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8 Worst ATBGE Reddit Posts (7 Best Ones)

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8 Worst ATBGE Reddit Posts (7 Best Ones)

Those who are on Reddit can agree that apart from Facebook, the site can be a serious Internet addiction. You’ve got to be lying to yourself if you dare think that you will only visit Reddit for a few minutes before you log out and get done with the report your insane boss is promptly waiting for.

One of the main reasons why people love Reddit, which is its distinguishing factor from other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, is the different layout and experience associated with being a member of the Reddit community. Conversations are usually based on subreddits, which are based on some crazy mnemonic such as ATBGE.

Reddit community members are surely aware of this term but for those of you who are new to this, this term stands for Awful Taste But Great Execution. Now, what does that mean? It simply means that someone did the lamest and most unpleasant thing possible, but did it in such a good way that it ended up being cool. Simply put, it is something awful implemented so well that you are not sure whether to love it or hate it.

The problem is that not all the posts in this sub usually live up to the true nature of ATBGE. Some clearly redefine it to ATBVAE which specially means Awful Taste But Very Awful Execution (This is not an official Reddit term. But it surely suits the situation). This simply means that the taste was not only awful, but the execution was also so awful that no one would ever love it.

However, some users put perfect posts in this sub. Instead of going to Reddit and seeing what’s hot there, we have found the 8 worst and 7 best ATBGE posts currently on Reddit in the list below.

15. What a yolk – not the best thing to look at

Via: Reddit

Reddit user whitericeriver posted what is one of the worst ATBGE posts in Reddit history. Apparently, his post of a yolk separator, shaped like the head of an old cartoon grandpa, doing its job through its nostrils didn’t look appealing at all. You’ve got to agree that the bowl is in awful taste and very ugly looking and its execution is nothing short of nauseating.

Having to crack your egg and separate its yolk through the nostril of an old grandpa’s nose every morning is not what you would want to wake up to. The fact that it’s egg that flows through the nostrils only makes it worse (you can relate why).

14. Mercedes Benz C-Class given the wrong color in Singapore.

Via: Reddit

Reddit user 240volt missed electrifying his ATBGE fellows when his posts of a Mercedes C-Class dressed in the most bizarre colors failed to ignite sparks. His post was a picture of a Mercedes Benz, apparently spotted in Singapore spray painted with what is clearly Iron Man’s favorite colors. Grease monkeys, car freaks and the noble automobile community were quick to point out how horrible the embarrassed Merc looked.

Some comments went as far as joking of how Iron Man had transformed himself into a car in Singapore. Bottom line, this was not close to ATBGE at all. It was humiliation, especially to the Germans. That color scheme belongs to Tony Stark alone.

13. His Jesus tattoo peeping out of his shoulder couldn’t save him

Via: Reddit

Tattoos are so sacred nowadays that messing around with them can have you seriously trolled on the Internet. DickyD43 made no mistake posting the photo of a man with a Jesus tattoo in the wrong place, but he surely messed up by posting the rather bizarre man in the ATBGE sub.

The man in question had a Jesus tattoo drawn at the back of his shoulder and in a quest to have everybody see it, he cut a hole in his jacket just to have the tattoo peep out of the hole. Instead of people seeing the light, they saw very awful taste executed in the most ridiculous way possible. Apart from arguing that Jesus should have a place in someone’s heart, not the shoulder, most comments unanimously agreed that this was not a great ATBGE.

12. The car and the spare wheel on the back doesn’t look that useful.

Via: Reddit

This is what happens when you buy one of the ugliest cars in the market and try to pimp it so that your girl won’t take the cab every other time you go on a date. Things might actually get worse then that when you take a picture of the same car and post it in the wrong Reddit sub. This is exactly what Snowspyd3r did.

Now, no one is completely sure that the car in the post was his but there was nothing tasteful about it. The fact that it’s a Plymouth PT Cruiser only made the situation worse. The spare wheel at the back was another major talking point of the post. Apparently, the guy who owned the ride was so obsessed with pimping it that he forgot the functionality of the spare tire for mediocre aesthetics. However, it seems that the cover on the back wheels had his spare wheel problems all covered. But the taste and execution were simply disappointing.

11. Fiat Couldn’t help but Kill this one

Via: Reddit

If you own this Fiat, then I am sorry to tell you that you drive the ugliest car in the world. Unanimously, car freaks and grease monkeys can agree that this is the ugliest car ever made, definitely befitting the awful taste badge. But the great execution part doesn’t really cut it for this car. However, strawberryfairthug didn’t feel that way and decided to post this car in the ATBGE sub.

You can forgive him because of the title he gave the post (it was not praising the car at all as it seemed), but he definitely posted it in the wrong place. Despite this car actually having some buyers in Italy, it is certified Awful Taste But Very Awful Execution.

10. Covering a birthmark with something worse

Via: Reddit

Birthmarks can sometimes appear in the worst places thus leading us to attempt to cover them with something to make them less noticeable. However, the person in 48million’s post never got the idea right. Instead of going for something appealing to the eye, the fella took the most unpopular Christmas character, Mr. Hanky, and placed him right on top of the birthmark.

The problem is that the tattoo artist who did this to him never warned him that he would end up with a brown, caterpillar-like character permanently etched on his skin. On the other hand, the person who advised 48million to put this up didn’t remember that the comment section might not approve  the post as proper ATBGE material.

9. McDonald’s Gloves, Anyone?

Via: Reddit

It is common knowledge that eating McDonald’s is not a healthy practice, but wearing their gloves during winter isn’t tasteful either, especially when they look horribly cheap. A post from DoubleFullStop of a woman showing off her McDonald’s gloves failed to gather ATBGE approval, after other users saw this as not only a cheap marketing stunt by McDonald’s but also the worst winter gloves you can ever buy yourself or your worst enemy.

From the huge “M” logo to the weird red-yellow color scheme of the gloves, everything about this was awful.

8. This Kid’s Hair is creepy and ugly

Via: Reddit

One thing’s for sure: this kid never asked for the bad haircut. He only fell victim to a terrible barber, who probably had the Reddit user jousiemohn confused about whether or not this was ATBGE material. Well, it was not.

Instead of ending up with the coolest haircut in school, this kid ended up with a very bad hair day. It’s very hard not to picture anything else but a chameleon perched on top of his head. That said, no one was pretty sure how his friends reacted when he got to school on Monday but we’re pretty sure no one in the comment section was open to such a hairstyle on their head.

We’ve had enough of the awful tastes with terrible executions. Time to have a look at the 7 best ATBGE posts.

7. Riding on heels

Via: Reddit

Man invented the car in order to save himself from the pain of walking, but it seems like some people just don’t want to let go of the shoe. This is probably the reason why some mad genius decided to make his car out of a heel, and Reddit user HashSlingingHatter knew exactly where to take it – the ATBGE sub.

We can all agree that we would not prefer a heel car to any other car apart from a G-Wiz and a PT Cruiser, but the guy who made this ride did it so well that you can’t help but admire it (If you haven’t noticed in the picture, there is a bevy of ladies surrounding it). This perfectly fits the ATBGE description, and even though the taste is awful, you got to commend the Dr. Frankenstein for creating the design.

6. Our odd looking turtle

Via: Reddit

Whoever made this statue deserves an ATBGE award. This distinctively unique, disturbing, yet funny statue was posted by ArseAssassin and it never failed to attract the applaud of ATBGE subreddit subscribers. Apart from the oddly placed breasts, (you just can’t ignore those), the whole statue looked intriguing. Some ladies took it to the comment section to inquire where they could buy the purse and pearl necklace donned by the turtle. No one was sure of where the old fella was headed to with his walking stick, but he surely walked into our hearts.

ArseAssassin, this was a good one.

5. When all you need to order in McDonald’s is just a few fingers

Via: Reddit

Yes, this post might have looked more of a promo stunt, but it sure made ATBGE subscribers tick. This lady’s love for McDonald’s went as far as decorating her nails with treats you can only get served at McDonald’s. The first time looking at this photo may be disturbing, but a second, third and subsequent glances may get you all twisted and thinking “she doesn’t look that bad after all”.

Well the truth is, she does, but the execution was so fine that you can’t help but look at it twice. The comment section of this post, which was posted by evanio88, was lit for a pretty long time. Some user wrote that the red nail is ketchup. Make your guess.

4. Cameowro

Via: Reddit

The term above should no longer confuse you once you see the photo associated with it. Some guy took one of the hottest muscle cars on the road, and gave it a complete cat makeover. From the headlights to under the hood, this Chevrolet Camaro was turned into a Catmaro. When Valensiakol posted it in the ATBGE sub, it got all the love it deserved.

Even cat-phobic fellas expressed their love for this beautiful ride, showing how great the mod was, despite them not being from the cat-loving world. Well, what do you know, that is exactly what ATBGE should do – make you reach a point where you don’t know whether to love or to hate what is usually in your hate list.

3. Weird feather design haircut but mad shaving skills

Via: Reddit

Weird haircuts have been around for a long time, but some of them turn from weird to cool the moment you see how skilled their execution was. This was the case of a video posted on the ATBGE subreddit of a man who, despite having the weirdest haircut ever seen, had a madly skilled barber to do the job exactly as it should be done.

The man in the video was having a feather design cut on his head – which is not the best styles you would want on your head. The barber however was so good at making this haircut, that the whole thing turned from weird to cool in an instant. The comment section also liked it. Perfect ATBGE.

2. He got money on his mind

Via: Reddit

The list of weird haircuts doesn’t end with the feather guy. This other guy had money on his mind, literally. Well, he didn’t literally stuff dollar bills right through his skull, but the barber who handled his hair ensured that it looked exactly like that.

The hairstyle itself is freakishly weird, to the extent that some people had a hard time figuring out that that was someone’s head and not a money bag. But how the job was done neutralized how awful the cut is and this post from Mainmeowmix got the full ATBGE badge.

1. Opposite facing car

Via: Reddit

Mad geniuses will always keep inventing the weirdest things on the planet. This guy probably got tired of always having to drive in one direction and thus decided to try both ways at once – he mated two fronts of a pickup truck together.

The idea itself is awful but how he did it is what excited the ATBGE Reddit community. After this photo was posted by chondroguptomourjo, the comment section lit up. A couple of amused Reddit users wondered how this guy’s wife would be able to get the car out of the garage every morning (without eventually ending up with a divorce), but that’s only for him to worry about. This is a post that could have gone both ways, but it sure went the ATBGE way.

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