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Magic Material: 15 Ways Graphene Could Change The World

Magic Material: 15 Ways Graphene Could Change The World


Graphene is becoming more and more of an important factor in the world we live in today. As time goes by, that importance will only increase as the technology is used in more aspects of life. Before we know it graphene will be a major part of everyday life as we know it. You can say confidently that graphene will change the world.

So what exactly is graphene? The important facts are that it is extremely strong, very thin and the conductivity it possess makes it possible to be a part of just about any technology that wants to incorporate it. It’s a layer of carbon that is just one atom thick. That’s right, it’s extremely small which makes the strength that it has even more amazing. Carbon is the chemical basis for just about everything that has to do with Earth so there is plenty of it to test and try out. It’s something that we will never run short of.

There are already several items that make use of graphene on the market. Some of the top tennis players in the world use graphene-made racquets and there are also skis and helmets that are in use. These products are already very good but they’ll only get better as future testing is done.

The potential is limitless. We could see cars that never rust again, the dirtiest water turned into beautiful, clean drinking water and there are plenty of health benefits coming in the future as well. Today you are going to learn about a bunch of things that will soon be coming to you and change the world as we know it.

15. Roll up television screens and cell phones


As I already said, the graphene technology could change the world as we know it. How cool would it be to be able to roll up your big screen tv and take it to a friend’s house because yours is bigger than what they have? Or maybe have a cell phone that is bendable, making it virtually unbreakable if you dropped it by accident? Or maybe if you have on some pants with no pockets you might be able to just wrap your phone right around your wrist?

It’s a very expensive process that would lead to a very expensive product. But that doesn’t mean the big companies aren’t working on it. It could happen before you think it will.

14. Faster and longer lasting batteries


Graphene could make batteries like we never imagined they could be. They could charge in a matter of seconds and last for very long periods of time. The feather-like weight could see batteries actually put into clothing and used to plug in heart monitors and other health-related technologies.

The technology for this has been in the works for a long time and we could see it sooner rather than later. Who wouldn’t want a cell phone battery that could last for up to a week or more, right? It might not be that far away from reality so keep an eye out!

13. Computers could be faster than ever


Those who love computers or do a lot of work on them could see drastic changes in the speed of new machines. They are pretty fast now and have come a very long way from those first primitive machines that we all used to love. Can you imagine though, a current processor that runs at 2.9GHz, working at 100GHz? It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? The way computer technology is always changing it could happen long before you might think.

The chips that we know today could actually run a million times faster than what they do right now. That’s just amazing and I can’t wait!

12. Rust free cars


If companies started to put some graphene in their paint that they used on cars it could make a world of difference. This thin coating could lead to vehicles never seeing deterioration anymore and they could look beautiful forever. This would be especially helpful to those of us that live in bad weather states. We all know what salt and snow can do to your vehicle. The results from extended exposure to that could see the body of your vehicle almost completely disintegrate.

The major companies are working on it and it could be on the market before you know it. How cool would that be?

11. Cars that are more fuel efficient


Graphene has been tested in vehicles and it has been found that it can take the heat generated from the engine and turn it into energy. It could be used in a battery form and it could be used to power your air conditioner as well.

Currently your average decently running car will lose about 70% of the energy that is generated by the consumption of fuel to heat. Graphene could be used to take that heat and turn it into energy. Overall it could drastically reduce fuel usage or cut it out altogether. It could also make those hybrid vehicles run longer than anyone ever dreamed of.

10. Graphene could make all around better airplanes


There isn’t a person in the world that wouldn’t want to see airplanes be as safe as possible. They have come a long way and crashes and accidents don’t happen nearly as much as they used to, but let’s face it, they still happen. Using graphene couldn’t possibly make aircraft accidents never happen anymore, but it could cut them down some.

The lightweight material could make the planes themselves, structure wise, much stronger and more fuel efficient due to the lighter weights that the planes would be. I think everyone is for making fuel last longer in airplanes. At least you wouldn’t read news articles of planes that crashed because they ran out of fuel anymore.

9. Better tennis racquets


This technology is already in use. The newer tennis racquets that use graphene are lighter and distribute weight to where it’s needed. This improves the performance of the user and it has already made a big splash in that sport.

You may not be a big follower of tennis but you certainly know the names Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. They are two of the top players in the entire world and they both use graphene racquets. That fact alone tells you that they must be pretty good.

This also tells you that graphene is already in use around the world. The key is finding ways to bring it to many others products in a cost effective manner. Don’t worry though, it’s coming soon and it will be a part of your everyday life.

8. Graphene is also used in bike helmets


Graphene is now being used in helmets for motorcycles and bicycles. The helmets are more durable and are pretty lightweight. It’s always a great thing to have something that is strong yet not heavy on your head for safety reasons.

Catlike was the first company to incorporate the technology into helmets when they released the bicycle helmets. Collaboration between Momodesign and the Italian Institute of Technology resulted in the first helmets made for motorcycle use.

As time goes by and the experiments continue, both of these helmets will only get stronger and better so keep an eye out for upgraded products to hit the market in the near future.

7. Graphene makes skis lighter and faster


Skis that use the graphene technology are still flexible but they remain firm when they need to be. The lightweight skis offer more balance and control than any other ski has ever offered before.

Just as what was mentioned with the above helmets, skis will get even better as time goes by with more experimenting conducted. Dynafit North American already has a few of these products on the market and you can bet that other companies will be looking to follow suit just as soon as they can. Nobody wants to be left behind so soon the market will be filled with options.

6. Replacement nerves


Michigan Technological University has been working on a technique using graphene for replacement nerves for a while now. 3D printed replacement nerves using 3D bioprinting could very well become a thing of the future.

The graphene is being used as an electrical conductor so the polymer material they have created can grow new tissue.

Obviously something like this takes a very long time to finish so there is no set time frame on when it could be brought to the public. It’s nice to know though, that researchers are using the latest and greatest technologies to make our lives a little better.

5. Graphene may be used as a “cancer killer”


We all know that cancer research is always reaching new leaps and bounds. That’s great news for all of us. One of the newer experiments is the use of graphene oxide to be used as an anti-cancer agent. These agents would target cancer stem cells and shrink down tumors.

This is still quite a ways from being brought to the public but a lot of progress is being made each day. A lot of testing still needs to be done to perfect the treatment but the way they are always coming out with new treatments, hopefully this one won’t be too far off in the future.

4. Night vision


You’ve seen the headsets that are worn by military units to be able to see in the dark. They look something like a video game and they look bulky and pretty uncomfortable as well. They do work but there might be a new, better technology available in the near future.

The material is very thin, flexible, light and very strong. This makes for the perfect combination for military to wear when working at night. Once it becomes available to the military it will only be a matter of time before the technology is used to create something that the public can wear at night.

3. Graphene can protect crops


The crops that are grown by farmers are at a constant risk of contamination. That’s an occupational hazard when things are grown outside in the elements. Biosensors made with graphene could soon change all of that and reduce the risk. They could be used to warn farmers of the danger and they could then take measures to protect their crops. This works out to everyone in the country’s favor.

These sensors could take samples and provide instant feedback rather than the current system of waiting days or weeks for lab results to come back. There is nothing wrong with that at all and farmers across the country would welcome the new technology.

2. Graphene can turn rain into energy


The University of Manchester is conducting research that would use graphene to store wind or solar power. It could then be turned into clean energy for everyone to use.

To take it one step further, researchers from Yunnan Normal University and Ocean University of China, are conducting research that uses graphene technology that can take rainfall and turn it into energy as well.

If the sun can be used as a source of energy why can’t rain right? It makes perfect sense as it’s something that there is plenty of. The technology is still pretty far from completion but it’s cool to know that it’s being worked on.

1. Graphene can be used to create clean drinking water


Graphene oxide can actually form a barrier between water and pollutants. This could take the dirtiest of water and create pure, clean drinking water for everyone. This would be especially beneficial to those third world countries that have issues with clean drinking water.

Researchers at Washington University have actually come up with a way that it works quite well. If it continues to show positive results we could see this new technology all over the world in no time at all.

The actual process that the water would go through is simple but the technology to make it work is a bit more complex. Testing will continue and hopefully it can start being used around the entire world soon.


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