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Knocking On Heaven’s Door: 15 YouTubers Who Will Make Your Day

Knocking On Heaven’s Door: 15 YouTubers Who Will Make Your Day

Do you often find yourself stuck on YouTube? Well, you’re not the only one struggling with this addiction. From goofy clips to educational documentaries, YouTube is like the modern version of the old-school TV channels. Today we can watch and discover everything we’re interested in, and the only thing we need is a fast internet connection. Indeed, YouTube is without a doubt our most favourite and used video-sharing website. As such, it can also serve as a personal platform that can help many people become recognized down the street. Perhaps this is what our 15 mega-hot YouTubers had in mind back in the day. They wanted to develop and rise to the same level as a rockstar, so they did what they had to do. They just let the camera roll and followed their gut. Eventually, these charming girls simply made their dreams come true. Well, it’s true that some are more talented than others, but at least all of them look amazing. From Jenna Marbles to Rhaea Estelle, today we’ll focus on some of the hottest YouTubers who will surely make your day. Warning: you’ll surely get hooked on their hot channels. Enjoy our list of hot YouTube queens who will surely make you fall hard for their entertaining vlogs and makeup tutorials.

15. Kristen Leanne

via Kristen Leanne Style

Kristen Leanne is the founder of  Arctic Fox – a brand that doesn’t test on animals. Kristen loathes brands and products which clearly don’t follow her “makeup religion.” As you can guess, she’s a cruelty-free YouTuber whose makeup tutorials include only cruelty-free products. Apart from her own brand and business, Kristen is a wonderful YouTuber who can absolutely offer us much more than eccentric photos and sexy makeup. As for that, you can be sure that her attractive and unique makeup ideas won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you don’t believe us, then you can visit her channel and see it all for yourself.

14. Jenna Marbles

via Pinterest

Obviously, Jenna Marbles looks stunning and there’s nobody who can dispute her beauty reign on YouTube. Much like Kristen Leanne, Jenna Marbles has got an amazing fan base that goes over 1,7 million subscribers. But unlike her, Jenna Marbles focuses on more entertaining and ordinary clips, like a funny video where she shows her epic reaction to a Julien’s creepy song. Well, if you’ve got no idea what we’re talking about here, you should check out her channel and have fun. Once you get there, you’ll see that she’s a super cute and positive lady who just loves putting great vibes in the air.

13. Andrea Feczko

via AskMen

Known as a travel expert and a TV host/producer, the gorgeous Andrea Fesczko absolutely deserves to be featured on this list. Andrea’s beautiful personality, sugar-sweet voice, and feminine presence can make all guys fall for her and her channel as well. Apart from her personal platform, where she loves talking about her travel tips and tricks, Andrea is also a founder of Travelers YouTube Series and a producer of the famous Ultra Livestreams Worldwide. Well, it definitely seems like Andrea Feczko is all over the place. As for us, we totally love her entertaining vlogs, series and stories!

12. Missy Lynn

via BH Cosmetics

Best known for her amazing makeup tutorials, Missy Lynn is a self-proclaimed shopaholic who clearly knows how to do fancy makeup. Aside from her fresh looks, the cute Missy Lynn is a great inspiration for so many young girls out there. She’s such a mighty force on YouTube! Thanks to her amusing clips and vlogs, Missy Lynn can absolutely brag about the great number of supporters and followers hooked on her channel. Another mind-blowing thing about her is that she was also featured in the Los Angeles Times. How amazing, right? Last but not least, Missy Lynn is the proud holder of the NYX Face Award! Way to go, Missy!

11. Justine Ezarik

Via: People

Say hello to the wonderful Justine Ezarik whose feminine looks got her a place on Maxim’s Hot 100. Yes, Justine totally nailed it once again. Justine is that beautiful blonde on YouTube who loves sharing her stories, ideas, and thoughts with millions of viewers. Best known as iJustine, this gorgeous girl rose to fame thanks to her online livecasting”. In fact, this livecasting totally makes you feel like you’re trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. Practically, livecasting is when someone turns on their webcam and starts broadcasting for 3 or 3 million people. Well, we’re pretty sure that Justine’s audience can reach at least a few million on a daily basis.

10. LaToya Forever

via Lookbook

Meet Latoya Forever aka the charming brunette who started her YouTube career back in 2010. It’d be pretty safe to say that  LaToya’s fan base hasn’t stopped growing since then. Today, she’s got a major fan base that seems to be really interested in her personal life and tough relationships. Aside from this, the beautiful LaToya Forever is just like a talk show TV host whose candid opinions about celebrities wow the world on a regular basis. She’s also not afraid to share personal chapters of her life, like the moment when she decided to get pregnant before marriage. Watching LaToya Forever kind of feels like reading somebody’s personal diary. Everything feels so real, guys!

9. Natalie Tran

via Fanboys Anonymous

So who’s Natalie Tran anyway? Does her name ring a bell with you? Well, if it doesn’t then her popular Community Channel might do the job. Her channel is actually a really interesting one to watch for a couple of genuine reasons. First off, she focuses on providing more realistic and useful videos which are both entertaining and unique in one way or another. Obviously, her efforts pay off since her channel brims with international followers and subscribers. Also, let’s not forget that fact she even had a Lonely Planet hooked on her compelling stories. As a matter of fact, Natalie Tran can totally brag about her successful collab with Lonely Planet which attracted twice as many viewers to her channel. Keep it up, Natalie! You’re a gorgeous girl!

8. Alicia Malone

via Twitter

There’s no denying that Alicia Malone’s stunning looks helped her stand out from the rest. As you can see, she’s got a beautiful face and a super-strong presence in front of the camera. Obviously, she knows what her audience needs, so she makes sure she can provide it on a silver platter. Alicia Malone is a charming girl who tried her hand at producing and editing as well. Thanks to her charismatic and well-spoken personality, Alicia Malone still enjoys a lot of views on a regular basis. Today she’s one of the most famous YouTubers and film correspondents on talk shows, such as AMC Movie Talk, Breakfast on One, Studio 10 Australia, etc. Bottom line: this girl simply rocks!

7. Christen Dominique

via YouTube

Now it’s time for you to meet our personal favorite – a makeup guru whose piece of advice and fast-and-furious tricks saved the day many times. As wonderful as she is, Christen Dominique is our makeup queen whose fan base goes beyond 2,9 million. Just imagine Christen being watched by millions of people every day. Well, it’s obvious that Christen Dominique enjoys her online popularity which really contributes to the growth of her channel and social media pages. As for her major fan base, it’s totally smitten with her back-to-school makeup tricks, natural makeup looks, and fresh styles.

6. Taryn Southern

via Fanboys Anonymous

Taryn Southern is a multi-talented lady who wowed the world with her amazing acting and singing skills. Apart from being a famous YouTuber, Taryn is also a writer, producer, a TV host… and the list just keeps expanding. The lovely blonde definitely proves that there’s a specific type of woman who’s got brains and looks that work in perfect harmony. Today, her charming looks and strong presence in front of the camera are cherished by more than 400 k viewers and supporters. As for her vlogs, Taryn often shares useful videos to help more people unleash their acting skills as well. Isn’t she a sweetheart?

5. Ana Kasparian

via Celebrities For Short celebrities

So what’s on the news tonight? Well, you had better ask Ana Kasparian…She’s stunning, smoking hot and smart as hell. Indeed, she’s the beautiful and talented co-host of TYT’s main show and the host of The Point. This gorgeous brunette is also considered an amazing news commentator we could watch for hours, days and weeks. Surely, you may not agree with her own opinion on some of the news, but who cares anyway? She’s an extremely attractive girl whose channel boasts 94 k. Apparently, Ana Kasparian perfectly knows how to attract more viewers to her successful channel too.

4. Michelle Phan


Your useful makeup tutorials really take our breath away! Michelle Phan may be a gorgeous makeup guru and a smoking hot YouTuber, but there’s absolutely more to her than meets the eye. Her creepy Zombie-like Transformations are an excellent example, which just proves our point. Besides, she’s not your typical makeup vlogger who only does basic makeup that will bore you to death. Unlike many other Beauty YouTubers, Michelle Phan loves wearing anime contact lenses which helps her create more realistic and eerie makeup transformations. She’s simply awesome!

3. Zoella

via YouTube

Actually, Zoella might be the only girl who started her career as a beauty blogger back in the day. Unlike most of today’s modern YouTube vloggers and makeup gurus, Zoella started out as a blogger who wrote about everything that included makeup and famous brands she liked. Although she had a really small fan base back in 2009, Zoella didn’t really need much time to stand out from the rest as a classy young lady who’s anti-Miley Cyrus and quite well-spoken as well. Surely, her ladylike behavior and femininity in front of the camera didn’t really go unnoticed by many YouTube viewers. Today she’s the real deal on YouTube.

2. Lauren Rose

via Bellazon

Lauren Rose is an incredibly beautiful model and a popular YouTuber who’s anything but ordinary. Her piercings and tattoos are the signature to her look. Kristen Leanne is also quite famous for the same thing, but Lauren’s inks are somehow so unique and interesting. If you’re a real fan of Lauren, then you probably know how much she’s into makeup, glitter, and piercings. As a matter of fact, she never skips contouring her beautiful face before going out. So if you really need to know how it’s done by pros in this field, then you had better subscribe to her YouTube Channel right away.

1. EvonWahab

via Pinterest

Isn’t she lovely, right? Indeed, her exotic looks can have any guy hooked on her channel for weeks. Not only is she a gorgeous lady, but her makeup game is pretty fantastic as well. She just loves taking us into her exotic Arabic world which offers quite a unique alternative to our typical and basic makeup. As you can see, Evon Wahab is all about glitter, bold lips and smoky eyes. We must say that she looks amazing so it’s really no wonder why she went viral so quickly. This exotic beauty can totally offer us an extraordinary makeup look that will make any girl green with envy. Obviously, Evon Wahab’s fan base on YouTube simply adores her ferocious makeup game just as much as we do.


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