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Crime Scene Real Estate: 15 Creepy Houses For Sale Today

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Crime Scene Real Estate: 15 Creepy Houses For Sale Today

The strange thing about creepy houses is that some of them are simple non-descript places that are otherwise unremarkable, except for the vicious things that happened there.

Take for example this simple upper-middle-class home located at 14 Scott Road in Belmont, Massachusetts. When one looks it up on Google maps, the home appears to be rather ordinary. However, in this house, the dead Bessie Goldberg was found. She had been raped and strangled.

An African American man was convicted of the murder based on circumstantial evidence and racial prejudice. Many think the murder was committed by another more infamous man, Albert DeSalvo, who came to be known as the Boston Strangler. The house was recently put on the market for $1,449,000, which is about 20% of the median price for homes in this area.

15. Los Feliz, California Murder House

Via LA Curbed

This huge mansion located at 2475 Glendower Place in Los Feliz, California sat empty for fifty years after a bizarre murder/suicide.

The house has four bedrooms, a large living room, and a formal dining room with stunning views. There is a huge kitchen, a library/study, and a ballroom with a wet bar on the third floor to entertain guests.

In 1959, close to Christmas time, Dr. Harold Perelson killed his wife using a hammer while she lay sleeping in bed. Then he tried to do the same to his oldest daughter; however, she woke and escaped to the safety of a neighbor’s house who called the police. He told his other children to go back to bed and then killed himself with tranquilizers and Nembutal. There was speculation that serious money problems caused this tragedy.

A couple bought the house shortly after the murder/suicide; however, they abandoned it during the 1960s after complaining it was haunted. Nobody wanted to buy it and it sat empty since then. The couple died and their son who inherited the property also died, so the house sold at a probate sale for $2.75 million.

14. 23D Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, London

Via YouTube

This was the home of a serial killer and necrophiliac named Dennis Andrew Nilson, known as the “Kindly Killer.” He lured teenage boys to his home by promising them alcohol and drugs. He then killed them and kept the bodies as company.

He would sit on the sofa with a dead body next to him watching television, playing with the body, and masturbating. When a body started to rot, he would dispose of it down the toilet. He was caught when the rotting flesh backed up the sewer drain. This one bedroom flat in London is offered for sale at 240,000 pounds (about $322,000).

13. Roseangle Dundee House

Via YouTube

This house located at 2 Roseangle, in Dundee is the place where serial killer Henry John Gallagher murdered an elderly doctor and his wife during 1980. Gallagher was mentally deranged and went on a spree attacking clergymen. He mistook the doctor for a priest because this house is next to a church and looks like a place where the priest would live.

Gallagher broke in and murdered the couple with a hammer. He went on to kill another priest and the housekeeper in another home located in Ramsgate, Kent. When he was finally caught, he was sent to Broadmoor Psychiatric Prison for the criminally insane. This house is opposite the Dundee Art College. It is offered for sale at the price of 500,000 pounds (about $672,000).

12. 371 NE Granview Ave Port St. Lucie Florida

Via pinterest

Tyler Hadley was an out-of-control teenage boy who started using drugs and eventually became violent from drug usage. He got fed up with his parents’ attempts to discipline him and murdered them both with a hammer. He locked the bodies in his parents’ bedroom and then, that very night, threw a party at the home. He invited about 200 of his teenage friends.

Prior to this, he told many of his friends of his desire to murder his parents. At the party, he bragged about achieving it. At first, they did not believe him until they broke open the master bedroom door to find the bodies. Then, they called the police.

Tyler wanted to commit suicide but was arrested and sent to prison before he could accomplish it. The property is now owned by the US Bank National Association and is for sale at the asking price of $175,000.

11. 755 15th Street, Boulder, Colorado

Via The Sun UK

This is the house where, during 1996, the dead body of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was found in the basement. Her body was found under a white blanket. Her wrists had been tied above her head. Her mouth was covered with duct tape and a nylon cord was around her neck.

Her parents, who became suspects in the murder, reported to the police that the little girl was missing. Her body was found by her father when he conducted a property search about eight hours later after the initial police report of the missing child was taken.

The property was bought during 2004 by Tim and Carol Milner and is now back for sale on the market for $2.3 million.

10. 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York

Via The Sun UK

This home has a chilling history because of the murders committed there and the subsequent haunting of the property by those who were killed. The haunting was the basis for the book and the movie that came out during the late 1970s called The Amityville Horror.

In November 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his entire family as they slept in this home. He murdered his mother, father, two sisters, and two brothers by shooting them.

Shortly after the murders, the Lutz family moved into the property. They claimed to have been terrorized in the home by ghosts and demonic forces. They fled the property within a month of moving in. Their story became the basis for a tell-all book and movie about their frightening experiences in the home.

The five-bedroom home has three and one-half baths, and its own boat slip. It is offered for sale at the discounted price of $850,000 (reduced from $950,000).

9. 4480 West Bath Road, Bath, Ohio

Via The Sun UK

This is the home where the eighteen-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer began his crime spree. Dahmer who killed 17 boys and men from 1978 to 1991 until he was caught. Most of his horrible crimes took place in an apartment that he rented in Milwaukee; however, his very first murder, in 1978, happened at this home. He killed a friend and buried the pieces at various locations on this 1.5-acre property. Some of the body parts were never recovered, so if you buy this home and go digging around do not be surprised if you find them.

Dahmer got a sentence of 15 consecutive life terms in prison. He was killed by another prison inmate while in jail. This 2,170 square foot home is on the market for $329,000. The organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) considered buying the property and turning it into a vegetarian restaurant; however, they could not get permit approval for the new use.

8. John Sowden House


This home is a stunning architectural accomplishment. It was designed by Lloyd Wright who is the son of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It has 5,600 square feet of space, four bedrooms, four full baths, and two half baths. It was originally built during the 1920s for the wealthy Los Angeles physician George Hodel before being acquired and renovated recently to modern standards by Sowden.

Dr. Hodel was implicated in the Black Dahlia Murder case, where Elizabeth Short was dismembered. Even though it was never proven that the doctor did the crime, the strange thing was that the woman’s body had been cut in half with the skills of a master surgeon and all the blood completely drained from her body. Even the doctor’s son thought his father did it; however, there was not enough evidence to gain a conviction and the murder remains unsolved.

The asking price for this beautiful property, with the macabre history, is $4,799,000.

7. Silence of the Lambs Home

Via toptenrealestatedeals

This is the former home of the real-life “Buffalo Bill” whose gruesome murders were chronicled in the movie Silence of the Lambs. It is located near Pittsburgh.

This Princess Anne style home features 2,400 square feet of space. There is an in-ground swimming pool with its unique vintage caboose that is used as a pool house. It was originally built in 1910. A renovation filled in the pit in the basement, which was the place that the murderer used to hold his victims captive before he ended their lives.

The asking price is $300,000.

6. New York City’s Dakota Building


This building was used as the backdrop for the 1968 horror film Rosemary’s Baby. It is also the building where John Lennon lived with Yoko Ono when he was shot and killed in 1980 by a lunatic fan turned stalker, Mark David Chapman. Chapman was waiting for him out front. Conspiracy theorists claim that Chapman was a CIA-trained killer who shot John Lennon because of his strong influence in radicalizing the youth.

Yoko Ono claims to have been visited by the ghost of her former husband, while she was in their apartment in the Dakota Building. She said he told her not to worry and that he is still with her.

There are several units for sale in the Dakota Building including a four bedroom, three and one-half bath condominium with 10 rooms, six fireplaces, and a wet bar. It is listed for the asking price of $14.5 million.

5. Kreischer Mansion

Via crimefeed

The Kreischer Mansion can be found on Arthur Kill Road, which is located on Staten Island, New York. This Victorian mansion with a gothic style was originally built in 1899.

Balthasar Kreischer was the original owner of the property, which had two mansions and a brickworks on it. The brickworks burned down causing the family’s fortune to disappear. This led to the suicide of one of Kreischer’s sons, who shot himself in the head inside this home. The other mansion was destroyed during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

In 2005, Joseph Young, who was the mansion’s caretaker at that time and also worked as a hitman for the Bonnano Mafia family, killed Robert McKelvey on the property.

The asking price for this mansion with the gruesome history is $9.5 million.

4. 18024-83 Street, Edmonton, Canada

Via YouTube

This home is the site of the worst mass murder in the history of Edmonton. A 53-year-old Vietnamese immigrant went on a crazed rampage on December 29, 2014. He killed nine people that day. In this house, he murdered his wife along with six of her friends and family members. The victims included an eight-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl. He killed a woman on the south side of the city and then went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan where he killed himself as well.

Many of the neighbors moved from the area because the memories are too horrible. On the day of the murders, they watched in horror as blood soaked mattresses were removed from the house by the police. The bank foreclosed on the property and it is now offered for sale “as-is” at the price of $365,000. Similar homes in the neighborhood sell for $419,000 or more.

3. 1 Station Street, Dapto, New South Wales


The local people called this home the “mad station master’s house.” It is located at 1 Station Street in Dapto, New South Wales. It was built in 1887 for Harold Sheldon, the station master of the nearby railroad station.

In 1932, it was the scene of a ghastly crime where the family was murdered. Louisa Selden, the wife of Harold Sheldon, was sitting in the kitchen having dinner with her children and her husband. Harold Sheldon suddenly left the room without saying a word. When he returned, he burst in wielding an axe. He attacked his wife with it, killing her. His 19-year-old son, George, tried to fight him off with a chair but was hit in the head with the axe, which caused a deep gash and knocked him unconscious.

Mr. Selden was found by police at the back of the house and told the police that he hit George and killed his wife. Doctors found him to be insane and he was put in the Long Bay Psychiatric Hospital. His son, George, eventually made a full recovery.

The home is for sale now with a listing price of $650,000.

2. Conrad Aiken Home

Via TripAdvisor

Conrad Aiken lived from 1889 to 1973. He was a famous American poet. As a young child, he witnessed a murder/suicide of his parents in this home located at 228 East Oglethorpe Avenue in Savannah, Georgia.

Conrad’s parents moved with him to Savannah when he was a child. His father, William Ford Aiken, was a respected doctor and brain surgeon. At the age of eleven, on February 27, 1901, in the early morning, Conrad overheard his father fighting with his mother Anna. Shots rang out. The doctor killed his wife and then shot himself. The boy ran into the room only to find the dead bodies of his parents.

This trauma haunted Conrad for the rest of his life. After the death of his parents, Conrad moved to Massachusetts to live with his aunt. When he grew up he moved back to Savannah and bought the house next door to this one where his parents were murdered.

The home, built in 1842, has five bedrooms and five bathrooms in a space of 3,936 square feet. It is listed for sale at $1,500,000.

1. Axe Murder House Museum

Via pinterest

One way to benefit from buying a murder house is to turn it into a museum and charge tourists to view the property. This is what the owners of the “Axe Murder House” in Villisca, Iowa did. They bought the house and then filled it will vintage antiques from the time when murders were committed on the property.

On June 10, 1912, in this quiet town, an attacker entered the home and bludgeoned the entire family of Josiah Moore along with two overnight guests who were staying there. Eight people were killed that day, including six children.

Police investigations yielded many suspects. One of them was tried twice for the crimes. The first trial resulted in a hung jury and the second trial resulted in an acquittal. Although many were suspected, the crime remains unsolved after over 97 years.

The house is haunted by the ghosts of those who were murdered. Children’s voices can be heard. Lamps fall by themselves. Ladders and other objects fly about as if thrown by unseen forces. Psychics who visit the home confirm that spirits make their abode there and have been able to communicate with them. A day tour is $10. For those who have enough nerve; up to six people can stay overnight for $428.

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