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Top 15 Countries For Lustful Cougars To Find Hot Young Men

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Top 15 Countries For Lustful Cougars To Find Hot Young Men


Modern, middle-aged women from developed countries, who have taken decent care of themselves, are a very desirable date for young handsome in many other countries. These women are affectionately called “MILFs.” The MILF acronym gets right to the main point. From a young man’s point of view, it stands for a hot “Mama I’d Like To F*ck!” It’s a crude moniker but it is supposed to be a compliment. If you are a female, who is thirty-something to fifty-something, and a twenty-something young man wants to bang your bones, you are a MILF. Yeah, baby!

If you just ditched your loser boyfriend who cannot find a job or if you just escaped from a horrible marriage by divorce, especially if you got some of the bastard’s money, it is time to do something fun for yourself. Take a vacation to any of these fifteen countries on our list of where there are plenty of handsome young men looking for a short-term fling with a middle-aged woman. These are no-strings-attached relationships that can be thought of as a whirlwind romance or as a paid-for-services rendered arrangement.

Guys have been doing this forever, so it is time for the “Womyn” to get some hot action too. If you put yourself out there, you can have the time of your life. Be lavished with attention from a young guy of your dreams, as long as you are willing to discretely pick up the check or buy the gas for a ride through the countryside on the back of his moped. Get ready to party and take the next available flight to visit these countries where you will find the best-looking young men ready to give you amazing “sexcapades” and great stories to tell all your girlfriends when you come back home.

Here is our world tour of the fifteen countries with the best-looking young men who are hot for a “mama.”

15. South Africa


Sun City is the South African version of the Las Vegas “Sin City.” You can go on a wild safari while you ride with young men of many flavors and colors. Besides the locals, tourists come from all over and you can find plenty of hot action in the areas of the major resorts reserved for only adults. Lounge around the pool and if you don’t find any interesting candidates hanging around, get out and about to enjoy the local sights by hiring a personal “guide.” Tell your young man guide that you wish to take a weekend excursion and stay in one of the smaller hotels that are located away from the big resorts out in the countryside. Then, only book one room with a bed that is big enough for two. Your man/boy guide will quickly get the idea that you are looking for some extracurricular activities to go along with your sightseeing. Enjoy some wild games while you are out seeing the wild game on your once in a lifetime African safari.

14. UK


If you like your young men a bit rough around the edges, the UK is a great place to go. Even if the weather is lousy, which it frequently is, and the food is a little dull, you won’t pay much attention to those things while you are taming your street boy. The gay men call them “rent” boys in the UK. Most are bisexual and many prefer to be with women instead of with men; however, they are up for the experiences no matter who it is, when they are being paid. If you prefer something a bit more sophisticated hang out with the upper crust. The elite class in England has always been doing some naughty things. Even if this would be too impolite to talk about in public, the Brits always love a good scandal. It is very common to see older, wealthy women with a younger man in tow. He serves as her driver, assistant, and helps with all her “personal” needs.

13. Canada


The Canadian people a very nice and most of the young men are physically strong. One has to be a bit hardy to be able to withstand the harsh winters in Canada. If you think that it is sexy for a guy to speak French, make the effort to visit Montreal. The guys there can impress you with their knowledge of the French language, order fine French wine from the restaurant’s wine list without difficulty, and carry on an intelligent conversation in English as well. The only sad part about finding a nice young Canadian man is that you may feel like they are a “keeper” because they are so nice to be with and you will want to take them back home with you. So you may find yourself going back to visit Canada again.

12. Ireland


If you like to party, drinks pints of ale, and go pub hopping, Ireland is the place to visit. If you are with an Irish man, you may have a difficult time understanding some of the things he says in Gaelic, which has a way to sort of become mixed in with English during regular conversation. This is not much to worry about because everyone will soon get so drunk that no one will be able to understand anything anyone is saying. Just boldly sing along with the Irish folk songs or hum along with the tunes if you do not know the words. However, when it comes to the language of love, the young, Irish men do not need an interpreter. They like to get “Randy,” which is the same thing they say about a male sheep that is chasing down the nearest ewe. Play a little hard to get and the Irish man will enjoy the pursuit.

11. Germany


Young German men are very handsome. Many have chiseled facial features, fantastic physiques, and deep blue eyes. It is when they get older that after too many “oom pah pah” polka songs and rounds of liters of beer in the “Bier Garten” (“beer garden”) that they start to put on lots of weight and get a very rotund beer belly. If you do take your young German man out for a beer, be sure to order a bratwurst, which is a long sausage. Thoroughly enjoy eating it in a sensual way in front of him and he will get the right idea. German women, in general, are very strong-willed, so many German men are used to letting a woman take charge. If you are into such things, you may get your chance to totally control him as a dominatrix.

10. Greece


Young Greek men are so attractive that once they competed in the Olympics in the nude so that the spectators got to see every glorious detail of the young men’s bodies in action. The mythology of handsome young Greek men includes the story of Narcissus who, when he saw his own reflection in a pool of water, fell in love with his own image. Can we blame him? Such is the power of handsome young Greek men. They will enchant you. Combine a good-looking young Greek guy with the natural beauty of the Greek Isles and the azure-colored Mediterranean Sea and then you will have the perfect romantic fantasy in the making. If you visit Greece during the summer you will find plenty of young college men who are not in school and who have free time to accompany you as your personal tour guide.

9. Sweden


If a young man with blond hair and blue eyes is your thing, Sweden is the perfect place to visit. Also, if you happen to have dark hair and dark eyes, you will get lots of attention. In countries where blondes are rarer, the blondes get all the attention. In Sweden, it is the reverse. If you fancy yourself as a dark-haired vixen, go to Sweden and then watch out! You will be fighting the blonde guys off everywhere you go. Another wonderful thing about the Swedes is that they have a very healthy and comfortable attitude about sex. From their point of view, for an older woman to go after a hot young man is not only acceptable, it is encouraged. With such a lightweight attitude about having sex for enjoyment, you will experience a kind of freedom that is delightful, especially if you have not had a chance to express your sexual interests openly as much.

8. France


Almost everyone agrees that the French language is one of the most romantic languages in the world. The deep emotive expressiveness of the words and the French culture combine to make young French guys super sexy. All you need to have a good time is a blanket, a picnic basket, and some wine, bread, and cheese. Take these things on a warm sunny day with your newly found French “beau” (boyfriend) for some afternoon delight that you will never forget. Start by feeding him, with your fingers, bits of cheese and pieces of bread and then soon comes the French kissing and the “ooh la la!” What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. It is like being the star in your own French film. It is your chance to pretend to be Bridget Bardot.

7. Australia


In general, there are two types of Australian men, those sophisticated types found in the major metropolitan areas of Sidney and Melbourne and those rugged country types that are more comfortable in the countryside and going for a camping trip in the outback. Most women find an Australian man’s accent to be sexy. Visions of Crocodile Dundee start running through their minds when they hear it. The stereotypical Australian man is certainly the kind of man that a woman could rely on for physical protection if being attacked by a mugger or a wild animal in the bush. There is also a sense of a genteel nature about the Australian men that is good-hearted. You may have to swoon a little bit, let him take charge, and then he will likely jump at the chance to help you.

6. Argentina


Argentinean men reek of hyper-sexiness. It is in their blood. They have the historical Spanish cultural influences, mixed with a cowboy-like machismo, and the ability to dance the tango like Rudolph Valentino. What is not to like? They may be unreliable in keeping a date and chronically late but that goes along with a relaxed lifestyle and charm. The best thing to do is to wait to make any plans until after he shows up. The spontaneity of it all will make it more fun. They have style, class, and the innate ability to sweep a woman off of her feet. Let go and let him lead. You will dance the night away under a full moon when romance is in the air and then he will take you to such pleasurable delights with his instinctive sexual prowess.

5. Denmark


Like the Swedes, the Danish men are mostly blonde and blue-eyed. They can literally charm the pants off you because they are handsome and intelligent. Want to visit a classic art museum and then afterward go to an arcade to play some Foosball? A Danish young man will be happy to oblige. It is counter-intuitive that a country needs to have a hot climate to enjoy sexual freedom, with everyone on the beach wearing skimpy swimsuits (see Brazil). An interesting phenomenon that contradicts this idea is that in northern, colder climes the amount of time spent indoors when the weather is bad leads to boredom and that leads to having more sex that relieves the boredom. What else is there to do on long winter nights? Rather than stay in a hotel when visiting Denmark, instead, rent a room in a flat with some young guys. Tell them you are looking to rent a husband for a week. Bring along a copy of the Kama Sutra. Show the hot Danish guy a sexual pose in the book that you know you can do and tell him that you have always wanted to try this pose in order to better understand this fine literature. He will be happy to help with the research.

4. Brazil


The song says it best, Brazil is Hot! Hot! Hot! Spend a little time on the beaches of Rio and you will enjoy more eye candy of young men passing by than you have seen in years. On the beaches, Brazilian men like to wear Speedos that barely cover their private parts and invite investigation. Many young men do gymnastic workouts on the beach in order to stay in shape. During the annual Carnival festival that happens during February, anything goes. The entire city of Rio is one big party. If you cannot get laid during that time, you might as well dig your own grave and jump in. Even elderly people get wild during Carnival. Because the city is so crazy it is best to make plans in advance for a place to stay that is safe by reaching out to make friends online. When you go out for the festivities go in a group and there is less chance to have any problems. Brazilians are very gregarious and even the Brazilian women will introduce you to their hot male friends for a raucous party time.

3. Spain


The French, the Italians, and the Spanish have a running contest about whose culture is more romantic. Just put on an album of Julio Iglesias (the father) to get you in the mood and then an album of Enrique Iglesias (the handsome son) to get you really hot. Try his album Sex and Love to see what we mean. Their voices are like warm rain dripping down your open blouse to caress your breasts, which is comforting and sensuous at the same time. Spanish young men will flirt with you, romance you, sing to you, hold your hand, and stare into your eyes without saying anything while saying everything. A proper, young, Spanish gentleman will treat you like a lady; while at the very same time get your hormones in such an uproar you can barely wait to get him alone. That is their talent and they are very good at this. The photo is a promotion for a gay festival in Ibiza. Ibiza is a very popular Spanish island off the coast. If, as a straight woman, you go during the “gay” times you can have fun being a “fag hag,” which is when a lovely woman is surrounded by handsome young gay men who just want to party. When you find a straight man in Ibiza during those times (Hint: Try the locals.) he will feel a bit neglected and that lonely young Spanish man will need you to romance him.

2. Romania


Based on our collusion with the Russian women we know, who escaped Russia to migrate to Romania, the top secret reports we have say that Romanian men are extremely well-endowed. It is like the stereotype about black men, except these guys do not have to be that tall or big to be able to pole vault without using another stick. Do you know what we mean? You are just going to have to go to Bucharest, which is the fun capital of Romania to find out for yourself. The Romanian economy is terrible and the pay for regular jobs is awful. This means the young people have to hang out in cafes for many hours and have a coffee that they nurture for a long time while chatting with their friends and using WiFi. It is so easy to find hot young men in Bucharest by simply walking down just about any block and entering a cafe. The local custom in such places is, if there is an empty chair just come up to the table and take it. So look through the window, see you hot young Romanian man sitting with an empty chair next to him, walk in immediately, and sit down. Order a coffee and a piece of cake, and then simply ask him to share it with you because you cannot eat a full piece all by yourself. After that, he will follow you anywhere.

1. Italy


Italian men have a genetic design that makes them always on the look out for a woman. Regular men think about sex most of the time. With Italian men, they think about sex all of the time, except maybe if they are in a coma. Even with that serious medical condition, we are not certain. It could be that the thought of sex, and not getting any, is what ultimately wakes them up. Many non-Italian women do not like the fact that they may get their ass pinched by a strange man while walking down the street. If this happens to you while in Italy, instead of feeling sexually violated, turn around. If the guy is cute looking, say “Mi amore!” (“My love”) and wave him back. If he comes back, game over, you win. If the guy is a pervert, disgusting, old man, say “Preferisco il nonno!” (I prefer your grandson!), then laugh as loud as possible to attract as much attention as you can and look around to see if there are any hot young men nearby. If there are any good candidates, point to the cutest one and wave him over. The point is that romance in Italy is a flirtatious game and empowered women can get in on the fun too.


You will notice we did not include the United States on this list. There is a good reason. There are so many hot-looking, young men in the USA and they come from all other parts of the world in terms of their heritage. If you want to find any of the types of guys we mentioned on our list, you can find all of them and more in America. So live a little. Be a MILF. Screw the pool boy. You deserve it.

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