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Friendzoned: 15 Reasons Good Guys Stay Single

Friendzoned: 15 Reasons Good Guys Stay Single

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Have you ever wondered why none of your sincere and wholehearted relationships manage to survive? Perhaps it’s not meant to be with HER. That could be it, if of course you deeply believe in fate’s final word on your love life. Naturally, it takes two to tango, as the old saying goes, but sometimes you may do some things that make ladies run for the hills furious as a blaze. What’s more, you might not have considered it a grounded reason that made her dump you out of the blue.

Maybe there was something about your behavior and openness that threw your last relationship out the window. Many could be the reasons standing behind your sweetheart’s desire to break up with you. But, hey, none of it means that you’re a bad person who is prone to evil doings. Of course not! However, you should check out our useful roundup of possible and quite common female arguments for breaking up with you, Mr. Nice Guy.

15. Too Clingy – You’re Basically Her Puppy

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“Why are so you clingy?!”, she screamed. Does that ring a bell? Have you heard it coming from an ex-girlfriend’s mouth? If so, then we’ve got some pretty upsetting news for you. Perhaps the reason behind her decision to leave you was your clinginess. Travel back in time and recollect all those moments when you used to ask her about her male friends, phone numbers, colleagues, etc. It must have been pretty tough for her to deal with your daily interrogations. Besides, she might have felt as though you didn’t even let her breathe. After all, everyone needs space, and so do you. Tip: reflect deeply upon this before destroying your next relationship as well.

14. You NEVER Listen To Her: Just Listen And Reciprocate, Pals

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Well, there’s even a special saying for our next entry, which goes: “A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.” Every time she talks to you and notices that you don’t pay her the slightest bit of attention, she’ll surely bears it in her beautiful mind. Fundamentally, women are the more talkative sex and are more prone to crazy ramblings, whatever the topic, time or place. Outside of this, ladies love to see and hear you reciprocating and taking a side or commenting on what she’s talking about. Whatever the case, be there right beside her since she needs you exactly there. If you don’t open your ears for her, she’ll eventually find herself better company.

13. A Bit Too Jealous

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Do you remember the time when you used to be good old friends? Back then she was nothing but overly sincere and trustworthy about her love life and obviously inappropriate choices of extremely jealous boyfriends. Both of you have already been there. With this in mind, why are you willing to join this unhealthy group of ex-lovers anyway? After all the stories she has confided in you, you’d better get back on the righteous path before she picks someone else to walk by her gorgeous side. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but if you start repeating them, get ready to change your relationship status from “taken” to “forever single”.

12. You’re Just Too Shy For Her

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Okay, let’s imagine that you and your charming girlfriend are at a bar and she asks you to blend with the party people on the dance floor. What would you say? Would you turn her down? If you struggle with the reply, then it’s already as clear as a glass of moonshine what’s going to happen next. She’ll probably feel embarrassed and puzzled and a bit furious with you later on. Why couldn’t you just get on the dance floor, break legs and have fun together? And just in case you happen to be way too distant, self-centered and maybe a bit introverted, don’t be surprised if she ends up with the hot guy staring at her anyway.

11. Low Incomes

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Well, we’ve entered the vicious cycle with this quite trivial reason many girls find “useful” for dumping their men. Of course, not all females are hardcore gold-diggers. It’s not like that at all, however low incomes may not have your crush impressed if she belongs to this group of women sharing low moral standards. After all, what does money have to do with love, you may ask yourself? Well, more often than not, the more materialistic the girl, the more common points there are between love and cash. It’s simply the way things work. So, if the low incomes were her argument to turn you down, then you should be happy, pal, not mournful. Ultimately, she’s the one to have lost a valuable person, not you.

10. Being Way Too “Available”

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Do you feel like there’s really something odd about being too “ready”, “pushy” and “available” for someone? Well, being always down for an activity not only makes you look like you hardly have a life, but you’re probably lacking good friends as well. You don’t wait for her by the phone, do you? And even though this entry can be somewhat more relatable to women, guys get heavily hooked by the idea of “pleasing” their girlfriends 24/7, 365 days a year. Our advice is to cut it out unless you want to be single forever. You’re not her pet, are you? You shouldn’t act like one either.

9. You’re Kind Of Boring

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Okay, what’s the last activity that both of you have partaken in before she broke up with you? Can’t you think of anything? Red flag: then you should have seen it coming. We’re not trying to be vile, but you should be more proactive in your relationships in the near future. You’re surely a pretty nice guy with wonderful manners, but you should ask your girl out now and then. At the end of the day, she can be miserable on her own, right? So can you! You’re together because she loves your charming personality and bright mind. Be smart and use it for bold jokes, silly commentaries and try to cheer her up from time to time! Her reaction towards your efforts would be really positive and eloquent.

8. Sorry, The Spark Is Gone

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Well, it happens and it’s certainly not the end of the world. People get together and go separate ways every single day. Besides, the sole fact that this relationship hasn’t worked out simply means that it was hardly a fruitful one for you. Of course, it’s no one’s fault that your fairy tale has gotten a sorrowful ending. However, both of you could have put more effort into keeping the spark alive before getting to a state beyond repair. Maybe she realized it first and thus she was candid enough to speak her mind. It could have been the other way around though.

7. Learn To Say NO To Your Girl

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Okay, we totally get you – you’d do anything to see the glowing face and charming smile of your girlfriend. Naturally, this would include buying her flowers every now and then and displaying other kind gestures that surely prove your softness and loving soul towards her. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being the ultimate gentleman. Furthermore, this is surely the dream of millions of girls out there waiting for her prince on a white horse. It totally sounds too good to be true, right? The only issue that may occur eventually would be related to her feeling as if she could obtain any valuable good she lays her eyes upon. And this, my friend, is certainly NOT okay. In the end, she will surely grow bored of it and lose interest in you.

6. You’ve Stopped Impressing Her

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Oh, dear! This is one of the most common mistakes made by gentlemen worldwide. Remember your first dates when you literally used any adjective and superlative in your mental dictionary to express your wonderment towards her? If you do, then tell us, please, why did you stop? Why don’t you talk highly of her and welcome any morning with beautiful and almost poetic verses? Okay, maybe we’ve gone way too far with that. However, it’s the way things work after all – if you water the flower, it blossoms eventually. Why treat your girlfriend otherwise when you see so many guys stare at her?

5. Nice Doesn’t Equal “Smoking Hot”

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Ouch! This can’t be good, can it? Well, you’d surely be a bit puzzled by that. But, honestly, the authentic meaning of the word “nice” surely has another dimension with girls. If “nice” means “pretty” or “lovely” to you, the same cute word may simply mean “fine” or even “gentle” depending on the context. Here’s a key to how to catch the true sense of the word especially when she puts her in action. If she considers a puppy “nice” she surely thinks of it as “really cute” creature. So, when it comes to you, don’t you want to be considered “super attractive” and “pretty hot” instead of just cute? That’s the point.

4. You’re Prone To Depression And Moodiness

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Let’s be honest here: who would feel content and satisfied emotionally with a person who’s regularly moody and sullen? Hardly anyone, right? In truth, you can’t expect anyone to be willing to cope with your 24-hour depression outbursts that barely lead anywhere, can you? In case you agree with us on this common reason, then you already know what to do next. Just try to be more talkative and expressive about your feelings. After all, she’s your girlfriend, remember? And as such, she should be more supportive of your thoughts, ideas, and struggles. Of course, there are always two sides to the genuine truth. If she, however, chooses to leave you alone in this emotional agony dwelling in your mind, then she’s probably NOT the perfect match for you.

3. Your Approach Is Not Very “Smart”

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It’s such an irony given your excellent marks in high-school, right? Here we go again with another depressing reason why girls can and probably will dump you for a real D-bag; and surely, it has nothing to do with your brightness and kindness. If truth be told, she may even choose a goofy guy over you who – let’s put this delicately – is not only half as smart but is pretty arrogant as well. However, his only asset is his “effective” methods of getting her attention. The only thing that helps such guys, of course, is the athletic physique, humorous nature, and nice cars. After all, your girl is not blind to seeing all of this and chances are that she may be impressed by it. Of course, not all girls are immediately attracted to such types of guys, so you should search for exactly this minority of nice and humble females.

2. Childhood Friends Remain The Same

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Ouch! You’ve just been friendzoned. Again. What’s the problem? You might start wondering. Moreover, you may even start thinking twice about your looks, clothing choices, behavior or mental word stock. Ironically enough, nothing of this will help you if your crush only thinks of you as a friend to hang out with, or worse as a “childhood mate”. Provided that the latter scenario is what you’ve been fighting with, just cut it off since you’ll never be able to win this war. She doesn’t get you. Neither does she understand nor truly see your efforts to escape the friend zone you’ve been dwelling in all your life. Indeed, life can be really cruel sometimes.

1. You Just Pick The Wrong Girls. Ouch!

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Surely, this would be the best scenario for you. Undoubtedly, there’s barely anyone who’d love to be the reason for their wrecked marriage or relationship. It’s always easy when the other one has made the wrong move. But when it boils down to being misled by your significant other, it sure hurts like hell. What’s even worse is when you happen to have been cheated on multiple times. We can’t even imagine this heart-wrenching feeling. However, the rain stops eventually to bring a magical rainbow into the picture. Just wait for the rainbow, pal, since it’s NOT you, it’s definitely HER this time around.

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