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Talentless: 15 Hot Actresses Who Just Don’t Have “IT”

Talentless: 15 Hot Actresses Who Just Don’t Have “IT”


Smoking hot actresses walking the red carpet with full grace, insanely fast cars and beach houses – the immense world of Hollywood just can’t wait to show us its latest additions of extremely sexy ladies and luxurious toys. Well, it’s not like we complain about it – it’s hardly the case at all. However, there are many cases in which we get to see nothing else but this fancy picture on the big old movie screen. Sometimes, modern movie productions are so heavily infested with all these crazy 21st century 3D effects that we often forget we still have movie productions which actually shift the focus to meaningful plotlines. Of course, some of them may even leave us overly thoughtful or heartbroken at times. Additionally, when you add in the poor acting of an actress, who could have been the perfect fit for a role if she had some basic acting skills, the situation gets even worse.

With this in mind, don’t get us wrong – we all love seeing lovely faces and perfectly-shaped bodies on-screen. However, it’s just that sometimes we find ourselves longing for the good old days filled with excellent actors and actresses whose performance could make you forget that you’re a viewer and not a supporting actor. Ultimately, such feelings and impressions can’t be erased from our minds just like that! In this sense, we’ve got a few examples of actresses who just couldn’t live up to our expectations. With this, let’s unmask their true colors right away!

15. Nikki Reed

via SheKnows

Here we go, bold and a bit sassy, with our hot roundup of 15 female actresses who couldn’t meet our requirements considering acting skills and professionalism in one way or another. In this regard, our first member of this not-so-shiny list is the charming Nikki Reed. Do you remember where she has starred? Believe it or not, Nikki once played the character of a pretty blonde named Rosalia; as for the movie, or rather the melodramatic series if we must be more exact, it’s the popular teenage saga Twilight. Even though we would not want to be mean, Twilight seems to be the greatest achievement in her career. As for that, we’d leave it to you – you be the judge on whether Nikki is a talented actress or just a pretty face!

14. Kristen Stewart

via YouTube

Here we go with the charming Kristen Stewart aka the Twilight saga’s shining star, loved and adored by teenagers. We’re really sorry for breaking your hearts, but Kristen may be anything but an A-list actress whose performances can steal the show. Indeed, her best on-scene moments were in the Twilight saga, which was far from taking our breath away. Maybe her role failed to excite us, or maybe it was her personality and acting skills which were totally missing in the Twilight sequels. The painful truth is that it wasn’t Kristen’s first opportunity to shine brightly alongside other actresses on such a roundup. It probably won’t be her last either…

13. Gwyneth Paltrow

via The Independent

Many were the rumors surrounding Gwyneth’s name and professional reputation throughout the years. Is she indeed a good actress? Does she overdo it all? How much is too much at the end of the day? Well, in many interviews, the attractive blonde addresses her career by saying that she’d like to be more focused on being a lifestyle guru than an actress. Well, maybe the Oscar-winning actress is a bit overrated and perhaps she really needs to shift her focus to some other field of professional development. Besides, when was the last time that she played a part in a phenomenal and long-desired movie production? That’s the point.

12. Dakota Johnson

via Vulture

Well, if you are a die-hard fan of the 50 Shades of Grey mania, then we’re truly sorry for the bad things we’re going to say about Dakota Johnson. Indeed, it’s not that bad, it’s just an objective opinion towards an individual; and in our case, the subject of our hot constructive criticism happens to be none other than Dakota herself. Without having a clue about why she puts such vibes in the air, the lovely actress makes it all feel like everything is going on slow-mo (thinking about the way she talks and moves). Actually, there’s a feeling of sterility and sluggishness that she brings to the table with her characters; and according to us, it has nothing to do with her role as a decent young girl who eventually turns into something more “interesting”, to put it shortly.

11. Katie Holmes

via NeoGAF

Oh, dear! We must admit that Katie Holmes is actually one of the few actresses on this roundup that we truly like as an individual! She’s nice, charismatic and funny, and she certainly looks really friendly with her fans and supporters! But…why does she act like this anyway? As a famous representative of the illustrious Hollywood community, she should be a fine match for basically any role, right? After all, isn’t it supposed to be that way with the greatest movie stars? That’s the point. We can’t tell you what might have happened to her acting skills since she’s barely under the spotlight anymore anyway. Besides, Katie’s position on this roundup may come out really surprising to some of you regarding some of her finest movie characters!

10. Kirsten Dunst

via The Hollywood Reporter

Honestly, we’ve just hit a stumbling block with this entry since we can’t really come up with a movie starring the lovely Kirsten Dunst. Can you think of any film featuring her lovely personality? Oh, yes – “Bring it on” – this should do the trick. Well, it’s not like she has barely had a fine role to brag about. However, she’s not really the best example of an A-list movie star we’re dying to see on-screen either. Again, she may be a good gal with a golden heart, to say the least, but we’re being pretty objective here. With this, Kirsten certainly deserves to be featured on this list. Sorry, girl!

9. Keira Knightley

via MovieWeb

When thinking about Keira, the very first image that comes to mind would probably be her role in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. In the epic sequels of this phenomenal movie production, we see her as a bit of a demanding lady with a sassy personality that evolves greatly with each sequel. Eventually, she gets cut off from the series alongside Orlando Bloom whose main roles get replaced by young actors and individuals being ready to give a fresh new look to the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. As for Keira’s impression on us, it’s hardly a great one given her monotonous performance with pouty lips and stone-faced expressions. Could you try a bit more next time, pretty please?

8. Elsa Pataky

via The Sun

The beautiful Elsa Pataky has also found her way on our hot and shiny list of actresses who don’t seem to have, well, IT. Much like another dark-haired beauty named Gal Gadot, Elsa is another fine example of a celebrity and an actress who just can’t stand right beside the greatest A-list movie stars. Even though we know there’s a fat chance of getting us called extremely evil – especially if you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s wife – the truth is undeniable. What’s more, we suggest that you re-watch once more some of the oldest Fast and Furious sequels only with the idea to witness her performance. Frankly, it could be depicted as a mediocre one lacking any professionalism. Sorry, fans, the truth is indeed a hard pill to swallow!

7. Gal Gadot

via Digital Spy

Meet the charming gal named Gal Gadot – she’s got such a unique name! Anyway, we still remember the good old days when she would partake in the Fast and Furious franchise only for a moment or two. Indeed, Gal might have been a part of an epic movie production the contemporary 2017 version of which shattered our world, meant in the purest and finest sense of the word; but as long as we can remember it, she would only stand there looking around with no lines coming along the way. Well, maybe she’ll get another chance in the upcoming versions of the mega-hit Fast and Furious, who knows. According to us, however, she doesn’t really stand a chance…

6. Amanda Seyfried

via Pinterest

Amanda? Amanda …who was this girl anyway? Let us help you out with this brain teaser. This gorgeous blonde starred in Mean Girls, a rom-com production loved and adored by teenagers. Alongside other stunning blondes, there was only one brunette joining their team that was played by – hold your breath now – the troublesome Lindsay Lohan! Hooray, what a great team, right? Without being too mean, let us just present you with her basic roles: A hot mean college girl and a woman with a high sex drive who is in a search of a “driver”, to put it softly. Apart from this, Amanda seems like a good-natured person, and maybe a bit goofy at times. However, there has to be someone playing the goofy and sexy blonde, right?

5. Penelope Cruz

via ThePlace2

Surely there’s scarcely a person who hasn’t had a bad day at work. Our next hot female movie star Penelope definitely has, otherwise she wouldn’t be featured on our pretty list of 15 actresses lacking impressive acting skills. Of course, we’re all humans who’re prone to mistakes in both our personal and professional lives. In this sense, Penelope Cruz is probably a good match given her pretty rememberable role in Pirates of the Caribbean. Indeed, it may be memorable, but not in the shiniest way whatsoever. Maybe it’s her really striking accent that feels like it can slice through your soul; or maybe it’s just her on-screen personality that doesn’t really appeal to us. At all.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

via The film experience

Well, before getting us hunted down for putting the stunning Jen on our list, let us tell you why we’ve decided to include her in the first place. Indeed, we’ve never doubted her great and powerful personality that just gets to us through the big movie screen. It’s just that she lacks “dynamics” in her acting. In other words, Jen’s emotions are certainly her least powerful feature while filming. Why does she look like she’s always mad anyway? And, no, we won’t address the dramatic roles she’s taken on professionally. Jen’s almost missing dynamics are indeed a major drawback. Maybe she just needs a piece of advice coming from the colorful personality and role of Jack Sparrow in the epic Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, his mind-blowing mimics simply steal the show!

3. Megan Fox

“How to Turn On a Car” – just call Megan via 123-WTF

Oh, dear Megan! With such a lovely face and body, how could anyone say anything negative about her? It’s simply nonsense, isn’t it? Well, she may look stunning, but the image of her performance in the epic Transformers films (pointing at the older films in the series) was not her best moment, to say the least. Without knowing why, the first thought that instantly comes to mind is her role as… an easy girl. Indeed, her looks in the movies were quite memorable; but ultimately, how hard can it be for a cute and super normal girl to stare at a guy with extreme lust and desire sparkling in her eyes? With that, the point has been made for real. No offense, Megan! We still love you!

2. Cara Delevingne

via Digital Spy

Cara?! What is she doing on this roundup of 15 actresses anyway? Well, if you’ve just asked yourself the same question, then welcome to the team of haters. Just kidding. The last thing we’d find joy in is spreading hatred all over the place while putting anyone down. In this case, however, it certainly feels like there hasn’t been enough said for Cara’s surprising role in the largely disappointing Suicide Squad film. Indeed, it’s not like we deeply loathe her, but she’s apparently mistaken her modeling skills and talents for something else. When you think how many other extremely talented and skillful actresses could have played her role quite decently, Cara just doesn’t fit in the whole picture, to put it more delicately. Apart from that, we truly wish her success in her modeling career!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

via Horrorpedia

Frankly, Jennifer Love Hewitt is primarily known for her main role in the Ghost Whisperer series which nowadays sounds more like a video game or a comedy movie. Just think about the Ghostbusters featuring Chris Hemsworth – did you catch the drift of it all?Regardless of how stunning and gorgeous she truly is – there’s hardly anyone who could deny the very truth of it – all movie lovers would simply love to see breathtaking acting skills on-screen making them feel as if they’re acting in the movie as well! With this in mind, Jenny, please do it better next time!


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