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Think Twice Before Getting Married: 15 Mother-In-Law Horror Stories

Think Twice Before Getting Married: 15 Mother-In-Law Horror Stories

Every woman hopes that her marriage will be peaceful, and that includes the relationship she will have with her in-laws, especially her mother-in-law. Well, this is a very difficult balance to achieve, and very few women can confess of a very cordial relationship with their mothers-in-law, especially when they live under the same roof. Well, before you quickly discredit that statement, science agrees. It has been proven that in addition to making your blood boil, living with your mother-in-law can damage your health as a woman. It turns out that women are three times more likely to develop heart disease if they live under the same roof with their extended family.

This research gets rather interesting when it says that although women who live with their extended family are at a higher risk of getting heart disease, they are no more likely to die of the condition than those who only live with their husbands. Clearly, if you had started packing her clothes with hard evidence for your husband on why his mum should leave, hold your horses darling. She’s staying.

What is clearer though, is the uneasy relationship between mothers and daughters-in laws. Although difficult, you need to find a way to work around it, unless they are horrible people to deal with, like in these 15 cases we’ve sampled from the Whisper app.

15. She Knew The Size Of Her Son’s Penis


Wait, what? Yes, she did, if this confession is anything to go by. A whisper user, who wasn’t married, took time to narrate what her best friend went through, even before the man put a ring on it. Her future mother-in-law was ‘caring’ enough to let her future daughter-in-law know that her son had an ‘abnormally large’ penis. This was very traumatizing for the bride-to-be, especially because she had never gotten intimate with her man. What was even worse was the fact that the mother knew the size of her son’s Johnny.

14. She Doesn’t Acknowledge Kids Who Are Not From Her Son’s Groin


Truth is sh*t happens in relationships, which sometimes break off even after the couple bring little angles into this world. In such situations, still, life has to go on, and both parents need to find a way to co-parent and provide for their kids, as they live separately, and also strive to find love. What shocks me is the expectations of mothers-in-law when women come with children from their previous relationships. Are they supposed to swallow them back into their bellies or something? One mother-in-law just couldn’t accept the kids from a previous relationship, even when they were her only grandkids.

13. She Opted Not To Come For The Wedding Due To Lack Of A Formal Introduction


When a relationship takes a serious turn, a couple usually struggles to find the best way to finally meet their significant other’s parents. Depending on the couple, this can be a formal and uptight introduction, or a casual one, without holding a ‘ceremony’. The most important thing always is that both parties get to know each other. Well, one mother-in-law didn’t quite get the gist of it all. Although her son had made sure that his fiancée and mum had met on several occasions, and the direction the relationship was taking was clear, mama still claimed that there was no formal introduction. So much was she into the ‘ceremony’ of a formal introduction that she refused to attend the wedding.

12. She Said It Was Okay For Her Son To Cheat But Never The Wife


There is nothing as disgusting as a mother-in-law who has double standards and forgets that she is a woman too. One bride-to-be got a rather unusual advice from her mother-in-law, who claimed that all men cheat, and her daughter-in-law ought to keep that in mind as she settled into marriage with her boo. The mother-in-law also told the lady to accept this as fact and to live with it, also to pretend it never happened when it happens. Basically, mother-in-law would side with her son when he cheated. Well, mummy made it worse when she openly admitted that they would not hesitate to kick the bride out if she ever dared to cheat on her son.

11. She Can’t Spend Money On You, Even When It Involves Her Grandchild


It is normal to have friction with your mother-in-law, but sh*t gets crazy when she seemingly has beef with your kids, who happen to be HER grandkids! Well, as one lady found out, even an ounce of her blood in those kids was a no-no for her mother-in-law, so much so that she demanded that her son pay her back the money she spent to buy gifts for her daughter-in-law’s baby shower. So, how do you explain her behavior? What’s the logic? Aren’t these gifts beneficial to her son too? He’ll have to buy less when the baby comes, right? What did she achieve by doing this?

10. She Always Wishes You Death


Diana’s mother-in-law hated her so much that she tried to run her over, and claimed that it was accidental! While Diana grappled with this dark side of her mum-in-law, a different woman was dealing with a woman who not only wished her death, but also the death of her unborn grandchild. Pregnant with her second child, Emma expected care, love and concern from her mother-in-law, only to receive the complete opposite. Mum-in-law kept asking if Emma has miscarried yet, something that obviously hurt her feelings. What would drive a woman to hate her son’s progeny that much?

9. She Undermines You At Every Chance


The last thing a parent wants when correcting or disciplining their children is another adult to undermine their authority. What happens in such scenarios, usually, is that children become rebellious, and when you try to discipline them, your critic becomes their best defense. This is sadly what is happening in Brianna’s life. Her mother-in-law undermines her at every chance she gets, and this has made it difficult for Brianna to exercise her authority on her kids. What her mother-in-law unfortunately doesn’t understand is that this is not only affecting Brianna. Eventually, the kids will also turn against her, to their advantage.

8. She Has The Power To Turn Your Husband Against You


In one Whisper confession, a bride-to-be shared how her mother-in-law assured her that if she wanted, she would not allow her son to marry the lady. Well, while this was scary, a different confession shows just how much power these mothers-in-law can yield over their sons. This particular mother-in-law caused her son to join forces with her, as they jointly bullied her daughter-in-law. I can’t help but wonder what this man thought in his mind. What was he supposed to gain by unnecessarily bullying his wife? Isn’t he the same person who will be denied a blissful night as his mum sleeps tenderly in the other room?

7. She Can Decide To Micro-Manage You


Ever heard of mothers-in-law who poke their nose into your business, to the extent you feel choked by her presence? Different whisper confessions pointed out to one thing-micro-managing. This ranges from the lady who was forced to sit down as her mother-in-law turned the house upside-down in the name of ‘cleaning and organizing’, or the one who went as far as cleaning the master bedroom, or the one who spent too much time in the couple’s home barging into every room. What’s sad is the poor woman was clearly tired of this lack of privacy and autonomy, but couldn’t have a mature conversation with the husband about it, because he is a mama’s boy.

6. She Doesn’t Have Manners Or Boundaries


Every woman has her own mental picture of how she wants her wedding to be, and she’d be damned if anyone tried to sabotage her big day. While most people respect the wishes of the couple, other family members do whatever they want, and treat the bride and the groom as necessary props. This includes misbehaving mothers-in-law . They sabotage the event, well because, they can! One woman is still mad at her mother-in-law who went ahead and made copies of the wedding invitation cards, and sent it out to people she wanted to invite, only to then shamelessly make the bride and groom foot the bill. Another mother-in-law took this a notch higher and decided to wear a wedding dress to her son’s wedding. Jeez!

5. The Party Pooper


Ever noticed at a wedding that the church is usually barely full when the groom marches in? The place the turns into a beehive of activities when the bride’s motorcade arrives and her bridal party begins to march in. This is because everyone waits for the big reveal-the bridal party fashion, and the bride’s dress. Sadly for one bride, her mother-in-law spoiled the surprise element for her. Minutes after finding the wedding dress at a store, her mother-in-law sent pictures to everyone. Intentional or not, this was one pretty damning move, and a perfect one to kill the bride’s special day.

4. She Made Mean Comments On D-Day


Some mothers-in-law are still in denial even when they see the bride walk down the aisle on D-day. It is no wonder that different women have had horrible comments from their husbands’ mothers on their wedding day. On her wedding day, Janice clearly heard her mother-in-law tell her son that it was not too late to change his mind. Sheila’s mother-in-law didn’t smile at all during her wedding, while Vanessa’s mother-in-law openly told her that she couldn’t wait for her son’s next marriage. Well, jokes on her, as Vanessa and her husband hit their 5th anniversary with a baby on the way.

3. Her Bitterness Is So Dark


While you still try to wrap your head around the mother-in-law who showed up at her son’s wedding wearing a wedding dress, we have one who was even bolder, in terms of taking her hatred for the bride a little further. In addition to wearing a black wedding dress to the wedding, this particular mother-in-law decided to make the fight even more personal. She chucked wine all over the bride’s dress. The result? A sulky bride, spoilt photos, awkward silence in the room, and a confused, yet furious bride’s family. I am not sure if this woman will ever get over the hatred she has for this old lady.

2. She Can Be So Determined To Ruin You


If only this woman spent so much energy appreciating his son’s new family as opposed to plotting to ruin their life, we’d have more positive things to say about mothers-in-law. Kate was married to a soldier, who was thankfully, not a mama’s boy, respected his wife, and understood how to play the mother-wife card well. Of course a man with such commitment and love would never tolerate his wife cheating on him, and his momma knew just that. So, she plotted to ruin the marriage, and even audaciously shared her plans with her daughter-in-law. She was going to wait till her son was deployed, then claim that she caught the wife cheating while he was away. SMH.

1. She Will Unapologetically Call You Fat


Natalie is a woman who is confident and has a healthy self-esteem when it comes to her weight. Her mother-in-law, on the other hand, sees Natalie’s weight as a source of scorn and mischief. One day, she openly asked Natalie not to wear her jacket anymore in an effort to hide her stomach, because everyone already knew that she was fat. Thankfully, this was not a fatal shot for Natalie, who wears her jacket simply to hide the keratosis pilaris scars on her arms. A different lady has to contend with a mother-in-law who keeps sizing her up anytime she feels good about her body. Is she supposed to hate herself?


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