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Not As Dumb As They Look: 15 Celebs With Unexpectedly High IQs

Not As Dumb As They Look: 15 Celebs With Unexpectedly High IQs

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Saying that most celebrities are best known for their fine looks, high standard of life or lavish homes won’t be far away from the truth itself. There’s no denying that the world is filled to the brim with freaks who could be anything but reliable both professionally and personally. Unlike them, there are many curious cases of renowned people who have proven themselves as authentic geniuses. And surely, it’s not like these folks have graduated from a noteworthy university, such as Harvard, or Stanford. Rather, it’s just the other way around. Believe it or not, some of our top #15 celebrities haven’t even gotten near a university.

Yes, we totally realize that it sounds downright rude and kind of disrespectful.  And still, we just can’t escape from the very truth of it, can we? In a nutshell, today we touch upon a few of the world’s most favorite celebrities with unexpectedly high IQs. Well, it definitely seems like our top #15 recognizable names hardly offer only exquisite looks. Rather, there’s more to some of them than meets the eye for sure. From the lovely Emma Watson to the handsome Ashton Kutcher, our sizzling roundup of hot names will surely have you awe-struck. So, let’s see who pretends to be the smartypants now, shall we?

15. James Franco – 130

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In truth, most celebs aren’t really considered bright due to their professional field of development. Perhaps, this is exactly what makes them look less intelligent in the eyes of their millions of die-hard fans. But in spite of that, these people have always been a natural source of wisdom and rationality. We just haven’t known it yet! How interesting! And just to illustrate it all for you, let’s take James Franco as an example. He’s an attractive young man who’s believed to be pretty smart as well. And if you don’t believe us, just type his name in your Google search box and see what pops up. While 2/3 of all the test-takers score somewhere between 85 to 115, James Franco has obtained about 130 scores on his IQ test! Well done, James!

14. Jodie Foster – 132

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Let’s be honest – the more famous you become, the more problems you get. Do you agree? Indeed, celebs are usually thought as pretty shallow human beings who have become renowned “Rock Stars”, successful A-list movie stars or great talk-show hosts thanks to their decent looks and charismatic nature. Well, maybe, you’ve got a point there. After all, the world-known Kardashian’s “reign” isn’t really made up of female geniuses, is it? In a nutshell, Jodie Forster is one lucky lady who’s made her way up to the top as well. A graduate of Yale university, she’s succeeded in life thanks to her immense talent and intellect. As lovely as she is, the gorgeous Jodie Forster has totally nailed it after obtaining the rumored 132 scores. Nice work, Jodie!

13. Emma Watson – 138

via The Odyssey Online

Oh, the stunning Emma Watson! Isn’t she really what a beautiful young lady should look like?! With her fine British manners and accent that truly makes the Earth stop spinning, Emma is definitely one bright and well-educated woman. Best known for her significant role in the Harry Potter phenomenon, Emma Watson has surely come a long way since her days as Hermione. Indeed, she’s portrayed all of her greatest movie roles so wonderfully well. But it takes brains to score such a big IQ result. She even took some time out of her filming schedule to attend Brown University! In truth, Emma Watson has absolutely demonstrated the world how smart, charming and talented she genuinely is!

12. Natalie Portman – 140


When it comes to the phenomenal Black Swan actress, she’s absolutely melted our hearts away so many times. Indeed, it’s not like the rest of our Hollywood stars are hardly masterful enough to win us over. Surely, it’s barely the case. However, there’s really something special about this gal who is also a graduate of Harvard University. And no, we barely mean her feminine and classy looks. Have you actually watched Natalie Portman’s Harvard Commencement Speech? Well, if you have, then you must be quite aware of her humble nature and clear mind. “Clear mind, bright future“, right? We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of this old saying…

11. Shakira – 140

via YouTube

Considered one of the biggest Latina artists in the world of modern tunes, Shakira can totally boast her IQ score of about 140! Today she’s referred to as quite a successful singer whose gorgeous looks are only an additional asset to her bright mind! Besides, Shakira is probably the best example of a pretty smart female celebrity whose looks are undeniably hot as well. Furthermore, her Latina origins have probably helped her even more than you could ever imagine. Not only is she 100 % fluent in English, but she’ll totally make you wonder how come she speaks a total of 5 other languages, such as French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Arabic.

10. Steve Martin – 142

via Pitchfork

Before rising to fame, Mr. Steve Martin was a pretty ordinary philosophy major student attending the prominent Cal State. What’s really interesting about the great comedy actor is that he’s never really thought of becoming an actor. Rather, his wishes and desires didn’t really go near this field of knowledge a few decades back. Moreover, he would hit the books while chasing the dream of being a philosophy professor. Well, this is what his goals were focused on back in the day. We don’t know when and why he changed his mind though. But what we do know for sure now is that Steve Martin is one of the best comedy actors we all know and cherish. Thus, his choices must have been for the better.

9. David Duchovny – 147

via Entertainment Weekly

Here we are with another celebrity who has become such a respected and appreciated movie star. Best known for his high-profile roles in top movies like The X files, House of D and Return To Me, David Duchovny stands shoulder to shoulder with many A-list movie stars for sure. Additionally, he’s also proven himself as quite of a thinker after nailing his IQ test like a professional. Unlike his previous colleagues, Mr. David Duchovny has surpassed the average scores of 2/3 of the test-takers while overtopping the results of more than 6 of our celebs featured on this list. Well, David has definitely earned himself a long round of applause for it.

8. Nolan Gould – 150

via Fox News

Nolan may be the youngest representative of the Hollywood Colony of Geniuses, but he’s quite a big deal nevertheless. With his fine looks and intellect, he’s bound to succeed in both his personal and professional life. Surely, his funny role in Modern Family as the dummy Luke Dunphy has totally helped him get off to a flying start. Furthermore, his IQ score has been rumored to surpass those of intelligent celebs, such as Natalie Portman, Steve Martin, and David Duchovny. Frankly, we can’t deny that we’re pretty impressed with his final score of 150 on a standard IQ test! How nice! P.S. Don’t forget that he’s only 18 years old and he’s already been dubbed a genius!

7. Lisa Kudrow – 154

via Pinterest

Frankly, we really miss the good old days when the famous sitcom was like a trend loved and followed by everyone. Surely, it’s not like we hardly care about Friends any longer, however, it has really bitten the dust. Today we don’t get to see its great actors on the big screen either. Maybe, they’ve taken what’s theirs by eternal right, as the saying goes. Seriously, we kind of miss Lisa’s goofy character in the lovely sitcom. Indeed, she might have played her role pretty decently but we can’t really see any common ground between Lisa and Phoebe anyway. After all, Lisa Kudrow’s IQ score goes somewhere near 154! What a genius!

6. Sharon Stone – 154


If Sharon Shane had a nickname, it would most likely sound like “Sharon the Smarty Pants”. Seriously, don’t let her fool you. As stunning and charismatic as she is, Sharon Stone is anything but a dumb blonde who loves staring at herself in the mirror. Believe it or not, Sharon’s unexpectedly high score on her IQ test has totally made us wonder whether she’s got any other talents we have no idea about. That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? All in all, the gorgeous Sharon Stone must really feel proud of herself and her quite high IQ score. Without being too mean, let’s just say that actresses and models aren’t exactly known for their amazing brain capacity. And to top it all off, Sharon is practically both. But anyway, today she’s still as lovely and smart as she’s ever been.

5. Conan O’Brien – 160

via The AV Club

Are you a fan of the hilarious Conan OBrien? Do you feel entertained by his style of jokes and mindset? Well, we can totally agree with you. Best known for his late night hilarity, Mr. Conan serves as another fresh example of a pretty intelligent celebrity who can absolutely feel proud of his IQ score of 160! Seriously?! Conan, where have you kept such a mighty source of wisdom, intellect, and creativity? Well, we can’t deny that Mr. Conan O’Brien has impressed us yet again with his ingenuity. Way to go, Conan! What a nice work!

4. Quentin Tarantino – 160

via Digital Spy

Saying that such a mind-blowing and immensely talented actor is a less intelligent celeb will be the greatest misunderstanding EVER. Well, he might have really dropped out of high-school but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s dumb as a box of rocks. It’s hardly this case at all. Rather, he’s more intelligent than you can ever imagine. With his rumored IQ of about 160 scores, Quentin Tarantino has absolutely made the Earth stop spinning once again. What’s even more, Albert Einstein’s IQ equals his. Yes, we’ve just compared Quentin’s intellectual capacity with that of Albert Einstein. So you tell us, isn’t that pretty insane?

3. Matt Damon – 160

via Grantland

An IQ score of 160?! Oh, Matt, that’s pretty nice! All joking aside. Matt Damon has actually attended the eminent Harvard University so our respect for him has just grown even further. As for his IQ score, we can’t deny that we’re quite impressed. Also, you may not be aware of the fact that Matt Damon has been the one to come up with the plot of “Good Will Hunting”. So are we anywhere near the truth of it? Because he’s totally nailed it. Again. Well, Matt Damon will forever be the handsome, successful and pretty smart guy we all love and deeply support! Matt, you rock!

2. Ashton Kutcher – 160

via Huffington Post

Here we are with our next smoking hot celebrity who’s happily married to the gorgeous Mila Kunis. Sorry girls! Ashton Kutcher is already taken! But aside from his fine looks and charismatic personality, the successful actor seems to be as clever as a fox. Not only has he taken our breaths away with his phenomenal impersonations, but he has absolutely won us over with his cleverness as well. Well, it definitely seems like Mila Kunis is one lucky lady for getting him in her life. What’s even more, this sagacious young man has totally nailed the high score of about 160 on his IQ test!

1. James Woods – 180-184

via ijr com

And last but certainly not least, meet the wonderful actor whose initials plans have surely gone awry. Actually, he’s never planned on becoming an actor of such a scale. Needless to say, his bright mind and magnetic presence have absolutely captured our hearts. When it comes to his IQ score, it’d be safe to say that he’s performed really well. Keep in mind that any score that goes over 160 is considered a genius intelligence. Well, James Woods has truly nailed it. His IQ score has absolutely surpassed the standard score of 160. Isn’t that what an extraordinary cleverness really mean? Seriously, an IQ score between 180-184 is quite a number, isn’t it? As for that, it’s just the icing on the cake for sure.


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