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Top 17 Elite And Exclusive Vacation Destinations In The World

Top 17 Elite And Exclusive Vacation Destinations In The World


We all look forward to vacations. The times we get to unwind and relax; to get away from the everyday routine. You might spend weeks or months planning everything from the location to the activities, as well as the budget and arrangements.

One of the biggest questions that starts the whole process is “where do we want to go?” Selecting the destination is the key to planning all the rest of the trip. Do you look for a beach getaway or a big city with an active nightlife? Is spending the day hiking the ideal way to relax or do you prefer a day of pampered bliss at an elite spa?

No matter what you’re looking for, there are elite vacation spots that take your trip from a getaway to the trip of a lifetime. They can range from the most exclusive, expensive and private spots to much more affordable but still exclusively private hideouts that will leave you feeling like royalty.

The following destinations can range from a private island that is easily affordable but very secluded to the most expensive and luxurious islands that only royalty and millionaires could experience. These are fifteen of the most elite and exclusive vacation destinations in the world.

17. Pussers Marine Cay


This incredible eight acre island in the British Virgin Islands is a family friendly private paradise. Nestled in a sheltered lagoon, the island provides a perfect spot for water sports such as snorkeling and diving. The lagoon is quiet and peaceful and provides vacationers a relaxing place to enjoy the marine life of the Caribbean. It has an award winning restaurant and villas for overnight stays. The prices for these gorgeous rooms and villas are comparable to other four and five star hotels and cabins, but the scenery takes this tropical hideaway to the top of the list of elite vacations for good prices.

16. Cooper Island Beach Club


Another jewel of the British Virgin Islands is the Cooper Island Beach Club. This resort on Manchioneel Bay can only be reached by private boat. The resort boasts 30 moorings which makes it an ideal spot for sailing. The beachfront restaurant allows guests to enjoy an amazing array of food and drinks. For guests that are looking for new experiences, the resort has its own brewery and rum bar. You will feel like a world class traveler at this hidden gem of a resort, but it is affordable. Many of the rooms are comparable to mainland luxury hotels. The clear water surrounding the islands makes this a wonderful place to snorkel and dive as well as enjoy the beaches.

15. Christchurch, New Zealand


New Zealand is a destination of variety. Christchurch is one of the cities best known for its breathtaking beauty. While you’re there, you can enjoy scenery that includes the Southern Alps. While vacationing there, take a train trip through the Alps or a cruise down the Avon. The scenery includes spectacular fjords and unending greenery. For the more adventurous, you can try bungee jumping, skiing, mountain climbing and rafting for starters. The majesty of the scenery will inspire you to return time after time. Christchurch offers many luxury boutique hotels and lodges that will offer pampering at any budget so tourists can enjoy the amazing city.

14. Blanket Bay Lodge, Glenorchy Otago, New Zealand


For a truly luxurious vacation, Blanket Bay Lodge in Glenorchy Otago, New Zealand will treat you to five star quality and stunning surroundings. The lodge offers astonishing accommodations with gourmet foods at their restaurant or spa treatments. It is nestled on Lake Wakatipu and is overlooked by the stunning Umboldt mountain range. Guests will feel pampered and relaxed as the take advantage of an unbelievable array of activities such as fishing, hiking and horseback riding before coming back to unwind in the Great Room or on the terrace. These activities and beautiful private rooms will allow you to experience a world class vacation that will have you wanting to return to New Zealand every year

13. Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia


When you think luxury locations, one place stands out for an ultimate vacation. The Great Barrier Reef is a must for people seeking the best in diving adventures. It has been drawing divers for years to its eye catching and unimaginable beauty. Qualia resort offers visitors luxurious rooms and world class dining while surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Australia. After a day swimming and diving in the crystal clear water, you can be pampered in the resort’s spa or relax poolside with a book from the library. For those that want to enjoy the water but don’t dive, sailing around the gorgeous reef that provides some of the most amazing sights in the world. After staying at Qualia and enjoying a superb quality hotel, you will want to book again.

12. Daydream Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef, Australia


The Great Barrier Reef provides jaw dropping beauty for vacationers and makes for a romantic getaway. But Daydream Island provides a family friendly option for enjoying one of nature’s most incredible sights. The resort is located on a reef island that takes allows guests to be totally surrounded by the reef. With activities ranging from diving and snorkeling to paddle boards and glass bottom kayaks, parents and children can both be delighted with this piece of paradise. The island also has several restaurants that will provide you an opportunity to try the local cuisine. With the spa and other amenities for the adults and the kids club that provides activities for the younger guests, your stay will be a never ending chance to make wonderful memories.

11. Aspen, Colorado


Aspen has been considered one of the premier vacation spots in Colorado for decades. With accommodations that range from family friendly, affordable hotels to the most expensive, elite hotels that are designed to cater to the higher end clientele, Aspen has been a crowd pleaser. It offers world class skiing for amateurs to the pros. But skiing is not the only option. Aspen provides museums, shopping and festivals for the visitors who don’t feel the desire to take on the slopes. You can always find something to do in Aspen. Restaurants provide an array of food that can appeal to anyone. There are places to stay ranging from places like the Sky Hotel which cater to families and go out of their way to welcome children to The Little Nell which has built its reputation to providing outstanding luxury getaways. Aspen will always present visitors with trips that will be remembered for a lifetime.

10. Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


For some, the word vacation symbolizes one thing; relaxation. It means getting away from all the daily grind and just unwind. Martha’s Vineyard has been a destination spot for people who want to just slow down for decades. The slower pace of this Cape Cod paradise helps people truly relax. With hotels that cater to families as well as resorts that offer a more adult getaway, Martha’s Vineyard offers a bit of everything. This beautiful island caters to a more laid back vibe. Once you take the ferry across, you will feel like you stepped back from the modern a bit. With a variety of restaurants but very little fast food, you’ll get a chance to relax over fantastic food. For a chance to see the island at it’s best, take a walk or rent a bike to see the scenic cottages and the gorgeous beaches. Visitors will feel refreshed after spending a slower, quieter time in the incredibly picturesque island that has refused to allow modern life to take away from the Northeastern charm and history that makes Martha’s Vineyard a vacation spot for everyone.

9.  Napa, California


Napa Valley is a must see destination for wine lovers. With the unbelievable amount of wineries and vineyards, you’ll have a hard time trying to narrow it down. Napa will provide you spectacular views of the gorgeous scenery. You will have a variety of restaurants to choose from. Napa offers something in every budget and every taste. Although Napa is known for its wine, there are shops and museums that will appeal to everyone. Napa also gives the nature lover amazing sights such as parks and preserves that will show the best of California’s vast array of beautiful geography. Parks such as Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Preserve allow you to appreciate the true magnificence of the area. You can find something to do ranging from wine tasting to hiking and anything in between. Napa offers something for anyone who comes to enjoy all that California has to offer.

8. Nantucket, Massachusetts


Nantucket is a name long associated with money and luxury. This small island off the coast of Massachusetts has been a getaway for the rich and famous for the last few decades. This picturesque destination combines historic charm with modern conveniences. With its cobblestone streets and historic homes, you will be able to experience the quiet pace of Massachusetts. Nantucket also offers an array of museums, shops, theaters and shows that will appeal to everyone. Whether you are looking for a quiet beach or a nightclub, Nantucket offers something for you. This wonderful island has a variety of hotels, resorts and lodges that can accommodate families as well as couples looking for someplace relaxed and romantic. Nantucket will always be considered an elite vacation spot that will draw you back every time.

7. Kauai, Hawaii


Hawaii is well known to tourists. The island chain offers an awe inspiring array of options for travelers. Kauai is a beautiful tropical paradise that is covered with amazing rain forests that lead to sheer cliffs and spectacular sandy beaches. With it being the oldest island geographically, Kauai brings the true spirit of Hawaii to its visitors. You can relax on the warm beaches or hike the trails through the forests and mountains. The temperate climate will have you relaxing in a pristine paradise. Kauai offers an amazing selection of restaurants and hotels that will allow you to find the best options to fully appreciate what the Pacific has to offer. Kauai is becoming a premier vacation location to immerse yourself in all that Hawaii can offer.

6. Maui, Hawaii


When the name Hawaii is mentioned, one of the other names that immediately comes to mind is Maui. This well known island offers more to do in one tiny island than you can imagine. Of course, one of the most obvious is the white sand beaches. Maui offers world class beaches that can entice visitors to spend a lazy afternoon just soaking up the sun. Along with those beaches, Maui offers amazing opportunities to surfers, divers and snorkelers. Maui has an stable climate that offers mild temperatures that allow visitors to enjoy the island all year. During the off season, there are less crowds, but the island is still beautiful. Take advantage of some of the restaurants that offer local cuisine and finish out an evening watching a traditional show. Immerse yourself in the warm culture that is Hawaii.

5. Montreal, Quebec, Canada


For those that are looking for something with an old world charm, Montreal is a hidden gem. This island city is Canada’s answer to European style. The city itself is known for its eclectic style and vibe. With a blend of European and North American cultures, it appeals to many. Montreal will offer visitors a vast amount of festivals, shows, restaurants, shops and bars that will make this city a wonderful place to visit year round. You can spend the day in the Botanical Gardens or checking out any of the museums during the summer months or take an opportunity to experience Montreal during Christmas as they turn the whole city into a Christmas village. Don’t forget to check out the underground city with its shops and restaurants. This city is a destination that will provide anyone with a vacation they’ll never forget.

4. Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario


For sheer majesty, Niagara Falls is a true wonder. The breathtaking set of three falls is one of the most powerful and exquisite sights in North America. The falls straddle the border between the United States and Canada. With family friendly activities such as a voyage on the Maiden of the Mist that is almost a requirement for a trip and the tour of Cave of the Winds, this vacation destination is something for the whole family. Adults can enjoy casinos, bars and restaurants that overlook the falls. This romantic setting can provide a backdrop for a truly amazing getaway that will never be forgotten.

3. Republic of Maldives


When it comes to luxury, Maldives is a world unto itself. This republic is made up of over 1,000 islands. This island republic caters to everyone from the budget conscious the most wealthy in the world. Luxury resorts abound all throughout this wonderful paradise. Scuba divers from all over the world flock to this incredible tropical utopia. The warm waters offer a chance to swim with some of nature’s most amazing creatures without the need of a wet suit. With so many islands, you will have a chance to experience anything from modern hotels to a basic thatch covered house that provides basic shelter. This amazing country is a definite place to visit for a vacation that you will never forget.

2. The Isle of Skye, Scotland


For somewhere that is a bit off the beaten path for a vacation, visitors to the Isle of Skye will find a true jewel. The landscapes and scenery are breathtaking. You will have a chance to forget the everyday world. This small island off the coast of Scotland is a true blend of old world charm and modern convenience. It’s a hiker and climber’s paradise. You can check out ancient castles and estates that show the true history of this amazing island. Isle of Skye offers an abundance of restaurants and hotels that will allow visitors to enjoy the history and beauty of this astounding location. You will leave this place with memories and a desire to return as many times as possible.

1. Trans Siberian Railway, Moscow to Beijing


This vacation is something that will never be forgotten. It is an epic adventure that spans sixteen days across Russia. If you have an opportunity to try this, it’s an adventure of a lifetime. The train will take you from Moscow to Beijing through some of the most astounding sights in the world. The trip starts in Moscow and will travel through Mongolia and end in Beijing. You will have the opportunity to travel in style in a gorgeous train. Each day will feature stops in cities all throughout Russia and Mongolia. The train features different types of sleeping cars and a wonderful restaurant car that doubles as a bar car. Plan to take this once in a lifetime trip if you ever get an opportunity.

These vacation destinations are some of the most unique and elite locations in the world, but they are not the only ones. With a bit of research, trips that can be planned that will never be forgotten and will bring your family memories that will last a lifetime.

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