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The 15 Best Things About Working For Apple

The 15 Best Things About Working For Apple


If you like doing good in the world, making great money, having great food to eat for lunch and having the bosses throw you a beer party every few weeks, then you need to work for Apple. Simply by getting up to go to work every day, you can see all of these things happen.

All too often people work for companies that don’t appreciate them or even worse, don’t even acknowledge their existence. Apple only wants the best working for them so they better treat them right or they just won’t stick around. There are plenty of reports that say Apple does exactly that.

They even offer travel assistance for those that work for them. How many people can say that their bosses do that? I’m going to go out on a limb and say not very many at all. Of course the discounts that are offered to employees certainly can’t hurt anything either. You would expect that to be part of what the company might offer though.

When you are part of a team that creates great, expensive things to the world, you should never be expected to pay full price for it in a store. According to many reports, Apple is a company that takes good care of their people. Here are several things they offer.

15. Favorable leadership


When you work for someone else you always want them to be respected, smart, and very good at their job. After all, their success or lack thereof can directly impact your success with the company and your happiness as well.

Tim Cook has done some very good things since taking over at Apple. Not that they were hurting when he took over but he has continued to lead them down a positive path. In a poll taken of employees it was found that Cook has an approval rating of 94%. That is just amazing when you consider how many people in the world don’t think very highly of their boss.

14. Great pay


Everyone knows how much money Apple makes each year. You don’t really have to put a number on it. One can simply say they make more than a ton of money every year. That doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon either as they constantly roll out new products that the public falls in love with.

Most employees at Apple are very happy that the company shares the wealth. Most employees that were asked considered their pay as “great” and the lowest answer was “good”. That’s a pretty solid reputation. The average software engineer usually makes between $76,000 and $100,000 per year depending on their experience level.

13. Freedom to work


It’s common knowledge that Apple does like to have tight control over its employees. From what you just read though, they are well compensated in exchange for giving up that control. The company has been known to monitor their employees’ communications so they can assure that trade secrets remain within the company.

Most of the employees report though that they are given the freedom to do their work without someone watching over their shoulder. They let the best just do their thing and that’s probably why they come up with so many good products. One employee said that “There is a lot of independence.”

12. Mature work environment


It has been reported that the work environment at Apple is far different than what is depicted to take place at tech companies on television and in the movies. Most of the employees are between thirty and fifty years old and have a lot of experience in the business. This leads to a very mature workplace that’s usually pleasant to go into every day.

You’ll see a lot of television depictions of these types of companies being filled with employees that slack off or have nerf gun fights or generally have a younger, “care free” employment roster. This isn’t the case at Apple.

11. Even part timers get great pay


You have already read what the full timers make at Apple and it’s nothing to sneeze at. They take care of everyone though, as even the people who work part time get great pay and benefits.

Polls that have been conducted among current employees show that the only issue the part time employees have is that they aren’t yet full time employees. They all stated that they are paid very well and have a great benefits package to go along with that good paycheck.

A company with happy employees is usually a successful company. This could be a major driving force behind Apple’s success.

10. Discounts


There isn’t anyone out there that thinks Apple products are cheap. They are some of the most expensive on the market. This is with good reason though, as they are some of the best available in most cases. Whenever something new comes out there are usually lines that start to form days before the actual release. People have no problem paying for the best.

One of the benefits of being an Apple employee though is you will get discounts that employees have called “amazing” and “great”. It’s good to know that they take care of their own. After all, they helped create the product in the first place.

9. Always learning new things


If you work at Apple you can count on becoming smarter with each passing day. With the technology that they always come up with, there is always something new to learn. Becoming smarter is never a bad thing.

One former employee said “Apple taught me how to think about code. It’s hard to describe my thought processes before because Apple drilled in a way of thinking through problems that I can’t go back from. I learned to iterate while ensuring that I think about every little detail of that iteration beforehand.”

You can’t go wrong with getting paid very well to learn the latest and greatest that is going to be introduced to the world.

8. Fellow employees are very smart


Steve Jobs had a saying that he repeated often; he only wanted A-level people to be on his staff. He had a vision of becoming the best and he only wanted likeminded people to come along for the ride. He laid that groundwork and it still continues today. You can rest assured that there are no amateurs that work at Apple and that’s a great benefit to go into work to every day.

One employee put it this way: “We work with geniuses in every department.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with working in that type of environment now is there? There are plenty of people in the world that don’t have that luxury.

7. Free apples


Is this really that much of a surprise? After everything that you have read to this point you would kind of expect this wouldn’t you? A company that takes very good care of its employees really doesn’t surprise many people when they also offer great benefit packages.

There aren’t many people who don’t like apples. If you work for a company named Apple you would kind of expect to get them free wouldn’t you? Well, Apple doesn’t disappoint in that regard as anyone who works for the company gets as many free apples as they want. If you are one of those that don’t really like apples it really doesn’t do much for you, but if you do like them, it’s a very nice benefit to be able to take advantage of.

6. Giant beer parties


Nothing creates a great working atmosphere like having regular parties right? Serving beer to employees never hurts much either does it? Every few weeks Apple holds what they call a “Beer Bash” for its employees. They give them free beer and appetizers for their hard work. With as many employees as they have that work there this could be an expensive thing to do once a year. However, Apple does it every few weeks. No wonder their employees are so productive!

The company also brings in entertainment during these parties to give employees the full package of fun. Last year when the Mac celebrated its 30th birthday the company brought in One Republic to perform. Whether you like the music performers or not, there is no denying that it’s a great thing to do for those that work hard for you.

5. Great place for advancement


If you work for a company that only wants to deal with the best, you are in good shape if you know what you are doing. There are plenty of reports that Apple is a great place to work if you would like to advance within the company.

It only makes sense. They are always on the brink of some new kind of technology and it takes the best in the world to do this on a regular basis. So those who play a major role in these breakthroughs would be well rewarded with being moved up the company ladder.

4. Great resume builder


There isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t look for experience when expanding their employee roster. After all, experience is what drives a company to success in most cases. So a strong resume is always needed when looking to move on to a new job or even a new career. Having the name of Apple on your resume will virtually assure you of the new position that you are seeking out.

Who wouldn’t want to add you to their roster if you have already been a part of one of the most successful companies in the world? Plus the fact that said company only wants to have the best working for them says that you are indeed one of the best. If the name Apple appears on your resume, you can pretty much work wherever you want to.

3. Great food


If you like great food and you happen to work at Apple, you have struck the jackpot twice over. Employees have said multiple times that the food there is great. It may be a bit pricey but those that work there can afford it since they are paid so well.

One employee even went as far as saying they have the “Best on-site food services you could ever imagine.” Another employee added “Apple subsidizes everything but the cost of ingredients so you can have custom sushi or pizza from scratch for less than $10. Dinners are usually free for people on iOS or OS X teams.” You really can’t go wrong there!

2. Apple assists in getting employees to work


How many people work for a company that wants to make sure you have no problem getting to work? There aren’t very many of those around but it makes perfect sense to do. Apple offers its employees several assistance programs to get them to work each day.

They offer a shuttle service all over the San Francisco Bay area that brings employees to and from work. They also offer assistance to those that take the train or bus to work. Come on now, how is that not one of the most awesome things that a company can offer to its hard working people?

1. You actually make a difference in the world


When talking to the people that either work at or have worked at Apple, one thing seems to be a common feeling. The feeling that you are doing some good in the world and actually making a difference is something that can be considered a major perk in the work place.

There are a few fields out there that offer this and Apple is certainly one of them. When you are part of a team that creates new technology to make people’s lives safer, or easier, or better that is quite an accomplishment. That feeling has got to be a huge morale booster in the office and anyone that is or has been a part of the Apple team knows that feeling. Those are the people that love getting up and going to work in the morning.


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