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Roswell: 15 Pieces Of Evidence The Government Is Hiding Aliens

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Roswell: 15 Pieces Of Evidence The Government Is Hiding Aliens

It’s been almost 70 years since the infamous Roswell incident. The moment the public started to become clued in to the idea that extraterrestrial being were visiting our planet, or possibly that alien teenagers were joyriding in New Mexico.

This was also the first time really that the people of the world started to sit up and suspect that their government was not being entirely honest with them about alien life. Before Roswell, people were happy just thinking that aliens were the subject of science fiction. Since that night, when a rancher found what he described to the authorities as “one of them flying saucers”, Roswell has been permanently linked to the subject of UFOs and cover-ups, creating a cottage industry that has pulled in tourists and created an awful TV show.

Proving these incidents has been somewhat problematic. If you’re looking for videos of dancing aliens or a discarded extraterrestrial learner’s permit, you’re not going to find it out there. In fact, every piece of physical evidence surrounding Roswell has been proven as fakery – like the infamous autopsy video from 1995, or the recent photos of an alien being that turned out to be an Aztec mummy. Chances are, any evidence of that nature is locked firmly away in a vault along with the Arc of the Covenant, and what little remains of Indiana Jones’ dignity.

The evidence we do have is largely eyewitness accounts, anonymous deathbed confessions, and government documentation. They’re not quite the smoking gun, but they might just lead us down the path to finding one.

Preferably before the aliens enslave us all.

15. Geological Evidence of the Roswell Crash

Via E46

If we’re to assume that an extraterrestrial vessel crashed somewhere in New Mexico in 1947 – and no-one is for a moment suggesting the aliens were drunk – then you would expect their to be some kind of impact evidence. While debris can be collected and hidden, and beings locked in aircraft hangers, geological evidence is more challenging to cover up.

In 2011, Frank Kimbler – a science teacher at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, decided he wanted to find this physical evidence. He took satellite images of the alleged crash site, enhanced the infra red, and actually discovered an area that seemed to correlate with what witnesses in 1947 described. The disturbed area was about ¾ of a mile long, and a few hundred feet wide – which kind of rules out the shenanigans of drunken farmers.

So while there were no photos of giant-headed beings staring up at Kemmler, this is some pretty interesting evidence pointing toward a large impact with the surface of the earth.

14. Metallic Debris


Spurred on by his, frankly, unexpected satellite evidence, our friend Frank Kimbler of previous entry-fame decided that he needed to get some boots on the ground. Boots and a metal detector. Yes, taking an approach that somehow always seems to make people look like crazy obsessives, he took to the site with a whirring, beeping device.

Of course, Kimbler was hardly the first person to dig around the area, but he found that previous archaeologists had been sifting through the dirt with screens that had holes large enough for very tiny pieces of evidence to pass through. Amateurs.

A few inches beneath the surface, in an anthill – because ants are notorious hoarders of UFO debris – Kimbler struck gold. Well, some kind of metal. The first pieces were buttons from 1940s-era military fatigues – proving that the military had at least been present in the area. He also found some slivers of a mysterious metal. Which leads us to…

13. Materials not of this Earth


Usually, when someone finds little foil-like slivers of metal, they don’t pick them up and keep them for later examination, cradling them lovingly like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. There’s no evidence that Kimbler was acting in this fashion, of course…but it’s fun to think about.

A surface examination by the completely unbiased-sounding Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center found that the metal was composed of aluminium, manganese, silicon and copper alloy. While not unheard of, this mix is not usually found in foil form.

So, Kimbler hauled the evidence around various labs, hoping for an isotopic analysis that would confirm whether the origin of the evidence was terrestrial. Thing is, some scientists wouldn’t touch it with a 1000 ft barge pole, not wanting to be associated with the Roswell incident. However, when he did find a lab that would take on the work (funded by the UFO Museum…just saying), the results were interesting.

Unless the lab made a mistake, the isotopic ratios of the magnesium suggested the material wasn’t consistent with being from this planet.

12. Military Witnesses


It’s admittedly a bit of a leap to find some buttons and claim that they’re evidence of the military being present at the site of a UFO crash. Maury Povich found our DNA evidence inside a baby’s genes, but that doesn’t mean we were necessarily present for the conception.

However, in 2016 an unidentified (always slightly suspicious) soldier came forward and claimed that he and up to 500 other military personnel witnessed UFOs in the New Mexico desert in 1971.

Stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas at the time, the soldier and his unit were ostensibly sent on maneuvers to an area west of Roswell. While there, the soldiers witnessed a double UFO incident in the sky above them, stopping abruptly and making erratic movements for 5 hours.

Is Roswell like a tourist spot for extraterrestrial visitors too? Or maybe they’re still looking for some bits of metal they left behind.

11. Testimony of High Ranking Military Staff

Via the

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you can’t trust the eyewitness account of an anonymous soldier, or that their anonymity makes it difficult to even ascertain they were even a soldier. We wouldn’t dare. But when there’s a named source, and that source is of significant rank, well you tend to sit up straight and pay attention – mostly because they shouted in your face ordering you to do so.

Brigadier General Thomas DuBose revealed that he was present when the Roswell wreckage was brought into the office of General Roger Ramey at Carswell Air Force Base. While the official military statement was that the debris was from a fallen weather balloon, DuBose maintained that there was some form of cover up, and that the debris – which he handled personally – was from no normal weather balloon.

This doesn’t mean it was aliens. But it’s aliens.

10. CIA files


What’s pretty frustrating for anyone attempting to look into evidence that the government are hiding anally-fixated extraterrestrial being, is the fact that people in the know are pretty reticent to reveal anything that could conceivably…you know…get them assassinated (more on that in a bit).

Chase Brandon, a 35 year veteran of the CIA made a confession that is tantalizingly close to some useful information, and yet frustratingly, he won’t say any more.

In 2012, Brandon said that he saw files on the Roswell incident when he walked into the Historical Intelligence Collection at the CIA headquarters in Virginia.

Opening up a box labelled “Roswell”, Brandon said he rummaged around and saw evidence in the form of written material and photographs that made him realize the crash was real.

He said, “It was not a damn weather balloon…it was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don’t doubt for a second that the use of the words ‘remains’ and ‘cadavers’ was exactly what people were talking about.”

Brandon refuses to say any more on the subject because he’s being mindful of “the hat I wear as a former CIA operative”.

9. JFK probably knew about the aliens


Again, we’re into the slightly murky realm of eyewitness testimony from anonymous military sources. Which has all the credibility of a monkey in a lab coat claiming to be a heart surgeon. Still, it’s worth considering.

In a recent documentary, “Undisclosed”, a man purported by the film makers to be John F Kennedy’s former pilot revealed that the president had significant awareness of the US government’s contact with extraterrestrials.

During a conversation with the president, the pilot claims JFK told him, “you’re right, young man. There is considerable knowledge as far as the being of UFOs and the ET phenomenon that we are aware of today.”

Which, while it reads as though JFK might have been drunk at the time, lends some credence to the rumors that the president was assassinated because he was about to make revelations about aliens to the world. Sort of. Maybe.

8. NASA UFO Feed Was Cut


In today’s super-connected world, we have become used to seeing things happen, at the moment they happen. When some starlet has a nip-slip on the red carpet, you better believe several hundred thousand people witnessed it, and there’s no point denying it happened.

Well, it seems NASA had something of a nip-slip of its own in 2016.

NASA has been kind enough to provide us with live feeds outside the International Space Station constantly since 2014. On that fateful day, audiences were watching the beauty of the earth from space, when an object appeared to slowly descend toward earth…and then the footage cut out.

When questioned about it, NASA claimed the blackout occurred at random, and advised that they’d never witnessed a UFO in the popular sense.

While there are all kinds of plausible explanations for the object, the timing of the feed cut out was kinda…convenient.

7. The Shirley’s Bay station


Obviously, it’s not just the US government that are covering up their evidence of alien existence. That’s a given. But we would never have expected the Canadians to be involved in a conspiracy! What the hell, Canada? You’re supposed to be the nice one!

Project Magnet was set up in Shirley’s Bay, Ottawa, with the explicit intention of attracting UFOs, because the Canadian Department of Transport thought UFOs might hold the key to clean transportation.

Sounds like a great idea, right?

However, as soon as the station detected it’s first suspicious event, all records were deemed classified by the Canadian government, and the project was abruptly shut down by officials. However, according to the lead scientist at the base, Wilbert Smith, the incident involved readings that were way off the charts of any normal aircraft, but when the research team ran outside to see what was causing the readings, they were unable to view it due to fog.


6. A NASA Astronaut Spoke Out


If there’s one person on Earth that you’re likely to accept the testimony of about life on other planets, it’s probably gonna be a guy that’s actually been into space.

Edgar Mitchell, along with being a former space jockey of the highest order, is one of the faces that keeps cropping up when trying to uncover evidence of UFOs.

In a 2008 radio interview, Mitchell revealed that the government had been covering up UFOs for the last 50 years, but that NASA wasn’t involved. Though he declined to give names, he said that he knew several high ranking military and intelligence officials who had personal experience of the cover up. He also said that he spoke to an official at the Pentagon, who confirmed that the instigators of this more than half-century block on information were investigators of the Roswell incident.

Sure, it’s not a video of an autopsy, but it’s very intriguing.

5. Alien Craft on the Moon


One of the great things about working around people who have been up in space, is you’re likely to hear about some of the weird stuff that they see. You know, before you receive a clandestine visit from a shadowy organization that for some unknown reason would hire Will Smith.

A former NASA contract employee, Donna Hare revealed that she had spoken to a man who had been in quarantine with astronauts returning from the moon, and they spoke about what they had seen there.

An alien craft, landing on the surface of the moon.

However, according to Hare’s source, the astronauts were given explicit instructions never to mention this craft to anyone. Probably less because they want to cover up alien life, than they want people to believe the US were the first beings on the moon.

4. The Military Shot an Alien


Well, it seems that the government’s approach to alien life is not one of benign co-operation. More like, kill it before it kills you. At least according to former Air Force Major George Filer III.

According to Filer, when he was stationed at the McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, he witnessed an alien craft landing on the runway.

Did the military run up the welcome flag? Throw out a red carpet? Put on a nice buffet?


Filer said that when the alien being got out of it’s craft, a member of the military police shot it dead. He was initially told to brief general staff on the incident, but was soon ordered to hush up about it.

Probably to stop a potential “alien lives matter” movement. The government finds those protests a bit awkward.

3. Deathbed Confession


The cool thing about making a deathbed confession about evidence of an extraterrestrial cover up, is that the government can’t come after you and kill you. Well, unless they can come after your ghost and kill it…which we can’t really rule out yet.

In 2016, former Canadian Minister of Defence and hero of UFOlogists the world over, Paul Hellyer revealed that a high ranking official made just such a confession.

He didn’t reveal the name of the source, just that he was a former Chief of Emergency Measures…which sort of narrows it down a bit.

According to Hellyer, the chief was taken by the CIA to Area 51, and offered the opportunity to see inside an alien craft. Apparently the official was allowed to wander around, take notes, presumably use an alien toilet. However, before he went in he was made to sign a lifetime non-disclosure agreement.

That tricksy government and their contracts.

2. The British Are Hiding stuff too


Yeah, we all knew that there was something suspicious lurking behind that stiff upper lip. And isn’t it a little convenient that they have police boxes littered about the place that can transport people across time and space?

Well, it seems they’re part of the cover up too.

In 1980, a team of Police Security officers spotted a triangular object flying across the sky above Suffolk. A couple of nights later, beams of light were seen by military personnel at nearby RAF Bentwaters, with beams apparently probing weapons stores at the base.

The deputy base commander, Lt Col James Holy wrote a memo detailing the incident, but the Ministry of Defense shut down any further investigations, claiming the incident was “of no defense significance”.

So, basically they covered it up because it was none of their business. Lovely.

1. The Roswell Incident

Via the

Perhaps the best piece of evidence that the government has been covering up the existence of alien life, comes from the Roswell incident itself.

You see, while today we’re used to seeing all kinds of complex conspiracies, and false flag incidents, back in 1947, the government was still pretty new at the whole clandestine shenanigans game.

It would seem that government officials thought that the public were dumb enough just to ignore the fact that they came out and said there was an alien craft crash.

Yup, the night of the Roswell incident, government officials released word to the press that a flying saucer had been recovered in the New Mexico desert. What followed was clearly a moment of panicked flailing, and the next day they printed a retraction which went along the lines of, “oh, wait, no it was a weather balloon”.

No, US government, people are never going to forget that you told them a spacecraft crashed.


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