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Explore The Middle East: 15 Exotic Beauties Who Blow Our Mind

Explore The Middle East: 15 Exotic Beauties Who Blow Our Mind

Welcome to the glamorous world of the hottest Middle Eastern beauties! Okay, let’s be real – we’re kind of losing our minds over these gorgeous ladies. Why? Well, it’d be fair to say that these charming girls simply add a touch of glamor to our life. Make no mistake though: their beauty tips & tricks are nothing you’ve seen before. With their dramatically hot makeup rules, these beauty queens are taking the world by storm. Frankly, you don’t have to live in Dubai or Kuwait to appreciate their unique makeup and clothing styles. You can only go to their famous channels and accounts to check out the latest fashion trends, because, let’s face it – these stunning women are the queens of makeup and high-end fashion in the Middle East. Indeed, they’re like role models in the Middle East so we can only imagine how much money they make out of this booming industry. Today they just can’t wait to show us how beautiful and fascinating their Arabic world really is! From Hanadi Diab to Joelle Mardinian, today we bring you 15 Middle Eastern beauties who will bring sunshine to your day.

15. Huda Kattan

Via: Allure

Based in Dubai, the charming Huda Kattan is our first Instagram Queen who’s the founder of one of the most successful beauty-fashion blogs worldwide. Her Instagram account boasts more than 12 million followers as her blog features a constant stream of hot makeup and hair tutorials, beauty tricks and tips alongside seasonal must-haves. The self-proclaimed workaholic is a great fan of lip plumping as she often offers how-to tutorials on crazy fashion and makeup trends like eye tattooing or lip plumping. You see, the beautiful Huda Kattan is the real deal in the Far East.

14. Joelle Mardinian


Here we are with another stunning TV personality and a beauty entrepreneur whose fame has already crossed the boundaries of her country. As a matter of fact, her professional Instagram account has gained such a wild following that it now boasts more than 4 million followers. Isn’t that fantastic? But no, the best part is yet to come – the Dubai-based beauty blogger loves sharing sneak peeks of her intense workout programs and personal life. Alongside her dedication to fitness, the gorgeous Joelle Mardinian is also fond of high-end fashion and makeup brands while promoting her own Joelle Paris product line too.

13. Tamara Al Gabbani


Sometimes it takes guts to chase your dreams and become recognized down the streets. While many beauty bloggers and YouTubers didn’t take the risk to achieve something more, Tamara Al Gabbani absolutely took her chances. Honestly, we’re glad that she did it because she’s simply amazing at what she does. Originally, she was only known as a TV personality but her desires to achieve more in life helped her create her own fashion brand – she designs typical Arabic clothing like “jalabiyas” and “abayas” alongside elegant evening gowns. In a nutshell, she’s no longer just a pretty face but a businesswoman who’s ready to take risks.

12. Tala Samman

via Saudi Beauty Blog

Still worrying that your fashion diary looks outdated? Well, not anymore! Just take a look at Tala’s fabulous and pretty successful blog, “Fashion Diary”, and you’ll no longer face such issues. She’s a charming stylist whose quick tutorials will add a touch of glamor to your wardrobe picks. Also, she’s known as an online sweetheart who shares fancy looks that are so easy to pull together when running late for work. So you, early birds, check out her lovely channel and get ready to walk the streets like you own them.

11. Zahra Lyla Pedram

via Lookbook

Does her “Lyla Loves Fashion” ring any bells with you? No? Then now it’s the perfect time for you to meet the lovely Zahra Lyla Pedram. She’s beautiful and amusing fashion guru who’s pretty good at pulling awesome daytime looks together. In fact, Zahra is such a fashion beast that she can totally take your breath away with her casual pops of color and texture. By the way, her Lyla Loves Fashion blog reflects her girlie personality and charming nature. So why not have some fun while looking simply amazing, right? Well, Zahra Lyla Pedram will definitely teach us how to do it like celeb fashion experts.

10. Marriam Mossali

via Twitter

Whoever you think she is, Marriam Mossali is here to prove you wrong: she’s not your typical Middle-Eastern beauty starlet, but a “Arabic Fashion Ambassador”. Seriously, Marriam Mossali knows how to make you laugh with her fun fashion-related blog posts. Not only is she a cultural activist and a fashion inspiration, but an Instagram diva as well. Still wondering what she’s up to? Then make sure you check out her fun fashion blog before hitting the follow button on her Instagram account too.

9. El-Jammi

via YouTube

Admit it – you just can’t stop staring at the wonderful El-Jammi, can you? But don’t worry,  El-Jammi is the one to blame. Seriously, this gorgeous lady has been on many talk-shows like Dubai’s Fashion Police so let’s just say that she knows what’s trendy at any given moment. Alongside her channels brimming with followers and viewers, El-Jammi’s got her own clothing line too. Well, it seems like this girl is simply unstoppable. As for her El-J brand, it looks quite modern and promising. Indeed, we can only pat her on the back for being so productive and creative.

8. Fouz Alfahad

via Pinterest

Still looking for some serious makeup inspiration? Well, you don’t have to search anymore – just take a look at Fouz Alfahad’s channel and you’ll be ready to go. Seriously, this amazing lady knows fashion & makeup rules like the back of her hand. Besides, she’s a renowned makeup artist based in Kuwait whose fame has already crossed lands and oceans. As for her social media reign, her Instagram account (The Real Fouz) boasts at least 2 million followers. Well, we don’t know how many “Fouzes” there are in Kuwait but she’s definitely “The Real Fouz”.

7. Maya Ahmad

via www.forbesmiddleeast com

So who’s Maya Ahmad anyway? Apparently, she’s a lovely young lady but what exactly has made her famous? Well, the answer is pretty obvious too – her Instagram account is cherished by more than 850, 000 followers who love stalking Maya’s profile for more amusing and creative videos. Also, the Lebanese makeup artist’s pretty sure that she’s found the key to success. Her videos and short clips are created so professionally that it’s no wonder why the charming Maya has got so many clicks. Bottom line: Maya Ahmad has definitely found the proper way to make her followers double-tap on everything she uploads and shares.

6. Hanadi Diab


Although she’s currently based in Germany, the gorgeous Hanadi Diab is still one of the most influential beauty bloggers in the Middle East and across the globe. Unlike many other social media stars, Hanadi Diab is actually a professional makeup artist. So now you understand why Hanadi Diab is such a trending fashion-beauty blogger – she’s a gifted makeup artist whose skillful hands can do the best makeup ever! Also, it certainly seems like she’s already settled down in Stuttgart, Germany, where she’s opened her first beauty salon. Congrats, Hanadi and good luck with it!

5. Mona Kattan

via PopSugar

So Mona Kattan, huh? Doesn’t her last name sound familiar to you? With a mysterious smile just like Mona Lisa’s, this gorgeous lady is actually Huda’s younger sister. As you can imagine, the beautiful and talented Mona has followed in the footsteps of her sister. And much like her, she’s got her own glamorous beauty salon based in Dubai where she lights up the world of so many women. So if you’re curious to find out more about her, then you should definitely stalk her on her Instagram account. We bet she won’t mind it. After all, fans come first, right?

4. Nilo Haq

Via: Youtube

Welcome to Nilo’s glamorous Saudi Beauty Blog! Did you know that the stunning Nilo Haq is the founder of the famous Arabic blog? Well, now you do! So if we must describe her with only 2 adjectives, we’ll certainly use “dashing” and “gifted”. Whatever you think she’s doing on her blog, it’s definitely beyond your wildest fantasies. She’s a thinker and a talented fashion blogger who shares her opinion on everything that includes fashion, lifestyle, and makeup. She even covers relationship-related topics that are definitely a win for her. To put it shortly, her Saudi Beauty Blog, Instagram and Facebook accounts are cherished by thousands of curious followers.

3. Sondos Alqattan

via Galore Mag

The beautiful Kuwait-born blogger is certainly not your average makeup artist who loves showing off her skills only on YouTube. Rather, the charming Sondos Alqattan has got an artistic hand that does wonders in less than a few minutes. Also, she regularly impresses her audience of over 2 million followers with fun and quick how-to videos including her favorite makeup products too. So whenever you feel like you need makeup inspiration, you can just check out her latest hot makeup videos. Indeed, borrowing a few bold ideas from such Middle Eastern beauties is never a bad idea.

2. Saman Munir


Ever heard of “Saman’s Makeup & Hijabs”? Well, the charming Saman Munir is another famous Middle Eastern beauty whose YouTube channel is a must-see for sure. Much like our previous bloggers, her channel is also focused on easy and quick makeup tutorials. Another curious thing is that she’s the founder of Saman’s Makeup & Hijabs – a modern-looking website offering a rich variety of hijabs, head scarves, shawls and other Arabic-inspired beauty accessories. Obviously, Samam Munir has made a booming business out of her beauty interests. Today, she’s one of the most famous YouTubers in the Far East whose name is also linked to the high-end Hijab styling.

1. Dalal AlDoub

via Pinterest

With a famous Instagram profile that boasts more than 1,2 million followers, Dalal Aldoub proudly holds her top position among the best fashion-beauty bloggers. Much like the wonderful Sondos Alqattan, Dalal AlDoub is also a charming fashion expert who’s specifically good at color combinations. In fact, this gorgeous lady has totally made a name for herself as the creative makeup artist with the “luminous complexion”. Obviously, the stunning Dalal is certainly not bothered by color stereotypes. Indeed, she just loves colorful combinations which she usually pairs with a perfect set of eyebrows, of course.


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