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Did You Know That There Are 15 Very Stupid Ways Technology Can Kill Your Relationship?

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Did You Know That There Are 15 Very Stupid Ways Technology Can Kill Your Relationship?

There are so many ways to screw up a relationship. Simply take time and listen to reasons why your friends left their ex-partners and you’ll realize that there are a lot of reasons to call it quits. What has changed though in the past two decades is the metamorphosis of these reasons. While incidents such as cheating, dating a pretentious fraudster and being stood up were a big deal in the past, people are breaking up for other reasons nowadays, of course in addition to the previous reasons. Currently, technology is to blame. Cheating has exacerbated since it now only takes a click of a button to have cyber sex with someone who is miles away.

It is no wonder that people are now breaking up because of seemingly trivial issues such as ‘he followed his ex on Instagram’ or ‘ I saw a notification that they are both attending The Weeknd concert’. Well, no matter how you see it, truth is, technology can kill your relationship. What’s even sad is that this could be a result of people misreading stuff. For example, it could be mere coincidence that your partner and her ex are attending the same concert. On the other hand, it is the stupid stuff you do that can kill your relationship. Sometimes, even if the intention was pure, the mere action could cost you your relationship. So, to protect your relationship, please learn about these 15 stupid ways technology can kill your relationship.

15. Texting All Day, Everyday


In my opinion, the first stages of a relationship are the most sensitive. This is when you need to make your first impression, such as showing proper manners when on a date, and most importantly, respecting your new partner’s space. Unfortunately for some people, they tend to get overexcited and over commit, sending too many texts, and when they have nothing else to say, well, still continue texting, and this time, sending random and bizarre crap. I agree, because of the advancement of technology now you don’t have the patience to send smoke signals or post letters, so you want to text however much you like. Well, if this is your craft, she has no choice but to keep blue ticking you.

14. Posting Flirty Messages On Social Media


Am sure you’ve come across posts such as ‘how many likes for me’, especially when someone has posted a really sexy photo. While some people will do as much as liking the photo as requested, some go too far and make very flirtatious comments on these posts. Woe unto you if you have a helicopter girlfriend who keeps tabs on your every social media move. Once she sees the stuff you’ve posted online stating how sexy Anita’s curves are, well, you’ll be past news to her. So, why risk a beautiful relationship because of a comment you couldn’t resist?

13. Spying On Your Partner


We just talked about helicopter partners who follow your every move. Heck, they’ve also installed those software that claim to spy on your every move, hence they receive a notification whenever you perform any action with your laptop or phone, or even have a device that mirrors your activity on the other end, real time. While this behaviour is tempting and rewarding when you finally nab your filthy cheating partner, it can cost you your relationship in other cases. Suppose your partner found out what an insecure person you are due to these antics, don’t you think they will leave you?

12. Friending Every Member Of The Opposite Sex When You Meet Them


When Facebook first started, the excitement of course caused people to accept almost every friend request they received. Consequently, people would ask each other whenever they met whether they were on Facebook, then hook up on the site. Well, currently, it’s sort of shady to friend almost everyone on social media platforms. While this might seem like an innocent move, since you are only out to make friends, your partner might read it the opposite way. Why would your man, for example, friend each lady friend he meets on a night out? Could it be that there is more that happens during the night that you are not aware of?

11. Using Google The Wrong Way


What’s the craziest thing you found in your boo’s search history? Would you rather find their history or find it deleted? No matter how you see it, there are certain ways using Google could kill your relationship. For example, you don’t have to be friends with your ex on Facebook in order to stalk her. A quick look at your search history revealing too many searches for “Anna Brown” will only tell your boo that you really ain’t over your ex. On the flip side though, she is going to suspect you if your browser history is completely clean. So, the best thing to do is keep your history open, and instead use private browsing for those searches that could cost you your relationship.

10. Posting Weird Stuff On Social Media


You could be single now, allowing you to post anything on your social platform. After all, you are hoping to catch whatever fish is in the ocean. What you seem to forget is that partners tend to get jealous, and this is often evident after you’ve settled into the relationship, if you are lucky in the first place. In a bid to get to know more about you, your new catch will peruse your social media to have an idea of exactly who you are. Nudes, unnecessary rants to the government, being a sucker for celebrity attention and talking crap will sure cause her not to pick your calls, ever!

9. Not Changing Your Relationship Status On Facebook


Facebook really got Joe, the guy who is in a relationship but really doesn’t want to show the world that he is. But unfortunately his girlfriend doesn’t understand his need for privacy because her world revolves around her social media family. For Joe’s girlfriend, it is important that he states that he is in a relationship. If not, she is not going to like his ‘single’ status, and even threaten to leave. In her opinion, Joe, must be a randy cheat who doesn’t appreciate the bird in hand. So, if your girlfriend is all about getting it right on Instagram, please make it ‘official’ on the platform too.

8. Using Dating Sites


What do you think he will think when he wakes up in the middle of the night to find you perusing through a dating site? Well, as much as it could be out of curiosity after your friend couldn’t stop talking about the site, your man would have a hard time believing that you only have eyes for him. Worse still, should he find you doing this after a nookie session, during which you seemed bored, he’ll only conclude that you are looking for a better game out there. So, if you have found the one, please close all accounts on all dating sites, and focus on your relationship.

7. You take Your Phone Absolutely Everywhere


I can count over 10 videos I have received on Whatsapp that just show a scenario of couples monitoring their phones way too much. Heck, we could even see the next advert to show how water-proof a phone is, shot in the shower. Why? People who monitor their phones too much take them everywhere, including the toilet and the shower! While you could argue that you are addicted to the internet, your spouse will only and naturally, smell a rat. In other scenarios, there are people who would rather take a taxi back home to pick up their phone, instead of allowing their spouse or partner to bring it to their location – a recipe for disaster. I mean, what are you hiding?

6. Your Phone is Password Protected


Still on the Whatsapp videos on this one. Seen the electrocuted girlfriend who tried to ‘hack’ into her boyfriend’s phone, only for the boyfriend to unlock the phone with his big toe print? That’s just one of the many videos that show the frustration of getting into a password protected phone. Manufacturers have even made it easier to password protect your phone, giving several options such as pin lock, pattern lock and thumb print lock, among others. Well, passwords are understandable especially when you have a nosy colleague who must keep tabs on your latest photos and texts. However, they can cost your relationship when your partner doesn’t have access and you are not willing to grant it.

5. Developing Anti-Social Behaviour


One day, on a lunch date with friends, we couldn’t help but notice how much technology has caused us to develop anti-social behaviour. We noticed a couple that walked in, ordered drinks as they waited for their food to be prepared and instead of talking to each other, both were glued to their phones. The only time the couple spoke was when they each saw something funny on social media, quickly showing each other, then going back to their screens. Sadly, this is what is happening in most relationships, even at home. Consequently, people know more about social media happenings, than who they are dating, hence eventually fall out due to lack of understanding.

4. You’ve been Sexting


Technology has sure changed some of the most intimate ways that couples connect, such as sex. Sexting is a trend that has been increasingly popular in the last few years, with one in five adults having received a sext from someone they know. The ability to send someone a naughty text and multimedia messages, especially when they are not in a relationship has immensely killed relationships by promoting emotional cheating. Imagine finding out that the reason your man caressed you in the middle of the night was because he got turned on after Natalie sent him a photo of her ‘twins’, while you slept!

3. Taking A Photo Of Every Meal


Before Instagram and all this social media flossing madness, a simple dinner with your boo consisted of candles, a sumptuous meal, chilled red wine, and holding of hands as you looked into each others eyes, soaked in the moment. Nowadays, technology has watered down the experience into something so different and boring. Once the food is placed on the table, your boo will be more interested in taking pictures of the plates, using the correct angle and lighting, taking additional time to edit the photo and posting on Instagram. Before you mutter, ‘Happy Anniversary Bae’, she will be refreshing Instagram to see how many likes and comments her post garnered.

2. Putting Pressure On Your Boo


Have you listened to Juicy J’s song, For Everybody? There is a line where Wiz Khalifa says that ‘Instagram be turning these wives into wh*res’. Well, sounds harsh but he’s got a point. With the current trend, there’s a lot of vacation envy on social media. You obviously have friends checking into the Bahamas, swimming with Dolphins in Wasini, taking a great wildlife safari, or enjoying the scenic views at Burj Khalifa. For some women, they would rather dump their broke boyfriend who can’t afford such vacations, and move on to the guy who can, only to realize how they lost a very great man, overall.

1. Technology is Causing your Depression


I know depression is a very serious matter so sounds odd to put it on a list of stupid things. However, the main point here is the cause of that depression. According to experts, heavy use of social media leads to increased depression, among other mental health issues. The use of social media has also been linked to decline in mood, sense of well-being, and life satisfaction. As a result, most relationships end after a partner suffers from these issues, which could be avoided if social media was used sparingly and not taken too seriously. Why depress yourself when someone could be lying about their location or vacation? Remember the BowWow scenario? Lesson of the day? Don’t take social media too seriously.

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