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Skip This Ride: 15 Most Terrifying Amusement Park Rides EVER

Skip This Ride: 15 Most Terrifying Amusement Park Rides EVER


There are many people who would say a big NO to the ultra-thrilling idea of riding an insane roller coaster running so fast that it will definitely make you feel like you’re going to get thrown up in the air any second. Some people just don’t have the stomach to be able to handle this whole hair-raising experience, especially if you happen to be at one of these super crazy theme parks found worldwide. As insane as it seems, some of these adventures may truly sound like the most exciting and action-packed experiences, but indeed you don’t have the slightest clue of how dangerous such a lovely and sunny weekend at a theme park can potentially end up being.

Have you paid any attention to the featured photo? Exactly – such scenarios are gladly rare enough, but maybe you should avoid those rides which could have the potential to ruin your fun time at the park, if not worse! God forbid! From pretty insane roller coasters and sky rollers to Formula 1 cars and terrifying Ferris wheels, let’s see what’ve hidden up our sleeve today, shall we? Just a note: your kid and/or younger siblings will be really thankful if you spare them the terror when riding these wild roller coasters or sky rollers!

15. Sky Roller – Bakken, Denmark

via YouTube

Oh, my Goodness? How crazy is this? The better the parks, the crazier the rides – it certainly feels like this attraction will give you the scary chills! After all, theme parks must always find a way to one-up one another, right? Well, from the look of things, Skyroller may be not the most abnormal or insane amusement ride, but this hardly means that it will spare you the feeling of ultimate fright and panic while going so high above the ground! Designed by a German ride maker, the interactive Skyroller truly serves as a fine instance proving the undeniable advance achieved by the industry. “I believe I can fly...”- NO, pal, keep focused on the ride and hold tight unless you’d love to really fly away! The Skyroller coaster must owe its crazy reputation to something…

14. Nitro – Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey


Have you heard of this exact thrill ride, or more importantly, have you experienced it? Without a doubt, the notorious Nitro at the Sig Flags Great Adventure Park has been known for the gut-wrenching emotions it instantly creates upon entering the theme park where it’s located; and when you simply add in the craziness and all that hype surrounding the almost 215-foot vertical “dive”, it really seems like you’re going to be in deep water if you get on it. Honestly, this pulse-pounding ride promises to soar you up at above 5,400 feet followed by a total of 7 hard, bumpy and steep drops. Wait, this is not everything! After that, get ready to experience what’s simply called the “S curve” and hammerhead. With this in mind, do you have the guts to try this adventure bursting at the seams with potential dangers? Do you?

13. X-Scream – Las Vegas Stratosphere

via Cashman Photo

Meet the 100% spine-chilling X-Scream – is its name a coincidence? Hardly! The teeter-totter ride has only one warning for all its thrilled riders: it will surely tilt them about 27 feet reaching the edge of the famous Las Vegas Stratosphere. Surely, this seems to be its greatest asset due to the realistic thrills created in a genuine environment. Of course, when it comes to its braking system, the insane and quite frightening for that matter X-Scream ride is technologically based on a magnetic braking system featuring a copper blade element being attached to each thrill ride/car. Naturally, after hopping aboard it, the action is kicked off instantly! And of course, the riders get so freaked out that you’ll doubt whether you’re at a theme park or a house of terror, to say the least.

12. The Gravity Max – Lihpao Land Discovery World, Taiwan


How about feeling some gravity for real? And no, it’s anything but a tasteless joke. Indeed, the world-recognized ride named The Gravity Max can absolutely send your adrenaline levels high up into the sky! With this, one thing is certain – you’ll surely remember the initial excitement before jumping on it, but eventually the chance is that you’d be left with the dreadful memory of almost fainting while riding the crazy and scary Gravity Max! And just to mention, the insane attraction is located at the Lihpao Land Discovery World amusement park in Taiwan. The ride goes up about 114 feet only to accelerate some speed before flipping down hard at 90 degrees. That’s pretty insane, right?

11. Stratosphere Las Vegas Insanity Thrill Ride

via YouTube

Let’s ponder over something here. What’s worse than a pulse-pumping and gut-wrenching roller coaster? Perhaps, the scary combination of a total of three frightening rides? Do you agree? Well, the very well-known Stratosphere’s Insanity thrill ride provides probably one of the most curious and terrifying views, if we must be completely honest with you. Another interesting and pretty unique feature about the crazy thrill ride is its claw-like shape. Frankly, this robot-like centrifuge painted green rests more than 64 feet over the tower’s north edge. The most frightening part comes with its spinning characteristics going beyond 40 mph. Pretty nice, huh?

10. Giant Discovery


If you’d like to get a large shot of adrenaline, Giant Discovery will surely offer you some. Indeed, it’s a new version of the popular spin and swing flat ride. Giant Discovery can hold about 40 passengers as the riders sit in outward-facing seats forming a giant circle.The gigantic pendulum ride swings its enthusiastic riders as the disc simply spins around. Their legs hang freely, and each seat features a special restraining belt. The maximum speed at the peak of the movement reaches about 110 km/h having the riders upside down at about 44.8 meters above the ground while creating a feeling of weightlessness and total terror!

9. Shweeb – New Zealand

via Agroventures

Indeed, this is one of the most incredible human-powered machines you could ever see, and probably one of the most dangerous ones as well. Just imagine, it features suspended aerodynamic racing pods being in the shape of a bullet. Really? And you’re supposed to lie down while working the pedals as fast as you can. You can race up to 50 km/h against the clock in a 600m race. The more people in a race, the merrier the ride. So, team up with your friends for a tandem and watch them lose their sanity! How mean, right? You can even join forces against single racers to gain the winning edge if you’re into such overly adventurous games, of course.

8. Colossus – Thorpe Park, England

via Everywhereism

Meet this monstrous record holder named Colossus! You may not know this, but the crazy ride does hold the record for a scary theme attraction offering more than 10 inversions in total! If you don’t think that this is a high number, then we suggest that you fly over there and try it out yourself! Not only does the Colossus have such a unique and bizarre name, but it also gets visitors simply awe-struck at the sight of its double corkscrew – indeed, there’s such a thing – combined with the chilling Cobra and 4 heart-line roll. Actually, there’s also a Chinese version of the British Colossus Thorpe, so you’re left with two crazy places where you’ll certainly chicken out…

7. Superman – Six Flags, Maryland


Our next pretty crazy attraction is located at Six Flag America Amusement Park near Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Meet the Super Man aka Ride of Steel, being one of the most famous roller coasters in the world. Be ready for some crazy speeds of up to 73 miles per hour, and you will certainly experience a wild swing at about 5,400 ft. Honestly, all of it will truly give you a sense of channeling the Superman character! This bizarre roller coaster offers some low-banked turns over the ground as a series of hair-raising curves will demonstrate to you how crazy and frightful this ride can actually get! Are you down for it?

6. Tower of Terror – Disney Hollywood Studios


Located at Walt Disney Hollywood Studios Park, the Tower of Terror is an accelerated drop dark tower ride. The moment you step inside the dusty lobby you start feeling like time has just stopped. And the elevator is actually the most famous spot in The Tower of Terror. Going up with the elevator will bring you an unusual feeling bringing some darkness on its way as well. The end comes with the 13th floor. When the doors open, you can see ghosts. Afterward, it’s time to go back. The elevator freefalls down the abandoned shaft, all the while changing its direction quite rapidly. Naturally, the speed changes as well and you can hear the sound of cables and metal snapping and clanging overhead. Come on in, if you’re brave enough…

5. Ferris Wheel of Misfortune – Nepal


Let’s meet the Ferris Wheel of Misfortune, located in Nepal. There you can find starry-eyed couples and happy families. But the scariest surprise is yet to come. The speed gets escalated up to 11. And after that, you will realize that it isn’t a normal ferris wheel since you will hear riders’ sharp screams making you go deaf! “Let me down! Let me out!”  Can you imagine being at the top of the wheel then going down extra quickly reaching the maximum speed in the process? It doesn’t sound like the loveliest memory whatsoever, does it? We didn’t think so…

4. Formula Rossa – Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

via L’Internaute

Situated at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Formula Rossa is indeed the world’s fastest roller coaster. It has a top speed of 240 km/h. The so-called “coaster train” accelerates to its top speed in less than five seconds as it also has a special hydraulic launch system. That’s why it is called the F1 Coaster. The length of the Formula Rossa track is 2.2 km, and the shape is inspired by the legendary Italian racetrack Autodromo Nazionale Monza. Because of its high speed, all the people on it wear special protective pairs of glasses similar to those used when practicing skydiving. Naturally, it’s used to minimize the risk of an impact with airborne particulates or insects. When riding on that insane roller coaster, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to take a memorable selfie! So close your eyes and feel the ultimate terror!

3. Freefall Xtreme – Adventure Park Rotorua, New Zealand

via YouTube

Freefall Xtreme – Yes, here we are again at the Adventure Park Rotorua, New Zealand. But this time we have none other than the pretty thrilling attraction called The Freefall Xtreme. If you are a die-hard fan of Batman or Superman, you may actually enjoy trying it out. Of course, there’s a well-skilled team on hand ready to provide you with your special flight suit. Also, the team of specialists will give you some tips before throwing you out into the open flight zone. The team stays with you while putting you in a few twists as well. There is also enough space for your family and friends to watch you soar up and share your terror.

2. Spindizzy – Diggerland, New Jersey

via Proper Presents

Are you ready to experience some dizziness? Are there any seat belts or anything anyway? Indeed, once you jump on the Spindizzy ride, you’d really start feeling as if you’re going to faint any second! Surely, if you ask any die-hard fan of ultra thrilling adventures which are without a doubt a bit scary, they would surely love that insane modified excavator. As for the rest of us – well, don’t count on us. Indeed, the horrifying attraction is actually a modified tracked excavator and the total number of “passengers” – yes, it really sounds weird – can be no more than 8. Honestly, these 8 individuals must be really brave to jump on this thing and ride it without having second thoughts about this experiment.

1. Skycycle – Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park, Japan

via 99.5-WYCD

The end of our tour comes with the world’s slowest and scariest roller coaster in Okayoma, Japan. Meet the bizarre Skycyclе. It’s an open cycle car and you have to pedal the car only with a seatbelt for protection from a possible fifty-foot fall. But this thrilling experience offers you an amazing slew of panoramic views. For the most part, the daredevils among us simply take a ride around the trees. Every single car is wide open and it doesn’t have any safety provided, except for the seatbelt, of course. No loops or corkscrews here, and frankly none are needed. You’ll simply feel a gut-wrenching feeling inside your tummy while taking that slow and scary ride… How crazy?!


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