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15 Shocking Facts about Target

Dylan Hill

Dylan Hill is a freelance writer specializing in travel, business, tech and lifestyle content. She has contributed regularly to Paste Magazine, Upworthy, The Clever, and more.

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Most of us go to theme parks to experience thrill rides and fun attractions. But there are theme parks that go beyond simple attractions – from the interesting and eclectic …

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There are a whole array of strange guided tours that take tourists off the beaten path, allowing them to explore some unknown feature of the place they are visiting. When visiting …

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IKEA is undoubtedly the most popular — and successful — furniture company in the world. It has made its name from selling low cost quality furniture with clever names to …

15 Reasons Android Destroys iPhone

The iPhone is a monster on the cell phone market, which sadly means that the Android counterparts are often overlooked. But there are many surprising ways the Android easily outperforms …
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