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The 20 Most Disturbing Pieces Of Security Footage

The 20 Most Disturbing Pieces Of Security Footage

A few years ago, my brother came home from high school one day with some shocking news. Two students had been caught on one of the school’s security cameras going down on each other in the middle of a stairwell. The school administrators were horrified that such an event had occurred in their school. The community was unsettled by the idea of two minors being unwitting actors in what might constitute a sex tape. If this was what others’ kids were doing in school, then what could their kids be up to? The stars of the security camera footage, meanwhile, hadn’t even considered the possibility of being caught on camera.

In the digital age, nearly everything is caught on camera. Funny things, daring things, unbelievable things; nothing is sheltered from the camera’s lens. Many disturbing things are caught on camera, too. Thanks to security footage, we can watch children being abducted, women being robbed, men being assaulted, and homes being invaded. We’re so saturated with violent videos these days that it takes a lot to disturb us. But every once in a while, we come upon a video that shocks us, enrages us, or downright terrifies us. Here are twenty examples of potentially disturbing videos.

20. The Miami cannibal: high or undead?


In May 2012, a supposed “zombie attack” took place on the streets of Miami, Florida. A man named Rudy Eugene, high on marijuana, lay naked on the MacArthur Causeway as he chewed a homeless man’s face off. The victim lost his nose, both of his eyes, and 80% of his face. Security footage shows a body being dragged along the causeway by the so-called “Miami cannibal”, and possibly being eaten. Several people pass by and appear to do nothing to help the homeless man. Towards the end of the footage, police arrive on the scene. The camera zooms in on two pairs of naked legs lying on the ground. Police shot Rudy dead. When you’re dealing with a potential zombie, you can’t take any chances.

19. The abduction of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither


As one woman’s terrifying experience demonstrates, it’s not always safe walking the streets alone when you’re a woman. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was abducted by a man named Delvin Barnes in Philadelphia in 2014. Surveillance footage reveals Carlesha being suddenly accosted by Delvin while walking down the street. Delvin, a stranger to Carlesha, appears out of nowhere, drags Carlesha down the street, and forces her into a car. Subsequent surveillance footage catches Delvin using Carlesha’s ATM card at a bank 72 miles south from where the abduction occurred. Fortunately, Carlesha was discovered alive 72 hours following her abduction. Delvin was arrested. Thank God for happy endings.

18. What happens when a child doesn’t look both ways before crossing the street


Parents tell their children to look both ways before crossing the street, but not all children listen to this advice. CCTV footage from China captured one such delinquent child as he came frighteningly close to colliding with a speeding car. The footage shows a two-year-old boy hopping off of a scooter driven by his father and dashing across the road, having spotted his mother on the other side. A police officer rushes into oncoming traffic to rescue the toddler, saving him from being hit by a car headed in his direction. Thankfully, both the child and the police officer were unharmed. Let this be a lesson in road safety.

17. A home invasion gone wrong


In Brentwood, California, two home invaders picked the wrong home to invade. A neighbour’s security camera caught the two armed burglars being shot dead by the owner of the home that they were trying to break into. They came face-to-face with the gun-toting homeowner in the homeowner’s garage. In the security camera footage, you can see two flashes of light as the homeowner shoots at the men trying to invade his home. He then chases the invaders outside and continues firing his gun. According to police, the failed burglars had ordered the homeowner to open his safe. He opened fire instead. Yikes.

16. United Airlines’ controversial customer service policy


Remember when that United Airlines passenger was physically removed from a plane because the flight was overbooked and he refused to give up his seat for a staff member? Well, lots of videos taken on the plane emerged, and boy are they disturbing. Footage from the plane shows the innocent passenger being ripped from his seat by three police officers, hitting his head in the process. The passenger is then dragged down the aisle as other passengers scream in protest. Additional footage shows the passenger covered in blood, begging the staff to “just kill [him]”. We should all boycott United Airlines for this barbaric treatment of its passengers.

15. When Chicken McNuggets fever takes over


Have you ever wanted Chicken McNuggets so badly that you could kill for them? A woman in Toledo, Ohio came close: she went on a rampage over being unable to purchase Chicken McNuggets at a McDonald’s restaurant. Drive-thru security footage captured the entire incident. The woman starts off by demanding Chicken McNuggets, even though McDonald’s doesn’t sell them at 10:30 am. She then releases a feral snarl, threatening the employee at the drive-thru window and calling her derogatory names.

Miss McNuggets tries to enter through the drive-thru window, attacking the employee. “Do you know who I am?” she screeches. Another employee tries to close the drive-thru window as Miss McNuggets threatens to eat his face, digest it, and shit it out in the gutter. She pounds on the window, screaming that she’s going to go Super Saiyan on them (it’s a Dragon Ball reference for those of you who are wondering). Miss McNuggets breaks the drive-thru window before driving off. Talk about a violent craving.

14. Barber Shop 4: Gang Fight


Who says the barber shop is just for cutting hair? A massive brawl broke out in a barber shop in Melbourne, Australia this month. Security footage captured a gang of fifteen members, aged 17 to 20, as they burst into the shop and began attacking customers, after having argued with some people inside the shop five minutes prior. The gang members can be seen hitting customers with hair clippers, stools, a broom, and other weapons. Employees try to defend themselves against their attackers; customers try to escape. One customer was hospitalized after being hit on the head with a tomahawk. Poor guy just wanted a haircut.

13. The Peeping Tom who wore nothing but a Ronald Reagan mask


The smart Peeping Toms satisfy themselves with spying on women through telescopes or video cameras. This Peeping Tom got himself caught on camera instead. A Peeping Tom wearing nothing but a Ronald Reagan mask and a sock on his penis was spotted outside the home of reality TV star Danielle Yancey in January 2016. CCTV footage captured him in all of his naked glory as he crouched outside of Danielle’s Alabama house, looking into some windows before running off. The mask makes the appearance that much more disturbing. Why Ronald Reagan? What creepy fetish could this Peeping Tom possibly have?

12. Elisa Lam’s final moments


On February 19th, 2013, the body of 21-year-old college student Elisa Lam was found in a rooftop water tank at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. She appeared to have accidentally drowned, but security footage captured on the evening of her death suggests otherwise. In the footage, Elisa walks into an elevator and pushes several buttons. When the door to the elevator doesn’t close, Elisa steps out into the hall, looking frantically in both directions. She then hides in the corner of the elevator. She looks out into the hall several times, clearly distressed. She tries the buttons again. Nothing. She steps out of the elevator and begins moving her arms in a bizarre fashion. The door to the elevator eventually closes with Elisa in the hall. The elevator proceeds to visit the floors whose buttons were pushed by Elisa. The whole video has an eerie vibe to it, especially the empty elevator.

11. Why you never tell a person what to do in their own hotel room


The next time that you decide to tell a guest in a neighbouring hotel room to keep it down, think twice. Security footage from a hotel in Magaluf, Spain caught two British men brutally attacking a third man in the hallway. The victim had knocked on the door to the assailants’ hotel room and had asked them to stop throwing things out of their window into the street. The unsuspecting man was rewarded with punches, kicks, and an assault with a broken beer bottle. You can see blood dotting the corridor. The footage also shows the victim lying helpless on the floor as the two thugs continue to beat him. That’ll show him to care about the environment.

10. Compulsive giggling


In February 2015, footage from an elevator camera caught a woman bursting into a fit of giggles as three people board the elevator with her. “What’s so funny?” you might be wondering. I’m sure her fellow passengers were wondering the same thing. The woman is so amused that at one point she falls to the floor in an explosion of laughter. People keep exiting and entering the elevator while the laughing woman remains. She laughs loudly in a corner and pushes against passengers with the force of her laughter. Two men riding the elevator with her seem amused. Towards the end of the footage, the laughing woman rides the elevator alone. She laughs loudly and bumps up against the walls. She hops, flaps her hands, and spins around. Is she drunk? High? Insane? We’ll never know.

9. Tool sale turned home invasion


A young woman in Overland Park, Kansas got the fright of her life when two men and a woman tried to rob her in her home in May 2015. The two men were strangers to Katie O’Conner, but the woman was not. Their kids had played together once upon a time. Unbeknownst to Katie, the woman had set her up for robbery. Katie had mentioned to the woman that she wanted to sell a set of tools. The woman just happened to know two guys who might be interested. She brought the men to Katie’s house, where one held Katie in a chokehold as the other roamed the house. This can be seen on a security camera, which also catches one of the men saying to tie Katie up and get the tape from the camera. The thieves stole Katie’s tuition and rent money, a safe, and of course, the tools. Can’t leave those behind.

8. Never speak harshly to a woman


It doesn’t pay to treat a woman poorly, as one man discovered in February of this year. In disturbing footage captured inside a newsstand in London, England, two thugs viciously attack a man as onlookers watch in horror. The victim, a 26-year-old man, seemed to be arguing with a woman before two men who were accompanying her assaulted him. The attack was so vicious that the victim needed to have metal plates put into his face. The footage shows the man being repeatedly punched, dragged by his two attackers down an aisle, smashed into shelves, and beaten to the ground. The assailants leave the newsstand with two women, laughing. God save the Queen.

7. Incompetent cop shoots dog in the head


Sure, pit bulls have a bad reputation. But does that mean that they deserve to be shot in cold blood? Security camera footage captured a beloved dog’s final moments as a police officer shot him in the head. The officer was responding to an unrelated call at an apartment building in February 2016. He knocks on the door to Yvonne Rosado’s apartment. She opens the door, her pit bull Spike running out. The cop goes for the head shot, silencing Spike forever. Police officers then wrestle a distraught Yvonne to the ground. All pet owners would be disturbed by this footage. All animal lovers would be disturbed. I’m not exactly a pit bull enthusiast, but even I found this footage hard to watch.

6. A deadly horse ride


I thought that horse-drawn carts were a thing of the past. Maybe they should be, considering what happened to one unlucky cart driver in Kilkenny, Ireland. Security footage shows a horse-drawn cart crashing into a stop sign around midnight. The driver is flung from the cart, hurtling through the air and landing several feet away. The poor horse, tangled in the buggy and the street sign, tries to free itself, but isn’t successful. People rush to the scene to help the driver. They carry him across the street. Other people stand over the horse, which is lying on the ground, dead. I feel horrible for the driver, but worse for the horse.

5. Walmart: we sell knives for holding toddlers hostage


In July 2013, a man walked over to a woman and her two-year-old child in a Walmart in Oklahoma, snatched the child from the woman’s shopping cart, and held a knife to the child’s throat. His name was Sammie Lamont. He was 37 years old, and was suspected to have suffered from mental illness (schizophrenia comes to mind). The police were called. Shoppers were evacuated from the store. The police confronted the man, and ended up having to shoot him to rescue the toddler. Sammie’s hostage attempt was caught on security cameras in the store. How disturbing is it that he just lifts the toddler out of her mother’s shopping cart like she’s a sack of potatoes?

4. Twin sisters repeatedly run into traffic


In May 2008, twin sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, from Sweden, ran into oncoming traffic on the M6 highway in London, England. A camera crew was filming an episode of the BBC series Traffic Cops when it happened. Police were called to the scene when Sabina and Ursula were spotted on CCTV cameras walking down the central reservation of the M6 highway. Seeing police, the twins run into the fast lane and get hit by oncoming traffic. The police and emergency crews gather the women up, neither of them seriously hurt. The twins then escape the police officers’ hold several times and continue to run into traffic. One twin is hit by a truck, while the other rolls into the windshield of a car. It took six people to restrain the second twin. The twins suffered from shared psychosis, which caused them to run into traffic. It’s horrifying to watch an accident that you can’t prevent.

3. The creepy clowns of Springfield


These creepy clowns were making bone-chilling appearances long before it was the cool new thing to do. In October 2014, the town of Springfield in Jacksonville, Florida was visited by several clown personalities. It’s possible that the clowns were part of some elaborate Halloween prank; that, or they were patients escaped from the local insane asylum. Security footage caught many of the clown sightings. One clown destroys a pumpkin in front of a camera on someone’s porch. Another clown walks onto someone’s property, lights up his face mask and puts a finger to his lips. Two clowns slam a door at a local bar. Clowns are about as disturbing as they come. I’ve always hated clowns.

2. The man who hit a girl with a concrete slab


Clowns sure are creepy, but nothing is more disturbing than violence against an innocent child. Security footage captured a man committing a horrific act against a young girl in the relative safety of her own neighbourhood. A nine-year-old girl is playing in the street outside of her home with her friends, riding her bicycle, when a man holding a concrete slab behind his back hits her over the head with it. The girl falls to the ground unconscious as the man runs off. The girl was taken to hospital, where she survived the attack. The man was later arrested in Turkey after attacking another young girl at a bus station. The footage is hard to stomach, especially because it’s true.

1. The Fresno Nightcrawler: fact or fiction?


In 2010, footage appeared online of a ghostly figure walking across a field in Fresno, California. The figure was said to be a Nightcrawler, a creature of Native American lore whose purpose is to restore the connection between man and nature, bringing peace and harmony to Earth. It’s considered an alien of sorts, although a friendly one by the sound of it. If you watch the video of the Fresno Nightcrawler, you can see what looks like a thin person with no arms or legs wearing a white cape floating across the screen. At a quick glance, you might guess that it’s a person wearing a ghost costume. But if the figure is indeed floating, then it’s enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine.


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