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The 15 Sexiest First Ladies Ever

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The 15 Sexiest First Ladies Ever

Inarguably, first ladies all over the world always look gorgeous whenever they appear before a crowd to attend a function, or host dinners for their husbands’ guests. They are also given the best treat even when on vacation with their children, or when working out to keep fit. This is because, regardless of how poor a country is, the first lady will always have access to funds to purchase the most expensive clothing and other fashion accessories she needs, in order to look great. Besides, as first ladies, they are not just public figures, but wives to the most important personalities in their respective countries. As such, it is important that they look better than every other woman in their countries, and boost their husbands’ public image.

Expectedly, these top ladies ensure that they dress to kill, and are always graceful, making them some of the most admired women in the world. Well, each one of them has put an effort into standing out, making it very difficult to determine the most beautiful and sexiest of all. Nonetheless, we have created a list of 15 sexiest first ladies based on their natural beauty and feminine curves. You will notice that a good number of them were models and celebrities, before becoming first ladies.

15. Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned


Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, the second of the three wives of the former Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, is known as a fashion icon and global fashionista. She got married to Sheikh Hamad in 1977, when he was apparent heir of Qatar, and has proven that she is more than a beauty. Armed with a BA in sociology from the Qatar University, and an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Virginia Commonwealth University, Sheika Mozah has been a valuable asset in Qatar. She holds many top positions in various foundations and organizations, and is the driving force behind Education City and Al Jazeera’s Children’s Channel. Her impact was globally felt, that in 2011, Forbes named her 75 in the top 100 influential women’s list.

14. Queen Rania Al-Abdullah


If beauty is the very definition of a queen, then Prince Abdullah bin Al Hussein of Jordan, made no mistake when he married Rania, making her the Queen of Jordan. Rania was born on 31st August 1970 to Palestinian parents who resided in Kuwait. She earned a degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. She is a woman of an exceptional beauty, hence was unsurprisingly ranked as the world’s most beautiful first lady by Harpers and Queen Magazine, at the age of 41. She is also a combination of beauty and brains, being actively involved in government, and making positive impact in the life of many of her subjects through her advocacy works in different areas such as cross cultural dialogue, women empowerment, health and education.

13. Mehriban Aliyeva


Controversial, as many may consider her to be, Mehriban Aliyeva is amazingly sexy and beautiful. IIham Aliyeva, the President of Azerbaijan, married her in 1981, when she was only 17 years of age, but this did not deter her from pursuing her education. So, she went back to school, and obtained a degree in medicine from Azerbaijan Medical University, and also attended Sechenov Moscow Music Academy. Mehriban is actually ranked as one of the most fashionable first ladies, thanks to her strong liking for high heeled shoes, tailored outfits and Chanel purses. Mehriban is not only beautiful but also powerful hence, people speculate that she will succeed her husband as the President of Azerbaijan.

12. Asma al-Assad


Asma al-Assad has managed to remain graceful, despite the constant tension and instability in her country, Syria. Born on 11 August 1975, Asma studied in the United Kingdom, where she obtained a Bachelors degree in computer science from King’s College. She also has a diploma in French Literature. In addition to her exemplary educational accomplishments, her beauty attracted Bashar Al-Assad, the President of Syria, who proposed to her, making her his wife in 2000. In her 40s and without much makeup, she still looks as sexy as she ever has. Asma also has a gentle personality, but will stand her ground when necessary.

11. Sylvia Bongo Ondimba


Sylvia Bongo, a Parisienne by birth, grew up in a number of African countries with her parents. Few months after her birth on March 11 1965, her parents went on transfer to Cameroon where they worked for a couple of years, before relocating to Tunisia. The family then remained in Tunisia for many years, before moving to Gabon in 1974. It was while in Gabon that she got married to Ali Bongo Ondimba, in 1989. 20 years later, Ondimba won the Gabon Presidential election, making Slyvia the First Lady of Gabon, in 2009. Amazed at Sylvia’s beauty, Chantal Biya, the First Lady of Cameroon named her the “most beautiful First Lady in all of Africa.”

10. Angelica Rivera


Angelica Rivera, the First Lady of Mexico, is a woman of exceptional beauty and qualities, who rose to fame before becoming First Lady. Born on 2 August 1969, Angelica has excelled as a Telenovela actress, singer and model. Thus, her popularity is not based on her position as the wife of the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, who married Angelica in 2010, when he was governor of the State of Mexico. Before tying the knot with Enrique, however, Angelica had had a failed marriage with Jose Alberto Castro.

The media strongly believes that her image as an accomplished and popular actress contributed to her husband’s victory in Mexico’s 2012 presidential election.

9. Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama, whose role as the US First Lady ended early this year, has one of the sexiest curves. Though a mother of two, Michelle stills fights hard to keep fit and maintain her shape. She has become popular for her hairstyles, clothes, and unique fashion accessories, which highlight her sexy curves, making her look ever young. Michelle is married to Barrack Obama, the first black president of the United States, and one of the most intelligent and accomplished politicians the US has ever had. Like her husband, she is the first American First Lady with African blood. Additionally, her intelligence and oratory skills are out of this world, fully complementing her beauty and position when she was FLOTUS.

8. Queen Letizia


Before becoming the Spanish First Lady on 19 June 2014, Queen Letizia was already a public figure. She worked as a presenter and new broadcaster in a TV station, but eventually had to leave her job, to assume her role as a queen, when she married King Felipe VI. Queen Letizia has an excellent academic background, having graduated with a Bachelor’s and Licentiate’s degrees from the University of Madrid. The Institute for Studies in Audiovisual Journalism also awarded her a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Journalism. As a mother of the country, Queen Letizia does not joke with children affairs, hence why she chose to further their cause since 2006 when she announced her agenda.

7. Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco


The fabulous look and sexy body of Princess Lalla Salma may deceive some people to think that it was all rosy for her throughout life. Well, Lalla was raised by her grandmother, after becoming an orphan in 1981, when she was only three years of age. As a young girl growing up without the love of her parents, she worked hard to achieve success in life. Lalla graduated as an engineer, and had already built a successful carrier as an information service engineer, before King Mohammed VI married her. She has a unique sense of style, always making fashion statements, distinguishing herself from other first ladies with her traditional and colorful kaftans.

6. Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan


Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the King of Buthan, is one of the world’s rulers, whose wives made the list of the world’s sexiest first ladies. Still in her 20’s, Queen Jetsun Pema is a magnificent sight to behold, to the extent that a tulip was named after her, by the Netherlands. In Buthan, locals prefer to call her the Dragon Queen. She is also a combination of beauty and brains, having studied in Regent’s College, London, where she obtained her first degree in Art and History. In order to further her education, she also got a higher degree in International Relations and Psychology.

5. Dominique Ouattara of Ivory Coast


Dominique Ouattara was a successful real estate agent before becoming the first lady of Ivory Coast in 2010, when her husband became the President of the country. She was born in 1953 to a French family in Constantine, Algeria, and later moved to Ivory Coast in 1975, with her late husband, Folloroux, who was a French teacher. But as destiny will have it, the successful businesswoman met and married a Muslim man, Alassane Ouattara in 1991. As the first lady of the country, she is actively involved in governance, heading the National Oversight Committee of Actions Against Child Trafficking, Exploitation and Labor, since 2012.

4. Hinda Deby Itno


Hinda Deby Itno got married in 2005 to a polygamist, Idriss Deby, who is the Chadian President. Definitely, many will be surprised to learn that as much as Hinda is not the first wife of President Idriss, he made her the country’s first lady. Many people believe that it is because of Hinda’s beauty and intelligence that her husband chose her for the role of the most important woman in the country. Both the media and locals have talked much about her beauty and her leadership qualities, and she has continued to impress the people with the excellent manner in which she discharges her duty even though critics, for many reasons, have lampooned her husband’s presidency.

3. Ana Paula dos Santos


Ana Paula dos Santos was a flight attendant and a model, before becoming the First Lady of Angola. Her career as a model is an expressive testimony of her beauty. Ana met her husband, Jose Eduardo Santos of Angola, while on duty in a presidential flight. Finding her irresistible, he dated and got married to her in 1991. Today, as the first lady, Ana is actively involved in women’s empowerment in the country. She provides micro-credits to rural women to help them build successful carriers. Apart from helping her husband in policy formulations, the ex-flight attendant also provides support to victims of landmines.

2. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Maxima got married to King Willem-Alexander, who she met in Spain. Maxima’s choice of King Willem-Alexander as husband was really inspired by love, and not by royalty and wealth. Actually, when they met in Spain, she did not know that he came from a royal family. Today, she is the wife of the Netherlands King. Besides her exceptional qualities, Maxima is a stunning natural beauty. She is also takes her role seriously as an important figure in the Netherlands’ government, and pays particularly close attention to immigration issues.

1. Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau


Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is the wife of Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister. Sophie’s love affair with Justin began during their school years. Though both were not classmates, they admired each other. Sophie then grew up to become one of the most talented women on earth. Apart from being a model, a certified yoga instructor, she was also a TV presenter, before getting married to Justin, who is now the Canadian Prime Minister. Sophie has a passion for music even though she has not gone into that as a profession. As the Canadian first lady, she supports and devotes time to a number of charitable causes.


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