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Prone to Cheat: 15 Professions That Can Make Your Wife Suspicious

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Prone to Cheat: 15 Professions That Can Make Your Wife Suspicious

Every person looks for a profession that can satisfy his materialistic needs. Of course, a good profession can change the economic status of an individual and also create a luxurious life for his family. But, there is no guaranty that such a profession will keep him happy forever. It may ruin his marital life by sowing the seeds of suspicion in his wife’s mind. And that’s the end of everything. His beautiful married life will start losing its hold and one day his wife will bang the doors of a court for a divorce.

Multiple studies have claimed that the divorce rate is very high among certain professionals. Job roles of all these professionals can make their wives suspicious, that’s sad! As you know, there will be no place for love when the wife starts doubting her husband’s conduct. His each and every action will look mischievous for her even though it is a part of his profession. As the popular writer and journalist Bella Pollen has rightly said, “A little bit of suspicion is a dangerous thing; a drop from a pipette of poison into a bucket of otherwise clean water”.

Here you will find 15 professions that can make your wife suspicious. Lol, you are the luckiest man if your profession is not included in the following list.

15.  Gym Instructor


Good looking men have some ugly disadvantages. If you take the life of a gym instructor you will understand the pain of being handsome or attractive. His wife assumes that he is the hot cake for girls. So, she always keeps an eye on his movement. As you know, women never like to see their husband touching another woman. But at the gym, an instructor can’t be a monk.

He is surrounded by super hot ladies who admire his muscular body. When he posts the picture of his 8-pack abs, girls go crazy and start writing hot comments that cross the boundaries of decency, and no wife can tolerate such things. Poor husband, may God bless him!

14. Counsellor


This profession may appear to be a big surprise on the list. Usually, women never share about their personal life with a third person. But, they usually have warm feelings for a counsellor because he is someone who can save them from problems. Most women will consult a counsellor when they encounter a problem in their marriage. As you know, women share extremely personal and confidential information with their counsellor. Though he considers them his clients, he is more than a “friend” for them. That’s the beauty of the rapport! However, for the counsellor’s wife, this kind of relationship may look awkward and suspicious.

13. Actor


For ladies, film stars are angels on earth. Whenever they spot a film star in a public place they beg him for his autograph. In fact, actors hardly find time for their private life due to the busy shooting schedule. Most women desire to marry an actor since he is a celebrity and society believes that actor’s wife leads a happy life with all kinds of luxuries. Nothing is as good as it seems as you can imagine. No woman likes to see her husband having intimate moments with another woman, but an actor’s wife is left with no option. After all, that’s a part of his profession! An actor’s wife always feels insecure about her married life since her husband is the most desired hunk. Media adds fuel to the fire by writing extensively about her husband’s dating rumors.

12. Doctor


A doctor’s personal life may become a misery due to his commitment to the profession. People never hesitate calling him for help no matter whether it is midnight or dawn. Sometimes, he cancels the family picnic at the last moment in order to serve his patients who are in the emergency unit. Just imagine the condition of his wife whenever he does all these? She may start doubting him. What comes first to your mind when you imagine a hospital set up? A doctor and two beautiful nurses standing next to him. Everyone believes that doctors are blessed to work with good looking women, but, in reality, it is a bane for his personal life. Since he spends a lot of time with nurses, his wife may think that he is having an “intimate” relationship with them.

11. Pilot


Who doesn’t love flying? For most of us, it’s a childhood dream. However, only a few have fulfilled their dream of flying across the oceans, and those super lucky people are called pilots. No doubt, a pilot’s profession can create a great fortune for him. A handsome salary package, free accommodation and an opportunity to spend his nights in different countries, what a wonderful life! However, his wife has some assumptions about his closeness to flight attendants. In fact, the aviation industry has a high rate of infidelity since pilots are more prone to have extra-marital affairs with flight attendants. Pilots’ sex scandals keep making headlines and create a bad image for this profession. Perhaps, a pilot’s wife has every reason to be suspicious.

10. Yoga Guru


OMG! there is nothing sexier than a yoga guru. Thousands of eyes admire his skills that help people find solutions to their physical and emotional problems. These days yoga teachers are in huge demand since yoga is considered one of the best ways to combat depression. For outsiders, a yoga guru may look like a “professional flirt”, and if you check out some YouTube videos you will end up with the same idea. However, the reality is different. He does not flirt but conveys the benefits of meditation and helps correct the different postures of his students. A yoga guru’s married life will be wonderful if he ties the wedding knot with a lady who is completely aware of the nature of his profession otherwise she will consider him a “womanizer”.

9. Bar Attendant


Some people carry a charming smile on their face even though their life is not so awesome, a bar attendant is the best example for it. His smile can comfort anyone! Sometimes customers prefer him over his other colleagues since his service is extraordinary. A bar attendant stays at his workplace at night serving hot beverage to people and often he finds single women lying on the floor due to the overconsumption of alcohol. Helping such women to get back to their homes is not a part of his job, but still, he does that with a humanitarian concern. He meets hundreds of women in a day and most of them treat him like a friend. But for his wife, this type of relationship is unethical.

8. Army Personnel


Once or twice in a year, an army officer gets a chance to meet his wife. He can’t carry his family to the distant land since he is not allowed to do that. No doubt, he is a hero in the eyes of people, but he is an unhappy person when it comes to his sex life. Sex is a physical as well as psychological need for every human being. Many studies have proven that unsatisfied sexual desires can harm the mental health of a person. During the world wars, soldiers used to visit the brothels and the authorities hardly made attempts to stop them. After knowing all these facts, how can an army officer’s wife keep the trust in her husband when he is far away?

7. Entrepreneur


Youngsters desire to be entrepreneurs once after completing graduation. The journey of a businessman is not so easy, however, it’s always worth it. At his office, every employee looks at him with special respect when he walks down the long corridor. But only one person may find him suspicious, and that’s none other than his wife. She has a reason to be suspicious! A beauty queen follows her husband wherever he goes, and he calls her “Ms. Secretary”. He needs her everywhere, no matter whether it is a foreign trip or a business meeting. For him, she is just an obedient employee, but people keep spreading rumors about their close association, and such rumors may reach his wife too.

6. Athlete


There are many athletes who made news headlines due to extra marital relationships. No doubt, this profession attracts women like a magnet. Golf legend Tiger Woods’ sex scandal was a big shock for the world since he was considered as one of the gentlemen of the sports world. In 2004, he married Elin Nordegren, a Swedish former model and they had a beautiful married life. But later it was revealed that Woods had sex with multiple women. Now, Nordegren and Woods are not living under the same roof, that’s really painful! “I have moved on and I am in a good place. My relationship with Tiger is centered around our children and we are doing really good – we really are – and I am so happy that is the case. He is a great father,” Nordegren said during an interview. An athlete’s wife may put herself in the position of a betrayed wife whenever she reads the sex scandals of sports personalities. Some weird fans also make her feel awkward by kissing her husband in public. 

5. Police Officer


Movies have created a heroic image for the police officer. He is tall and handsome, and his sexy uniform grab women’s attention whenever he roams the streets. He works around the clock to ensure safety in society and his dedicated service is well recognized by people. However, he is the most suspected person in the eyes of his wife. At midnight, he might get calls from police station and he leaves homes without even informing his wife. His wife may naturally assume that he is having happy time with some other woman! Women call him for help and also invite him for parties just to express their gratitude. But such things may provoke his wife to be suspicious.

4. Fashion Designer


A fashion designer’s day is filled with a lot of fun and creativity. He works with too many beautiful women and is more likely to fall in love with any one of them. In fact, he knows their body shape and size very well. Lol, don’t take it in a wrong sense, he is their personal designer!

Most of the fashion designers are married to models with whom they worked earlier. A fashion designer earns the friendship of top heroines and models very easily, as they keep approaching him for eye-catching designs. At parties, his wife may find him hugging multiple ladies and posing for photographs. She will be definitely having trust issues in her marriage even though she looks cool in front of others.

3. Software Engineer


Women go crazy when they find their men spending too much time on gadgets like their phone and laptop. Because they believe that their husband is chatting with someone on dating apps. In fact, men do that, but please do not include sincere software engineers to that list. A software engineer can do nothing without his computer, and the world is completely aware of it. But his wife may find this fact very strange. She keeps checking his computer just to know whether he has female friends on social media. “What does he do all the time sitting in front the computer?” may be a question that hits her mind very often.

2. Customer Care Representative


At least once in a week, everyone reaches out to a customer care representative for some assistance in resolving an issue. No doubt, calm minds can make anyone feel wonderful. But, there are some crooked representatives who collect the phone numbers of female callers and try contacting them from their personal phone. That’s against their profession, but men are men, they do that just to have an affair. A sweet female voice can provoke a customer care representative to have a relationship with her, love at first conversation! A customer care representative’s wife has watched enough movies based on this storyline and that keeps her alert.

1. Professor

Via quotesaboutfriendship.

Professors receive a lot of respect from society due to their academic qualifications and teaching experience. For students, a professor is the source of knowledge and inspiration, but for some of them, he is a secret crush. Yes! It’s very common for girls to write love letters to their favourite professor who is super hot and stylish. He will be in serious trouble if his wife finds such letters inside his book. Of course, it will plant the seed of doubt in her mind and make her suspect his professional life. These days, women have outnumbered men in the teaching field, perhaps, with college staff rooms crowded with women professors. It’s obvious when a man works with too many women, his wife may start feeling insecure about his conduct. 

Sources: People, Radar Online

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