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Spy Gadgets: The 20 Best Currently On The Market

Spy Gadgets: The 20 Best Currently On The Market


Spies are everywhere, and if you thought they only existed in old Cold War movies, then you have another thing coming. With a lot of secret agents, private detectives both real and fictional, according to public consciousness this day, we just had to make a list of the 20 best spy gadgets currently on the market. However, as you go through this amazing list of spy devices, you need to know that using any of this spy gear may be illegal or unethical.

Remember James Bond? Detective comic books? Spy gadgets have been a marvel to us for the longest time. I am sure kids today are still crazy about them, possibly now more than ever. From the CIA to the DEA and any other shadowy government entities, spies have an advantage of stealth technology that lets them tap our conversations, scan faces from crowds, take suspects’ DNA without triggering their attention, and best of all, they are able to monitor our every move through sophisticated video recording technology. Spies according to Hollywood can do absolutely what they want. We find this fascinating, and decide to make a list of not 10, not 15 but 20 cool spy gadgets that are on the market today. Some of the spy gadgets available will blow your mind away!

20. Robotic Bugs


Yes, you heard me right, robotic bugs. Well if you thought bugs such as roaches or any other creepy crawlies weren’t already unwelcome in your home, then you will be surprised at some of the latest spy capabilities discovered by Cyborg tech. back in 2006, researchers from Tokyo University put together an army of zombie roaches that were able to take orders via remote control. Scientist has even taken it a step further, and have made these roaches able to spy and power CPUs and radio devices. These cyborg roaches work because of the computer chips that have been installed, giving them the functionality to take pictures and survey location. Next time you see a bug in your house flying around, might just be a spy bug!

19. Minox Digital Spy Camera


This is a very small camera that was developed by Minox and it measures just about 3/8 by 1 and 3/16 by 7/8 inches. This minute camera just weighs 2.1 ounces, would you believe that? Well, this spy camera might just have more pixels than your average phone; it’s fitted with a 5-megapixel camera, a 42mm lens, and you can store memory up to 16GB so that you are able to store all your spy recordings. This spy gadget is available for the public, and it can be bought for $199 online from Minox. If you are looking to start a career in spying, you can’t afford to miss this gadget.

18. Calculator Video Camera


Well, I don’t know who you’d be pretending to be when you are using this spy gadget, maybe a mathematics major or accountant, but whichever decoy you go with, this calculator will be able to assist your spy escapades. The calculator is fitted with a wireless video camera that’s cleverly put on its side so that you can record video and audio secretly. It’s also designed with a digital receiver that has a built-in LCD screen so that you can view as you record whatever you are investigating. This creative invention is available for only $192 from Chinavasion.

17. Secret Agent Pen Camcorder


This tiny device can be used to spy on your victim and has been cleverly integrated into a pen. The secret agent pen also comes with a 2GB storage space that can be used to record whatever you might be investigating or spying. It can record both video and audio files that can later be retrieved on a computer. The screen resolution is 352 X 288, or just about the resolution you would get from a smaller cell phone. This pen is chargeable via USB, meaning you can also charge it in your car as you stalk your prospect. You can get a Secret Agent Camcorder for $99.

16. Wireless Spy Glasses


Now, this is more like a really cool spy gadget, something kids in the 70s only thought could exist in movies. Well, grandpa, it’s now a reality! These really cool wireless spy sunglasses look like the average sports sunglasses used by athletes or bikers. If anything they look fashionable and no one would think they are spy glasses. They come fitted with 2 GB of memory. You can also fit in a micro SD card in case you want to record for long hours. You can get this amazing spy gadget for $186. These are great for long spy sessions, and since they are worn at eye level, they are the perfect spy recording devices.

15. The EyeClops Night Vision Goggles


With these out-of-this-world amazing night vision goggles you will be able to see in the dark up to 500 feet away, isn’t that amazing? If you had any night time surveillance missions that always failed because you were unable to see clearly, then this is the device for you. They might not be fitted with a recording device, but you’ll be able to see bright as day. The EyeClops Night Vision Goggles are available for $89.99 from Think Geek. This is actually a small price to pay, considering the convenience they’ll bring to your top secret missions. It’s worth a try!

14. The Alarm Spy Camera


Well, most of us hate the alarm clock, since the only time you actually need to encounter it is early in the morning when you’re snug in bed. Well, this amazing device has a spy camera fitted in an alarm clock, how thoughtful is that? This can be ideal for setting some surveillance up on one of your targets. This alarm spy recorder has built-in wireless recorder functionality and features a 2.5 inch LCD screen that will display at a resolution of 480X234. You can get this amazing device for $121 from Brando. The Alarm Spy camera can be set up in any location that would make it blend in.

13. The Baseball Cap Spy Camera


Well, this isn’t new, you have probably seen this in a lot of movies, and it’s actually one of the most thoughtful places to hide a camera, very unsuspecting. With this device, you will be able to go on a mission with total secrecy. The main reason is because this spy camera looks like a standard issue baseball cap, and the built-in spy camera is fitted with a wireless receiver. If you want to own this awesome spy gadget, you can get it from Chinavasion for $198. It’s definitely a gadget you want in your arsenal, and it’s a lot more convincing than spy sunglasses.

12. The Spy Button Camera


It’s almost impossible for anyone to spot this cool spy camera, this is because it blends into your outfit. Do you remember anyone’s button you have seen today? And it doesn’t matter the size or color, but it would be hard to spot this little bad boy, this is because they would think it was part of your suit. The camera is fitted inside a 3.7mm pinhole lens that is connected to a portable recorder that will be able to store all your recordings. The recorder is pretty small, and it has a 2.4 inch TFT ICD screen. It can store data up to 2GB, and you could also expand it with a micro SD. This gadget is pricey due to the level of secrecy it upholds. You can get it for $256.

11. The Necktie Spy Camera


Who would ever think you have a camera in your necktie? Most FBI and CIA detectives in movies are stupid not to use this discreet spy camera. This is because it looks like a normal day to day tie, however, the difference is that it has a spy camera that you could never pick out. This spy camera features a high-quality pinhole camera that can also be used to record sound. In case you want to own this awesome spy gadget you can be able to buy it from Spy Equipment for $380. A bit pricey? Well, if you are hoping to have successful missions you better own one of these.

10. Handheld Cellphone Jammer


Now, I wouldn’t know when you might actually need to jam your target’s phone during a surveillance. Maybe to stop them from calling the police? However, this gadget can come in handy when you want to prevent your target in your spy missions from calling for backup and helping you get out of a bad situation. For normal use, if you know a person who gets overly irritating on long calls, then this device might come in handy, thanks to its 30m range. This spy gadget can be bought from Global Gadget for $139. If you are the kind of spy who gets into a lot of trouble, you might find this gadget quite helpful.

9. Air Freshener Camera Unit

Via YouTube

Your Spy pen might prove invaluable for mobile operations and especially when your enemies decide that they are going to visit you at your home where you are most vulnerable. Well you don’t need to panic with this discreet little gadget here. The Air Freshner Camera unit will provide you with a steady video stream that you can be able to monitor via the internet from a different location. A really good feature about this phone is that it can work over 2G or 3G networks, meaning that you can use it on your phone. This invaluable spy gadget costs about $600 and can be bought from 3G video Cams.

8. 8. Keylogger

Well, at some point in your spy career you might need to know the password of a certain computer that will be key to the success of your mission. Since this is not an action packed movie, you might need to use your torture tool to get information out of your target since there’s better. The key logger is a unique yet highly significant device for any spy. This is because they Keylogger records anything you press on the computer. This is a bit sneaky, but I must admit it’s clever and overly effective. It’s not advisable to use this for anything illegal, though. This invaluable device can be bought from amazon for EUR20.

7. The Pen Scanner


You might have never thought you could see this gadget in action apart from in spy movies. Well, when you have no time to steal a document and get it to the nearest convenient store for scanning, you could use this highly sophisticated pen to do the job for you in seconds. This scanner is the same dimensions as an average pen, meaning you don’t need to carry your PC with you to execute your mission. While a photographic memory is something you need to be an effective spy, you might not need it with this little bad boy, its function is priceless. You can get this amazing spy device from Overstock at EUR350. Spying has never been this fun. However, you advised not to use this kit for illegal activities.

6. Heart Rate Camera App


When you are in a spy mission, there’s really not the time to check on your vitals. Time is of the essence and every second counts. While this is not a physical device you can get from the store, it can be downloaded from the app store. The heart rate monitor makes it possible for a spy to check their vital signs when the mission gets too heated up. With this app you can take a picture of your face and let it crunch up all the numbers. It might seem like a useless app, but we all understand how intense spy missions get; there simply isn’t enough time to waste. This app goes for $2 in the App Store.

5. Ear Hearing Sound Amplifier


The Ear Hearing Amplifier is a great spy app that lets you eavesdrop on conversations from your target for as far as 20 feet away. This device is so awesome it can amplify your target’s conversations up to 50 decibels. Next time you find yourself in the field, you could use it to listen in on your targets’ conversations without being detected. This device can also be used in a dangerous situation that might need audio coverage. The Calculator Camcorder might not be so useful with this little invention here. The Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier goes for about $40 on ThinkAwesome. This is one gadget you don’t want to miss in your spy kit.

4. GPS Trackers


Well, GPS has done sooo much more for the ordinary person than it has for the spy. With the PTXrack Real-Time GPS tracking device, you are able to transmit the location of a car that you might be pursuing in a series of ten seconds in case they are driving, or for 20 feet in case your target is walking. The spy just needs to watch their web-based map to monitor the target. This device is able to also record and store this data by itself, you can get information about the route, the stop time, speed and the direction your target is heading in. You can also retrieve the data and download it for analysis. If you are not a spy, you can use this to monitor your kids after school activities and movements in case you suspect something fishy.

3. Antibugging protection


Well, if you are a spy, then you know you can’t be too careful, and you might probably get a little bit paranoid about yourself, or someone surveying you. That’s where the anti-buggery comes in. The PE-AJ1 Audio jammer electric noise generator that costs about $169 can be used to knock out any wired or wireless microphone that could have been planted by another spy in your premises; this gadget can work at a range of 150 square feet to a protected radius of about 7 feet. In case you think your premises has been infiltrated you could use this device to knock off any wired signals so that your enemies can’t tap your conversations.

2. Aerial Snooping


Today, you could snoop even at the White House, but not before the secret service shoots down your drone and get you in trouble. Air drones are becoming very popular, and these flying drones can do just about anything. They can deliver stuff, record in 4k resolution and fly to great heights by remote control. With a drone, you are able to survey your enemies or targets’ premises without their knowledge and take pictures and videos from the air that would have been harder in the past to get. You don’t need a long range camera or tree to get aerial pictures of your targets anymore.

1. Mobile phone hacking


Your handsets are no longer safe, and in case you are using either an Android or an iPhone, then a service known as Mobistealth can be used to monitor the location of your target, listen in on their calls via a web interface, and also get your targets’ texts and browsing history. This app is so effective the service costs $80 for 3 months. However, if your target has an iPhone you might need to jailbreak it for this software to function. Either way, this application can come in handy, especially if you want to secure some vital information from your target. Please don’t use this app to spy on your spouse!

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