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Top 15 College Cheerleaders With Both Brains AND Looks

Top 15 College Cheerleaders With Both Brains AND Looks

Picking a prestigious university is without a doubt an important decision. Well, to begin with, there are plenty of renowned schools out there. There’s Pepperdine University, East Carolina University, or the University of Miami, Florida – you name it! Each of them boasts a wide range of prestigious disciplines and extracurricular activities. As you think of them as a great opportunity, you should consider a few other details as well. What if the chosen college turned out to be the greatest “motivation killer”? You see, it never hurts to have a gorgeous colleague sitting across from you. Not only will it motivate you to hit the books, but you’ll feel amazing just thinking about it. Wouldn’t that be the healthiest environment for any exam preparation? Well, we can bet that you’ll grow extra fond of your otherwise boring classes. From Arizona State University to Miami University, Ohio, today we bring you 15 top colleges where girls have got brains and looks! Indeed, some of these schools will make you mourn over your student years. But wait, it’s never too late to go back, right? Now put your nerdy glasses on and let’s get started!

15. University of Southern California


First on our gorgeous list of prestigious schools is the prominent University of Southern California. Well, let’s just say that guys are hardly interested in its disciplines. However, they’re super thrilled to meet the queens of sports activities at the University of Southern California. The West Coast is traditionally associated with hotness (pointing to the USC).  Known for its gorgeous and smart students, this particular university boasts more than 25 national championships. By the way, each title has been earned by the stunning sports teams at USC.

14. The University of Miami, Florida

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Have you ever considered the University of Miami as an option? Well, you’d better check it out right away. Here, you can enjoy at least 249 days of sunshine and hotness (no pun intended). Seriously, this prestigious university is a dream come true for all undergraduates. But outside of the gorgeous students at UMF, the institution has launched a foundation to support education in Africa. The university has joined forces with its 8 sororities to build an educational institution in Africa. As you can see, UMF’s undergraduates are all about philanthropy and good-heartedness. Bottom line: UMF’s students are internally and externally beautiful.

13. Texas Christian University


TCU girls definitely know how to make a great first impression. Known for their exotic looks and bright minds, the undergraduates at TCU absolutely deserve a round of applause. With a total of 224 days of sunshine, TCU becomes a sizzling hot platform cherished around the world. Lastly, let’s not forget that the Texas Christian University also boasts 12 sports for girls. So if you do the math, you can arrive at the conclusion that TCU girls are quite athletic, pretty and smart. Indeed, it sure makes a great place to hit the books.

12. Arizona State University

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Arizona State University may be just another top-rated school, but it sure is famous for its stunning female attendance. The ASU girls don’t just ooze a raunchy sex appeal, but they also attract everyone’s attention with their humanitarian causes as well. Their implacable activism and great community work were even highlighted in a few local newspapers. Driven by the idea of helping others, ASU girls raised awareness of the need for hydraulics labs in places like Kenya. Make no mistake, though. Their dedication to philanthropy didn’t stop them from hitting the books either.

11. University of Central Florida

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Meet the exotic campus at the prominent University of Central Florida. With almost 230 sunny days per year, the stunning UCF brims with extremely hot girls. UCF undergraduates are scantily clad in shorts that leave little to the imagination. You know, it’s pretty hot out there! But outside of their insanely hot looks, the University of Central Florida boasts at least 60,000 brilliant students every year.  In fact, a great percentage of them often volunteer for plenty of humanitarian causes. Indeed, UCF can totally brag about its stunning students with hearts of gold.

10. Miami University, Ohio

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Miami University may not offer 365 days of sunshine, but it still finds a way to make it sizzling hot as well. Thanks to its gorgeous female attendance, the Miami University is now a definition of beauty and brilliance. The school’s lovely skating team also adds a touch of glamour to its reputation. The women’s skating team at MU, Ohio, can brag about its 18 championships. As you can see, it’s all about beauty, talent, and intelligence at the renowned Miami University, Ohio. For this reason, the Miami University gets a special place on our list today.

9. University of Florida

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The gorgeous ladies at the prestigious University of Florida are famous for their athletic skills and awards With a total of 12 athletic sports, UF’s scene is simply dominated by bright female students. The softball team at the respected University of Florida even won the softball national championship a few years back. Indeed, UF’s undergraduates are both talented and quite beautiful. If you’ve thought that “brain and beauty” can’t work harmoniously, UF girls will prove you wrong. For this purpose, UF gets a special position on our awesome list today.

8. UCLA – The University of California, LA

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Let’s get something straight: the University of California shares nothing in common with your local college. First off, it’s located in shiny Los Angeles. Second of all, it brims with insanely hot female students. If you don’t believe us, we dare you to come around and check it out yourself. This university is everything you can ever dream of. This sure includes gorgeous colleagues sitting across from you. Doesn’t that sound pretty amazing? Well, it sure sounds pretty crazy, and you can’t hide it anymore. UCLA is a hot place for entertainment hopefuls and fashion babes.

7. Howard University

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Accredited by the Middle States Commission, the famous Howard University is mostly known as the private school in Washington, D.C. Considered a historically black private school, HU is now famous for something else: its exceptionally beautiful students. Did you know that Howard University actually boasts 13 beauty queens? We bet you didn’t. Oh, let’s not forget that the school had one Miss USA too. In a nutshell, Howard University has just proved its beauty reign.

6. Louisiana State University

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Welcome to Beauty Land! Whatever we say about it, it wouldn’t be enough to present LSU in the most glamorous way. LSU boasts prestigious disciplines, 21 exciting sports, and a modern LSU main campus, beautifully designed by the renowned Andrea Palladio. Established in 1860, LSU welcomes about 25,000 undergraduates each year. Outside of this, Louisiana State University has become a sensation for something else. The LSU cheer squad is a wonderful view to help you get through the day. Well, this sure is an essential factor to consider when picking a university.

5. Oregon State University

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Oregon may not be as sunny as other parts of the world, but OSU girls aren’t dreary at all. More often than not, OSU gorgeous undergraduates will make your palms feel sweaty. OSU girls are smart, exceptionally beautiful and quite talented. Located in Bend, Oregon, USA, OSU is a top-rated school with more than 20+  professional degrees. Finally, you’ll have a reason to attend all of your classes: there’s just too much beauty at every corner! Indeed, Oregon State University will be your new favorite spot under the sun. After all, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by such beauty, right?

4. The University of California, Santa Barbara

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Speaking of beauty, we just can’t go on without mentioning a few nice things about UCSB. As a top university, UCSB owes its international fame to its gorgeous students too. Located in Santa Barbara, the prestigious university is greatly admired for its professional degrees and beautiful students. Well, it’s obvious why people love visiting Santa Barbara. They just can’t get enough of its sunny weather and beautiful ladies. At UCSB, you’ll surely run into self-motivated girls who’ve got brains and looks.

3. University of Arizona

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Just in case you attended the University of Arizona, you’ll probably know how awesome this place is. But apart from its professional disciplines and bachelor degrees, UA is famous for its spirited girls, sizzling hot weather, and stunning sports teams. Each of these essential factors contribute to an unforgettable academic year full of parties. Oh, let’s not forget the exciting women’s sports teams and the beautiful cheerleading squads. Indeed, you’ll love the view of smart girls, scantily clad in tight shorts and sheer t-shirts. Now you’ve got a well-founded reason to hit the books, right?

2. The University of California, Berkeley


As you stare at these stunning ladies, just think about the university’s acceptance rate of 16.9%. Once you’ve done the math, you’ll see that UC is quite fond of beautiful faces and mindsets. Obviously, the gorgeous campus at UC, Berkeley, is equally pretty and smart. Although the number of sororities is around 13, the university keeps an eye on themes, like sexual assaults. After all, who doesn’t want to feel safe, right? It turns out that the University of California, Berkeley, provides a lovely environment that’s both safe and quite uplifting.

1. Pepperdine University


Glory, beauty, and prestige – this is what Pepperdine University is all about. As a top school for smart and hot students, Pepperdine University is located in Malibu, California. With its rich diversity of disciplines and additional sports activities, Pepperdine University is like a magnet for the prettiest female students out there. As a matter of fact, it’s best known as the school of sunshine and sports. Thanks to its beautiful and brilliant students, Pepperdine University’s got representatives at the Olympics as well. As you can imagine, Pepperdine girls are specifically good at beach volleyball. It’s such an appealing place, isn’t it?


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