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Spooky News: 15 Haunted Places That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Spooky News: 15 Haunted Places That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Sometimes the world can be a hostile place fraught with perils and insolvable mysteries at the sight of which we’d prefer to remain wordless. Unquestionably, many are the cases where we’ve been offered a hair-raising slew of graphics of unknown creatures; and for the most part, of course, we’ve put the blame on the 21st century technology allowing us to re-touch whatever we desire. Surely this seems to be a pretty reasonable explanation due to our own powerlessness against such riddles of an extreme complexity.

As horrifying as they genuinely promise to be, such gloomy legends and stories about unfathomable mysteries are surely going to make your hair stand on one end. Plus, when you add in their notorious reputation stemming from an inexplicable number of tragic events which have occurred within the same region, dreadful vibes start floating in the air, almost suffocating it. If you still have the guts to peep into the petrifying details behind them, then you’re welcome to hop aboard and join our virtual tour into the world where darkness is in full charge.

15. Castle of Good Hope


What better way to kick off our frightful array of haunted places than with a God-forsaken castle perched up in the sky somewhere out there? Located in a region where devil-like creatures are thought to have been lurking around, the ill-famed building is an ancient castle built somewhere around 17th century. The ironic name “Castle of Good Hope” seems to be in a total contrast with its features being as dark as the coldest November night. The bizarre castle is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and originally it was meant to be a replenishment station helping out ships manage their way through the dangerous waters of Cape Town.

The scariest story surrounding this place is about a governor who desired the death of soldiers who had plans to escape the military. The legend narrates that one of these soldiers put a curse on the governor. Shortly after, he was found dead in cold blood with eyes expressing the ultimate terror. Presently, it’s still a mystery what might have happened to him or what might have caused it.

14. The Château de Châteaubriant AKA the Former Fairy Tale


Built many decades ago, the castle Château de Châteaubriant in France probably looked like a heaven-like castle created out of our wildest dreams. With such a positive and praising vibe, its title doesn’t sound that inadequate, does it? If you think so, then wait until you hear about the first slew of irrational and almost paranormal activities happening at the French chateau. Around the 15th century, the picturesque character of the castle was irreversibly impaired following a double murder painting the walls bloody red. The tragic event made the community believe in the living ghost of the Green Lady still dwelling within the walls of the castle.

13. Island of the Dolls


Indeed, somewhere out there, a cute little girl had been mercilessly tormented to death. The creepy location where the little one presumably met her own fate is Xochimilco, Mexico. Nowadays what could be seen in the wooden area of Xochimilco is a thick and black forest filled to the brim with spooky dolls and other toys hanging from the branches. Rumors have it that the girl was drowned there and the toys have come into play as a way to quell her cries in agony. Indeed, this truly sounds like a dreadful horror movie script which, unfortunately, might have happened, at least partly. With this in mind, we advise you to stifle the urge and desire to go there and explore this place on your own.

12. Rajasthan, India


Meet the Indian evil port located between Alwar and Jaipur, India, which is actually believed to have been haunted. The so-called Kila or port in Rajasthan is thought to have been cursed by a mighty sorcerer. The Indian community still believes in her black damnation which, according to legends, has caused the untimely deaths of all the people at the Kila. The sorcerer is said to have cursed their souls to dwell inside the port in Rajasthan. As scary as it is, spending the night at the Kila port is simply an impossible mission due to the existing ban on reaching this haunted place. Obviously, the memory of the witch is still alive…

11. The Castle of Edinburgh


The history surrounding the foundation of the Castle of Edinburgh dates back to what is believed to be the Iron Age. When talking about this specific castle, many are the stories which could actually prove the extreme torture and other ordeals which might have happened at the castle. Besides, it’s not rare to hear frightful narratives about bloody battles and matchless torments which might have occurred there as well. Undoubtedly, these features could also be the perfect and very necessary ingredients for a really spine-chilling horror movie. The only difference is that some of these examples reflect the actual facts almost to perfection. With this image, it’s no surprise why the Edinburgh’s old castle still spreads fear and darkness all over the place.

10. The Old London Cemetery


Well, if truth be told, cemeteries seem to be the most favorite locations by movie directors where the most intense and gruesome scenes are usually filmed. It’s not that much different in the classiest horror books as well, revealing the bone-chilling deaths of some of the main characters who eventually meet an awful fate. This time around, however, we’re not talking about movies or books or even creepy legends, but about an authentic place AKA the Old London Cemetery. Not a single living creature has been seen there for what seems like forever. Perhaps, that’s the point – there are creatures lurking within the ancient cemetery, but they are hardly humans…

9. The Forbidden City, China

via Rough guides

Oh, the great Forbidden City in Beijing, China – isn’t that actually one of China’s most renowned locations? Ironically, it is referred to as one of the creepiest places on the planet which, as if this is not enough, puts fearful vibes into the air. Provided that you’ve been cursing your days for not being able to explore the forbidden city with your own eyes, here’s what you should know about it: this heavily known location has actually been a source of tragic events and dreadful occurrences. Besides, Chinese people often talk about it as if it’s the home of the Devil himself. You won’t believe how many murderers and assassinations have ever occurred precisely there. Who knows what’s really behind its walls…Do you still want to visit it?

8. The Sea of Trees

via Ghost Stories

Meet the Sea of  Trees, or to put to it more accurately, the Bloody Sea of Trees. Indeed, this Japanese location has been considered a haunted place since the beginning of time, and as such, there are a whole lot of ghastly narratives about this cursed place where hundreds of people are said to have committed a suicide. Not only does this gloomy location look like a demon’s playground, but it certainly sends chills down the spine the moment you start browsing through its pictures. God knows what must have driven these people to such extreme and hideous acts resulting in suicides. With that, one thing is certain – this place is anything but a welcoming or safe location.

7. Screaming Tunnel

via Flickr

Ontario’s Screaming Tunnel is definitely another scary place which has spread tons of frightful stories since the tragic event involving a little girl who met an untimely death. If you think that there can’t be anything spooky about a tunnel, wait until you get your hands on the blackest and most ominous details behind the Screaming Tunnel. According to the century-old story, there was a farm house located nearby one of the entrances of the tunnel which mysteriously caught fire. Unluckily, there was a girl still in the house when everything got engulfed in smoke. Scared to death and panicked, the girl took the tunnel as the shortest route to find help but it was too late – the tunnel had already started to crumble down from the fire.  Today, the tunnel is burdened with the gruesome story about the girl whose cries can almost be felt while walking through it. At least, this is how the daredevil adventurers depict the Screaming Tunnel.

6. The Hell Fire Club

via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Dublin, Ireland, this pretty shady location is truly believed to be the Devil’s domain. The ill-famed place used to be a hunting lodge which mainly served as a spot where numerous satanic rituals took place. Note that this wicked place was used by the Hell Fire Club members in early 18th century. Presently, what is known about this unholy location is the fact that multiple animal sacrifices alongside black masses were a typical and quite common activity back then. One day, however, the lodge caught fire which resulted in the demolishing of this place. Currently, the Hell Fire Club is still fraught with extreme mystique and monstrosity.

5. The Helltown


Welcome to Helltown – the place where unholy spirits dwell hiding in the shadows. Indeed, with such a moniker, this haunted location is just another example of an immensely bizarre and uncanny spot you’d not want to be around under any circumstances; and if, by any chance, you dare to peek into its baffling nature, what you’d probably catch is the gloomy atmosphere, wooded landscapes, and odd noises coming closer and then dying away without a warning. Where does it all come from? Is this Helltown really abandoned? Well, you’d better not figure it all out, right? After all, this demonic Helltown is the last spot you’d desire to be at.

4. Paris Catacombs


Regardless of their present-day eerie character, the Paris Catacombs weren’t meant to be a mass cemetery whatsoever. Due to the overcrowded graveyards back in the 18th century, most of the human remains were relocated into what seems to be the Paris Catacombs. Within the catacombs, built beneath the city in what strongly resembles spider web tunnels, countless human bones abound. And with that, the blood-curdling story doesn’t reach its peak at all. Rather, legends still have it that restless spirits have been infesting the mass cemetery with heinous vibes and extreme terror.

3. Mental Hospital in Philadelphia


Here we go with another extremely bizarre location in Philadelphia – meet the real asylum where demonic creatures hide in the pitch dark angles of the rooms. Surely, you have seen a nasty horror movie, the plot of which is primarily focused on a lunatic human being who doesn’t seem to share many similarities with his own race. Well, let’s say that the old and god-forsaken asylum for mentally ill people may have shared something in common with all those ghastly films; and if you simply don’t believe that it has been that bad out there, just try browsing through some of its authentic pictures. You’ll truly have hardships not seeing things that are hardly supposed to be there…

2. Shades of Death Road, New Jersey


Would you dare to hit the road leading to…dreadful scenes? Probably not. Naturally, there’s hardly a person who would want to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, and even worse – on a deadly road with a bone-chilling past. Indeed, it’s exactly the Shades of Death Road which has been lurking around waiting for its next victim. Actually, there are as many creepy stories fraught with terror and blood as there are sands in the desert. Some legends narrate the deaths of passengers who have been ruthlessly murdered as some kind of a warning. Others believe in the existence of a gruesome man who has robbed locals of their belongings before mercilessly murdering them. Either way, Shades of Death Road is certainly another haunted spot which you had better never visit for obvious reasons.

1. Iulia Hasdeu Castle


Once upon a time, there was a gloomy castle drowned in mysteries and terror. The name of this frightful spot which is the origin of many scary-as-hell stories, is Iulia Hasdeu Castle. Situated in a quite distant place, namely Romania, the dark castle is so heavily ill-famed that the location hasn’t been renovated since the death of a girl named Iulia. Moreover, the Hasdeu Castle features a special room painted all black dedicated to Iulia for spiritual rituals. As creepy as it sounds, perhaps the soul of Iulia still haunts every room and corridor in the ancient castle.

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