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Smell Me Again: The 25 Best Men’s Perfumes That Make Women Go Wild

Smell Me Again: The 25 Best Men’s Perfumes That Make Women Go Wild


Love the old natural manly smell? Well, as much as a lot of women are turned on by a sweaty well-built guy, there’s nothing worse than smelling like you have been working in a barn all day during an important meeting or a date.

However, it wouldn’t hurt to have an edge when you freshen up. This is often one area guys never understand, and probably the reason you’ve been single all this time. We don’t blame you though. Picking a good scent isn’t an easy task, it’s not about walking into the convenient store and picking out whatever you see first in the aisle. Plus, when you are getting a perfume, you are not looking to impress a man, you are definitely going for a fragrance that will attract women.

We are going to make this a lot easier for you, so don’t panic about checking out countless reviews of the best perfume you could get to drive women wild. Some of the colognes on this list have pheromones, and you are guaranteed that the little kittens will be purring long after you are gone. However, according to the best perfume reviewers, you need to be a bit careful where you buy your colognes from. You don’t want to get third party knock offs because this will leave the ladies disappointed.

The following are 25 best men’s perfumes that make women go wild, and by wild, we mean crazy, if you are into that kind of thing…

25. Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch


This has to be the ultimate young man’s scent. This perfume has a noticeable crisp and clean aroma, and according to reviewers, it’s best suited for men who are under the age of thirty. However, if you are looking to feel and have a young vibe, then you will never go wrong with Fierce.

Abercrombie & Fitch launched this produce back in 2007. First impressions of this scent reveal a woody, clean aroma, and according to those who have had the chance to smell this fragrance, you will have to wear it to believe its allure. This perfume is packed in a 1.7-ounce bottle, however there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

If you are going for a first date, then this is the fragrance to wear since ladies are known to respond to its mixture of spices. If you are looking to get a second date, better have this on your first.

24. Nautica Voyage


Nautica is very popular for its iconic aquatic fragrances. Well, the Nautica Voyage is just another one of their brilliant iconic fragrances in their lineup. If there’s any fragrance that’s best for summer, this should be the one. It’s also awesome value for what you really have to pay, considering the fact that you can get it for $13 on Amazon.

This simplistic fragrance is great for a visit to the beach during the summer. If you are the kind of guy who surfs, then this is a bonus to your charm, and you are definitely going to nab all the summer babes.

Nautica is a brand that’s known for its high-quality products; this brand offers great value. According to reviewers, women love this summer scent. It gives you a carefree vibe, earning a spot on this list.

23. Artisan by John Varvatos


If you are looking to attract women, then this is the ultimate fragrance that you want to wear. Its distinct, unique smell really appeals to women and its packaging gives a sense of individuality and quality. It’s a captivating scent to have.

If you are looking to have a sexy and unique vibe, then this fragrance needs to be on your list. It goes for about $89 for a 4.2 ounce bottle, however you could still get it in other sizes.

Artisan is perfect for hitting the club and late night dates. You are not going home without a kiss from your hot date with this fragrance.

22. Guess Seductive


If you are looking for an airy yet sensual scent then this is the fragrance to go with. It offers a mild yet subtle scent, and the best thing about it is that it lasts the entire day. One great thing Guess did with this fragrance is that it can be worn at any time of the day. IT adds a hint of sophistication to any situation with just the right amount of class. If you are charming, charismatic, or none of the above, this scent will still make you magnetic. Guess Seductive is fairly new to the brand, but its popularity among the ladies is staggering.

21. Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf


Well, if you are the kind of person who likes to feel and look like the ultimate alpha male, then there isn’t a better choice for you. This great scent by Viktor and Rolf has been specially designed to offer the average gentleman what ladies really want from a man, masculinity.

Spicebomb costs just about $52 on Amazon. This fragrance comes with a warning to those who are brave enough to wear it. Women will literally attach themselves to you! Have you ever thought about how James Bond would smell? Well, if James Bond bought perfume, he would smell like this.

If you are looking to take a hot babe out for a night of escapades, then this is one bomb you don’t want to be missing in your arsenal.

20. Versace by Versace


This is one of the best fresh scents you could get. It’s classy and overtly masculine, and if you are a confident guy, this is one fragrance that could boost your personality. It’s quite affordable and you could get it for $32. If you are looking to have a fresh vibe, then this is what you should go for. Apart from being fresh, it has a Mediterranean feel.

Versace by Versace is the kind of scent that was designed for any situation, therefore, if you are thinking of impressing that new temp at work, it will fit right it. While it might seem a bit pricey for a cologne, it’s worth all the attention you would get when you wear it. According to reviewers, this scent drives women wild.

19. Unforgivable by Sean John


If you are party animal then this is the perfect scent for you, or if you are planning on going out for the night, then you need to have a piece of this if you want to get any hot lasses thrilled. This fragrance spells out power with a hint of danger. If you are trying to look dangerous enough to sweep some girl off her feet, then you seriously need to think about getting one of these. The fragrance has a dark rum feel that gives it an oceanic quality, something that drives women crazy. This scent will give you an alluring feel that’s both fascinating and thrilling to the ladies. It’s not pricey for what it offers, and you could get it for about $32 on Amazon.

18. Giorgio Armani Aqua di Gio


If you are looking to have a manly scent and allure, then this is the fragrance to get. We all know women love a man who’s manly. It doesn’t matter what age you are, this scent fits in with anyone, and what’s best is that it covers all bases.

Giorgio Armani’s signature has been a blessing for men for a long time now, and this is one fragrance that has been around for a while. It first got into the market in 1996, but still managed to get a spot on this list. If you are looking for a timeless feel, then this is a fragrance you have to own.

17. Polo Black


If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is one fragrance you want to look into. It’s said that women will literally have their heads buried in your chest if you put on this scent. It’s a complicated yet unique scent, and women love complications. It’s a combination of spices including the Tonka bean. You will never go wrong with this scent or any other Ralph Lauren scent. This cologne was launched back in 2005, and more than ten years later women are still crazy about it. If you are looking for a complicated yet unique scent, then this is one fragrance you want to get. It costs about $75.

16. Code by Giorgio Armani

Women love a classy man, so if you are looking to feel classy and elegant, then Code by Giorgio Armani is the scent for you. It has a strong yet pleasant base, and it’s awesome for the night freak. Unlike most men’s fragrances that have a variety of spices mixed up to form a manly fragrance, Armani Code has a simple notation; it’s classy, sleek and elegant.

Code by Giorgio Armani is set to give you a second date. This is one cologne you want to wear to impress because it never disappoints. It’s about $57. A great price for the perfect manly scent.

15. Number Six By Hugo Boss


While the Boss brand might be an old timer in the fragrance business, it still stands out as the ultimate gentleman’s fragrance, and this brand gives out their unique, young and vibrant edge. Boss NO.6 is sweet, with a masculine scent. Perfect for dinner dates and nights out, it’s tame and not all overpowering. If you get close enough to a woman, then you’ll probably understand why Hugo Boss made this fragrance. If you are looking to be associated with class or sparking some midnight romance, then you need to consider this fragrance. This perfume can be purchased at Amazon for $35.

14. Jean Paul Gaultier


Love a unique scent? Well, nothing gets more unique than Jean Paul Gaultier. This cologne has been designed with aromas that contrast, and the end result is a unique fragrance that will definitely get you some action on the first date (it depends on how ready you are). But on a serious note, you might never get luckier than this with a fragrance. This fragrance was designed for the boy who is bold enough to stand out in front of men, and according to Men’s Fitness, this scent is guaranteed to make women go crazy. Its contrasting flavors of mint, warm vibes, and bittersweet aromas will make even the average man standout.

13. Issey Miyake


Want to have a casual date? Looking for a hookup, or just an outing to impress? Well, you better be wearing Issey Miyake. This fragrance’s first impression is a clear mix of citrus scents, with a subtle woodsy undertone in the background, making it the perfect blend for a manly scent. It’s clean and refreshing, something that will definitely appeal to the lucky lady. It’s often hard to get something that you could wear at work and still try out in a nightclub, however this isn’t the case with Issey Miyake. Its alluring scent and rich woodsy undertones make it a silent killer. This is the sort of cologne that will get you compliments wherever you go as its versatility is on another level. Its costs just about $40 on Amazon.

12. Creed Aventus


On 2016’s colognes to buy list, this fragrance was #3, and it’s for a good reason. First of all, it lasts long and has a memorable scent. This is one scent you won’t regret losing a penny over. This is the kind of cologne that get you noticed once you step into the room, and it’s all thanks to its unique fruity fragrance.

While most fragrances will have you using a gallon a day to get noticed, it’s not the case with Creed Aventus. If you are looking to get noticed, or build a signature scent around work, then you definitely need to get this product. It’s going to be hard for that lucky girl to forget you with this fragrance on.

11. Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome


If you are eyeing a girl at work, then this is the fragrance to go buy. It was designed for the office setting. This fragrance smells expensive, and no offense to the ladies, but you know how they like expensive things. If you are looking to fetch a few compliments at work, then you need to get this cologne. It’s really bad if you are the guy at the office that everyone avoids because of the farm animal smell you give off, but with Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome, everyone will be fighting for a seat next to you, and by everyone I mean the ladies. With its tangy woodsy blend, it offers the right aroma to lure any women you might be chasing.

10. Paco Rabanne 1 Million


1 Million by Paco Robanne has to be one of the best fragrances ever made for men, and it’s hard to miss that manly punch this fragrance offers at first smell. It’s no wonder all women around the globe fell in love with it when it came out. No one would be as lucky if they didn’t have this, since it offers a natural scent that brings out a sex appeal that irresistible to the ladies. This incredible scent from Paco Rabanne has a spicy, masculine scent with a floral appeal added to it. If you are not putting on any sexy underwear, then don’t leave your house wearing this. This fragrance goes for $43 on Amazon.

9. Versace Eros


This is a vibrant and sexy scent; it’s bound to get the ladies turning. It’s also great for all occasions. Whether it’s going to the office, or having a dinner date, Versace Eros will blend right in. if you are also looking for a clean and balanced smell, then you better get this fragrance as soon as possible. Just like any other Versace product, this fragrance spells out versatility, and it’s voted as the best scent for any occasion. You wouldn’t be fresher than a guy wearing this for a date. It’s a unique scent that’s been created for any occasion. Eros retails for $53. If you are looking to sweep a girl off her feet, then this is what you should wear.

8. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit


Women love soft and sweet, and if you are wearing Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit , then you hit the jackpot! Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit is soft yet sweet, it doesn’t come off strong, and it’s not overwhelmingly powerful, but it is far-reaching, and women find this fragrance to be intoxicating. This perfume was picked by Brostick as the top pick for last fall. However, a lot of reviewers feel that it works for all seasons. You can wear this scent anywhere; it’s perfect for all occasions. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit costs $69. It has an intoxicating aroma that’s just out of this world, so you will never go wrong with this scent.

7. Black Orchid by Tom Ford


This fragrance is a lush mixture of amazingly sexy scents of rich dark accords, and it’s a favorite among fanatics of men’s perfumes. This fragrance will definitely get the ladies talking since it has a proactive, erotic and enticing scent that has a hint of black truffle, dark chocolate, and blackcurrant. With its erotic mix, it’s bound to charm any woman out of her senses within your vicinity. Women have admitted that this scent feels outrageously different and sexy when used by men. IF you are looking to stand out on your hot date, then you need to try this alluring scent.

6. The One by Dolce Gabbana


One thing this scent has for sure is a sense of charisma and seduction. You can almost feel it when you first encounter it. It has some sort of versatility that will definitely captivate a woman. This fragrance is meant for the sophisticated man who takes really good care of himself, and the ladies will feel it and get comfortable around you. It has a strong crisp wood scent with a hint of tobacco leaf that’s quite inviting and warm. This fragrance goes for about $33. According to reviewers, it’s one of the best scents that attract women. If you want to pull a sophisticated look, then you better try this bad boy!

5. Terre D’Hermes by Hermes


This is an award winning fragrance that boasts of its strong citrus aroma that’s accompanied with a woodsy, sexy fragrance. If you’ve ever smelled the scent that comes off when peeling oranges and lemons in front of a bonfire then you have a hint of how this scent smells. It has pleasant and earthy, woody feel, with a hint of citrus and patchouli. If you are wearing this out for the night, or even for work, then you’re sure to get a few compliments because of its deep and sexy nature. It’s hard for any woman to resist this scent. If you work around a bunch of hot lasses then they’ll be going crazy all day.

4. Dior by Christian Dior


This fragrance has been around for a while now, and part of the reason is because of its signature woody floral musk fragrance that’s been built around lavender, bergamot and sage. Once you have it on, you first get a very strong iris scent at the initial spray; it will later settle in as the iris slowly fades and gets replaced by a rich lavender scent that’s mixed with cocoa. The outcome is sexy and unusual, and it’s bound to turn women’s heads when you pass by. If you are looking forward to a hot date tonight, then you better clean up your house, because you’ll definitely be having company tonight.

3. Noir by Tom Ford


If you are looking for a fragrance that shouts classy, then this is the scent to go with. It’s ideal for that mysterious fierce man. The fragrance is sexy, has a hint of bravado to it, and it’s downright zesty, which is guaranteed to drive the ladies wild. If you are looking for a fragrance that brings out the masculinity in you, then this is the perfume for you. The fragrance was made for a very masculine man. If your date is into masculinity, then this is the fragrance to impress! Noir by Tom Ford costs about $101. Try it; you won’t regret it.

2. Colonia by Aqua Di Parma


This is a sexy fragrance for men; it’s what men should smell like. This fragrance is over 90 years old. However, it still has a modern punch to it. If there’s a fragrance that will make you think of a color it has to be this one, and women respond well to this. This fragrance is an amazing mixture of bergamot, verbena, lemon, rose, sandalwood and it reflects orange and citrus groves. If anyone would wear this, then it would be Brad Pitt or David Beckham. If your date loves any of those stars, then you’ll definitely have a head start when you wear it.

1. Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein


There’s always something signature about Calvin Klein products that women love; it’s even surprising 5 different brands from Calvin Klein don’t appear in this lost. Eternity is sexy and subtly fresh, but not overwhelming. What women love about this scent is its staying power. Many manly fragrances lose their potency after a while, but this fragrance lingers on for some time. It’s definitely more sex oriented than its competitors, and that’s why it has the top spot on this list. If you are wearing Calvin Klein Eternity, then you know, you can never go wrong with the ladies.

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