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Apple iPhone 7: 15 ‘Hidden’ Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About

Apple iPhone 7: 15 ‘Hidden’ Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About


The iPhone 7 has transformed the way we think about Apple devices, and food good reason. In fact, the iPhone 7 boasts several distinct features that make it a standout device in a highly competitive global smartphone market.

For example, the iPhone 7 includes many cosmetic improvements over its predecessors, like a revamped Home button and new colors. Let’s not forget about the iPhone 7’s dual-lens cameras that make it easier than ever before to snap high-quality pictures, either. And for those who cannot get enough storage, the base iPhone 7 model gives you a minimum of 32GB of storage.

Of course, it is important to spend some time playing around with the iPhone 7. By doing so, you can learn the ins and outs of the device and maximize its potential. You may even discover a few nifty iPhone tricks along the way.

Think you’ve mastered the iPhone 7? Think again.

Believe it or not, many “hidden” tips and tricks lie beyond the surface of the iPhone 7. Now, we’re here to help you get the most out of your iPhone 7 both now and in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at 15 hidden iPhone 7 tips and tricks that you need to know about.

15. Erase A Message Instantly

Via iMore

Let’s face it – our minds run wild, and creating a clear, concise message on an iPhone 7 may seem impossible at times.

It’s easy to make grammatical mistakes as we craft iPhone messages to family members, friends and other loved ones. And if you encounter a problem with an iPhone message, the backspace key is essential.

But did you know you can erase a message instantly without pressing the backspace key? Actually, all you’ll need to do is shake off your messaging mistakes.

A swift shake of your iPhone 7 enables you to erase a message quickly and effortlessly. Then, you can return to the beginning and start a new message from scratch.

Activate the Shake to Undo function on your iPhone 7 by launching the Settings app from the Home screen. Next, select General, followed by Accessibility, and tap Shake to Undo.

14. Adjust The Home Button’s Feedback Level

Via 9to5Mac

Press down on the iPhone 7’s Home button, and you’ll activate Siri, aka Apple’s personal assistant and a new best friend. At the same time, you’ll feel a vibration to indicate that Siri is ready to respond to any concern or question that you may have.

If you feel this vibration is too strong or too soft, you can adjust it accordingly. To do so, go to General on your iPhone 7, then select Home button. This will allow choose from three levels of vibration feedback. Test each one out, and ultimately, you should have no trouble finding a vibration feedback level that suits you perfectly.

13. Receive Flashing Notifications

Via 9to5Mac

If you are hearing-impaired or simply miss out on too many notifications on your iPhone 7, you’re sure to appreciate the device’s flash notifications. With these notifications in place, your iPhone 7’s camera will flash on and off until you review a new alert.

To set up flash notifications on your iPhone 7, select General, followed by Accessibility. Here, you’ll find the LED Flash for Alerts option. Activate this feature with a quick tap, and you’re good to go.

Flash alerts may prove to be exceedingly valuable so you can keep track of notifications on your iPhone 7. However, keep in mind that they may cause your iPhone 7 battery to wear down faster.

12. Check For Waiting Notifications Quickly 

Via iMore

Who says you need to tap the Home button on your iPhone 7 to review waiting notifications? Instead, you only need to take your iPhone 7 out of your pocket or lift it from its resting place to activate the device’s display.

This simple trick probably won’t prove to be a major time-saver. On the other hand, it ensures you won’t have to press down on the iPhone 7’s Home button and wait for your displays to pop up. As a result, this trick could make a world of difference if you want to avoid the embarrassment that sometimes comes with checking your phone in class or during a meeting.

11. Take Advantage Of Today View

Via iMore

The iPhone 7 is a smart device that wants to make it easy for you to access the apps you use regularly. It also wants to keep you up to date on the latest news and events.

Thanks to Today View, you can stay connected to your favorite iPhone 7 apps and the world around you like never before.

To access Today View, swipe your finger right from the lock screen or from the Home screen on your iPhone 7. You also can add a widget to Today View by scrolling to the bottom of the Today View panel and tapping Edit. Next, you can add a new widget by tapping a plus icon. Or, you can subtract an existing widget by selecting the minus icon.

10. Enter Night Shift Mode

Via How to iShift

Do you check your emails, texts and other notifications on your iPhone 7 before bed? You’re not alone. Conversely, using your iPhone 7 prior to bedtime may do more harm than good, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.

The iPhone 7 boasts a Night Shift mode that makes the screen easier to read in the dark. This feature activates a blue filter that may even help you fall asleep as well.

To reap the benefits of Night Shift, swipe your finger up on the iPhone 7 Home screen. That way, you can activate Night Shift with ease.

9. Set Up App Restrictions

Via iMore

If you give your son or daughter an iPhone 7 for full-time use, you surely want to ensure he or she is using the device responsibly. Fortunately, Apple understands the needs of parents and children alike and has got you covered.

The iPhone 7 offers many restriction options so you can make the device kid-friendly. You can enable Siri, AirDrop and other apps as needed. Plus, you can prevent the installation and/or deletion of apps.

To review all of the restriction options at your disposal, go to the iPhone 7 Settings menu and choose Restrictions. When you’re here, you can enable or disable apps at any time.

8. Use The Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor For iTunes Purchases

Via MobiPicker

The iPhone 7’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor offers a great security feature for users of all ages. It enables you to safeguard your device against theft and ensure only you can access the device at all times.

In addition, the Touch ID is simple to use for iTunes purchases. This means you can use your fingerprint to download music, movies, games and more.

To use Touch ID for iTunes purchases, go to the iPhone 7 Settings menu and choose Touch ID and Passcode. After that, you’ll be able to complete iTunes transactions without having to worry about typing in your iTunes account password.

7. Transform Your iPhone Into A Personal WiFi Hotspot

Via Smartphonefixes

Need to complete an online report back lack WiFi for your laptop? You can transform your iPhone 7 into a WiFi hotspot in just seconds.

To create a personal WiFi hotspot with your iPhone 7, access the device’s Settings menu and choose Personal Hotspot. Tap the switch at the top of the menu to activate the feature, and you’ll be all set.

A personal WiFi hotspot ensures you can access a WiFi connection on your laptop or any other nearby devices. The hotspot also is password-protected, guaranteeing you – and only you – will be able to utilize this hotspot at your convenience.

6. View The Percentage Of Remaining Battery Life

Via Toki-Woki

OK, so the iPhone 7 battery meter gives a good – but not great – indication of how much power is remaining on your device. For those who demand precise information about battery life, Apple is happy to help.

The iPhone 7 enables you to display the current battery percentage on your device. This give you an accurate measurement of how much life your device has left before you’ll need to recharge it.

To display the current battery percentage on your iPhone 7, go to the Settings menu and choose Battery. Next, select Battery Percentage, and you’ll be able to view the battery percentage in the upper right corner of your iPhone 7’s screen.

5. Identify Songs With Siri

Via iPhone Latest

We all know Siri offers a wealth of knowledge and insights. And with Siri, you may even be able to eliminate the need to download Shazam for your iPhone 7.

Siri has the ability to identify songs just by listening to them. Therefore, if you hear a song that you want to learn more about, press the Home button on your iPhone 7 and ask Siri to identify it for you.

As always, Siri is glad to assist you and will provide details about a song title and artist. Siri will even make it easy for you to download a song via iTunes.

4. Open The App Switcher With 3D Touch

Via Macworld UK

In the past, iPhone users had to double-tap the Home button to access the app switcher. This feature would enable you to access all open apps and cycle between them in either direction.

The iPhone 7, meanwhile, boasts 3D Touch capabilities that allow you to activate the app switcher in an alternative way. For iPhone 7 users, you can press down on the left edge of the screen and swipe toward the center. This will bring up open apps on your iPhone 7. Also, you can switch to the last app you were using by pressing the left edge of the iPhone 7 screen and swiping right.

3. Lock The Camera Lens

Via The New Yorker

The iPhone 7 may switch between its two camera lenses on the back when it records video. This often helps amateur and expert iPhone photographers capture the best videos. Comparatively, the shift from one camera lens to another may lead to flickering.

If you want to lock the camera lens, you only need to go to the Settings menu, select Photos & Camera, followed by Record Video. At this point, you can activate the Lock Camera Lens option.

When it comes to getting the best videos on your iPhone 7, it usually is a good idea to err on the side of caution. Try recording videos with Lock Camera Lens on and off, and you’ll be able to determine whether this option is right for you.

2. Discover Apps That Are Draining Your iPhone 7 Battery

Via iMobie

The iPhone 7 is designed to serve you well for an extended period of time and features the longest battery life of any iPhone to date. But despite your best efforts to conserve your iPhone’s battery, you may notice your device’s battery wears down quickly.

In many instances, a misbehaving app is the culprit behind an iPhone 7 battery life issue, and the iPhone 7 ensures you can get to the source of this problem.

For those who want to troubleshoot potential app issues, go to the iPhone 7 Settings menu and select Battery. Scroll down from here, and you’ll be able to see apps that you commonly use. Select an app, and you can find out how long you’ve been using an app over the past week. And if you see an app that you’re not using, it probably is running in the background, putting a major strain on your device’s battery.

1. Share Apps With Your Family

Via Apple Support

Sharing is caring, particularly for those who own an iPhone 7 and want to share apps with family members.

After you buy an iPhone 7 app, why not share it with family members? With the iPhone 7 Family Sharing option, your entire family can benefit from a single app purchase.

To use the Family Sharing option, go to the iPhone 7 Settings menu. Select iCloud, followed by Family Sharing and Add Family Member. Finally, type the name of the person you’d like to participate. Once this individual accepts your invitation, he or she will be able to browse and download apps that you purchased. Going forward, this person can buy apps and share them with you too.


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