that annoying.

8. Awesome: Longer Battery Life


Although the previous iPhones have been reliable when it comes to battery life, oftentimes, it is still not enough. Before the iPhone 7 came out, Apple boasted that the new iPhone will come with longer battery life, a couple of hours added, they said. That is already an amazing thing because a couple of hours more of juice can go a long way when using the iPhone.

Now, with the iPhone getting thinner than ever, it is a challenge for Apple to provide longer hours without packing the phone with a thicker battery. However, they may just do this on the iPhone 8. Also, if it can last a day or two, then that would be amazing!

7. Suck: Missing Rear Fingerprint Scanner


Other premium smartphones have embraced this feature because it is ergonomic and it makes it easier for the user to access the phone. However, reports say that there is no version of the iPhone 8 that will have a rear fingerprint scanner. It seems Apple still has no plans of implementing this even on its celebratory iPhone.

We can only wish that on the next iPhones, this feature will be added as this makes it easier to gain entry to your own phone, especially if you often use it with one-handed operation.

6. Awesome: Speedier CPU


The iPhone has made a name for being fast and reliable. Even if it doesn’t use the latest chips, the iOS is super optimized that it shows zero lags. If ever there are lags, it is mostly unnoticeable. Yet, Apple has no plans of stopping in providing a phone with a faster CPU. Apparently, they are making the iPhone 8 to have a better CPU that will run way ahead of all its Android competitors.

With a faster CPU, we can expect the iPhone 8 to have a buttery smooth operation. Moreover, multitasking will be more apparent on the upcoming iPhone.

5. Suck: Still 3GB RAM


Unfortunately, the RAM on the upcoming iPhone will stay at 3GB, similar to the iPhone 7. Reports say that Apple has no plan of increasing the RAM for reasons unspecified. Although other Android flagship handsets have at least 4GB of RAM, it is a mystery as to why Apple is not increasing the RAM on its flagship phone.

Maybe, Apple feels that 3GB of RAM is already enough for the iPhone to handle all operations. Hopefully, even if other memory-hungry apps are installed, the iPhone 8 will not be laggy or freeze.

4. Awesome: Better Water-Resistance


The iPhone 7 came with a water-resistant feature. It has an IP67 rating, which means it can survive being submerged under freshwater for 30 minutes up to a 1 meter deep. Anything more than that can make the phone susceptible to damage. However, fanboys are asking for more. An IP68 rating, perhaps? Samsung already has this rating on its flagship handset, so why not on the upcoming iPhone.

Maybe the iPhone 8 will have an IP68 rating, which means better water-resistance at par to other premium smartphones. This kind of protection is something Apple buyers deserve so we are excited to see this on the new iPhone.

3. Suck: No USB-C


Apple loves to choose the road less traveled. While everyone is embracing the USB-C, the upcoming iPhone will still be devoid of it. Its Android competitors have mostly been USB-C-compatible. Apparently, Apple will stick with only the Lightning port for now. However, the Lightning port has not yet got mainstream. Hence, it is not widely used. Therefore, a lot of people still need an adapter in order to use the iPhone.

Apple also loves exclusivity and it is with this that they show how “exclusive” they are. Sadly, it sometimes alienates other users instead of increasing their fans.

2. Awesome: Better AirPods


A novel feature that Apple launched on the previous iPhone was the AirPods. These wireless headsets allowed Apple to remove the century-old headphone port on its devices. However, since there is still a plethora of headsets that use a jack, they released an adapter that was bundled with the iPhone 7.

With the AirPods getting more attraction and may become mainstream, the iPhone 8 is expected to arrive with better AirPods. We can expect the new AirPods to be able to support high quality audio for better entertainment and music enjoyment.

1. Suck: Change of Name


Yes, we know that the upcoming iPhone is Apple’s 10th-year iPhone. It is a momentous product, which is why big things are expected of it. However, a name change isn’t one many people expect. What’s wrong with calling it as iPhone 8 since, technically, that should be its name based on the history of iPhone. Yet, there are rumours that Apple will rename the upcoming device to iPhone X since it celebrates its 10th year. It may be apt but it can be a tad confusing.

Also, what will they name the next iPhone then?

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