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8 Ways To Know She’s A User (7 To Know She’s The Real Deal)

8 Ways To Know She’s A User (7 To Know She’s The Real Deal)

Are you infatuated with a woman only to be dazed and stunned to find out you don’t know how she feels? Yikes! Discover these secrets. It’s difficult to tell if a woman likes you or not. What do you look for? Are there signs that you are in the best or the worst relationship of your life? A woman may tell you that she loves you, but something deep in your gut says otherwise. You might be in the perfect relationship and not know that you have a diamond in the rough. Once-in-a-lifetime you can meet a woman who fits the perfect profile of the ultimate woman. But how can you tell she’s the right one for you? Finding out if a woman likes you and finding out if she is in love with you are separate things to consider. Discovering an innocent love interest is not simple to detect. Yet, uncovering the truth if a woman is falling in love with you is a little more difficult. The keys to finding out the truth to this complicated task are challenging. If you know what to look for, the outcome will put your mind at ease. In this list, you will discover the secrets and the signs to look for to find out if a woman is into you are not. Some facts are easy to spot, and others are a little more difficult. Sit down and grab a cup of coffee. Ready? Then let’s get the list started with obvious signs she is using you.

15. She wants to be alone all the time

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Let’s say a woman comes into your life and clings to you for a time. Then all of a sudden out of the blue, she ignores you; that’s a good sign that she might be using you. Playing hard to get is one thing, but ignoring you for days at a time is taking it a little bit too far. When a woman doesn’t want to spend time with you, this may cause your attraction. But if you’re falling in love with something you can’t have, that is not good. Many times, women find a love interest in other men because they want to keep their options open. Women tend to get bored easily and spending time with you my cause her irritation. If this happens to you, there’s a chance that she is stringing you along or there is another guy in her life. Other times you may be the prize class boyfriend. You never do anything wrong, you give compliments, you go everywhere with her and are just too easy. Try playing a little bit hard to get yourself and see what happens. If she still needs her space, she’s just using you, and it’s time to move on.

14. She acts more like a friend

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You don’t have to have sex with a woman to be considered a girlfriend. You can have a perfectly good close relationship with the girl without having sex. Did your girlfriend shower you with lots of hugs and kisses, then at the next turn, she doesn’t want you to touch her? That’s not a good sign. Couples hold hands in public. Slapping your hand and telling you not to hold it means she’s acting more like a friend. Do you talk sweetly to your girlfriend? Are you taking her out on extravagant dates all with the expectation of getting a great make out kiss? If you end up going home with nothing, that is not good. Your girlfriend may only make out with you when it suits her, but if that is so, something is wrong. Both parties should give kisses with no apprehension. Affection is what makes having a girlfriend fun. You don’t have to have sex, but if you’re not getting simple plain affection, she’s using you, and it’s time to look for another girl.

13. She rarely returns texts, emails or phone calls

13 Shes Using You

Not sending texts, emails or phone calls are a super obvious sign that you should not ignore. It’s one thing not to return a few texts, emails or phone calls. Yet, it’s another thing if your girlfriend rarely or never gets back to you. Sometimes your girlfriend might be mad at you. But if your girlfriend acts weird with you for some reason, you can figure it out right away and fix it. There must be some balance in communication. Having one person do all of the texting, emailing and calling is a sign that something is not right. You might be thinking, “she misplaced her phone,” “she didn’t get my message,” or “she’s too busy.” Don’t play the fool. If your girlfriend cares about you, she will take the time to return your messages. Don’t hit the panic button if she doesn’t return your messages right away because most women play hard to get.

12. She flirts with other guys

12 Shes Using You

It’s one thing to look into appreciate the beauty of another male, but it’s another thing to look and flirt. We have to be careful not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Your girlfriend might look at other men to see how you would react. Men look and appreciate the beauty of women all the time. But that’s as far as it goes. With your girlfriend, you have to set boundaries. Determine what is okay and what is not okay. Every circumstance is different. It is normal for any girlfriend to feel an attraction towards another man. However, the girlfriend who loves you won’t go beyond the glance. Sometimes flirting is a cry for help. She might not be getting the attention she wants from you. So, flirting might motivate you to do something. Figure out why your girlfriend is doing what she is doing. Then you will determine if she loves you were not.

11. She doesn’t introduce you as her boyfriend

11 Shes Using You

Not introducing you as her boyfriend is an obvious sign that a woman is just using you. If you’re in love with the girl, it can be easy to overlook. When you meet other friends are you introduced to others as just a friend? Are you the most important thing in your girlfriend’s life? She should love to call you her boyfriend in front of other people. However, if she is just using you, chances are, both of you are no more than friends. Sometimes a woman may not know about the kind of relationship both of you have. If a woman does this, this might mean a girl broke up with someone else or she might be still in love with another man. The thing that you should look at is her confusion. Being in love from a girl’s point of view means there is no confusion about the relationship unless there is something else going on. If this happens to be the current situation, then dump her and find someone else.

10. She doesn’t show an interest in the things you enjoy


When a couple starts dating, two sets of circumstances are coming together. You have a set of things you like to do, and so does your girlfriend. However, when you become close, there has to be a little give-and-take in situations where you don’t find common ground. Something like not sharing common interests is not uncommon. One person might be going one way, and another person is going in another direction. Does your girlfriend not show you respect when it comes to you enjoying something? That is a good sign that she is just using you. For example, men like watching sports and women sometimes don’t care for it. Love means, she will not try to distract you from doing something you enjoy doing. If your girlfriend attempts to learn more about what interests you, then it is a relationship that is worth pursuing. Does your girlfriend try to find other common interests that both of you have that you can share? Everyone has something in common with another person. Women who use men, do not show interest in their activities. But if a woman attempts to create or find common ground with your activities, then this is a woman who loves you.

9. Her mouth says one thing, but her body language tells a different story

9 Shes Using You

When you are dating someone that you like, check out the position of her body. What is it telling you? If your girlfriend turns away from you, has her arms crossed or slumped over, this is a closed position that is telling you she is not interested in you. This type of position sends signals that she doesn’t feel right about something with the relationship. If this constantly happens, this just might be a signal that she’s not into you. Body language changes over time. You should notice if your girlfriend stands close to you with her arms down by her side, that is a good sign. Look at the positioning of her eyes. Eye positioning is an important thing to consider when judging someone’s emotions. If your girlfriend doesn’t take her eyes off of you then you know she loves you. But if she looks away too much from you, there might be something wrong. Another sign is looking at other things around you instead of looking you right in the eye.

8. She acts weird on dates

8 Shes Using You

Does your girlfriend show excitement when you set dates? Will she cancel plans that you have and say she’s too busy to do something with you? Canceling plans that you have already made means you need to look at how often this is happening. Dates being canceled once in a while is no big deal. But if this is something that goes on all the time, your relationship might be in hot water. When your girlfriend constantly backs out of dates, this is a clear sign that she is not impressed with you. Your girlfriend will show you she wants to spend time with you, if she cares about you. She is always looking for the time that you too can spend together. If something isn’t right in this particular area, take some time to talk to her to find out what’s going on. What kind of activities does your girlfriend want to do with you? If your girlfriend is suggesting that you meet up with friends or double dates all the time, this might be a suggestion that she doesn’t want to be alone with you anymore. How does she behave at parties? Does she stay by your side or is she constantly moving to another area of the party that is away from you? When you go to a social gathering, both of you should be at each other’s side.

7. She makes you laugh and causes you to enjoy your day

7 She Thinks You are The Real Deal

Now, let’s focus on the signs that scream she IS into you. If a woman loves you, she will go out of her way to do silly little things that’ll cause you to laugh or smile. She will make sure that your day with her is exciting and not boring. When both of you completely enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and laugh the relationship will go places. Sometimes enjoying moments with your girlfriend helps with the difficult times that may come your way. She sticks by your side no matter what. At times when things are difficult, if your girlfriend still goes out of her way to bring smiles and enjoyment to ease your pain, this is good. Your girlfriend does this for you because she truly cares about you and wants to make you happy. You can tell she gets enjoyment seeing you excited about your life. Many times, she may do quirky little things that will give rise to your smile. Constantly, she is always looking for ways to make you laugh and have fun with her.

6. She says something special with her eyes

5 She Thinks You are The Real Deal

It is a breeze to love a woman who craves love. But how do you tell if she loves you? One of the things you can do is look at how she talks with her eyes. Most men are clueless on how to read these signs. Not knowing how to read signs is a big opportunity to miss out on something special. The first thing a man should look for our eyes that say, “I want to get to know you better.” Another thing that a woman will do with her eyes is a double take. She will make eye contact with you, then all of a sudden look away for a few moments. Afterwards, she will do this all over again. Some other things that she will do are prolonging the eye contact. A woman who likes a man will hold eye contact with him or just look at him for a long period of time. What does a woman say with her eyes? When both of you look at each other for a long period of time what kind of conversation are you having? One of the signs that the woman is the right woman for you is that you can tell what she is thinking with the simple stare. To find out if your thoughts are correct, all you have to do is talk with the girl to find out what she is thinking.

5. Her body language changes

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Certain things happen to a woman’s body when she is interested in a man. Some things that happen to women are her pupils get larger when making eye contact with someone she likes. A woman’s body will sweat a little bit more than usual when she’s around someone she likes. Another fact is that a woman’s heart beat will get faster and she will get butterflies in her stomach. When a woman is concentrating on a man that she likes, her voice will have a temporary change. This change has been going on for centuries, but it is very subtle to notice. Women will change their voice in a couple of ways. First, their voice may talk in a high pitched, childlike, flirty and more sultry tone. The voice change means she is trying to get your attention. Sudden whispers come about when she is trying to tell you something that embarrasses her.

4. She will send you interesting text messages

3 She Thinks You are The Real Deal

The key to determining if a woman is really into you is by her text messages. See how often she starts a conversation. If you’re the one that’s always making the first contact, then she might not be interested in you. Women do play hard to get at first, but over time she will contact you via text first more often. There has to be some balance. She won’t be too obvious. Look to see who ends the conversation first. When a woman wants you to hang on every single word, she’ll end the conversation early so that she is not being too pushy. This also indicates that she has a life outside of contact with you. Lots of smiley faces is another great indication she likes you. Check out what she uses with her replies. Is it more than LOL, K, BRB and other short comments or does she use full phrases that express her emotions? Does she joke around or laugh at what you say? Does she tease you by saying, “I bet you wish you were here right now?” How personal does she get with her texts? Does she ask about your personal life and other interesting things? If so, this is a sign she likes you.

3. She uses the word “we”

2 She Thinks You are The Real Deal

If you have been on a lot of dates with a woman, you want to make sure that you’re on the same page with your relationship. When a woman likes you instead of saying me or you, she will use the word we. She’ll uses comments like, “What should we do together?” Using the word me, means she is subconsciously thinking of herself. Me couples are not partners. They may care about each other, but they’re not in love with each other. Saying the word, we means that she thinks of you and her as a team. When problems come up, or good things happen, the woman looks at these events that they are happening to both of you. In a university study, it showed that when partners use words like we, our and us, the relationship has less stress. Both are more positive to one another. How positive are you in this relationship with the girl? Are you stressed out or at ease? Words like we means that a girl is easy-going. Once things go wrong, she doesn’t expect things to be perfect all of the time. She goes with the flow and loves you every step of the way.

2. She flips her hair

1 She Thinks You are The Real Deal

When a woman flips her hair with her hands, this is one of the most well-known gestures and body language that says a woman likes you. Knowledge is power, and if she is touching her hair or if she is lifting her hair, she likes you. If a woman touches her hair, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman is attracted to you. A girl will raise her hands and flip her hair horizontally through her fingers starting from the top going down. Looking at this from a psychological point of view is simple. This attraction that happens to a woman is unconscious and it will reveal the skin of the neck and around the ear. Something to keep in mind is that this action is 100% unconscious. Unconsciously flipping hair means that a woman does this without realizing what she is doing. She will also toss her hair. Gestures like this can happen when she is close to you or far away. Being far away, what do her eyes say? Is she looking at you why she’s flipping her hair; if so, she likes you? Watch the eyebrows. Subconsciously if a woman touches her eyebrow with one finger means she likes something. How often does she move her hair? If she moves it backward with one hand and shows skin, this is a good sign.

1. She shows compassion in times of need

6 She Thinks You are The Real Deal

If a woman loves you when you have trouble, she will show concern and compassion for you. A woman will go out of her way to let you know that she is there for you if you need her. She shows concern about your problems and helps you try and solve or relieve the pressure. Your girlfriend will go out of her way to make time if she is too busy to help you. If she has an appointment, she’ll postpone it or cancel it. Making sacrifices for you is something she does all the time. When someone makes sacrifices, this is a good sign that shows that a woman loves you. When both of you do the same things, it is easy for her to enjoy herself. However, when you’re doing something that she doesn’t care for, she goes out of her way to enjoy the moment with you. Something else that she does to make your hard times easier to cope with, is she will write you love notes.


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