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Behind The Scenes: 15 A-List Actors Who Could Have Lost It All While Filming

Behind The Scenes: 15 A-List Actors Who Could Have Lost It All While Filming


With its lavish and glistening nature, the fabulous Hollywood world has always seemed somehow attractive and enchanting to us. Indeed, the community has been looking up to all those recognizable folks who are sometimes treated as deities. As for the rest of the world (all of us mortal humans), we wish we could at least reach out to them only to be in their priceless presence and company for a minute or two. Regardless of how phenomenal and stunning some members of the Hollywood movie industry truly are, their professional field of development surely has as many downsides as any other normal job.

What’s even more, you’d hardly believe that some of the most famous and top A-list movies stars have gone through countless life-threatening on-set situations, which totally could have taken their lives. After all, being a movie star doesn’t always include only exciting red carpet moments accompanied by waving like a royalty at the crowds. Sometimes, a super cool movie scene may seem really thrilling and perfectly re-created, however, you never know what might have been going on behind the scenes. From Dominic Purcell’s nose injury to Jason Statham who could have drowned himself on the set of The Expendables 3, here we go with our roundup of crazy on-set moments that could have meant the end of their acting careers!

15. Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

via Movie Pilot

If you haven’t heard of the latest film featuring Chris Pratt, which we deeply doubt, you need to brush up on your superhero films. The stunning movie star has some really curious details to share with us considering his on-set moments. Chris stars in this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 as he admitted to using the assistance of a stunt double to help him out with the dangerous movie moments. Ironically enough, this didn’t seem to work 100 % since he still experienced some “mishaps” on-set, one of which momentarily left him knocked out when he was dropped on a mat with more force than intended. Well, who said that saving the galaxy was an easy task?

14. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

via Lifehack

Usually, the greatest movie productions use stunt doubles when shooting the most hazardous scenes, unless the action movie star has something else in mind. Of course, filming action or fight scenes could always result in many unpleasant situations, and everyone’s aware of that.

While filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Daniel Radcliffe did also trust the professional assistance of a stunt man who was supposed to engage in some pretty challenging scenes, to say the least. Sadly, his stunt double suffered a back injury while performing an action scene in which he had to fall smoothly on the ground. Good for Daniel, or Harry, who could have gotten himself severely injured as well; and this could have stopped him from filming the sequel for a few months. As for the stunt man, he quickly recovered without any complications.

13. George Clooney – Syriana


Indeed, George Clooney is one of the actors we all deeply love and look up to given all the amazing movie productions he has been a part of. Sadly, he had to cope with a situation which was probably his greatest life challenge. While filming Syriana – being the movie that served him the Oscar statuette on a silver platter – George Clooney had suffered a spinal injury which even left him thinking about drastic and extreme actions. At one point, things got so serious for him both mentally and physically that the actor started considering ending his life. According to his words, the actor did have suicidal thoughts given his physical condition back then. It’s simply unbelievable, isn’t it?

12. Leonardo Dicaprio – The Revenant

via Evening Standard

Well, sometimes movie stars really have to forget about their charismatic personality and dignity to some extent and do whatever it takes so as to convey the plot line in the best possible way. This is somewhat the case with Leo while shooting the phenomenal movie entitled The Revenant. If you have seen it, then you must be perfectly aware of the severe conditions in which he had to film his scenes alongside the unpleasant and quite stomach-turning moment of feeding on what seems to be a bison liver. For real. According to his words, the actor had to endure possible hypothermia and other life-threatening conditions while shooting the scenes in frozen lakes and sleeping in animal carcasses. How crazy?!

11. Diane Kruger – Inglourious Basterds


The beautiful Diane Kruger is just another gorgeous example of an A-list movie star who could have gotten herself in deep water on the set of the Inglourious Basterds featuring the wonderful Quentin Tarantino. As hilarious as it sounds, Quentin insisted that they shoot a scene where he strangles her almost to death. Well, he might have gone a bit too harsh on her since he authentically made her gasp for air. Indeed, it seems like he tried way too much for this role. Of course, the greatest movie stars will do whatever it takes for a scene or a role. At least both of them have quite a riveting story to tell, right?

10. Johnny Depp – The Lone Ranger


Frankly, Johny Depp is anything but a total stranger to scary on-set situations which could have cost him his own life! After all, such a colorful personality won’t just sit at home and engage in totally safe and boring scenes, will he? Indeed, there was an extremely dangerous moment while filming The Lone Ranger when he got thrown off his horse. Eventually, he happened to kiss the ground and bruise his cheeks pretty bad. Of course, it may not sound like the worst experience ever, but try riding a horse and then being ferociously thrown off it. It certainly may lead to a couple of bad bone fractures.

9. Tom Cruise – Edge of Tomorrow


Indeed, Edge of Tomorrow could have really been Tom Cruise’s last movie given the dreadful turn of the events that occurred while making the film. As for its title, we simply can’t go past that without mentioning how ironic it really is. Actually, everything was going pretty smoothly until the moment when Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt had to hop in a car to shoot a more challenging action scene. Unknowingly, Emily did lose control of the car and drove it right into a tree. Thank God they weren’t injured or worse. As for Emily, only she could tell what might have happened before things got out of hand.

8. Jason Statham – The Expendables 3

via Digital Trends

As a fan of The Expendables 3, you’d certainly want to know what happened to our great and awesome action movie star Jason Statham. Also, you’d surely struggle to believe it, but Jason was indeed in a life-threatening situation when filming a scene where he had to drive a truck and eventually jump out of it. If only he knew about the breaks of the vehicle…Without having a clue of his next adventure fraught with perils, he had to get himself out of the car due to its failed breaks. Otherwise, he could have ended up about 60 meters below the water’s surface.

7. Sylvester Stallone – Rocky IV


Have you watched Rocky IV? This movie really serves as a great example of all those compelling and extremely successful films from the 80s which also offers a curious slew of on-set events. If you have seen it, then you may remember the pretty realistic fight scenes between Rocky and his co-star, the Russian giant Ivan Drago. Naturally, these moments look so alive simply because they actually did fight in the ring! Apart from this, another quite blow-minding fact is that the last punch had to be thrown at Sylvester and he wanted it to be hard enough to knock him down. Of course, he got what he had asked for eventually. However, he hadn’t thought it all the way through for sure because he woke up in the hospital with a swollen heart.

6. Halle Berry – The Hive

via What’s On The Red Carpet

You may not believe it, but the gorgeous and ultra-talented actress Halle Berry has actually gone through a couple of seriously hazardous on-set moments in her movie career. If you’ve wondered what might have happened to her, think of her movie entitled The Hive. While shooting a scene for the movie back in 2012, Halle almost died on the set after hitting her head pretty hard on a concrete surface. In that exact scene, she was supposed to take a smooth fall, to say the least, but instead, she got herself severely injured. Of course, she got instantly rushed to the hospital where she was stabilized. However, the terror might have remained locked in her mind.

5. Charlize Theron – Aeon Flux


The beautiful Charlize Theron is without a doubt a lovely example of one of the best Hollywood actresses with immense talent. And since she can basically impersonate any character she’s given, Charlize has many times partaken in quite tough and badass action scenes. A fine and pretty dreadful example of that is her movie Aeon Flux when she was supposed to perform a backflip but unfortunately landed directly on her neck. As scary as it seems, the situation was pretty intense and alarming for her when doctors said that her mobility might suffer as a result. Gladly, nothing serious followed as a consequence and hopefully, there won’t be such life-threatening on-set moments for her in near future either.

4. Meryl Streep – The River Wild


Here we go with another great female actress from the 90s, to say the least. The charming and ultra-classy Meryl Streep can probably narrate us a bunch of adrenaline-raising moments she has experienced while filming some of her masterpiece movies. Let’s go back in time and arrive exactly in 1994 which was the year of her successful The River Wild movie. All in all, the film was great, however, Meryl fell into the icy waters of that wild river by accident after losing her balance while shooting an adventurous scene. Gladly, she got pulled to safety a minute later thanks to Kevin Bacon who was nearby at that time. Who could have known it?

3. Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games


For the die-hard fans of the lovely Jennifer Lawrence, we’ve got some bizarre and quite fearful stories surrounding the successful The Hunger Games sequels. Of course, it’s not breaking news to hear about a few unplanned scenarios which have occurred on set but think about running through a tunnel, and suddenly, a fog machine malfunction happens leaving you almost gasping for air. As authentic as it is, Jennifer Lawrence might have risked her own life for real while shooting this frightful scene which basically could have gotten her suffocated. Fortunately, the problem got resolved right away and prevented such crazy risks of suffocation.

2. Channing Tatum – The Eagle of the Ninth

via What’s On The Red Carpet

Well, honestly Channing Tatum’s story about the way he got his private parts scorched pretty bad isn’t the best one for him for certain. No matter how shameful this whole situation might really seem to be for the great actor, this bizarre moment will totally make you smile when we get to the juicy details during a thrilling scene in which he had to wade through icy waters. Apparently, the cast must have forgotten to warn him about the boiling water as well, which had to make this experience more bearable for him, since he got his private parts burned really bad. Well, at least that’s such a unique story at the end of the day, right?

1. Dominic Purcell – Prison Break

via etonline

Oh, the awesome Prison Break action star! What has happened, Dominic? What has happened to your nose anyway? As thrilling and compelling as the Prison Break series, it’s not totally unexpected to hear such stories of bone fractures, broken noses, or other curious events. In this case, Dominic might not have been so cautious while filming the series given his broken nose. Reportedly, a brick fell down and got his head and nose bruised. Of course, it’s not even close to a life-threatening situation, but walking around with a bruised nose is hardly a lovely experience, right? As for Dominic, we hope he’ll be more careful while directing and shooting this year’s exciting Prison Break scenes! Enjoy them!

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