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Canada Vs. USA: 15 Reasons The Women Are Much Better In The True North

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Canada Vs. USA: 15 Reasons The Women Are Much Better In The True North

Beauty has been evolving since the beginning of time.  As time changes so does the definition of beauty. In today’s world, the beauty of a woman is regarded as not just the physical aspects but much more than that. With all the challenges in her way, how she paves her path dealing with them makes her beautiful. The way she wins hearts by behaving kindly with everyone makes her beautiful. Her power to convince others by using her brains makes her beautiful. Her strength, wisdom and so many other qualities count as well, not just her looks, youth and fitness.

Although women from everywhere around the globe happen to be pretty and shine in their unique ways, we are, here, specifically comparing Canadian women with their American counterparts. No doubt they are similar in many ways, but there are certain things Canadian women are better at and will always do better than American women.

15. Canadian girls are incredibly cute


Canadian girls are good looking. They happen to be in better shape than most American women. They take good care of themselves, by eating healthy and maintaining their bodies by working out hard, even when it is minus thirty degrees outside. They also have better fashion sense, making them appear more attractive and stylish. It’s good to be conscious about the way you look. Canadian girls sure work hard on each of their features and that totally pays off. Plus, the adorable and warm winters clothes make them appear ten times prettier than women from the States. If you want lessons on self-love, you sure need to contact Canadian women. They know it better than anyone else.

14. Canadian women are well off

Via: Macleans

Recent studies showed that the main reason behind Canadian working women being financially better than their neighbors to the south is that they get extended paternal leave. Women in Canada get a 12-month maternity leave with 90% equivalent of her salary. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister(PM), has also promised to extend the maternity leave from 12 months to 18 months, encouraging the women to participate in more work for the well-being of their country. Whereas, the maternity laws in America are regarded as poor because their women are not paid for maternity leave. Employment rates for women are very high in Canada. Studies have also shown that these women are content with their jobs and participate in the labor force more than American women.

13. They are very sporty


Canadian women love outdoor games as much as their men do. That is also explains their beautiful bodies. Their favorite sport to play is ice hockey. Skating, tennis, shooting and many more other games are also enjoyed in many parts of Canada. These women, in general, are more active. They lack lethargy even in winters. Whereas American girls don’t participate in sports as much as their northern neighbors do. They’d prefer going to the movies or long rides than tiring themselves with difficult sports. And this is why most women in America are suffering from obesity.

12. Canadian women live a healthy lifestyle

Via: Canadian Olympic Committee

As mentioned earlier, Canadian women are fond of leading a healthy lifestyle. In Canada, they have free health care benefits that help them lead an active and happy life. Nobody likes an unhealthy and sick person. You’ll definitely avoid a dull person at first glance. So these women make the best use of the medical benefits given to them. They are also involved in physical activities in order to remain fit. You’ll find Canadian women more fit than American women. Also, the healthcare benefits in America suck. You’ll see the obesity rate here is very high, leading to many fatal diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

11. They are better represented in Politics


Back in 2015, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a cabinet which was fairly divided between men and women. He let women represent themselves in the truest sense. This shows how Canada is a feminist country, enabling and encouraging its women in all the fields. Whereas America doesn’t give their women this much liberty in terms of politics. Their congress constitutes of eighty percent men. America should try following the example of its friendly neighbour to the north by empowering women and making a suitable environment for them to live their lives liberally.

10. Canadian women have a great sense of humour

Via: Pinterest

Canadian women have a far better sense of humor than American women. They get the jokes without having to make an effort. If the joke turns out to be offensive, they’d overlook it, instead of creating an awkward situation for the next person. They are very relaxed and jolly beings. On the other hand, American women take almost every joke to their heart, totally killing the light atmosphere. So one has to be very careful while speaking to them. They get offended very easily and they have a habit of remembering the offense for a lifetime whereas Canadian women mostly let it go.

9. They know how to cook

Via: The Globe And Mail

Canadian women have better cooking skills than Americans. American women, on the other hand, are seen struggling with even the basic recipes. Canadian women can do any type of fish like an expert at home. They go to fresh waters and hunt fish themselves. American women will most probably go to a shop and get a pre-prepared fish but would rarely ever try doing it themselves at home. Generally, American women are stuck buying cheap and processed food and generally do not have the time to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, which is a shame. It is not surprise that America has the highest obesity rate in the world.

8. They are always polite and friendly

Via: Youtube

Canadians are the most well-mannered beings on Earth and their women are gracious and very polite. They are replete with high morals and ethics. If you ever get into their company, you’ll see a proper demonstration of manners and that is enough to give you a good impression for a lifetime. You’ll always enjoy their company for they know how to treat you with respect and care. Contrary to them, most American women sometimes lack these manners and often seem rude. I’m not saying American women are all the same, but they don’t possess the charm and decency of Canadian women. Not even close.

7. They are down to earth


It would be an understatement to say that Canadian women are the humblest creatures on Earth, maybe in the whole universe. They are the most pleasant beings to hang out with. Whereas most American women generally come off as somewhat pessimistic and maybe even a little cold. They don’t care about the feelings of the next person. They mostly care about themselves, are inclined towards being selfish rather than selfless and take pleasure in hitting people below the belt. However, obviously not all American women are like that. It is safe to say that Canadian women are their opposites in this regard, kind and sweet.

6. They are loyal


America has the highest divorce rate and studies show that ninety percent of the divorces are initiated by women. They have a habit of ending the relationship on the pettiest issues. Canadian women, contrary to Americans, have deep-rooted loyalty in them and a sense of care for their partner. They give it all to their relationship to make it work as best they can. The American divorce system, while trying to safeguard it’s women, has failed to address the issue of its misuse, as many cases have come to light of some women seeking divorce just so they can acquire the wealth of their husbands, putting some American men at a great disadvantage. The American divorce system should consider a more balanced approach between men and women.

5. They are inclined to enjoy the wilderness


Canadian girls are exactly the right type of cool. They are more prone to the wilderness and prove to be very competitive to men. Most girls love spending time in the country than in cities in order to relish wilderness. Fishing instruments, guns, four wheelers, axes, they are familiar with it all. And guys love being challenged especially by females which they find to be more fun. Beauty combined with wilderness skills makes them better women than Americans. American women hardly show interest in this stuff. They are more prone to urban living. That’s why guys show more interest to Canadian women because they are more than just a face and body.

4. They have a cute accent


Canadian women have accents that sound sexy and graceful. You just want to hear them keep talking to you all day and all night. When you are with them, you pay attention to each of their words and all those pauses in between make you restless. You wait for them to continue with that accent familiar that only Canadians have. Women of Canada, not only know English but also master speaking French which adds to the grace of these women. It’s spoken in many parts there. Most Americans find it one of the reasons to feel attracted to them. Whereas Americans have a plain accent. There’s nothing cool about it.

3. They love beards!


All the men with a beard have pretty high chances with Canadian women. They love beards, they will appreciate you growing a beard and they’ll always have time to play with your beard! It’s a turn on for them. They easily get attracted to beards without guys having to put an extra effort to win their hearts. All you have to do is grow a beard, and the girl is yours. This makes Canadian women cool and easy to impress, not requiring men to go the extra mile and this is exactly why men love them. They’ll always prefer a girl with Canadian background rather than one of American descent.

2. They are passionate about traveling


Canadian women hate being indoors and prefer traveling a lot. They have a passion for it. Plus, geographically, Canada is rich in exotic places that you should definitely see before you die. If you date a woman from Canada, there will be many dates when you’ll find yourself camping in the rain or climbing hills in the cold. They don’t miss out on any chance of being outdoors. Just forget about the weather being the barrier. They never let anything hinder their passion even if it’s a high-intensity thunderstorm or strong hailing. On the other hand, American women prefer traveling too but to a lesser extent. Once again, Canadian women are ahead of them in this domain.

1. They are happy women


Canadian women are happy women, comparatively, and this makes them super attractive. They radiate positive vibes and they don’t let negative energy take their peace away. Living in a country that supports their women in every field, they feel encouraged and lucky to be born Canadians. In the States, we’ll find a majority of women unhappy with their lifestyle. Also, most women there suffer from mental illness because they lead a life which is unsatisfactory. Depression is the major illness that you’ll find growing at an alarming rate in women in America, which is definitely sad. Canadians keeps themselves involved in fun activities in order to feel better not just physically but mentally too. It is highly recommended to the American ladies to love themselves more.

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