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Air Force One: 20 Coolest Things You Need To Know About It

Air Force One: 20 Coolest Things You Need To Know About It


Ever heard of the Air Force One? You are probably wondering which one? If you are a sneaker freak then you must be thinking about one of the most idolized sneakers in the US, but we won’t be talking about that today. The Air Force One we will be talking about today is the most prestigious plane in the US. This is because of its sole purpose to this great nation, which is to transport the Commander in Chief AKA the President of the United States of America around the country and around the world, at a very significant cost.

So what makes this aircraft so cool it’s landed on one of our lists? Well, apart from transporting the President, there’s probably a bunch of interesting things that you probably dint know about Air Force One. If you watched the Harrison Ford movie of the same name, then you probably think Air Force One is cool, but once you find out about the real Air Force One, then you are definitely going to be mind blown!

If you have had the opportunity to see the Boeing 747, which is in fact the Air Force One model, then you will realize immediately it’s like no plane you have ever seen before. I am not talking about the presidential branding but the whole outlook. Air Force One was designed by the US Air Force to be a mini flying White House. I know most of us can’t get any work done when we are flying commercial, but not on this plane. Find out why!

Here are some of the cool things about Air Force One:

20. Air Force One has a Double


If you thought doubles ended with Sadam Hussein then you have another thing coming. The reason it’s called Air Force One is because it means that the presidential aircraft is one of a kind. While it’s not uncommon to miss this fact, Air Force One actually has a double. There are two identical Air Force Ones built in the same manner and design, and both are at the disposal of the president. I bet you wish you were the president now. Both the planes are Boeing 747-200 models. They were carefully designed by the US Air Force to ensure that they are fit to carry the Commander in Chief. This plane is unlike your average Boeing 747, and it’s been modified with specialized security systems to fit the day to day running of the commander-in-chief and his crew.

19. No need to Fuel


Ever had to land to refuel a plane? Pretty agonizing ordeal, especially if you are flying commercial, meaning you have to deal with delays or miss important appointments. Well, you don’t need to fuel the Air Force One, and especially if you are the commander-in-chief. This is because this plane has been built with the ability to refuel itself in flight, meaning that it has the capability of staying in flight indefinitely. However, this feature is not one that the president has the freedom to play around with since it was designed for emergency situations. This plane has a special gas cap at the tip of the nose of the airplane so that the second Air Force One could connect a gas pump while flying in the air.

18. Air Force One is super fast


ou probably think your Japanese sports car is fast, but how fast is Air Force One? Well, according to the U.S. Military, Air Force One is so fast that during 9/11 F16 fighter jets that were escorting the president on Air Force One couldn’t keep up and had to call the pilot on board to ask him to slow down and wait up. Those who witnessed the event, including the then Air Force One pilot Col. Mark Tillman, explained the aircraft’s speed in two words, Supersonic Speed. So how fast does Air Force One fly? Well Air Force One travels at speeds that are well over 600 miles per hour. This kind of speed can only be compared to sound, and experts say, it travels at 92% of the speed of sound! That’s phenomenal speed!

17. Advanced Communication technology


We all expect Air Force One to have a few advanced features. Clearly it’s the President’s official plane. Know how you have to switch off your phone when you are on the plane? Probably the reason all cellphones today have an airplane mode setting. Well, the President doesn’t have to switch off his phone when he is onboard Air Force One. This is because the plane has been designed with a unique encrypted telecommunication system that allows for this functionality. The President can pick up his cell phone or any of the other 85 phones that are in the plane. Yes, Air Force One has 85 phones. The President is able to speak with anyone he wishes in the world thousands of feet high.

16. Air Force One is Spacious


No one is ever fully satisfied with the legroom commercial flights have these days, but not in Air Force One. People who fly first class don’t even compare, and half of the billionaires who own private jets still don’t get this kind of spaciousness in their luxury jets. The President enjoys 4,000 square feet of internal space aboard Air Force One. This aircraft has been designed with a living room, office, presidential living quarters, a private bathroom area, and the President’s Office. It’s rumored that this space is so huge it could fit a treadmill. If that wasn’t enough, the President also has medical facility inside the aircraft to cater to his health needs in case of an emergency.

15. Air Force One Luxury


Did you know that Air Force One is fitted with two kitchen galleries? Well, I know you are probably wondering for who? Well yes, you guessed it right. While it’s hard enough to get a bag of peanuts onboard your average commercial flight, Air Force One is designed with two kitchen galleries that can be able to feed almost 100 people with carefully prepared food that is fit for the consumption of the President of the United States of America. In case the President doesn’t like what’s on the menu, the onboard flight crew have a supply of groceries on hand, and can prepare whatever the Commander in Chief is craving.

14. It Goes By Different Names


Well, it gets really complicated when you start talking about the different names Air Force One has. While it’s already confusing enough that it has an identical twin, Air Force One has more than just one name. Air Force One is the most common name used for the plane and it’s known worldwide. You might be wondering what other names the Air Force One has. Its real designated name is the VC-25A, but you’ll only hear the presidential agents use this name, and that is because it’s classified. Air Force One is also known as the Angel. Next time you hear one of the President’s body guards shout that through their ear piece, you’ll know what it means.

13. It’s Bulletproof


There’s a fat chance anything would happen if a terrorist tried to aim a bullet at Air Force One. The security personnel would be at him before he could even think of pulling the trigger. Why is this? Well, Air Force One has a highly sophisticated security system that’s built and designed to protect the President at all costs. It’s also built with a specialized unique defense system that will jam an enemy jet communication system by the hit of a button. While we could go on with the details of the security options, and the list is endless, it’s classified information shrouded in secrecy.

12. It Has A Mini Medical Center


Well, in case the Commander in Chief ever caught the flu on board, then he would be fully cared for. This is because not only does the U.S. President travel with medics, there’s a mini medical center inside Air Force One. What’s more amazing, it’s fitted with a theater room in case of chronic emergencies. This medical center has a well-stocked pharmacy with medical tools, an operating table, and equipment for when the President is on long trips overseas. This facility also has a reserve of the President’s blood type that is refrigerated in the mini medical facility in case of emergencies.

11. The President flies with his car


The President of the United States of America never uses any car apart from the presidential Limo dubbed, “The Beast.” Therefore, wherever the Commander in Chief goes, The Beast follows, and that includes onboard Air Force One! The Presidential Limo is always available to receive the Commander in Chief whenever he reaches his destination. Therefore, when the President flies overseas, the Presidential Limo flies first class on a military cargo plane so that it’s ready to recieve the President when he lands. Well, if you thought the Commander in Chief was taking a cab overseas, now you know better!

10. Air Force One is fully loaded for flight


Air Force One carries 53,611 gallons of fuel that weighs just about 833,000 pounds fully loaded for a presidential long range flight. When the plane is on a full tank, it is able to fly halfway around the world and at supersonic speed, that’s just about the speed of sound. In case its entire reserve tank is depleted, Air Force One has the capability of refueling midair. This gives the presidential aircraft the ability stay in the air indefinitely, something most planes don’t have. These features are built to secure the President in case of an emergency situation.

9. It’s Always Top Priority


You probably had your flight delayed due to another higher priority flight taking off. Well, if you are riding with the Presidential in Air Force One, then you are on top of the priority list and you don’t need to wait for anyone to take off. In fact, when Air Force One has to take off, all other flights are delayed to make sure that the Commander in Chief gets to take off first. However, the plane mostly lands at Military airports so that it doesn’t have to mess with the usual air traffic schedule. So next time you want to get uninterrupted VIP flights, better become the President of the United States of America.

8. One of the most Expensive Aircraft Ever


You probably thought that only billionaires rolled with expensive state of the art private jets, right? Well, wrong! The President of the United States of America rides in one of the most expensive planes in the world. Compared to other governments, it is the most expensive and advanced plane there is. Building this plane cost a whopping $800 million just as the initial cost. However, the US Air Force helped settle the payment by offering $140 million. The flying State House is one of the most expensive presidential projects done since the white house. Hope you did not forget, the President has two Air Force One Planes.

7. It Has a great sound system


Well, you probably never saw this coming. It’s not a rapper’s jet to be specific, but the Air Force One. With all its crazy amenities, you might expect that Air Force One has a DJ on board. However, that’s not the case. President Bill Clinton was known to play all his favorite tunes, especially during long trips; the saxophonist would rock out jazz tunes at very high volumes because the then President of the United States of America had hearing issues. Well, we have no idea what former president Obama played on Air Force One, or what current President Trump plays now, but we be it’s “the best.”

6. Air Force One is Super Advanced


Air Force One has more electronics and gadgets than your local Target store. Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still, the plane has 240 miles of wire running through it, and that’s a lot of you ask me. The wiring is essential for all the equipment that’s been fitted into the plane from the screens to the telephones and the communications devices in case the President need to use the command deck on board. Air Force One is pretty sophisticated and equipped with a lot of advanced features to ensure the President enjoys not only the flight, but has maximum security onboard.

5. Its State of the Art Crew


Want to work on board Air Force One as part of the crew? Let me be more clear, want to work for the President of the United States of America? Well, to qualify for this neck breaking job you have to be carefully screened. The Air Force One crew are carefully screened military personnel that have an exemplary service history. The crew members onboard who prepare the meals that are served on this aircraft have to operate on a certain level of secrecy. For example, when they get groceries they need to do so undercover, select markets at random, just to make sure the President is safe. The crew offers 24-hour first class service.

4. Some of the aircraft is off limits


When it comes to the room, you probably now already know that Air Force One has 4,000 feet of space. Apart from all the amenities the President has at his disposal, Air Force One is also equipped with other quarters that can accommodate other people who might be accompanying the President during official visits. However, the visitors don’t necessarily have access to all the parts of the plane; there are some parts that are not accessible to them, and for security reasons. The US Air Force is very careful to conceal specific details of the craft’s layout, which includes its sophisticated avionics and defense systems.

3. Air Force One is Super Secure


The equipment and the wiring that is used on the Air Force One are covered with tough and heavy shielding that protects it from electromagnetic pulses; this can be experienced in the event of a nuclear blast. The aircraft has also been equipped to withstand any kind of air attack that might pose a danger to the President on board. Due to these reasons, it has been fitted with electronic countermeasures such as radar jams, flares that can be ejected from the plane and heat seeking missiles. However, most of the defenses and avionics of this plane are classified.

2. Air Force One flights are all “military operations”


Well, all the flights that are taken by Air Force One are considered to be military operations, and these operations are taken seriously by the crew staff and US military tasked with executing the operation. This is because no chances can be taken on the safety of the President and his crew. The plane, as well as the runway of the Andrews Air Force base that’s based in Maryland, needs to be cleared by the military. The President is transported to the airport by the Marine One helicopter. The teams that are over the airbase ensure that they are watchful of any unauthorized crafts in the vicinity.

1. The Air Force is a tight Knit Family


Over the years, presidents have been known to form very close connections with their flight crew, and their final Air Force One trip has always been an emotional trip for all presidents of the United States of America. Air Force One is normally maintained and operated by the Presidential Airlift Group, that’s usually a part of the White House Military. The Air Force has always brought together all the staff members, military and crew together, since this is the only connection the US President gets out of Washington. It’s from Air Force One that the president meets the world. Air Force One is truly the best mode of transportation for the most important person in the US and the world.


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