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Devils or Angels? 11 Charities That Are Complete Frauds And 10 That Are Honest

Devils or Angels? 11 Charities That Are Complete Frauds And 10 That Are Honest

The people from many parts of the world are very generous when it comes to supporting good charitable causes. Each year, the World Giving Index reports on the generosity of the people from 140 countries. This downloadable index surveys whether a person gives money as a donation, helps a stranger, or volunteers.

Surprisingly, the number one, most generous people in the world live in Myanmar. Myanmar (that used to be called Burma) is a poor country. Their generosity to others contradicts the assumption that a country must be wealthy for its people to be generous. However, just about everyone in Myanmar tries to help others as much as they can. There is a very strong national culture in Myanmar of helping others. They do not have that much money to give, but they give time and food to help their neighbors and their communities. About 90% of the people in Myanmar are practicing Buddhists. Buddhism is a philosophy that reveres helping others including all sentient beings (including animals and insects).

The second most generous people in the world are Americans, with 73% of the people helping others in some way by giving money or volunteering.

Here are the top ten countries with the most generous people in the world: Myanmar, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Canada, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates.

With all this wonderful heartfelt giving to help others, a negative force also emerges. It is those charities that are basically fakes and pretending to do good work, but not actually doing much charitable work at all. We call those bad charities devils and the good ones, we call angels.

Here is our analysis of the top ten American charities that are angels compared to the top ten worst offending devils working on similar charitable efforts.

21. Devil – American Civil Rights Union


The main initiative of the American Civil Rights Union is “Protecting the civil rights of all Americans.” The American Civil Rights Union gets zero stars out of four possible stars or a point score of 26.75 from a total of 100 points from the charity rating group of Charity Navigator. The main reason why the American Civil Rights Union gets one of the worst scores possible from Charity Navigator is that it spends 78.7% on fundraising expenses and 7.8% on administrative expenses, which leaves only a measly 13.3% of the donations to be used for the actual charitable programs.

This means that of the $4,519,996 raised during 2015, administrative expenses consumed $370,887 of the donations and fundraising expenses consumed $3,842,901 of the donations leaving only $377,859 for the charitable efforts. This charity qualifies for our definition of a sham/devil (pretending to do something, but actually doing very little in reality). It serves only to produce expensive fundraising events and pay high administrative expenses with such a little amount, in comparison, going to the actual charitable cause as to be so minimal that it is ridiculous. We recommend to not give these complete fakers any support or any donations.

20. Angel – National Black Child Development Institute

Via Huffington Post

The stated initiative for the National Black Child Development Institute is “Improving and advancing the lives of black children and their families.” Of the donations raised that amounted to $2,615,848 during 2014 (the last year reported), the National Black Child Development Institute spent 95.7% on its programs to help black children and their families. Charity Navigator gives this charity a score of 88.14 out of 100 total points.

This charity only spent 3.5% or $128,882 on administrative expenses and a tiny $24,657 on fundraising expenses. Wow! That is really a great result and extremely effective in comparison with other charitable efforts.

The National Black Child Development Institute has been working very hard for the past forty years. Their efforts are supported across America by a huge amount of unpaid volunteers. This charity is the real deal and has been doing good work for decades. Way to go! And please help them keep going by volunteering and giving donations to this charity with complete confidence in what they are doing.

19. Devil – The Association for Firefighters & Paramedics


The main initiative of the Association for Firefighters & Paramedics is “Rebuilding burnt bridges – connecting victims with life.” The only thing we can think of that could almost be as bad as using starving or ill children to falsely raise money for a charity is using firefighters and paramedics who were injured and/or disabled in the line of duty. The Association for Firefighters & Paramedics gets a dismal zero out of four stars and 25.53 of 100 points as its rating from Charity Navigator.

Of the $1,730,636 it raised during 2014 (the last year the charity reported) $175,805 of the donations were used to pay administrative costs and $1,414,861 of the total amount donated was used for fundraising expenses. That left a minuscule amount of $172,755 for the charitable programs that it sponsors. This is only 5.3% of the amount of the donations. What a scam! Do not donate to this fake charity.

18. Angel – Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

Via Huffington Post

The stated mission of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is “Helping Our Hometown Heroes” and that is exactly what they do. This charity receives a top ranking from Charity Navigator of four out of four stars and 94.34 out of a perfect score of 100 points. This is because this charity runs very efficiently and 91% of the money raised goes to help first responders. This charity was created in 2005 in response to the overwhelming need for more disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Katherina.

During 2015, they used $5,227,128 of the donations to pay $4,725,025 (91.0%) for the charitable programs, $357,824 (6.2%) for fundraising expenses and a very modest $144,279 (2.6%) for administration costs. Their fundraising efforts were so effective that at the end of the year, they had $2,601,391 in excess donations held in reserve for future emergencies.

17. Devil – Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation


The main initiative of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation is “Supporting children with an autism spectrum disorder.” In fact, the true impact of this charity is to waste money on fundraising efforts and pay the director of this charity a huge salary. Charity Navigator ranks this charity as zero out of four stars and 23.84 points of a total 100 possible.

Of the $1,348,206 raised during 2015, only 15.2% of the donations or $199,818 was used for the charity programs to help children with autism. The executive director of this charity Michael Slutsky took a salary of $59,476 which was 4.49% of the donations. This means the director got over one-fourth of the money that was actually used to help the children. Shame on him, that is a really “slutsky” thing to do. Fundraising efforts consumed $1,093,984 of the donations, which was equal to 82.5% of the money raised and administration costs gobbled up another $30,640.

16. Angel – Scleroderma Foundation


The Scleroderma Foundation provides support, education, and research for this disease, which is not that well known. Scleroderma is a chronic autoimmune disease that lasts a lifetime and can be life threatening. It is a rare disease. Less than 500,000 Americans have it. There is no cure; however, there are treatments available to help limit the damage. The Scleroderma Foundation gets four out of four stars and a score of 98.14 out of 100 by Charity Navigator. This charity is extremely well run and the vast majority of the money raised (84.6%) goes to the programs that help people suffering from this disease.

During 2015, the foundation raised $5,222,808. Of that amount, $4,908,842 went to the programs and a tiny fraction of 11.0% of $491,576 went to administration expenses with only $226,802 used for fund raising. This is one of the best-run charities, it is very honest with the donations it receives, and it is very effective with its programs.

15. Devil – Bibles for America


Whether you think the Bible is the word of God or that the Bible is not, is a matter of religion opinion. What is certainly bad is using the idea of giving out free bibles to raise charity money where a lot of the money goes into the pockets of the administrative staff. This is what the charity, Bibles for America, does. In 2015, it raised $2,512,139 and a whopping $634,120 (25.2%) was spent on administration. Fundraising expenses were only $27,157 (1.1%) so they obviously did not have to do that much work, to raise the money for free bibles. Charity Navigator ranks this charity as zero out of four stars and 47.88 points of a total 100 possible, which is a pretty dismal score.

The cost of Bibles is simply the cost of printing them. This bloated administration is just a way for them to take charity money for the administrative staff themselves. It takes a very modest administrative staff to manage such a program and then unpaid volunteers will help give the bibles away, so how can they possibly justify spending over $600,000 a year on administration? If Jesus were here, he would probably want to go into their offices and turn over their desks.

14. Angel – Audio Scripture Ministries


Working with the same goal to spread the message of the Bible, the Audio Scripture Ministries does a much better job. Charity Navigator ranks this charity as the top rating of four out of four stars and 97.84 points of a total 100 possible. That is very impressive. Of the total donations received during 2015 of $1,090,245, a nice portion of $822,724 (85.9%) was used for the charitable programs and only $93,734 (9.6%) went to administration expenses with only $48,990 (4.3%) used for fund raising.

This charity’s mission, for over forty years, is the recording of the Bible in many languages and the distribution of those recordings in over 100 countries worldwide. Any donations given to this charity go to help the exact cause that they promote as their mission. These audio recordings are especially helpful for those who are blind or cannot see well or do not have the ability to read. Jesus would say Amen! for that effort.

13. Devil – Cancer Survivors’ Fund


Surviving cancer is great. However, learning that 91.9% of the money donated to this charity goes to administration and fundraising expenses is really irritating and their actions are despicable. That is why Charity Navigator ranks this charity with zero out of four stars and 25.53 points out of 100 possible points.

During 2016, this charity raised $1,348,854 and only a paltry $103,032 went to help the cancer survivors. They should be ashamed of themselves. This charity is like a cancer on charitable efforts, taking almost everything for the administration and bloated fundraising expenses, most likely misusing the funds, and leaving almost nothing left over to help the cancer survivors.

12. Angel – Colon Cancer Alliance


This well-run charity does extraordinary work. Charity Navigator gives it four out of four stars and 94.86 out of 100 points. It is hard to do better than that. Of the money raised, 81.3% goes to the charitable programs, 12.7% is used for fundraising efforts and only 5.8% is needed for administrative expenses. During 2015, they raised a total of $4,293,769 and $3,688,952 went for efforts to increase the rates of screening for colon cancer. This cancer is much easier to treat if detected early, which also dramatically increases the survival rates.

This charity provides information and services to hundreds of thousands of people each year, some of whom that got colon cancer are alive today because of these efforts. It is the oldest and largest patient advocacy charity to help those who suffer from colon and rectal cancer. Donations given to this charity go for a very good cause.

11. Devil – Children’s Charity Fund, Inc.

This charity celebrates 17 years of helping itself to the money raised while pretending to help children. Only 6.7% of the money raised goes to help kids. Charity Navigator gives it zero out of four stars and only 17.53 out of 100 points.

During 2014 (the last year reported), it raised $316,249, of which $244,508 went to fundraising expenses, $38,553 went to administrative expenses and only a paltry $14,222 went to help children. This charity appears to be either a complete scam or completely mismanaged. They should not receive any donations or support whatsoever from anyone until they improve their performance metrics.

They charity claims to have helped over 400 children since its inception in 1991, so we have to wonder what did they actually do to help them, buy them an ice cream cone? How can anyone in their right mind spend $244,508 to raise only $14,222? These numbers scream out potential fraud.

10. Angel – Cambodian Children’s Fund


Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world and many children are suffering there. Thank goodness, the Cambodian Children’s Fund is doing the good work to help. Charity Navigator gives this charity the maximum rating of four out of four stars and a perfect score of 100 out of 100 points!

During 2014 (the most recent report), they raised $11,140,724 to help the children in Cambodia. They spent $831,023 (11.5%) on administration expenses and a very modest $45,180 (2.5%) on fundraising efforts.

This is what good charitable efforts really look like, with 85.5% of the money raised going to the programs that really make a difference. Donations to this charity support educational programs, community development, and family support in the poorest parts of Cambodia. They believe that lifting children out of poverty can help bring an entire generation to a better condition in the future.

9. Devil – The Committee for Missing Children


Do not let the name of charities deceive you. In fact, the scammers use names that seem to mean some important charitable work is being done, just to attract donations that can be used for other purposes. The Committee for Missing Children is a perfect example of this technique. Charity Navigator gives this charity zero out of four stars and only 29.11 points out of 100. Only 11.6% of the donation money is used for efforts to help find missing children.

Over 88% of the money raised goes to fundraising expenses and administrative costs. The founders David and Karen Thelen had the audacity to pay themselves $61,260 and $39,417 respectively during 2015. Of the $1,452,287 raised during 2015, only a measly $156,906 was used for the charity’s programs. The founders earned about 7% of the donations and just 11.6 % was used to help find the missing kids. This poorly managed charity is clearly using its name as a front for only pretending to do this important work.

8. Angel – National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


This is a good charity, which gets a top rating of four stars from Charity Navigator and a score of 90.90 points out of 100. During 2015, this charity raised $41,859,434 to help find missing kids and $38,943,389 (90.5%) went to the charitable efforts. Fundraising expense were $3,646,436 (9.7%) and administrative expenses were only $738,726 (0.7% of donations).

This charity is run extremely well and is very effective even though it pays its CEO over $400,000 per year. That salary is so high because the collection of donations is so strong. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children was established in 1984 and has helped to find thousands of missing children as well as to help stop the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children. John Walsh was the co-founder of this charity. He helped it get started after his own child went missing and was then found murdered. He is the television host of America’s Most Wanted, which is one of the reasons why the charity can raise so many donations for this good cause.

7. Devil – The Cousteau Society


Jack Cousteau would turn over in his watery grave if he was aware of what this charity is now doing in his name. Jack Cousteau was the popular ocean explorer who, through his television programs, made everyone aware of the beauty and fragility of our wonderful oceans on earth. At this time, when coral reefs are disappearing at a horribly fast pace, every bit of effort needs to be made to preserve our oceans.

This destruction of our oceans is happening while the Cousteau Society is wasting about half of the donations collected to pay themselves. Charity Navigator gives this charity zero out of four stars and only 53.47 points out of 100. Only 43.2% of the donation money is used for efforts to help the oceans.

During 2014 (the last year reported) the Cousteau Society raised $1,671,496. It spent $154,713 (16.8%) on fundraising and $485,611 (39.9%) on administration expenses leaving less than half of the money raised of $589,209 (42.3%) for the actual charitable efforts.

6. Angel – The Ocean Foundation


This charity is doing a great job. Charity Navigator gives this charity four out of four stars and 95.99 points out of 100. A terrific 83.6% of the donation money is used for efforts to reverse the trend of destruction of our oceans across the globe.

They work tirelessly with many unpaid volunteers to help restore damaged marine ecosystems in cooperation with local communities that depend on the ocean for their survival.

In 2015, the total revenue collected was $7,128,825. Of that money, $172,146 (4.5%) was spent on fundraising and $667,029 (11.7%) was spent on administrative expenses. If you give donations to this charity, you can be confident they are being used for the mission of stopping the damage and restoring the vitality and health of our oceans.

5. Devil – Heart Center of America


It is amazing that this charity makes this overly-bloated claim, “Our mission is to promote and provide education, financial assistance, aide, and support to heart patients with limited or depleted financial resources; to provide grants, commodities and gifts-in-kind to hospices and other health care providers; to procure and distribute donated merchandise to various organizations who aid the ill, needy, malnourished and infants; to assist governments in the provision of services to the public and to alleviate suffering and distress in the United States and other foreign states by aiding the poor, sick, and malnourished; and to assist governments in times of crisis and of emergency.” Really?

Then why does this charity only use an abysmal 5.4% of the donations for the actual charitable efforts? This charity is almost completely fake. Charity Navigator gives it a rating of zero stars out of four and 25.75 points out of 100. Here are the shocking numbers from 2015. Funds raised were $2,387,599. Administration expenses were $517,369 (19.1%) and fundraising expenses were $1,935,570 (75.4%). They spend about $2.5 million to raise a measly $200,000. Complete bullshit.

4. Angel – American Heart Association


One of the oldest and the best charities working for heart health is the American Heart Association. Charity Navigator gives it a rating of four stars out of four and 91.18 points out of 100. Of the money raised 78.7% goes to the charitable efforts, with 8.8% spent on administration and 12.3% spent on fundraising.

During 2015, the American Heart Association raised a whopping $780,275,142 and spent $594,000,253 on the charitable programs. The charity only got about $5 million from the U.S. government the form of grants.

This charity is doing the vital work that the government cannot afford to do. It is the oldest, non-government, volunteer organization fighting heart disease in America. Americas support this charity with an amazing level of donations because it is an honest charity doing important work that saves lives. This charity has funded more than $3.8 billion in research efforts into heart disease and stroke. This is vastly more than any other organization outside the U.S. government.

3. Devil – Donald J. Trump Foundation


When Donald Trump was running for U.S. President, one of his campaign rallying slogans was “Lock her up!” This was a reference to the potentially illegal activities by Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, which is currently under investigation.

Trump might as well start screaming the same thing to himself in the mirror.

Rather than give our opinion let us simply quote the public report from Charity Navigator, so you can decide for yourself:

“On September 13, 2016, it came to the attention of Charity Navigator that Donald J. Trump Foundation is the subject of an investigation by The New York Attorney General’s Office, according to an article titled, “New York Attorney General to Investigate Donald Trump’s Nonprofit.” For this reason, we have issued a Moderate Concern CN Advisory. For more information, please see The New York Times article.

-On November 22, 2016, The Washington Post published an article titled, “Trump Foundation admits to violating ban on ‘self-dealing,’ new filing to IRS shows.” For more information, please see The Washington Post

-On December 24, 2016, The Trump-Pence Transition Team issued a press release titled, “President-Elect Donald J. Trump Intends to Dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation.” For more information, please see The Trump-Pence Transition Team press release.

-On December 24, 2016, The Washington Post published an article titled, “Donald Trump plans to shut down his charitable foundation, which has been under scrutiny for months.” For more information, please see The Washington Post

The nature of these allegations of illegal activity, improper conduct, or organizational mismanagement are such that Charity Navigator has issued this CN Advisory to provide donors with content that they may find useful when making their giving decisions. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors of sources used for the reported information, and not those of Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is not responsible for the nature or content of the information presented through such external sources and websites. For more information on how or when we decide to publish a CN Advisory, please review our methodology.”

Shame on Donald Trump for attacking the Clintons (even though they truly deserve it), while also possibly being directly involved in illegal charitable fraud himself.

2. Devil – The Clinton Foundation


Surprisingly, Charity Navigator gives the Clinton Foundation high rankings. It gives this charity four out of four stars and a score of 94.74 out of 100 points noting that 86.9% of the money raised, which was an astonishing $319,501,568 during 2014, goes to the charitable programs.

On the surface, that looks terrific; until, you dig a little deeper. Many years of investigation of this charity, which is covered in the documentary called “Clinton Cash,” uncovered a series of “nested” charities. The way it works is like this. The main charity of the Clinton Foundation passes the bulk of the money collected to other charities it controls. When the donations come in, 86.9% goes out making the main “front” charity look wonderful. Yet, the next step is to skim more of the donation money and once again pass on 80+% to another charity also controlled by the Clintons or their close associates. By this method of passing the money along and skimming some 20% off the top each time that the money goes to another organization, it makes each charity appear as if it is operating very well doing charitable efforts. In truth, the end result is that the charitable efforts done are so little in compared to the money raised and even those efforts do not really help the people that they are supposed to help.

Take a look at what the Clinton Foundation did in Haiti. They built a sports stadium, an art and cultural center, a new police station, and a business complex in a free trade zone that was supposed to employ tens of thousands of people and ended up employing only a few thousand. Always with the Clinton Foundation efforts, it is the “Friends of Bill,” who actually are the greatest beneficiaries.

They did absolutely nothing to truly help the poor people in Haiti, who live in shacks that are falling down with no running water and electricity when those shacks were destroyed by natural disasters. This charity is a complete sham, which does not deserve support by any regular people. The only ones giving the big donations to this charity have been foreign powers that wanted to buy influence in the U.S. political process. Shame on the Clintons!

1. Angel – New Story Charity


New Story Charity was recently founded by a group of really dedicated young people in the San Francisco Bay Area. This charity is too new to be rated by Charity Navigator, which requires seven years of financial reporting before they can give a rating.

New Story Charity received funds from Silicon Valley companies to get started and those funds pay the administrative expenses. This allows them to use 100% of all donations to build homes for poor people.

The average cost of these homes is around $6,000. Unlike the Clinton Foundation, who pretended to help the people of Haiti, New Story Charity built homes for the poorest people in Haiti (and also in Ecuador). They use local materials, hire local labor, and build new communities that give these families an amazing lift up and they show the videos of the families that were helped as proof of the work they do. Give donations to New Story Charity to help build homes for the poor people and be happy knowing 100% of what you give is used for exactly what they say they will do with your donations. Then, see the video of the happy family you directly helped as they move into their simple, small, yet safe and comfortable new home. That is our definition of a true angel!


If you are going to give a donation that is a really good thing to do. Use Charity Navigator, plus your own due diligence, to see who the angels are and who are the devils and give the money to the angels instead.

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