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STOP! Check Out 15 Of The Riskiest Roads In The World

STOP! Check Out 15 Of The Riskiest Roads In The World

We’ve already talked about the most dangerous train routes across the globe, but how about the most perilous roads? Just imagine yourself on an empty road, surrounded by rugged cliffs and total stillness. The thought of it is so oddly beautiful, isn’t it? If somehow this gives you itchy feet, then you’d better keep reading. Believe us, you want to know where the riskiest roads are. So next time you hit the road, you’ll know why you shouldn’t take the shortcut. Also, we can bet that you’ve never seen or heard of such dreadful thoroughfares. While some of them stretch hundreds of miles through remote forests, others are built at high altitudes over rivers! Now you can only imagine how nightmarish it gets on stormy days with a strong gust of wind. Some of these roads are so curvy and steep that you’ll probably doubt their very existence. Now that you know a little more about them, would you ride them? We’d really advise you against taking these spine-chilling highways. From the action-packed Dalton Highway in Alaska to India’s “Zoji Pass,” today we bring you 15 of the scariest roads across the globe.

15. The Dalton Highway in Alaska

via Alaska Public Media

First on our nightmarish list is the Dalton Highway in Alaska. This unconventional-looking road stretches some 240 miles through remote forests. If this sounds terrible, then wait until we get to the best part: it goes without any kind of roadside services. Well, you can at least take in the scenic views of the surrounding tundra and Yukon River. This unique highway warns about multiple signs of steep slopes and avalanches. Did we mention that Dalton Highway is built over the local Yukon River? Well, now you know.

14. The Atlantic Road in Norway

via YouTube

As one of the most scenic road trips, the Norway’s notorious Atlantic Road has its dark sides too. While riding along it, think of the highway links sitting between Kristiansund and Molde. The dreadful Atlantic Road also boasts eight high bridges that can only make your road trip even worse. It’s exactly that ill-famed stretch that’s often hit by massive waves and fierce winds. Indeed, the weather conditions get so crazy on stormy days that you’ll regret hitting the Atlantic Road. You see, its scenic views aren’t really worth the risk.

13. The Stelvio Pass in Italy

via Pinterest

The wonderful Italy – who would ever think of it as a bad example of anything?! Well, it may be a gorgeous land, but it has got its fair share of risky roads too. Let’s take Stelvio Pass as an example. This road offers at least 48 sharp turns into the Italian Alps. Stelvio Pass snakes its way through rugged hills while letting you hang at 9,000 feet above sea level. Isn’t that a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Alps? Just kidding – it’s more like a dreadful trip that sends shivers down your spine. For this reason only, Stelvio Pass earns a notorious place on our scary list of risky roads.

12. The North Yungas Highway in Bolivia

via International Traveller

While staring at this unbelievable Yungas Highway, one thing comes to mind – we’d rather take Stelvio Pass than take our chances on this deadly highway. We must admit it – Bolivia has just taken our breath away with its North Yungas Road. Also known as the “Death Road”, Yungas Highway features a particularly risky stretch with extra-sharp turns and steep roads. This 40-mile-long stretch links La Paz to Coroico. On its way to Coroico, Yungas passes by rugged cliffs overlooking a sprawling canyon. The sight of it is so creepy that you’ll wish you veered off the Yungas road instead.

11. The Guoliang Tunnel in China

via Pinterest

Well, the irony hits hard this time. The literal translation of “Guoliang” is “a road that tolerates no mistakes.” How curious, right? Well, now we know how creepy and dangerous this tunnel really is. This notorious mile-long tunnel was built by 13 locals who lost their lives during its construction. As scary as it is, the chiseled mountain tunnel is about 15 feet high and 13 feet wide. But no matter how dangerous it is, The Guoliang Tunnel provides magnificent views of the landscape. Dare to look out through its 30 “windows” and feel the threatening beauty of the Chinese landscape.

10. The Widow-Maker in the United Kingdom

via Insider

Famous for its odd road signs, the so-called Widow-Maker was dubbed the UK’s riskiest highway in 2010. Also known as “The A537”, this particular stretch is hugged by stunning scenery and plenty of rugged cliffs. This sure makes it just as spectacular as it is dangerous. Although it’s surrounded by stunning scenery, it hardly offers a save road trip at all. We can’t really imagine how spine-chilling this road trip would be. But obviously, it’s equally spooky and mind-blowing. For this reason alone, the notorious Widow-Makes earns a spot on our spooky list today.

9. The Vitim River Bridge in Siberia

via YouTube

Well, this is hands down the best road trip for all daredevils. It almost sounds like the “Victim of River Bridge” is ready to claim one’s life. But gladly, there haven’t been reported any cases of fatalities on this road just yet. But just because there aren’t any fatalities yet, it doesn’t mean that the Vitim River Bridge is safe. Just look at this ancient bridge that almost threatens to collapse at any given moment. Thankfully, not many travelers have got the guts to cross it; honestly, this Siberian bridge seems better off without us anyway.

8. Karnali Highway, Nepal

via Pinterest

Much like the infamous Gualiong tunnel and the North Yungas Highway, this Karnali road is like a death wish. Would you dare to drive this road? Well, it’s certainly a bad idea given its steep climbs and extremely sharp turns, not to mention the terrible patches of dirt that the road slides on. Indeed, you can barely breathe up here, let alone drive along this dreadful stretch of the Karnali Highway in Nepal. Are you still hooked on the idea of riding along the Karnali highway? You know, you can just veer off the road instead.

7. Skipper’s Canyon Road in New Zealand

via Viral X Files

At first, this road trip may seem like a pretty wild idea and you’ll be right. Skipper’s road offers stunning views of the canyon but at what price? In fact, Skipper’s Canyon Road requires a special road permit just to be able to drive along it. As you can see, there isn’t even a road but a path that’s only passable if you’re on a motorcycle. This sure leaves no room for rental car options whatsoever. Carved by minors, this gravel road is so narrow that it’s almost impossible to cross it, not to mention how dangerous and difficult it would be to turn around.

6. Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines

via ABS-CBN-News

Commonwealth Avenue isn’t set high up in the mountains, neither does it offer rapid turns or risky stretches of the road, bridged low over rivers. This time, it’s about something else. Known as the “Killer Avenue” in the Philippines, this 7-mile-long highway is a deadly road with unbelievable traffic congestion. Its poor drainage system also contributes to the regular casualties every year. You can only imagine how terrifying it gets during periods of heavy rain. This alone makes it a terrible highway we’d not want to cross for any amount of money.

5. Federal Highway 1, Mexico

via Daily Mail

Compared to the other thoroughfares, Federal Highway 1 is the craziest thing you can ever see. Now say it out loud – this road is LOCO! Stretching 1,000 miles along the Baja Peninsula, Federal Highway 1 lacks any basic road maintenance. This highway snakes its way through high mountains and nightmarish cliffs before going down. From the looks of things, you need to be one hell of a driver to pass this driving test. If this idea brings sweat to your brow and forehead, then you’d better turn around. Indeed, Federal Highway 1 isn’t for everyone.

4. Nanga Parbat Pass, Pakistan

via Pinterest

The Nanga Parbat Pass is anything but a passable road in Pakistan. Just look at the road conditions up here! This gravel road is literally a death wish. Would you want to put yourself at such a grave risk? If not, then you should probably get off this road and think of a better alternative. As for the Nanga Parbat Pass, it only offers poorly maintained stretches, extra-narrow passages, and the best part: you’re at 10,000 feet above sea level. This all makes it a road to die for. Literally. You can now cross Pakistan’s deadly highway off your personal list. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan

via Pinterest

The Kabul-Jalalabad Highway sure is one of the riskiest roads across the globe, and here’s why: first of all, it’s heavily inhabited by Afghan tribesSecondly, this area is often targeted by the Taliban. By the way, it perfectly explains why the Kabul-Jalalabad highway can’t offer you a breezy ride. Rather, you can get yourself in serious trouble just for riding along the road. Indeed, things around here are quite serious, so save yourself the trouble and turn around. After all, you wouldn’t want to run into an Afghanistan tribe, right?

2. Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia


The Trans-Siberian Highway is definitely one of the longest and creepiest highways around the world. Much like the Widow-Maker, this Russian highway runs through dense forests, mountains, hills and even deserts! So if you’d love to take the Trans-Siberian highway, you must get ready for an action-packed journey. It turns out that you need to ride along a bumpy road to reach St. Petersburg. So yes, we’re pretty sure that this highway can’t promise you a relaxing Sunday ride.

1. The Zoji Pass in India

via Daily Mail

The notorious Zoji Pass is probably the last thing you’d wish for when traveling. Sitting at 11,000 feet above sea level, this risky road is an all-in-one death trap. The Zoji Pass is practically a gravel road with sharp turns that instantly puts you at risk. If we add in the great risk of witnessing a landslide, you’ll surely want to cross this one off the list. Well, it seems like the Zoji Pass combines all the features of the previous roads. For this reason alone, Zoji Pass earns the top spot on our scary list of deadly roads across the globe.


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