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Ranking 15 Netflix Original Shows From Bad To Worst So Far

Ranking 15 Netflix Original Shows From Bad To Worst So Far

Who doesn’t enjoy spending their time curled up on the couch watching their favourite shows? It was such a great thing when Netflix made it simpler than ever. A while back, you had to wait by the TV for your favourite show to start and then it was constantly interrupted with a bunch of commercials that usually really ruined the whole experience for most people. With Netflix, that is not the case anymore. You can access Netflix on your TV, desktop or laptop, tablet, phone, etc. at any time of the day and you can watch whatever you want for as long as you want without interruptions.

Netflix has really gone a long way in creating their original shows so we got to see some pretty awesome series that had us hooked instantly such as House of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and many more.

However, when you create so much content as Netflix does, not all of the shows can always turn out great. We’ve seen some average stuff, some pretty bad shows, and some truly terrible ones. Today, we are going to talk about the worst Netflix original shows so far and we’ll rank them from bad to the worst.

15. Sense8


The main problem with Sense8 started with really high expectations that people had from the very moment the show was first announced. Critics and audiences were expecting an extraordinary sci-fi drama simply because it was created by the famous duo behind The Matrix, Lilly and Lana Wachowski. When somebody creates something that legendary, we should probably expect them to hold to the same standard, isn’t that right? Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with their new project.

Sense8 follows the story of a group of people from different parts of the world who are somehow mentally connected. The whole idea wasn’t bad per se, but the viewers were really disappointed by the show’s painfully slow pace. It wasn’t the worst show ever, but it let down a lot of people who were really exciting about it before it aired.

14. Marseille


Marseille was supposed to be something new and fresh since it was the first French production for Netflix, but it ended up being completely predictable and, truth to be told, quite boring. Numerous critics have pointed out that it was mostly made around old and familiar clichés that American procedural dramas usually rely on. Starting from the dark opening credits, all the way through the splashy indoor sets, to the same old drug-addled characters playing with their guns. The whole thing just seemed like something we have all seen before. We could even forget about all that if the storyline was really good and catchy, but it just got really overbearing and kind of hard to watch. By the end of the first season, the only people still watching were mostly just the biggest Gerard Depardieu fans.

13. Disjointed


Disjointed is one of the new Netflix’s original comedy series which premiered on August 25, 2017, and people are already disappointed by its low quality and poor humor. We have all seen Kathy Bates in Misery, and we know the woman can deliver a great role, but that is just impossible to see in this show where she plays Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a woman advocating for cannabis legalization who runs her own marijuana dispensary.

The main issue both the audience and the critics have with this show is the really awkward humor with obvious punchlines and pretty lame cannabis jokes. There doesn’t seem to be any depth to the whole thing and it is overall just disappointing. If you are looking to have some fun while watching your new favorite sitcom, this show will be a major buzzkill.

12. Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove is one of the oldest Netflix’s original shows on this list and it was named one of the worst 10 TV shows by Time back in 2013. People were expecting so much more from Netflix in this particular case, especially because it premiered just a couple of months after House of Cards which was a major success. Unfortunately, Hemlock Grove was the exact opposite.

The show was based on the novel by Brian McGreevy and it followed the unusual happenings in a fictional town of Hemlock Grove. The critics immediately slammed it for the awkwardly slow pace and really poor acting, and the rest of the audience slammed it for everything else. It was just universally disliked show and it is a miracle that it got renewed for two more seasons before it finally ended its run.

11. Gypsy


Gypsy was just one big mistake and it didn’t take long for Netflix to realize that. The period between the first trailer and the show cancellation was around two months – some would say even that was too long. The series seemed to have a real potential at the beginning, mostly because the major protagonist was portrayed by Naomi Watts and no one can deny she is a great actress. However, once you realize how much Netflix was paying her for that role, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that the whole thing just wasn’t profitable. People found the general story to be just plain boring because they were expecting a richly textured thriller about a therapist forming inappropriate connections with her patients, but they got a flavorless drama instead.

10. Girlboss


Girlboss is Netflix’s original comedy series based on the real story of Sophia Amoruso, a startup millionaire who made the big bucks with her vintage fashion brand named Nasty Gal. It is not that the audience hated the whole show, but they had a real problem with its main character. No, the problem wasn’t the actress Britt Robertson (people actually liked her), the problem was the self-centered, spoiled, whining “walking selfie” Sophia. The creators pointed out that this was a “real loose” adaptation, so let’s just hope the real-life Sophia is nothing like her on-screen character. After the first 13 episodes, the show was canceled and people seemed to like the 13th episode the best for one simple reason – it was the last one ever.

9. Fuller House


Back in the day, Full House was sort of a cute show and people generally liked it. It wasn’t the best sitcom ever, but it was fine, mostly thanks to the cute kids starring in it, especially Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who used to be beyond adorable in the first couple of seasons. So Netflix decided to rely on fan nostalgia and they created the new version of the old series – Fuller House. They brought back most of the actors and characters from the original series and they added a few new ones.

You know how you used to love some great movie and then you got really disappointed by the poor quality of the sequel? Well, that is exactly what happened in the case of the Fuller House. The whole thing is just cheesy and far from funny and cute.

8. Flaked


Viewers have been pretty impressed with the sitcom Arrested Development so when they first heard its creator, Mitch Hurwitz, had been working on something new, they were expecting another great show. Throw the charismatic Will Arnett into the mix and you are bound to have another great show that will have people hooked instantly. Or are you?

Unfortunately, Flaked turned out to be a major letdown. The whole series relies on the funny aspects of grown men acting like children and trying to get their life together. While that might have been a good addition to the main story, it is just not enough to be its center and to carry the series. So far, 13 disappointing episodes have been released and kudos to the people who stuck to watch all of them because that just seems like it’s really hard to do.

7. Cooked


Cooked is a completely different show from all the other Netflix shows on this list but that doesn’t make it any good. It is a documentary series following Michael Pollan as he explores cooking and its connection to major world issues such as environment and health. That doesn’t sound half bad, wouldn’t you say? Unfortunately, although the general idea of the show is quite good, the execution is pretty bad, mostly because this is too big a topic to be covered in such a short show. While the show offers some useful information and historical context, it will make you feel really bad about the food you eat without offering a realistic solution. All in all, this kind of culinary advocacy shouldn’t just be forced down the viewers’ throat without taking into consideration the huge range of the human circumstances.

6. Chelsea


Much was expected from the Netflix’s first ever talk show, mostly because it promised it would be nothing like the other talk shows out there. It features Chelsea Handler in the role of a talk show host who starts every episode with a humorous monologue followed by an interview with a public figure. Seriously though, how is that any different from every other talk show? But that is not really the biggest issue of the show. The major problem is that is it poorly conceived and its anything-goes structure often feels overly clumsy. Everybody is aware of the fact that being smart and funny at any given moment isn’t an easy task, but Handler should really try to work on that if she plans on doing more shows such as Chelsea.

5. Marco Polo


There was some serious hype about Marco Polo before it premiered and people were expecting a spectacular show mostly because Netflix invested around $90 million into the first 10 episodes, making this show one of their most expensive projects. Unfortunately, the price tag is not always the proof of quality and that was the case with Marco Polo.

While the obvious inspiration of this show, Game of Thrones, is known as one of the most unpredictable and interesting shows to date, Marco Polo was described by the critics as the opposite of that: lifeless, emotionally empty, and sluggish. Netflix tried to save the whole thing and give it one more chance with the new batch of episodes, but it didn’t go much better than with the first season. Third time might be the charm, but we’ll never know because the plug on this show was officially pulled in 2016.

4. Real Rob


Don’t sweat it if you have no idea who Rob Schneider actually is. Sure, he did some comedies you might have seen in between switching channels on your TV, but he is just notorious for his mediocrity. However, if you are one of his not-so-many fans out there, you might have enjoyed this awkward show called Real Rob.

Real Rob features a version of Rob’s real life combined with clips of his standup shows. While this kind of show might have worked for some other (and better) comedians out there, such as Jerry Seinfeld, Rob Schneider just fails to deliver the same amount of entertainment and humor. Not to mention most of his jokes aren’t very original and can be pretty offensive since they are usually based on the stereotypes about… Well, basically everybody.

3. Between


Sci-fi drama seems to be a pretty popular genre nowadays, especially combined with the idea of an apocalyptic world. However, that just wasn’t enough to make Between a show worth watching.

It follows a pregnant teen who planned on giving up her child for an adoption but was forced to change her plans once a virus hit the town and forced a quarantine while killing everybody who is over 21 years of age. Sounds interesting? Well, the truth is most critics described it as flat-out boring. It seems that the creators couldn’t decide whether to focus on the young woman’s personal struggles or on the story about an outbreak of a killer virus, so they made one big mess of a show combining the elements of both. No, it is not unclear and confusing, it is just poorly executed.

2. Friends From College


Friends from College, one of the Netflix’s newest offerings, hasn’t seen much of a positive response so far. The high point of the show is its all-star cast but it all goes downhill from there. It appears that the whole thing just isn’t really well thought through since the story and especially the relationships between the characters get pretty confusing. It is basically a group of old college friends who simply ruin each other’s lives so it is not exactly clear how it is possible that they remain labeled friends. However, you find yourself thinking… Billy Eichner? Keegan-Michael Key? Cobie Smulders? What’s not to like? Well, the way their natural comedic talents aren’t used at all in this show! It is just a shame to see so much talent and potential caught up in a show that is such a letdown.

1. Iron Fist


Iron Fist is sort of a black sheep among its Marvel peers which have all been met positively both by fans and by the critics. Netflix-Marvel mashups seemed to be the perfect combination right until they decided to release this disappointing show which made us all wonder which way the things will go in the future.

The show moves so painfully slowly. It is super hard to watch and if you were expecting it to explode into something way more interesting and exciting along the way, you would be sorely disappointed. It seems as if the writers struggled really hard to fill the time so they just dragged the whole thing to the point where it became almost unwatchable. Who wants to watch the main protagonist strapped to a bed in a mental institution doing nothing for an hour? And when you finally get to see some fight scenes, they seem so sloppy you almost miss the time when there was nothing happening at all.

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