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8 Zodiac Signs That Make The Craziest Exes (And 7 Most Insecure Ones)

8 Zodiac Signs That Make The Craziest Exes (And 7 Most Insecure Ones)

People often underestimate the traits and attributes that are associated with Zodiac signs. The astrology behind Zodiac signs gives insight to people’s character. Relationships can actually bring out the worst of those traits in people. Breakups can be very emotional and it may surprise you that your ex-lover has turned into a complete psycho. It is probably a good idea to expect some backlash especially if you were the one who initiated the breakup. Even during a relationship, there are certain things you may do that can make your partner completely insecure. Insecurity is basically what makes us human. Some signs are someone who is naturally jealous, possessive and even controlling. There is nothing wrong with these things, but they can sometimes become an issue if they are putting an unnecessary strain on the relationship.

So, you can check out the list below to see if your ex’s Zodiac sign made the list. You can also check to see which signs are the most insecure so you can be pickier when choosing a partner. If your Zodiac makes the list, it may be a good idea to give your partner a heads up.

15. Craziest Exes: Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


It may not be a surprise to some that Scorpios start off the list. But research points to Scorpios as being the craziest whether they are in a relationship or not. They have very violent tendencies. What makes them dangerous is their passion, resourcefulness and their desire to know the truth. They are very expressive beings so if they decide to make your life a living hell, then your life will be made a living hell. However they decide to express themselves, believe the emotions will come out. They can also be very intense so don’t be surprised if you see them at your house or outside your workplace unexpectedly. It may be a good idea to hide your valuables as they may act out the lyrics to “Bust the Windows on your Car.”

14. Most Insecure: Virgos – Judgmental Juries of Themselves


It’s normal for Virgos to be analytical, practical and critical. However, they tend to overdo it with how judgmental they are and set unrealistic expectations that neither they nor others can measure up to. They are very anxious and often times their insecurities can get the better of them. Insecurities can seriously destroy a relationship and no one wants to be in a long-term relationship with someone that is too delicate. Being with a Virgo means that you constantly have to walk on eggshells with them; they are overthinkers and if you say the wrong thing to them, it would easily embarrass them and make them believe that they are doing something wrong. Helping them see that they are human and humans are not perfect could be a good step to building confidence.

13. Craziest Exes: Leos (July 23 – August 22)


The brave lions are categorized as being fire signs, so they could have a temper that is as hot as the months they are born in. Leos are arrogant, stubborn and full of ego. They hate not being treated like the royalty that they think they are, and they detest being ignored. What makes them crazy is their flair for drama and their fearless nature. A Leo is unafraid to contact you after a breakup and will do so quite frequently to let you know what they think about you. So expect phone calls, visits and other cries for attention. Your rejection bruised their ego and if they are forced to suffer, they do not want to do it alone. Leos can be petty so don’t be surprised to find a Twitter or Instagram hashtag that says #NewBae

12. Most Insecure: Cancers – Sometimes Sensitive Sally


A Cancer’s weakness is their insecurity and some people may say that they are tied with Virgos for being the most insecure signs. They are imaginative, suspicious and highly emotional people. They are excellent at formulating “what-if” scenarios in their mind. Dating a Cancer can be difficult because they are going to be suspicious about everything you do and will want to be involved in every aspect of your life. They may even ask you for your phone password and to have access to your social media accounts. They are also very sensitive and your criticism of them can just make them a tad bit more insecure than they already are. It may be a good idea to give them some verbal affirmations now and again to help their self-esteem.

11. Craziest Exes: Gemini (May 21 – June 22)


If you have ever seen the symbol for the Gemini’s sign, it’s a set of twins, and basically two personalities. You don’t know which one you will get after a breakup and that should cause some concern as your caring ex could flip the switch on you. They will be confused and may try everything under the sun to hold on to the relationship. They try to keep you in their life and it may be in a very unhealthy way. Usually in different situations, they are gentle souls and peacemakers but not when it comes to heartbreak; they don’t handle it very well. They are confused and may make drastic physical changes, like a dramatic haircut. In case you were wondering, Britney Spears is not a Gemini.

10. Most Insecure: Libras – Present a Baleful Balance


Libras are known to be indecisive and to avoid confrontation. Being in a relationship with a Libra can be draining and indecision is one of the biggest red flags of insecurity. They like balance and one way to even the scales is to give them approval; they thrive on the approvals and opinions of others and sometimes it becomes a crutch; almost a necessity. They tend to be needy so they will want you around all the time. Spending time with a Libra is a good way to satisfy their needs. Also, Libras are so insecure that they would be willing to stay in an unhealthy relationship just because they don’t like being alone. If you are a Libra, there is never a good reason to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

9. Craziest Exes: Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


Virgos are worrisome people and tend to overthink a situation. They may be methodological in their thinking, so much so that they make up a high percentage of criminals and hackers. But at the same time, they often don’t know how to express themselves. As an ex, they tend to be clingy. They can be irrational too at times and often like to play the role of victim because they were the ones wronged in the relationship. By breaking up with a Virgo, you gave them another reason to feel insecure and they will do anything to get back with you. Don’t be surprised if she calls to say she’s pregnant or ill. Just be sure to ask to see the pregnancy test or get a number to the hospital to confirm their illness before you show up, only to realize that you’ve been played.

8. Most Insecure: Gemini – Inconsistent and Indecisive


Geminis can be described as being two-faced; after all the sign’s symbols are literally two faces. Nonetheless, they are inconsistent and indecisive, yet very adaptable. They have a desire to belong and be liked so they will basically go with what the crowd is doing. You never know who they truly are because they always try to be the best version of themselves to gain approval. In a relationship, they will become the person they think you want at the expense of you getting to truly know your mate. If you want to know who your partner is, a good way to tame their insecurities is to discover their true comfort zone. If you discover their comfort zone, it is more likely that you will discover who they truly are.

7. Craziest Exes: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


A Cancer can be a very manipulative person. No one likes being around a manipulator, especially after you’ve ‘hurt’ them because they can force you into uncomfortable situations. Cancers are sentimental and emotional beings and have been accused of being overly caring. Emotional people are wild cards because you never know what impulsive thought they may have and how they would lash out when the emotion hits them. Maybe that impulsiveness would come in the form of breakup sex which would possibly rock your world and confuse you even more. It may be that good and make you reconsider the entire relationship, but it’s definitely unhealthy to go back because you’ve been played. Do not underestimate a Cancer, they are savage and wild, and their creative thoughts may be borderline crazy.

6. Most Insecure: Aquarius – All About Appearances


The Aquarius is all about looking good to others and securing the popular vote. They are known for being independent, but they can generally be so uncomfortable in their own skin that they would crawl out of it if they could. Their discomfort could stem from their shy and introverted nature. They focus on making too much of a good impression that they could sometimes forget to have fun. They are all about appearances and perfectionism in an attempt to look happier and shape public opinion of them. These people love to keep themselves busy in an attempt to find what makes them truly comfortable and to cover their insecurities. If you have the patience to get an Aquarius really comfortable; behind the insecurity, you would discover a diamond in the rock.

5. Craziest Exes: Pisces (February 19 – March 20)


Pisces tend to have a very short fuse and a break up may be just what they need to set them off on their own brand of crazy. Their behavior can be self-destructive and it often involves you. They are overly dramatic and will casually contact you after a breakup. The contact usually occurs at a time when you’ve healed and tried to move on. They are expressive but at the same time live in a different reality so be careful of the mind games they may try to play on you. They may appear as cool as a cucumber when you run into them or pretend not to know you, but when they are alone, it’s when they experience the reality of the breakup and want to contact you to “talk”.

4. Most Insecure: Pisces – Comfortable and Confident but Only In Crowd


Pisces are seemingly too confident and comfortable in a crowd but if you get them alone, that is not the case. They often live in their own head and feel self-conscious about who they are and their appearance. In some instances, they are even self-loathing but they hate criticism and are fearful. It is difficult for them to say no and they don’t often stand up for themselves. They are confident when sharing thoughts and ideas and can be friendly in this setting. It may be a good idea to engage your partner in thought-provoking conversations so that they can be more confident when sharing their thoughts. If you are dating a Pisces, be careful how you criticize them as your words would be replayed in their mind repeatedly.

3. Craziest Exes: Libra (September 23 – October 22)


Libras are known to carry grudges and be filled with self-pity. Anyone carrying a grudge is not a person you want to be around, especially when the weight overwhelms them. If your ex is a Libra, don’t worry about violence because it’s something they hate. They are romantics and will try to avoid conflict. They like balance and breaking up with a Libra tips the scale. They may keep everything of yours as a reminder of the relationship. They’ll cry every night for you and hoard your stuff until they find someone to move on to. They are firm believers in a happily ever after, so don’t worry about them wanting you back or chasing after you for too long. Their new love interest will soon make them forget you.

2. Most Insecure: Taurus – Desire to Prove People Wrong


Whilst the Taurus dislikes insecurity of any kind, they themselves sometimes tend to harbor some insecurities despite their stubbornness. They think that they have a lot to prove because they believe people just see them for what is on the surface. Although they are confident in their style and looks, they do not want people to see them as all flash and no substance. They often do anything to impress and seem smarter than they are even if it means lying or over exaggerating a circumstance. To engage their confidence, you can talk to them about topics that they are familiar with so that they can feel a sense of worth and be less insecure or questioning their intelligence. You can also subtly buy your partner a book as knowledge is power.

1. Craziest Exes: Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)


Capricorns shouldn’t be on this list because generally they are pessimistic and expect the worst. Yup, it is likely that they saw the end of the relationship long before you did. However, they can be unforgiving and hold you in remembrance. Usually they are very controlled and confident; you breaking up with them throws off their control and places a dent in their confidence armor. When a Capricorn wants to prove a point, they go all in. Even if they decide to lie about something; they weave such a tangled web especially when they choose to go to the dark side. Maybe they wouldn’t act out but they will set a goal to improve themselves so that the next time you see them, they can look up their nose at you.

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