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Rich Kids: 25 Pictures Of Wealthy Kids Who’ve Lost Touch With Reality

Rich Kids: 25 Pictures Of Wealthy Kids Who’ve Lost Touch With Reality

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In case you are looking to have a laugh, or better yet need a reality check, then we have just compiled the perfect list for you. We have come up with a list of 25 pictures of wealthy kids who are out of touch with reality that will get you in the perfect mood. This list is sure to either make you feel envious or annoyed at the irresponsible lavishness some of these kids have.

If you keep up with some of the most popular Instagram accounts, then you know that the rich kids of Instagram are getting more obnoxious and outrageous with each passing day. So what makes these rich kids super obnoxious and outrageous brats? Well, according to research, when you grow up in a rich family, it’s usually much harder to feel a sense of achievement. With your parents throwing down all that cash on you, it’s also much harder for people to believe that what you have achieved is your own.

With a fat allowance and a good education, it’s hard for these rich kids not to flaunt whatever they have. If you follow them on social media then you know that if they are not busy flying private jets, then they are rolling down the streets with supercars. Take a look at yourself and try not to get too annoyed because these rich kids are clearly out of touch with reality.

25. Casual Italian Holiday


Well, for most of us going on vacation is a savings project, and everything needs to be just right. In case you happened to actually visit another country when you were a youngster, then you probably had to go with your classmates, and it wasn’t all that pleasant. Well, for most of these rich kids, visiting another country and partying it up with magnificent views are just another day in their lives, a pretty casual appearance and definitely no need to break a bank. If you think this rich kid is out of touch with reality, then you better check what we have got in line for you next.

24. Gold Dessert


Well, this isn’t an ancient Greek movie but have you ever eaten gold? Perhaps anything gold coated? Okay, maybe your fancy watch is gold coated, right? Guess what? One rich kid has definitely eaten strawberries covered with gold chocolate. Well, you might be wondering how much that costs – probably a lot – you can go order that at your local diner and I am sure your waitress will have a good laugh. @Justin_Arnold seems to enjoy this rare delicacy of gold chocolate covered strawberries, and he has just the picture to prove it to the world. There’s one question, though, if he is rich enough to eat gold, does it come out of the other end too? That’s probably a question only Justin can answer.

23. Flying High


We all appreciate a good game of basketball; it’s really nothing to brag about when you have an hour or two at the court with your buddies. It’s healthy, full filing and mentally satisfying. Well, if you are a rich kid who is out of touch with reality, a game of basketball needs to be taken a notch higher. This rich kid took the game too far, and figured the best way to slam dunk is to get boosted by his Ferrari and Porsche. What a show-off! The picture was captioned on social media, “That’s the way to use car boost.” Maybe next time you can try that on your beat up Fierro and see if it gets you this much attention.

22. Driving Range With A View


Do you own a Yacht? A fishing boat? Well, if you do it’s probably beat up and rotting at your granddad’s house. But if you are a rich kid, then you probably own or use on of your dad’s mega yachts for casual tours and vacations. Ever gone to shoot some balls at a driving range? Well, this rich kid has a driving range with a view. I hope this doesn’t annoy you but if you thought the driving range at Chelsea piers was something to ogle about, then you better check this out, we just hope he is not aiming at that boat.

21. Private Halloween On A Private Jet


We all love Halloween, and especially when we were kids. Remember all the trick or treating? You definitely remember stealing all of your sibling’s candy if you were a cheeky little brat. And when we get older the parties are definitely amazing all dressed up and crammed into your friend’s apartment. Well, this rich kid took his Halloween party to another level. If you are planning to have a major Halloween gig at the park or in an exclusive club, you need to find out what this rich kid did. He had his Halloween party in a private jet, and he casually captioned it, “Ya this happened.” What you might be wondering is how they got through security.

20. The Rich And Art


We have all heard that the best art collections sell more than all the money your generation has ever handled, or probably all the money that you neighborhood has. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, some rich kids definitely undermine the value of art, or probably don’t feel it at all. Well, one rich kid posted on Instagram a photo of Da Vinci art casually placed on the back seat of his Ferrari. Most people felt he should at least have put a seatbelt on the darn thing. Art lovers everywhere must really hate this guy, and for pretty good reason.

19. Croc Hunter


We all love to watch National Geographic, and if we had the money most of us would love to tour all the savage places in the world and get a glimpse of the thrills that wildlife present, but for now, it’s pretty damn expensive to finance some of these fantasies. For some rich kids, it’s probably not so much of a hassle. If you had all that money, you would do pretty much anything you want. Steve Irwin took this a step further. This wannabe crocodile hunter’s idea of a hobby is to hunt down crocs in France. Pretty dope, and nothing like what we see on television. It makes us nostalgic for the real thing, though.

18. Oil Money


We all know that energy is probably the most precious commodity in the world today, and oil is at the top of the list. Wonder how much money oil tycoons make? Well, have you visited Texas? Better yet, you probably need to visit Dubai. Oil runs the world, and even though a lot of conservatives are trying to push for green energy, pretty much 80% of the world relays on oil to produce energy. Some of the rich kids who are out of touch with reality understand this all too well, and one of them was captioned bragging about a going rig hopping with a chopper. You probably know its oil money if they have a helipad fitted on the rig.

17. Champagne Showers


If you have been to an exclusive club downtown, then you know that ordering a bottle of champagne attracts a lot of attention, and it’s even worse when it’s got all the sparkling lights and the models accompanying it. Well, that’s nothing to talk about when you go to prep school, and your dad owns a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund. If you are a rich kid and you want to make a grand champagne entrance, how about making it a flying entrance? Well, this rich kid clearly knows how to make an entrance, and you definitely understand how epic it was if it involved flying.

16. Matching Cups and Cars


We are all mad about fashion, and especially in this era of fashion and technology, everyone wants to look cool. You probably do matching shoes, matching earrings or sweaters with your sister, but when it comes to rich kids, they take this matching game to a whole new level. They are not matching jewelry or handbags at the mall; they are matching cars and cups. Yes, when you are rich enough, you can make anything become “a Thing.” However, someone needs to tell the guy in the red Ferrari that his cup doesn’t really match his car! That ought to make you feel much better!

15. Fountain of Booze


We all love to get a little wasted on our birthday, and if you have that trashy friend, they’ll probably ensure your birthday party is flowing with cheap liquor. There will probably be a few good ones, and one special champagne bottle you got from your girlfriend. Well, in the Rich Kid World things are different, and this rich kid clearly has his birthday priorities right, with his fridge stocked up full with champagne bottles. It’s definitely going to be a weekend to remember. If you are looking to impress a few of your rich kid friends for your birthday, you know the drill!

14. Summer Yachting


If you are a rich kid, then your parents probably own a yacht or two, and if you are a very rich kid, then you probably own one yourself. We all love the summertime, it’s always time to strip down to your beach wear and hit the public beaches, but not when you are a rich kid who is out of touch with reality. Well the rich kids know how to make the best of their summer. If it’s not holidaying in Europe, it’s probably going out on cruises with their parents’ yachts, and here’s another casual jumping off the yacht picture…It never gets old.

13. Travel with Luxury


So where are you planning to go to this holiday season for your vacation? Probably South Coast or Hawaii? Well, if you are a rich kid who is out of touch with reality, you’d probably be going on a cruise to Turkey. Yes, Turkey. These rich kids took a cruise to Turkey on their private yacht, and after two days came back to Mykonos. Now that’s what a holiday sounds like for these spoilt braggarts. Travel isn’t traveling if it doesn’t have a bit of luxury for these young upcoming millionaires. Sun Champagne and foreign cuisine is part of their holiday itinerary.

12. Edamame through the Watch


The perfect way to flaunt your new wrist watch is to wear it with a normal shirt or perhaps matching garments. Well, if you are a rich kid, and you have this new fancy watch you want to show off, then you’ll want to pull off a “watch that Edamame” stunt. It’s actually pretty cool that he can be able to see his food through his watch, and that got him a whole lot of attention on Instagram too. So next time you want to flaunt your new wrist watch, better get something cool you’re able to see through it.

11. I See First World Problems


It’s probably annoying that these rich kids get to flaunt around in Europe with private jets and yachts, and it’s very annoying that they get to show off every little detail that they have. Well, if you thought that the rich kid looking for his watch to eat his food was outrageous, then you have another thing coming. This rich took his flaunting game to a whole new level. Three Rolexes and his range rover all fitted perfectly into one photo, and his caption read, “Rollie sandwich in my Range cause why not?” Platinum, yellow gold and white, I think this should be my Christmas budget for a decade. Well clearly some of us are not living on the same planet.

10. Bodyguard Swagga


You probably understand the President has bodyguards. Probably anyone who thinks they are important enough to be assassinated has a rifle-wielding bodyguard. You probably have one too, in the form of a guardian angel perhaps? Well, he or she isn’t wielding an AK-47 at least. Well, this rich kid is rich enough to have multiple bodyguards wearing cool SWAT gear. At least we know he is not getting bullied at school with the older boys because of this crew. Wonder what these bodyguards read him at night before he sleeps, Charles Dickens? Or mafia wars? Whichever it is, this rich kid clearly has some tight knit protection.

9. Car Drama


Remember your first car? Well I know I remember mine. She is probably the most dramatic girl I have ever had. If you also drive a trashy car, then you can never get too comfortable and your neighbor’s dad has probably jumpstarted your car a million times. And by car I mean your Toyota or Ford sedan. Well, rich kid car drama involves having to jump start your Ferrari with a Range Rover, how about that. With a price tag that high, I wouldn’t expect it to come with some problems.

8. #WW (Watch Wednesday)

When you are rich enough, you can make up any hashtag day you want and it will catch on. I am still waiting for Thursday to enjoy my Throwback picture on social media that will get people talking. But when you are rich, any day is a hashtag day. Like this rich kid for instance. #WatchWednesday isn’t a thing for anyone, I mean how many watches do you have? Well, for this rich kid, more money and that attitude are enough to make up his own weekly hashtags. For most people, we’re just crushing on someone you just remember from the good old days. It’s better to stick to that anyway.

7. Champagne Dreams


Like we figured out earlier, Champagne isn’t your everyday drink, we only probably see this drink in movies or at the annual office Christmas party, and at the slightest chance we get to taste it, it’s probably just a serving. Well, rich kids are slowly diminishing this drink’s value, and even with its out or norm price tag, this rich kid can afford to take a nap with two humongous bottles of champagne. The last time you probably saw anyone play around with champagne this much was in a 90s rap video or after a rally. This rich kid captioned this picture “Spending some time with my sons Cha, Mp, and Ange.” Probably should have looked for a better caption… Cool photo, though.

6. Bros before hos


Some statements make perfect sense, others clearly don’t, and when you are a rich kid, your attitude kind of gets in the way. You probably are too bossy or careless to think or even care about what you say. These rich kids clearly got their gender wrong, but at least we know they were paying attention in their history class. This picture was captioned, “My brothers of the sword! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands!” Not the worst we have seen, but I have to admit the picture is dope. Next time it would be better to get a catchphrase that makes sense, though.

5. Super Car Shenanigans


Know how your car tastes like? Probably know how the engine parts smell because you are always fixing your car. Well, this rich kid clearly has a fancy car that she can afford to lick. Probably the paint job came with extra toppings. You are definitely cool if you can afford to lick your Ferrari. However, this could go both ways; if you are really a rich kid, you wouldn’t lick your car or get excited about a Ferrari, but this is one hell of a funny picture. But then if you are a rich kid who is out of touch with reality, you could probably do anything you want.

4. The Chateau Life


You probably heard about, read about or watched scenes like this in movies. These things actually exist, and while it might seem like a distant fairy tale to you, young rich kids do this all the time. If you are a rich kid, then you can probably afford to organize a Valentino fancy dinner party at the Chateau de Wideville, have a few cocktails and talk about sophisticated stuff. Well, I guess you also have to wear Valentino to this party, right? I bet you have. Well, this is the high life only a rich kid can afford to attend with his buddies.

3. Finding Waldo


We all love getting fancy things, and clothes. We all love to move into a house with a big closet; they are always the best, then you can get to brag to your friends, right? Well, if you are a rich kid you probably have room for a closet. This rich kid has such a big closet it’s almost impossible to spot her in the picture. I know you are probably wondering if she has worn all the clothes inside, or if it’s just a clothing store. Well, believe it or not, you’d probably get lost in this rich kid’s closet.

2. Shopping Therapy


Everyone loves a bit of shopping at the thrift shop. Get yourself some cool clothes for the season, or to get you looking trendy in the office. Shopping is therapeutic, and especially if you have the money. Well, if you are this rich kid, you probably don’t need to walk into a thrift shop, all you need to do is to shop in a couple of designer stores, spend a couple thousand bucks and feel good enough to post it online. Well, if this gets you annoyed, then you probably need to check out where she has been shopping.

1. Popular by Demand


If you are a fan of Instagram and you follow some of these rich kids, then you probably have come across a rich kid called Lavish. Just like his name, he has a passion for showing off all things luxurious, and when you are this rich, you can afford to get fancy watches before they hit the market. If you are a rich kid and you are looking for someone to compete with in your picture show off games, then you better get acquainted with this rich kid. If three Rolexes and a range rover don’t scare you, this should.

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