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Apple iPad: 15 ‘Hidden’ Features You Need to Know About

Apple iPad: 15 ‘Hidden’ Features You Need to Know About


For many people, nothing beats the Apple iPad. The device is lightweight and portable, ensuring you can take it with you wherever you go to read books, watch movies, play games or browse the web. Plus, the iPad offers many of the same features as the iPhone with a bigger screen – and much more.

Of course, anyone can visit an Apple Genius Bar to find out about all of the features included in the iPad. But did you know that there are many wonderful iPad features that most Apple Geniuses don’t even know exist? That’s right, and we’re here to shed some light on some of the top “hidden” features contained within the iPad.

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of the iPad. With in-depth iPad knowledge, you’ll be better equipped than others to enjoy your iPad to the fullest extent. And lucky for you, we’re here to provide extensive analysis of various iPad features that you’d otherwise have to search far and wide to discover on your own.

Now, let’s take a closer look at 15 hidden features that can help you get the most out of your iPad.

15. Sleep Timer

Via iMore

Ever fall asleep while listening to relaxing tunes on your iPad? No worries – you can take advantage of the iPad’s sleep timer to reduce the risk that you’ll oversleep or run down your iPad’s battery over the course of several hours.

To set the sleep timer on your iPad, you only need to open the Clock app and press the Timer button on the bottom right. Then, you’ll be able to dial in how long you want your music or videos to play. Lastly, press the musical note button below the timer dial, set your alarm tone and select “Stop playing” to ensure you iPad turns off automatically when the clock strikes zero.

14. Automatic Icon Organization

Via Expert Reviews

Let’s face it – your iPad may contain dozens of apps, and finding the right one at a specific time may prove to be a time-consuming process. That is, unless you take advantage of the iPad’s automatic icon organization capabilities.

For those who want to avoid app folders at all costs, the automatic icon organization tool is ideal. This tool is easy accessible and can make a world of difference for iPad owners who want to organize their apps.

To access the automatic icon organization tool, select Settings and go to General | Reset. Next, select Tap Reset Home Screen Layout. At this point, all of your original iPad apps will return to their initial starting positions on your iPad screen, while your downloaded apps will be organized alphabetically.

13. Keyboard as Trackpad

Via The Mac Guy

Did you know your iPad keyboard can become a trackpad? All you need to do is place two fingers on your iPad keyboard at the same time, and voila – an instant trackpad.

In many instances, dragging and dropping text on the iPad can be tricky, especially for those who are used to working on desktop or laptop computers. However, the keyboard as trackpad feature makes it easy to drag text in the same way you would with a mouse pointer.

With this feature, you can select any word you type using a two-fingered tap. Or, you can use a double-tap to select a sentence or a triple-tap to choose an entire paragraph.

12. iPad as a Second Monitor

Via Gizmodo

The iPad delivers excellent video quality, and as a result, you should have no trouble enjoying TV shows and movies on this device. But for those who need a second monitor, the iPad simply wasn’t an option – until now.

OK, so we admit this feature isn’t built into the iPad, but a cool new app is available that allows you to transform your iPad into a second monitor.

The app, Duet Display, allows you to set up a touchscreen display for a Mac or Windows laptop. All you need to do is connect your iPad to a laptop via a standard 30-pin or Lightning cable, and you’re good to go.

11. Context-Based Reminders


Where would we be without Siri? This charming, insightful and clever virtual assistant enables iPad users to set up reminders. But for the most part, Siri still requires you to spell out exactly why you need a reminder to ensure it is set up properly.

Context-based iPad reminders take ordinary iPad reminders to the next level. And if you’re using an iPad app or viewing a web page, you can get a context-based reminder about it at your convenience.

For example, consider what you might do if you’re working on a research paper late at night and are getting sleepy. If you’re on a web page that you want to revisit the next day, you can press the Home button on your iPad and ask Siri to remind you about what you’re currently working on at a specific time the next day. Then, when tomorrow rolls around, your iPad will take you back to this web page as soon as the reminder alarm goes off.

10. Apps in the iPad Dock

Via 9to5Mac

Safari, Mail, Messages and Music are the predominant apps in the iPad’s dock, and for good reason. Most people use these apps all the time, and placing them in the dock means you won’t have to scroll left or right to access them.

If there’s an app you use all the time and want to include in your iPad dock, you can move this app directly into the dock. Touch the app you want to move and keep your finger on the app until the app icon starts shaking. Then, move the app icon into the dock, and you’re all set.

Keep in mind that you can have up to six apps in the iPad dock at one time. Choose your iPad dock apps wisely, and you’ll be able to organize your iPad apps like never before.

9. Text-to-Speech


Want to give your eyes a break from your iPad screen? The iPad’s text-to-speech feature makes it simple for you to listen to Siri read your favorite books to you.

Text-to-speech is readily available in iBooks. This ensures you can listen to books read aloud while you cook dinner, get ready for bed or perform myriad day-to-day tasks.

You also can access text-to-speech for a specific portion of text. To enjoy text-to-speech, go to the iPad settings, choose General Settings and tap “Accessibility.” At this point, choose Speech and turn on “Speaker Selection.” By doing so, you’ll add a Speak option to the menu that appears after you highlight text.

8. Virtual Magnifying Glass

Via Making Fifty Three

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to use a magnifying glass. In fact, the iPad offers a virtual magnifying glass that makes it easy to zoom in on certain parts of the screen.

To use the iPad’s virtual magnifying glass, go the Settings menu. In the General area, look for Accessibility and Zoom. Move the slider switch into the On position, and you’ll be able to zoom in and out on your iPad’s screen with ease.

With the Zoom setting in place, you can move the virtual magnifying glass around your iPad screen by tapping, holding and dragging one of the screen’s edges. You also can triple-tap the screen with three fingertips to make the Zoom menu appear.

7. Instant Song Identification

Via GSMArena

Shazam is the leading app for song identification on iPads and other mobile devices around the world. Conversely, why should you be forced to take up additional space by downloading yet another app on your iPad?

The iPad features instant song identification capabilities, ensuring you won’t have to download Shazam (unless you absolutely have to have it) on your device. And when a song plays that you don’t know, you can ask Siri to identify the song for you.

Siri should be able to help you identify a song title and artist in just seconds – just like Shazam. You’ll even be able to access iTunes so you can purchase the song and download it onto your iPad.

6. Shake to Undo

Via iMore

The iPad keyboard is great, but it is far from perfect. Therefore, it can be easy for just about anyone to make mistakes as they type on an iPad, even with AutoCorrect in place.

Fortunately, the iPad offers a shake to undo feature that can help you save time as you type. This feature is a terrific option for those who use Pages, Mail and Notes frequently, or for those who just want to keep their text messages grammatically correct.

Shake to undo is automatically available in Pages, Mail, Notes and other iPad apps. And if you ever want to disable this feature, you can do so by going to the Settings menu and selecting General, followed by Accessibility. Here, you’ll be able to disable the shake to undo feature if necessary.

5. Hidden Control Panel

Via Ohio Aviators

Have you ever tried swiping up from the bottom of your iPad’s screen? If not, you should, as this will reveal a hidden control panel that can provide you with additional control of your iPad.

The hidden control panel enables you to access the iPad’s AirDrop feature, reset the screen brightness and put your device in Airplane mode. Meanwhile, if you plan to use your iPad to have a FaceTime chat or watch a video, you can use this menu to lock the device’s rotation.

Perhaps best of all, the hidden control panel allows you to access music controls by swiping from left to right. This means if you’re listening to music on iTunes or Pandora, you can move on to the next song without having to open up an app.

4. Hide Camera Roll Photos

Via The Mac Observer

Wide to hide all of those iPad photos you took during your secret Las Vegas trip or exotic bachelor party? You can hide selected images from your Camera Roll view to ensure they won’t pop up whenever you access your Camera Roll.

To hide photos in your Camera Roll, select a photo and hit the Share button at the top of the screen. After, you’ll need to select Hide from the bottom of the Share list options.

Once you hide a photo from your Camera Roll, it will still remain on your iPad. To access the photo, go to the Albums view and open the folder called “Hidden.”

3. Spotlight Search

Via Lifewire

The iPad boasts a universal search feature that can help users take the guesswork out of finding their favorite apps, games and songs.

With “Spotlight Search,” you can search for anything from contacts to videos on your iPad. To launch Spotlight Search, you only need to swipe your finger down while you’re on the Home screen. But be sure to swipe down in the middle of the screen; otherwise, you may accidentally open the iPad’s Notification Center.

Spotlight Search enables you to search your entire device immediately. You can even use it to browse text messages and emails to find any information you need, any time you need it.

2. Wipe Your Data Remotely

Via Apple

Has your iPad gone lost or missing? In this scenario, there’s a lot to stress about. Not only do you have to worry about the cost of replacing your iPad, but there’s also the personal data that you’ve stored on your device over the course of many months or years.

There’s no guarantee that investigators will be able to track down your iPad. But at the very least, you can wipe data from your iPad remotely with iCloud.

When it comes to safeguarding your personal information on your iPad, iCloud is a must. With iCloud enabled, you’ll be able to wipe your iPad data instantly, guaranteeing that you can safeguard sensitive data stored on your device.

1. Turn on “Find My iPad”

Via Glasskeys

Like most people, you cannot afford to lose you iPad. But in the event that your iPad goes missing, you can boost your chances of recovering your device with the “Find My iPad” feature.

You can activate the “Find My iPad” feature from the Settings menu. Select iCloud, followed by Find My iPad, and you’ll be able to track your device if it is lost or stolen.

With “Find my iPad,” you’ll only need to log in to or open the Find my iPhone app on your iPad to locate your missing device. This may significantly boost your chances of recovering a missing or stolen iPad.


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