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Jobless: 15 Things That Will Eventually Get You Fired

Jobless: 15 Things That Will Eventually Get You Fired


As a young and vigorous individual, you’ve probably been told to put limitless efforts into the field you’d want to develop yourself in both personally and professionally. However, even the sky can never be clear 365 days a year. Chances are you might have to “walk in the rain” for a while before seeing the bright side of a situation. After all, you need to start from “somewhere” so as to go “somewhere” later on, right?

For starters, finding a temporary job that can make ends meet is an essential factor for any young and energetic person. Naturally, the best scenario would be to find the dream job that is not only satisfying and thrilling but brings more cash to the table. Sadly enough, the reality sometimes is a hard pill to take – not everyone is ambitious and hard-working enough to land the job of their dreams. Of course, even if they do, they still might miss out on a tiny detail. Eventually, such small slip-ups may even have them on the chopping block. With this in mind, let’s touch on a bunch of options which could turn even the perfect employee into an unemployed one. Ouch!

15. Using Social Media At Work

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If social media doesn’t put a great start to our pretty awesome list, then there’s hardly anything that can do it better. All jokes aside, there’s a myriad of reasons behind an employer’s loathing and a sheer aversion towards social media. It’s not that they barely log in. It’s not the case at all. However, if you get caught on Facebook, Instagram, etc., during business hours, you’re simply in deep water. What’s more, you’d better start looking for another job. Tip: maybe next time, you won’t use your phone as much as you’d love to. Until then, you’re labeled “out-of-work”.

14. Sleeping On The Job

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Frankly, it’s not like this has never happened before. However, your boss is very likely to get you discharged after catching you flat footed. Besides, the sole image of you hard sleeping on the job and snoring a bit speaks volumes about who you truly are. All in all, there are basically two options that could lead you to a “sleepy” state: you either find your job extremely boring, or you’re just as lazy as a toad. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain: you’ve absolutely embarrassed yourself and ruined your name for good. The worst scenario and outcome of the situation would be the image of you placed on the chopping block. Again.

13. Playing The “Smart One”

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If by any chance you happen to rejoice in talking down to others in a way that crosses the border of respectability, don’t be surprised if you get the boot shortly afterward. The truth is that there’s hardly anyone who would love to be taken for granted. After all, who’d want to be considered useless or incapable of getting things done in the right way? Same applies to misbehaving or mistreating others both verbally and mentally. Either way, you won’t be appreciated for displaying such a personality at work. Here’s a piece of advice: you’d better change and better this attitude before losing your job.

12. Your Boss Just Doesn’t Like You

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Well, there could also be a case when your boss simply can’t grow fond of you or anything you do at work. What’s even more, you may even start feeling as though any step you take is wrong. If this sounds familiar to you in one way or another, then we’ve got pretty bad news for you: your boss has probably started preparing your pink slip. However, don’t hang your head in sorrow if your employer hates you. At the end of the day, you can always find a better job opening to apply for unless he has well-founded reasons to dislike you.

11. You’re As Lazy As A Toad

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Counting the hours and minutes down until lunch break can’t be that bad, can it? However, if that’s the only “activity” you engage in while being at the office or at Starbucks, or whatever, then that could be an issue for sure. You may even not realize it, but if you put yourself in your employer’s shoes, you might be able to see the whole picture from their perspective. Ultimately, you don’t get paid for counting the minutes down, do you? You’re there with a “mission”, more or less. All jokes to the side, nobody would enjoy seeing their employees hanging around and basically killing the time. With this in mind, roll up those sleeves and fix the mess around in order to keep your job before it’s too late!

10. Using The “F” Word

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If you curse too much, especially in the presence of clients or costumers, depending on the nature of work you have to perform, you’re very likely to get scolded, to say the least. Imagine working as a waiter at a cozy and ultra fancy restaurant. Would it be appropriate to throw the “f” word in the air even if you don’t use it in the worst sense of the word? Probably not. Then, try to go around it when the urge bubbles up if you want to keep your job steady. If not, pull the trigger, so to say, and join the group of the unemployed ones as swiftly as an arrow.

9. Alcohol Or Drug Abuse


Regardless of whether it is an alcoholic or a drug abuse, the outcome will surely be the same. The bigger the abuse, the better chance of getting the boot! Spotting an alcoholic or a drug addict at the workplace can be as bad as it gets. Surely, it’s not an impressive picture whatsoever. Besides, notions such as loyalty and reliability will no longer exist after getting caught red handed with drugs still running through your veins. Fundamentally, it’s not legal to keep workers who’ve been on a substance that gets them out of control. At least, it’s still not legal in most of the States and many other countries. With this in mind, you’re going to get in deep water in case you leave any evidence.

8. Failing The Drug Screen Test


Here we go with another quite similar issue which is often heavily overlooked by many people and workers especially. As sappy as it is, running a drug screen test is nothing special unless you’ve got something up your sleeve, literally speaking. Otherwise, it’s just a standard procedure that head executives turn to when welcoming a new member to the friendly and hard-working team of workers. As kind as he might seem at first, this could be a great show, especially if you fail the drug screen test. Then, the nice facial features of your boss might sharpen up a bit. As a result, you will probably get thrown out the door right away. True enough, who would want to have a drug addict under their wings?

7. Getting Too “Close” With Your Colleagues


Well, this could be a bit inappropriate. Displaying more than a friendly interest and attitude towards a colleague of the opposite sex is a dangerous road to choose. Indeed, many are the stories and anecdotes about workers who have been caught right there on the crime scene or love scene, to put it more delicately. Having sex at work is a sure-fire way to get fired right off the bat. No excuses. No second chances. What follows afterward is surely a pink slip that is heading towards both of you. No apologies needed. Just leave humbly with your head drowning in shame just like Cersei from the GoT series. It can’t be any funnier, can it?

6. Eating Too Much: “Yes, It Can Be An Issue”

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Have you ever heard of a story that ends with something like “and that’s how eating donuts got me fired”? No? Well, this is a precedent case. Hilariously enough, there’s such a thing as eating too much at work and getting fired as a result. But while you’re smirking at that, think it through – you’re not hired to eat and calm down your rumbling stomach, right? You’ve been hired to perform a certain set of skills and complete tasks. Instead, what you’ve been doing is emptying the fridge at work. Alert: there’s high probability of a dismissal rolling along very, very soon.

5. Stealing Food: “Oops, You’re In Trouble”

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If there’s anything more unpleasant than pigging out at the workplace, it surely is stealing people’s food. Shame on you! How dare you? This common phrase might get addressed to you in case you can’t keep your hands to yourself and your own FOOD!

You may not believe this, but your colleagues get hungry from time to time as well, so the chances are they’d want to have some lunch too! Don’t be evil and thoughtless! Don’t force them to starve to death while showing professional attitude on the job! Besides, you may get in big trouble for being disrespectful and your boss will certainly sense it!

4. Talking Highly Of Your 2nd Job

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As a student who’d desire to put some more money to the side, the chances are that you might have another job to keep the cash flowing. Don’t get us wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having another job. Actually, you should be praised for jumping from one job to another. The only problem that could occur is when you can’t keep a steady balance between your two shifts, so to say. Another quite bad scenario is talking highly of the other position you’re currently at. Perhaps, there’s nothing worse than crossing the border in such a way! It’s impolite, to say the least, if not totally disrespectful.

3. You Lied About Your “Advanced Skills” At Work

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Lying about your qualifications on your first day at work is a hazardous situation. After all, don’t think that a piece of paper, such as a recommendation and motivational letter, can get the required tasks done for you. If you do believe in this, then you must have been daydreaming all your life. More often than not, over promising followed by under delivering as a result is nothing but a regular and quite common occurrence. Ultimately, you may have landed the job, but, believe us – you won’t be able to keep it together for much longer afterward. Truth always triumphs, as the saying goes. As for the ending, you’ll like no part of it.

2. You Love Drama And Gossip


Undoubtedly, bad-mouthing your employer and/or your colleagues is not a lovely picture whatsoever. What’s more, if you happen to do it constantly, what happens next is nothing you’d enjoy. An example of an awful case is when you try to put the blame on others for the unpleasant situation. Indeed, getting caught right there at the crime scene doesn’t feel good, right? With that, the bad news doesn’t stop for you at all. Depending on your employer’s sense of humor, charisma, and good-heartedness, you might get away with it. In other cases, however, just accept the pink slip humbly and say goodbye to your colleagues.

1. Calling In Sick Basically Every Other Day

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There it is – the classy excuse for not showing up at the office. Maybe you haven’t realized it, but your boss is anything but brainless, so he’d probably catch you in the long run. After all, you can’t be sick for 2 weeks straight, can you? What kind of flu is it?! Is it contagious? No, probably not. What’s more pestiferous and fast spreading than this flu and fever are your idleness and laziness. So, generally, you must have been infected with “indolence” given your regular “days off”. If this is the case with you, then prepare yourself for an extremely long vacation at home. You’ve been shown a red flag that reads “find another job, you’re useless over here.”

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