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Shape Up: 20 Apps To Help You Stay Fit

Shape Up: 20 Apps To Help You Stay Fit


There are three guarantees in life: You pay taxes, you die, and there is an app for everything.

Apps have become so commonly used that they seem to have been around for ever. The phrase “there’s an app for that” is often humorously spoken in situations where an app isn’t necessary.

Here in reality, apps are relatively new, we’ve just grown accustomed to having them. In fact, the first app store was provided by Apple and was launched in 2008, not much longer after the debut of the iPhone in 2007. Since then, there are all sorts of app stores available for you to choose from. Each one provides thousands of apps you can sift through and more are being created and uploaded into app stores every single day. It can get a little overwhelming when looking for that one app that does what you want it to do in the way you want it do be done. Sure you can narrow your searches down into categories like general Apps, Games, Movies and Television, and so forth. From there you can even categorize by things like price and rating, but you will still be faced with a great deal of apps to sift through. You can never be totally certain you’ve downloaded your best option unless you constantly delete and install new apps that provide the same service.

There is currently a huge number of fitness apps coming into the market and gaining steady popularity. Using an app as a means for getting into shape or just trying to be healthy is becoming increasingly popular. You probably know someone who has several health and fitness apps. It’s likely everyone you know has at least one app that is helping them do something in the realm of health and fitness. If you’d like to join the club, try giving some of these apps a shot.

20. Water Drink Reminder (Leap Fitness Group)


Water Drink Reminder sounds rather generic and boring, but hey, that’s exactly what it does and it’s incredibly useful. Drinking enough water is very important when you’re trying to stay in shape, and sometimes making sure you’ve had enough isn’t so easy to do. The old adage of “8 glasses a day” isn’t very helpful. People of varying heights and weights need different amounts of water. Also, what exactly does a “glass” mean in terms ounces or liters?

Don’t worry about this stuff. Water Drink Reminder will help you figure all of this out and alert you when you need your next drink throughout the day. It even let’s you create a custom “bottle” if you use the same re-usable bottle. Tell Water Drink Reminder that you’ve had a bottle, and it logs in the ounces you’ve specified. You can even link it to smart watches or certain fitness bracelets.

19. Fitbit (Fitbit, Inc.)


While Fitbit isn’t necessarily the best standalone fitness app for any one specific thing, there is no denying that Fitbits are becoming increasingly popular as a means for tracking one’s own personal fitness. Some of the lower-end Fitbit bracelets are limited in the information and feedback they can give the user, so combining it with the app on a more robust device will help you get as much out of your Fitbit as you possibly can.

The app isn’t very useful unless you own a Fitbit. If you’re using a Fitbit, the Fitbit app is an absolute must-have. It has received a four out of five star user rating in the Google Play Store.

18. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout (Leap Fitness Group)


One of the hardest things to do once you’ve decided to get into shape is figuring out what you’re going to do in terms of exercise. There are many reasons many of us don’t want to go to the gym. Sometimes the memberships can be just a little bit too pricey. We may not like how long the contracts last if we’re just getting started. Many people who are just starting to get into shape are uncomfortable with their bodies and aren’t ready to workout in front of others.

The 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout app solves all the issues of going to the gym or not wanting to buy expensive equipment. It puts you on a workout regiment realistic for working out at the home and doesn’t use any equipment – not even hand weights. There are three different challenges for different parts of your body, there is a system for tracking your progress, and it even provides videos if you aren’t sure about the specific exercise.

30 Day Fit Challenge is a must for someone who has just decided to get back into shape.

17. Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal (MyFitnessPal Inc.)


The name here is a bit misleading as this particular fitness app is so much more than your typical calorie counter.

One of the best features Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal offers is a huge database of food for tracking your meals and calories. The database has over 6 million different food items for you to choose from when trying to see how many calories you are consuming. You don’t have to rely on the database either. You can scan bar codes, import recipes, and even build your own meals from your own recipes for later access.

As stated this isn’t just a calorie tracker. You can create fitness plans by establishing and plotting out goals. You can visually track your progress by uploading photos of your progress, create a workout regiment with their database of 350+ different exercises. There is even a social media feature for sharing progress and motivating others.

16. Walk With Map My Walk (MapMyFitness Inc.)


It’s not uncommon for some of us to do nothing in terms of fitness. This is an easy habit to fall into if you work a rather sedentary job on top of a sedentary lifestyle. It’s easy to worry about joining a gym or getting into something physical like Taekwondo when you feel hopelessly out of shape. No matter how anxious you might feel about getting back into shape, you will have to start somewhere. A great place to start would be taking walks. If you need some help getting motivated you should definitely give Map My Walk a shot.

One thing that always works as a motivator when working out is being able to see your progress. Map my walk will track your walk on a map and tell you exactly how far you’ve traveled. It also provides feedback like calorie burn, elevation, and pace. You can even input your walking shoes and Map My Walk will tell you when it’s time for a new pair!

15. iCare Health Monitor (iCare Fit Studio)


This health and fitness app seems almost too good to be true, but it’s rated at 4 1/2 stars in the Google Play Store by a pool of over 21,000 users.

iCare Health Monitor allows you to check your blood pressure and heart rate, test your vision and hearing, and monitor your breath rate right through your phone.

Not only does iCare Health Monitor check and monitor these things for you, but it also comes packed with a number of workouts to improve your vitals and care programs for your vision and hearing. Of course, like just about any fitness app these days, it comes with the obligatory pedometer. Gotta count those steps! MUST. COUNT. STEPS!

14. Lose It! (FitNow Inc.)


Many of us don’t work out because we don’t know where to start. When you know very little about health and fitness it’s difficult to set the right goals. It’s also hard to discern if you are over-doing it or under-doing it when you first start a food or exercise plan. Lose Fit! provides a perfect solution for this predicament. They ask you questions about yourself and plot out a diet and exercise plan for you. Lose It! does the hard part!

Once you’re on your path, you can set goals to achieve. If you need some additional motivation, you can look at the goals of your friends and even compete with them over a network.

13. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking (Google Inc.)


If you’re the kind of person that likes to see the rate of your efforts and successes as hard data in charts and graphs, you’ll probably like to use a tracking map like Google Fit.

Google Fit tracks steps, cycling distances, your cycling speed, running speed, and stretches of time that you’ve  generally remained active. In addition to tracking and graphing your activity, Google Fit also tracks the amount of calories you’ve burned.

As is customary with most fitness apps, Google Fit also offers a system for setting goals and tracks your achievements.

An app like this is nice because when you’re really out of shape it can be difficult to see changes right away. Seeing your path in a graph form gives you a way of knowing your hard work is paying off.

12. 7-Minute Workout (Simple Design Ltd.)


If you’re the type of person that always keeps their health on their mind and tries to go to the gym every day, you’re eventually going to be pressed for time or have something unexpected come up. You might have to skip your usual one to two hours at the gym and settle for something a little faster. The workouts in 7-Minute Workout are high intensity so you’ll get a lot out of a little.

On the flip side, you might not exercise because you really don’t have several hours a week to invest in the gym. 7-Minute Workout helps give big results with little effort. The short time investment might be just enough of a motivator to get you back into a fitness routine.

11. Spartan Bodyweight (Diamond App Group)


Spartan Bodyweight is an exercise product that keeps you out of the gym and your wallet full. All the exercises in the Spartan BodyWeight app require no expensive mechanical equipment. To sweeten the deal, the exercise routines in the app don’t include any of the more simple and less expensive equipment like hand weights or jump ropes either. All you need to get into shape with this app is your own body weight.

The 48 workouts included in the app focus on all your major muscle groups and their high intensity will give you strong results. Each workout comes with a video examples, just in case you come across something you’ve never heard of before.

Spartan BodyWeight also includes some useful tools like timers and rep challenges.

10. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer (MapMyFitness Inc.)


Map My Fitness is a much more robust app from MapMyFitness Inc., the same makers of Map My Walk, which also made the list. Map My Walk is a great app for someone who is just starting to get back into shape after a long hiatus of not working out and eating poorly. Map Fitness is the app you graduate too once you’ve started seeing an improvement in your health.

Map My Fitness adds trackers for walking, running, and cycling. Map My Fitness also has a library of over 600 different types of activities you can track that don’t involve traveling such yoga and cross training.

9. Eat This Much (EatThisMuch Inc.)


It’s difficult to get on a good meal plan when you don’t know much about food. Many of us don’t know which foods are good for us and which foods are bad for us. A lot of misinformation gets tossed around when it comes to crash or fad diets.

Seeing a nutritionist or a getting a personal trainer might solve this problem, but you may not be the type of person that has the time or finances to obtain one of these specialists. Eat This Much is a great solution to trying to get on a healthy meal plan.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and Eat This Much generates a meal plans a meal for you. You can go on a diet specific plan or you can enter in your own recipes and Eat This Much can generate a plan around your own home cooking.

8. My Diet Coach (Inspired Apps (A.L) Ltd.)


Once again we see another situation where you’re stifled in certain ways if you don’t have a nearby gym or the time or money to spend at one. A difficult obstacle to overcome when it comes to staying fit or getting back into shape is eating the right foods and being inspired to stay on track with your diet. When you don’t have a trainer, a nutritionist, or a reliable workout buddy, eating right becomes the hardest part. All the exercise in the world doesn’t matter when you aren’t on a healthy diet.

Diet Coach offers you inspiring words and quotes and tracks your progress to keep you motivated. They also offer reminder alerts that help you make small lifestyle changes more easily.

7. Easy Healthy Recipes (Endless)


Maybe your issue isn’t so much having the ambition to plan meals and stick to strict diet. Maybe you have some general knowledge of foods that are good for you. Unfortunately, you don’t want to just the raw healthy foods and you want something a little more unique when it comes to flavor and ingredients.

Easy Healthy recipes is just what you’ll need to make inspired dishes that will keep the diet from becoming a boring drag. It’s also a great app for planning meals since you can search the recipes by different ingredients so you aren’t eating similar dishes through the week.

6. Fitness and Body Building (VGFit LLC.)


So far we’ve mainly focused on apps that eliminate the major excuses for not getting back into shape. If you are already in shape but you need something to help keep you more organized and knowledgeable about your muscles and exercises, you should try out Fitness and Body Building.

The highly rated application gives pictures and info on the specific muscles you’re working, it lets you compile your own workout routines using workouts from their database, and their workouts aren’t limited to body weight exercises you can do at home. This app would be useful with a home gym or a public gym membership.

5. Home Workouts Personal Trainer (Fitness 22)


This is another app that lets you build your own routines from a database of exercises, but a feature that makes Home Workouts stand out is it has specific routines grouped by a list of desired outcomes. There are routines for Full Body Weight Loss, the Athlete’s Body, just getting into general shape, high intensity workouts that have quicker results, and various weight loss routines. If you don’t like what they have to offer, you can still add in your own routines.

Like most highly rated workout applications, the app comes with videos of all the routines. It also boasts a complete lack of ads while being available for free.

4. Mealime – Healthy Meal Plans (Mealime Meal Plans Inc.)


Mealime is another app that will help you plan your meals and get on a more refined diet, but it boasts some key features that have helped Mealime become one of the highest rated apps on the list.

Many of the recipes will cook in thirty minutes or less, so you aren’t spending a couple of hours prepping and preparing a meal. It saves you more time by generating optimal grocery lists for you. All you have to do is head to the store and let Mealime write the list for you. The meal plans and grocery list are designed in conjunction with each other to minimize the amount of food you waste. This allows you to use everything and safe money!

3. Jefit Workout Tracker Gym Log (Jefit Inc.)


Maybe you’re a true fitness fanatic that thoroughly enjoys going to the gym. Maybe you don’t have a problem staying motivated. Maybe the gym is the center of your social life. If any of these are the case, you’re probably beyond some of the apps we’ve listed. You might want an app that helps you out at the gym instead of helping you avoid it.

The Jefit Workout Tracker Gym Log tracks exercise more advanced than simple body weight or dumbell workouts. There are over 1300 different workouts that you can track in the Jefit Workout database. It has routines for general fitness, all the way up to advanced routines such as bodybuilding.

2. Healthy Recipes – Fitberry (Riafy Technologies)



One of the best ways to stay in shape is to have a good diet. A lot of apps will have food for restaurants in their databases so you can log your calories more easily. Some diet apps also have bar-code scanners that let you enter in the calorie count of foods you find at the store. Simply counting calories isn’t very effective if you’re saving them all for Twinkies.

The best diet is one cooked at home with raw ingredients. Health Recipes provides recipes to help meet this need. The recipes can be compiled into meal plans that meet different needs ranging from diets specifically high in protein, to personal dietary decisions like vegetarianism, to accommodating food allergies.

1. S Health (Samsung Electronics)


S Health from Samsung is a highly rated app boasting one of the largest user-bases on the list. It may not be the best at any particular thing but the trade-off here is S Health does all the things.

It tracks home exercises, gym exercises, walking and running, and even tracks activity gained through sports.

S Health tracks your water intake and reminds you to drink. It also tracks your caffeine and warns you to stop.

This app monitors vitals like heart rate and blood pressure and keeps a record of them.

You can also monitor your weight and track your diet.

If you have found an app that does a specific thing better, S Health can link with many other apps and have the data sent in.

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