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Conspiracy King: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Jones

Conspiracy King: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Alex Jones


Alex Jones is an “alternative” media star that has more followers than many other media personalities in the traditional media of television from broadcasts on the main networks and on cable.

Alex Jones did not have to deal with any censorship or intermediaries to promote his message. He had to get investors to help him pay for the equipment and the technology and all he had to do after that is to get attention.

One thing Alex Jones is incredibly good at doing is getting attention. Alex Jones gets attention with his provocative style and his outrageous claims. Some of them, even the most bizarre ones, turn out to be true. Others are outlandish and false.

Alex Jones uses the connections available through the Internet, social media, and video streaming, as well as the more traditional method of taking a bullhorn and standing outside the Whitehouse or other public place screaming his opinions for all to hear in the vicinity.

He has about 160 radio stations that syndicate his live radio program and reaches about 6.5 million unique viewers/listeners each month with his Internet presence.

Even if you think Alex Jones is a total nutcase, one has to admire his tenacity and the effectiveness of his promotional efforts, which are astounding.

We collected fifteen things that you may not know about Alex Jones for your amusement and perusal. There is no doubt about it, he is fun to watch and he even gained the attention of another conspiracy theorist, President Donald Trump, who considers Alex Jones the “true” news as opposed to the “fake” news.

Decide for yourself “True or False” in our review of the things Alex Jones has said and done as we uncover the fifteen most surprising things about Alex Jones that you may not know.

15. Alex Jones Said the Predicted End of the World on December 21, 2012, Was Complete Hogwash


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% TRUTH

Here is the back story:

A bunch of drug-crazed San Francisco “hippy” types, led by Terrence McKenna went down to the Amazon jungle and ingested “magic” mushrooms and then had the realization that the end of the world was predicted by the end of the “great cycle” of the Mayan calendar. They also did reasonable research to support their idea and it was convincing enough to spawn a gigantic cadre of movies, books, and lectures about the end of the world coming in 2012.

The author of this article, who is of an investigative sort, went to Mexico during November 2012, to talk with some of the last remaining Mayan elders using a translator and asked them, “Will the world end on December 21, 2012?” Their answer was delightful and surprising. They laughed so much and said, “No, that day is Happy New Year!”

Alex Jones was 100% correct in his bold prediction that the world would not end on December 21, 2102. He gets a perfect score for being one of the first in the world that had media attention, and in spite of his normally paranoid opinions, he said very clearly the world would not end on December 21, 2012, and that all the talk about that event was a sham.

14. Alex Jones Said that the Sandy Hook Massacre Was a Staged Event


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% FALSE

Alex Jones went on air with his program to make the outrageous claim that the shooting on December 14, 2012, that occurred at the Sandy Hook elementary school was a staged event using child actors and was not real.

For the parents who lost their children, twenty of whom were shot and killed in this event, Alex Jones’ statement was the most injurious thing he could broadcast. Their children died and in this case, the crackpot Alex Jones said the entire incident was faked.

For those parents who lost their children in this attack, they would love to know that everything was faked and have their children suddenly and magically reappear. That, of course, is never going to happen. Their children are dead.

For Alex Jones to use this national tragedy in an effort to promote his outrageous statements to gain more public attention is the worst, most despicable thing that any broadcaster could ever do. Shame on you, Alex Jones, for making this false story up and then trying to gain national attention in the aftermath of such a horrible tragedy by creating something so obviously wrong and false about what actually happened.

13. Alex Jones Started a Petition to Deport Piers Morgan to the UK and Challenged Him to a Boxing Match


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% TRUE

Piers Morgan interviewed Alex Jones on the “Piers Morgan Tonight” show during 2013. Jones went off during the show. Jones became not just upset, but ballistic and completely out of control. Jones said he would start a petition to get Piers Morgan deported back to his home country of the United Kingdom over Morgan’s opinions about gun control in America. Adding to this fervor, he challenged Piers Morgan to a physical boxing match as well.

Jones in not really in good shape. He said that he let himself get fat because he no longer had enough time to go to the gym since he was so dedicated to fighting the establishment of the New World Order.

It might have been amusing to see a fat, bloated Jones fight a boxing match with the pale “limey” Morgan, even if neither one of them was in good shape. Unfortunately, this match never came about and we were denied the Internet viral sensation of watching Jones and Morgan go at it in the boxing ring because of their disagreement over gun control in the United States.

12. Jones Thinks Justin “Biebler” is the Devil Incarnate


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 50% MIXED

One day on Alex Jones’ show, Justin Bieber came under attack. Jones started a rant about Justin Bieber by pronouncing his name correctly and then in the middle of his rant pronounced his name as “Biebler,” switching back to the correct pronunciation moments later. It was an obvious slur on Justin Bieber’s name to call him a “biebler,” which rhymes with feebler.

Jones’ reasoning for his attack against Justin Bieber is that he is one of the most horrific examples of young hedonism that leads easily impressionable teenage girls astray with false values.

Never mind that this has been a phenomenon that has been in existence since the invention of rock and roll. Anyone who is old enough, remembers that during the live television appearances of Elvis “the pelvis” Presley on television, the producers were reluctant to show his hip gyrations because of the sexual implications.

Justin Bieber and his “beliebers” are just the latest versions of youthful sexual/musical expression that makes old fat men like Alex Jones jealously want to guard any supposedly virginal daughters against their influence.

11. Alex Jones Thinks Manufacturers Put Chemicals in Fruit Drinks to Make Kids Turn Gay


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% FALSE

Alex Jones promoted his whacked-out theory that soft drink and juice manufacturers were putting some kind of chemicals in juice boxes enjoyed by young children worldwide that had some magical ability to turn them gay.

He stated this was part of the international cabal of the Illuminati that desires a New World Order to gain control over the population and reduce the population in the future.

Jones concluded that fruit juice boxes would make children more “fruity” and attracted to the same sex, thereby reducing, in total, the procreational abilities of the entire human race. He also blamed Diet Coke with its artificial sweeteners as the cause for the pandemic of American male impotence.

10. Anti-Semitic Hate-Mongers Call Alex Jones a Jew Lover


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 50% MIXED

Alex Jones has many connections to Jewish people; however, so do many of the rest of us as well. It is only natural that a “shock jock” like Alex Jones would attract attacks from other fanatics that claim he is a fraud and solely motivated by his Zionist/Jewish connections. This is racial/religious bigotry at its best/worst.

Here are the things that they say which are true:

Alex Jones married and then later divorced a Jewish woman, Violet Nichols. Together they had three children.

Under Israel’s laws of return to the homeland, the ex-wife of Alex Jones and his children can claim Israeli citizenship if they want to move to Israel.

Alex Jones receives money from over thirty Jewish sponsors to help him support his broadcasts and Internet activities. He also has many other donors.

The main radio station that runs the broadcasts of the programs of Alex Jones is KLBJ-AM in Austin, Texas. The owners of this station are Emmis Communications. Emmis Communications is a media conglomerate headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The CEO of Emmis Communications is Jeffrey Smulyan who is a Jewish person.

The Alex Jones program broadcasts on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is Eddy Hartenstein who is a Jew. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Mel Karmazin who is also Jewish. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Scott Greenstein, also a Jew. Of the six executive officers of Sirius XM Radio, five are Jews.

Alex Jones uses a Jewish attorney named Elizabeth Morgan who also has another client Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. The Bronfman family is one of the wealthiest and most influential Jewish families in North America.

The only thing this “proves” is that any crackpot group can make up a ridiculous theory about any other crackpot and somehow sound believable.

9. Rush Limbaugh Attacked Alex Jones


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 50% MIXED

Rush Limbaugh is not exactly a lightweight in his inflammatory radio and television broadcasts. He is a bombastic broadcaster who frequently screams as loud as Jones. During 2001, Rush Limbaugh went on the attack to try to discredit Alex Jones. He used the excuse that a lunatic, mentally-disturbed 22-year-old, Jared Loughner, who went berserk, fired on a crowd in Tucson, Arizona, killing six people and wounding many others, had been influenced to do so by watching the movie Loose Change, produced by Alex Jones. Loose Change was a feature film documentary that promoted the idea that the U.S. government was the force behind the 9-11 incident and claims this “false-flag” attack was an inside job supported by the U.S. government itself.

Rush Limbaugh blamed this movie for the reasons why Jared Loughner decided to kill innocent people at random.

Alex Jones was quick to respond. He called Rush Limbaugh a whore that is  working for what Alex Jones calls the “Borg” state.” He said this public attack by Rush Limbaugh was an attack similar to what McCarthy did on everyone that was not inside the “thought bubble.”

Jones correctly said that Loose Change has been viewed by over 50 million people. By the sheer numbers of viewers, of course, it was inevitable that some nut jobs would see it. Alex Jones said, “If a schizophrenic takes three hits of acid in the forest and sees demons in the trees, and snaps, do you cut down the trees?”

8. Alex Jones is, in Reality, a Very Sincere Nice Guy


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% TRUE.

No matter what he says, this guy is committed. He has almost no fear of offending almost anyone and because of this, he has millions of supporters. In person, he is a really nice guy. There is the “Alex Jones” persona that is put forward for the broadcast media and then there is the real Alex Jones person.

To say he is a nice person would be an understatement. Even though he had to go through a horrible divorce with his wife; he still loves his kids and treats his ex-wife with as much respect as he can. He gave her a nice settlement including the house they lived in and continues to support his children fully.

Alex Jones loves his grandmother. He loves to talk with her and he prefers to avoid the use of profanity. He goes to his Methodist church every Sunday and continues to express his belief in the goodness of people, the savior Jesus Christ, and his love for God.

His favorite pastime, when he has the rare chance to enjoy it, is to take his family hiking in the trails surrounding his hometown of Austin, Texas.

On air, Alex Jones often seems upset and is literally screaming about the things he thinks are going wrong. Off-air he is a jovial, pleasant man that loves his family as much as any other regular, American man.

7. Corrupt Cops Gave Alex Jones His Start


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% Truth.

As a teenager living in a suburb of Rockwall, Texas he got to experience government corruption up close and in a very personal way. As he went to high school parties, he saw off-duty policemen dealing marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs to teenagers.

He saw a truck come up to the road in front of the parties, with sometimes a policeman still in uniform inside. This truck was like the “candy man” who had all the drugs anybody might want to buy.

After the weekend parties, he saw the same policemen appear at the high school to conduct drug tests on all the football players as part of the D.A.R.E. program to keep students off drugs. The hypocrisy was more that Jones could stand.

When Jones was pulled over by the local police for driving without a license and for having a six-pack of beer under his seat, he challenged the police officer, told the officer he was corrupt and therefore he had no right to enforce any laws. The cop told him that if he didn’t wise up, they would frame him and send Jones to prison for a long time.

When Jones went home, he told his father what happened and this made his father so scared that his father sold his dental practice and the family moved out of town. A few months later the Sheriff of Rockwall County was charged with being part of organized crime. Jones never forgot this experience and his mistrust of official organizations continues to this day.

6. Alex Jones Accurately Predicted the 9-11 Disaster Months in Advance


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% Truth.

On July 25th, 2001 Jones went on his radio program to warn the American people of a planned terrorist attack against the World Trade Center that was being organized with the support of the U.S. government as a “false-flag” operation.

On the day of the “attack,” September 11, 2001, Jones immediately went on air calling the supposed terrorist attack a sham and that the buildings were obviously taken down with a controlled demolition. Many of his radio station affiliates canceled his program because of Jones’ views.

Nevertheless, Jones pursued his agenda and took his message to the streets in Austin, Texas with his bullhorn to make his point. Jones was arrested for disturbing the peace because his rants were accusing the government of being directly involved in a terrorist act. Jones has been arrested many times since then for his public protests.

5. Alex Jones is Not a Poor, Good Ole Boy


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% Truth

As reported by Celebrity Watch, Alex Jones is an American talk radio host, author, filmmaker, Internet broadcaster, and conspiracy theorist with a net worth of around $8 million. Alex Jones is best known for being the host of The Alex Jones Show, a nationally-syndicated radio talk show.

In truth, Alex Jones is a very rich man. Not billionaire rich, but basically well off and he can spout his fame from coast to coast and thereby increase his fortune. It seems like the louder he screams his absurd rants, the more money he makes. He sells nutritional supplements from his website to increase his income because you need to have such nutritional support if you are going to go on air and scream about stuff all day and night.

4. Donald Trump is in Love with Alex Jones


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% Truth.

“We really kind of hit it off,” Donald Trump’s advisor Stone says about Alex Jones. “He’s fearless. A showman. He likes a drink. A cigar. Bawdy stories. Hunting and fishing. He’s a man’s, man.”

Jones was tireless in support of Trump’s run for President. Just like Donald Trump, Jones called Hillary Clinton and crook. Both men claimed the election was rigged and ranted about the 3,300 missing emails from Hilary Clinton’s personal email server.

Donald Trump made an appearance on Alex Jones’ show. This achieved two things. The first was it directly connected Donald Trump’s campaign to the followers of Jones, who number in the many millions. This was a self-reinforcing phenomenon. The second thing it did was legitimize Jones and some of his conspiracy theories to become part of the newly elected president’s rhetoric.

Another thing Jones had in common with Donald Trump is that neither one of them thought he could actually win. This is now why the problem of a “rigged” election has made a complete reversal and the reason for the ongoing investigation of the Russian government’s undue influence and interference in the American political system, which may have included collusion with Trump’s campaign staff.  This may have occurred or perhaps did not occur; however, both Jones and the Trump camp are ominously silent about that conspiracy.

3. Alex Jones Makes the Strong Case Against Globalism


Nationalism has increased in response to the successful increases in globalism.  The Brexit vote in the UK was a prime example of the counter-reaction to becoming part of the New World Order.

Alex Jones and many far-right groups that are a part of the alt-right in America believe there is a global consipracy to dominate the word and destroy the independence of all nations to be more easily controlled by a “one-world” government. They see efforts by George Soros and others with leftist views that include promoting open borders and massive immigration, especially of refugees, as a direct threat to their way of life.

Both Alex Jones and Donald Trump appealed to the sentiments of the “angry white men” in America who thinks their jobs were taken by a combination of the evil Chinese and illegal Mexicans. This is one of the main premises behind the slogan “Make America Great Again!”  To be fair, it is important to also consider make American great again for whom?

2. The Lizard/Aliens Are The Ones Really In Charge


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% FALSE.

Alex Jones borrowed this conspiracy theory from David Ike, who once claimed to be Jesus reincarnated. Both of these guys do occasionally hit some terrific insights and see things in a different way than the average person. However, thinking that shape-shifting lizard people are the ones really in charge of world politics is a bit like a bad 1950s sci-fi movie. We might as well say the “Blob” is in charge.

The more logical explanation is that very evil human beings from a long line of dynasties are the ones in charge and they think ordinary human beings are like fodder for wars and from the elite’s point of view they need to be enslaved to support the less than 1% elite rich ones who feel that they are superior to all others.

This has been the elite agenda for as long as human beings can remember and those in charge do not have to be “lizard-people” or aliens to achieve this. The elite simply needs to be super greedy, self-centered people that have no empathy, and are totally focused on the world of their own interests with a complete disregard for anyone else.

1. Alex Jones Uncovers The Truth About Bohemian Grove


Reality Factor Score for Alex Jones on this issue: 100% Truth.

One of the craziest ideas promoted by Alex Jones turned out to be completely true. For years, there was speculation about why the world leaders would meet in a secluded area of Northern California, called “Bohemia Grove” and what exactly they did there.

Alex Jones risked his life by illegally penetrating private property to capture video of the macabre pagan ceremonies attended by world leaders who came to the Bohemia Grove. They burned a gigantic idol in effigy as a symbolic reference and pranced around in robes like some kind of a cult. All of this was captured by Alex Jones on a video tape and this footage is amazing.

He could have been killed instantly for simply violating the privacy of this event when so many world leaders were in attendance. How he got close enough to videotape the ceremonies without being caught and living to tell the tale plus broadcast the video is a miracle.


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