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The 15 Worst Ways Beyonce And Jay Z Spend Their Billions

The 15 Worst Ways Beyonce And Jay Z Spend Their Billions

As individuals, Jay Z and Beyoncé are hugely successful and rich beyond the average person’s wildest dreams. Jay Z, who was born Shawn Corey Carter, has gone from being an aspiring rapper to being one of the most influential people in the music industry. He has also shown that he has a sharp business mind and great entrepreneurial skills. He has his hands in all sorts of businesses ranging from bars and restaurants to professional sports organizations. He has even taken to representing pro athletes. At just 47 years of age, Jay Z has amassed a net worth of about $810 million and he gets richer by the minute.

Then we have Jay Z’s wife, Beyoncé, who is very talented and extremely successful in her own right. She has been one of the biggest names in R&B for a couple of decades and continues to sell millions of albums around the world. Like her husband, Beyoncé also has interests in enterprises outside of the music industry. She is one of the most marketable faces on the planet. It was recently revealed that her net worth is $350 million.

When we combine their respective net worths, this power pair has well over a billion dollars at their disposal. While they pride themselves in making good business decisions, they also love to live the high life which entails spending obscene amounts of money on some very frivolous things. Here are the 15 worst way Beyoncé and Jay Z spend their billions. Try not to get too jealous.

15. Having Kids


Now, having kids isn’t bad but there is a gross degree of excess involved in the preparation when it comes to these two. We generally know that raising children can be quite expensive. Clothes, feeding, diapers, and other day-to-day necessities can really add up and cause the average family a lot of financial stress. This doesn’t appear to be much of an obstacle for the power-couple. Even before Blu Ivy was born, Jay Z and Beyoncé shelled out a fortune on their little princess. They rented a birthing suite in upscale Lenox Hill for a $1,700 per night. It was obviously not just a regular suite. This one came with all sorts of amenities, room service, and 4 big-screen televisions.

As you may know, the couple is expecting twins and they have already shelled out a fortune on them too. They spent close to $80,000 on matching gold cribs which they complimented with some very expensive diamond-encrusted pacifiers.

14. Spoiling Blu Ivy


Within a couple of days of being born, Blu Ivy had about $1.5 million in baby accessories including a Swarovski high chair, a $50,000 stroller, and a solid gold rocking horse. For her first birthday, her proud parents bought her a Barbie doll. Not just any Barbie doll mind you, but an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll. They also threw her one heck of a party which featured over $80,000 in roses, a $2,000 cake, and over $75,000 worth of toys and jewelry. The pair even closed an amusement park for their own private use!! Imagine how much her sweet 16 party is going to cost? Most of us probably don’t even want to know what kind of an allowance Blu Ivy gets but it would be fairly safe to say that it’s a whole lot more than the average person earns.

13. Fancy Houses


When you are a billionaire, you certainly don’t want to live like a lowly millionaire. The two have some very expensive properties including Jay Z’s $870,000 “stash spot” in Brooklyn, a $6.85 million loft in New York, and several other high-priced pads throughout the world. They appear to be in the midst of purchasing a new place in prestigious Bel Air. The 30,000 square-foot mansion is situated on a 2-acre lot and boasts 11 bedrooms, a 15 car garage, and 4, yes, 4 swimming pools. There is room for a recording studio, a theater, a spa, and on-site living quarters for their personal staff. The mansion also has bullet-proof windows to keep them safe from all the crazies in LA.

The pair put in a $120 million bid for the estate although the asking price is a staggering $135 million. They are shrewd negotiators as well as talented.

12. Jewelry


Both Jay Z and Bey have a love for jewelry and they spare no expense to deck themselves out in the finest bling. Jacob the Jeweler sells his wares to the wealthiest of the wealthy and he has sold outrageously expensive watches to the pair. Jay Z has a $2,000 rosary, a $14,000 Cartier ring, and a $500,000 sapphire ring that he received as a gift for his wife. He also has an 11-pound gold necklace that is valued at around $250,000.

Naturally, Beyoncé also has a few choice pieces that would make most people drip with envy. Jay Z gave her a $35,000 blue sapphire ring and she owns millions worth of earrings, necklaces, rings, and other accessories. She wore $13 million worth of diamonds to the 2016 VMAs. Yhis is just one of the 15 worst ways Beyoncé and Jay Z spend their billions. You definitely want to see these two come through the doors if you own a jewelry shop.

11. Activism


It has been well publicized that Beyoncé and Jay Z are supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. The couple like to remain low-key when it comes to their charity so it’s unknown exactly how much the pair have donated to the cause. Elisabeth Hasselbeck claims that they have donated in excess of $4 million. It has also been widely reported that the couple donated a large sum of money to help bail out protesters that were arrested during the infamous riots in Baltimore and Ferguson. The couple had been previously criticized for only paying lip service to the movement but the revelations of their contributions show that they are putting their money where their mouths are. They were apparently notified of a need for funds following the protests and came through with “tens of thousands of dollars” within minutes.

10. Private Islands


It seems that something was missing in Jay Z’s life. Sure, the cars, the houses, and the smoking-hot wife were nice but he didn’t have a private island like many other filthy rich people have. He filled this void in 2013 when he bought an island in the Bahamas. His little getaway cost him about $4 million. He loved the idea of having a private island so much that he bought another one for Beyoncé and Blu Ivy. It is a tropical piece of paradise that is located Thailand. It reportedly cost nearly $8 million and features 120 meters of sandy beach and an old mansion.

Now they don’t need to mingle with those pesky millionaires and other common folks when they just want to have a quiet family outing on the beach.

9. Those Day-to-Day Expenses


While Jay Z doesn’t shy away from spending enormous amounts of money on his himself, his wife, and his daughter, Beyoncé is very adept at racking up the bills too. According to her ex-accountant, Queen Bey’s monthly expenses include around $75,000 on jet rentals and fuel, $10,000 for her publicist, $8,000 for a bodyguard, $7,500 for a chef, $4,000 for a maid, and $100,000 per month for her manager. There is also the $5,000 per month for her personal assistant, $7,000 for her personal trainer, $4,000 for the dietician, and $7,000 on her driver and car detailing. Then there is the $50,000 in pocket change that she blows through each month. Along with other expenses like her makeup artist, accountants, and her rental flat in Tribeca, the monthly bill is north of $300,000. Talk about high-maintenance!!

8. Dining Out


When Beyoncé and Jay Z decide that they want a change from the regular fare that their culinary genius personal chefs prepare for them, the couple like to go out for dinner. Now, these aren’t the type of people to throw on sweat pants, pile into a rusting 1984 Ford Escort with balding tires and hit the drive-thru at Burger King. No. They choose the most upscale restaurants such as New York’s Le Cirque which is famous for inventing spaghetti primavera and crème brûlée. They also love Italian food and have been known to frequent New York’s Del Posto, Mamo, Lucali, and other pricey eateries that most regular folks would never be allowed to even enter.

Jay Z will occasionally light up a Cohiba or Montecristo after an expensive meal. They are very good tippers who have left generous $500 tips on their $1,200 budget lunches.

7. Private Jet


With all of the bad press that the major airlines have been getting these days, it’s easy to understand how Beyoncé and Jay Z want to avoid the long lines, lost luggage, and abuse. Not to mention the boring entertainment!! In 2012, Beyoncé bought Jay Z what is perhaps the most expensive Father’s Day gift ever. A $40 million Bombardier Challenger 850 jet. It features a modern kitchen, a leather living room, and a bedroom. Oh, there are also 2 full bathrooms which are much roomier than the tiny cubicles that most commercial liners have. Jay Z has an interest in aviation as he has invested a lot of cash into an app that is similar to Uber, only it’s for hiring private jets. The rap mogul’s jet can accommodate himself and 15 friends. It looks as though he will need to build airstrips on his private islands now.

6. Looking Fabulous


Jay Z and Beyoncé take their looks very seriously. The thought of being caught on camera with messy hair and baggy eyes is a frightening thought for Bey. That is why she is surrounded by professionals that ensure she looks her best. She actually wears mink eyelashes that cost about $60 dollar a pair. They are disposed of after each use. She also takes great care of her nails by spending $1,000 on manicures and pedicures. Let’s not even get into how much dough she spends on her clothes.

As for Jay Z, along with his expensive clothes and flashy jewelry, he has his own personal barber, Johnny Cake, who accompanies him all over the world to make sure that he never has a hair out of place. Seriously? How tough can it be to maintain that buzz-cut?

5. Weekend Getaways


We all look forward to taking a weekend off from the grind of daily life. Well, Jay Z and Beyoncé are no different than us in that respect. They are a little different in the way they go about it. For example, they don’t rough it at a campsite or cottage and they don’t use coupons to get discounts at the local Motel 8. Nope. Despite owning all of their properties, these two like to visit their $1 million per month rental in the Hamptons. There, they can enjoy a private movie theater, bowling alley, and basketball court. The 31,000 square foot abode has a gym, spa, and walk-in wine refrigerator too.

They also like to spend the odd weekend at a $20,000-per night penthouse suite at the Hotel Le Meurice in Paris.

4. Extended Getaways


When you are a billionaire, it sometimes isn’t enough to spend a week on one of your private islands or your sprawling luxury mansion in the Hamptons. You really want to get as far from the hustle and bustle which is why they spent some of their valuable vacation time in the middle of the ocean on a $65 million luxury yacht. The pair spent a while on the Galactica Star which is owned by fellow billionaire Kola Aluko. The liner can accommodate 12 guests and has a full master bedroom, a VIP cabin, and four spacious guest cabins. There is also a roomy balcony and a helipad. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come equipped with an onboard airstrip. The cost for a week of such luxury is well over $900,000 and the owner won’t rent it out to just any old rube. You must know the owner personally.

3. Gambling


We’re sure that it won’t shock anyone to find out that Jay Z loves to gamble. He’s definitely not alone as many other well-moneyed musicians, movies stars, and even professional athletes indulge in the popular pastime. He admittedly loves to spend time at the high-roller tables in upscale casinos when he is in London and he has been seen playing poker and blackjack in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. It’s a good thing that he has a successful music career and other profitable ventures going on because he likely wouldn’t make it as a professional gambler. It is believed that the one-time president of Def Jam Records lost a whopping $500,000 in a single hand of poker while in a high-stakes game in Sin City. The loss probably didn’t phase him.

2. Cars


It should come as no surprise that the power-pair like to get around in style. When they need to run those daily errands like going to the jewelry store or to check out some local real estate, Jay Z and Beyoncé must first decide which car they want to take. Does Jay Z’s $670,000 Pagani Zonda F match his shirt? Does Beyoncé’s McLaren go with her shoes? If they are running behind, their $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport will get them to their destination on time. If they are traveling with the kids they can always pile into their Mercedes van which has a $150,000 sound system and even a bathroom. Oh, the choices that the rich and famous must make!!

Jay Z once bought his lady a 1959 Rolls Royce which cost about $1 million. Cars are another of the 15 worst ways Beyoncé and Jay Z spend their billions.

1. Parties


If you watch music videos, especially rap videos, you know that partying is a common theme. The videos often feature the artist showing up to a lavish party in an expensive car, drinking the finest champagne, and throwing wads of money around while beautiful hangers on surround them. For many of these artists, their videos greatly exaggerate their real lifestyles but not Jay Z and Beyoncé. Although they may not literally throw money around, they have been known to foot the bill for some pretty extravagant galas. In 2011, Jay Z’s Watch The Throne party at Miami’s Liv nightclub was the kind of party that those aforementioned videos try to portray. The album release gala set Liv’s record for most bottles of champagne popped in one night. Jay Z made sure that everyone had a great time and he picked up the $250,000 tab.





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