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Top 15 High-End Brothels In The World

Top 15 High-End Brothels In The World


Sex sells, that’s probably the reason why prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, perhaps even before hunting. While prostitution might be banned and spoken about in hushed tones even by the authorities, it’s legal in a lot more countries than you think, and even where it’s outlawed, it’s practiced discreetly in secret brothels. The brothel industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s the reason why brothels have become so popular. In Germany alone, this industry makes a whopping EUR 15 billion a year, that’s around $17 billion. While you might not be the brothel fan, or you wouldn’t frequent one in your many escapades, it’s always wise to be a little informed.

Since prostitution laws are ever changing, and more and more countries are lifting the ban each year, the brothel business is doing pretty fine. There are no bad seasons, it’s an all season business. Like any other industry that thrives, there’s a specific niche for specific clients, from high-end luxury brothels to the quirky, ill-lit dungeons downtown where anything goes. However, today we have compiled a list of 15 high-end brothels. These are brothels where luxury, discreetness, and prices are at the forefront. If you walk into any of these high-end brothels asking for the price, then you probably don’t belong there.

Here’s a list of the world’s most expensive legal brothels.

15. The Penthouse, Sydney, Australia


You will have to go all the way to Australia to experience the thrill that the smallest continent in the world offers. Here, new forms of adult entertainment are already flourishing. While the sex trade existed in these parts long before the 19th century, the Penthouse is a game changer. This place is extravagantly decorated to modern day standards, and it spells out sophistication, erotic fantasies that only its popular elite clientele can afford to enjoy. This ultimate gentleman’s club has been built to emulate an elegant Victorian style finish, complete with 1920-style art and interior decoration. The girls are sourced from all over the world including Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Scandinavia. If you are too shy to experience the thrill of this gentleman’s club, the Penthouse also offers its clients an exclusive outcall service in the Sydney Central Business District.

14. Café Millennium


This exclusive brothel is located in San Paolo, Brazil. While Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical holiday climate, many people often come here for sex tourism. This particular brothel looks like an upmarket international nightclub that’s complete with a fancy restaurant and swimming pool. So what makes this brothel tick? Well, it’s built to be big enough to host more than 800 people, and anything goes when you enter this exclusive boys club. You see around 200 gorgeous young women hovering around skimpily dressed scouting for their next paycheck. However, this brothel tends to reel for the young rich as compared to most extravagant brothels of its class.

13. Paradise, Germany


If you are thinking of an oasis or heaven, this is far from it. Located in Germany, this is one of its famous mega brothels that’s set up in a Moroccan theme. Its owners are very industrious since clients can access saunas, cinemas, and even private rooms. This brothel is like the Pizza Hut of brothels, since it has more than five branches, with more on the way. When you finally get in, the young women will approach you as you pass and scan. You can negotiate in case you are interested in whatever services they have to offer.

12. Utopia, Bangkok, Thailand


Well, if you have been to Thailand or heard of any of the stories people tell from this country, then you know that when it comes to sex, anything goes. However, Utopia has a reputation, and it’s one of Bangkok’s leading luxury entertainment brothels. You need to be packing enough cash to walk into one of their complexes because compared to what you’ll get on the streets of Bangkok, this is super premium escort service. This premises has a number of suites, with furniture and finishing that wouldn’t be comparable to anything else in the city. If you are good to go, the prices range from $80 to $275 depending on what you are looking to get.

11. The Harem, Melbourne, Australia


Located in Melbourne, Australia, this gentleman’s club is definitely in a class of its own when it comes to extravagance and sophistication. It’s known for its exceptional services, and it has been servicing its clients, gentlemen, ladies and even couples for more than 25 years now. The clientele is strictly elite; trust me, you wouldn’t want to spend this load of cash on a hookup if you are not rich. The all-inclusive rate on the escorts is mapped at $420. However, you don’t need to panic, you can still enjoy some of their basic services at $150 or $200 depending on your needs.

10. Club LV, Amsterdam, Netherlands


You will have to go to the Netherlands’ capital city of brothels, to enjoy a piece of this erotic establishment. This brothel hasn’t compromised on extravagance, and it’s clear from the second you walk in. The self-proclaimed most famous sex club in Amsterdam has a modern laid back vibe with a little Asian theme thrown in. They offer outcall escort services and if you are one of those people who are keen on time, just give them a call, and a girl will be knocking on your hotel room door within 30 minutes. If you are visiting this establishment, it’s got 8 luxury rooms fit for a king, and it’s known for its discretion.

9. Sheri’s Lounge, Las Vegas


Based in Nevada. This has to be the closest legal brothel from Las Vegas. This luxurious brothel mixes a blend of an upmarket vibe with a resort, to offer its clients one of the most captivating experiences of their lives. If you are curious about what they have to offer, you could check out their website in case you are wondering what sex really looks like. If you are indifferent of having to fly miles to experience this kind of thrill, you could check into this homely brothel and have a taste of this side of town.

8. Bernds Sauna Club, Germany


This is yet another German upmarket brothel, and they have maximized on German’s love for saunas. One more thing, this place is actually a nude sauna and brothel all crammed up together. The interior and decor are dated back to 1990’s European vibe, but with all the nudity around, you probably won’t notice. They also have special themes, and if you happen to hop in during the Christmas season, the girls will be all dressed up for the occasion with Christmas trees and Santa costumes. In case you get tired of the sauna and the nudity, you could try checking out their garden to see what kind of rewards are offered.

7. Pink Palace, Melbourne, Australia


Located in Melbourne, Australia, this has to be the most discreet upmarket brothel in the country from the look of things. When you check it out from outside, it looks like a small office building, until you spot the hidden neon signs. It has a mixed vibe orientation, and its lounge and bar resemble a Victorian men’s bar. However, if you step a little bit forward, everything changes and there’s a bit of a classical Greek vibe. So what do you think the prices are, in this lost Greek world? Well, for a 20-minute service shift, you will have to part with little over AU$130. At night, everything changes, and you should expect to pay close to AU$260 per hour.

6. Stiletto, Australia


This brothel is located in Australia, and it seems all good brothels are located here. It’s open 24 hours a day. Its services are intriguing, and clients get to choose whether it’s the sex, style or theater that captivated them the most. The hour rates are capped at Au$400, and that’s just for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours. Before you get to meet the lucky girl of the night, you’ll be directed to a private waiting lounge where these hot babes will come and introduce themselves. In case you are looking to have an outcall escort service, then you’ll have to part with AU$650 an hour including the taxi. Well, if you ask me, this experience needs to be better than your prom at that price tag!

5. Gentleman’s Club Leonardo, Prague, Germany


You’ll have to travel all the way to Prague to experience this erotic thrill. First impressions of this brothel will get you thinking it’s a modern European hotel. It’s furnished with sleek finishings and subdued lighting, however, like many things, they are never what they seem at the surface. One thing about this establishment is that they treasure your satisfaction, and they are big on customer relations. If you aren’t satisfied with what you paid for, then you can have an extra hour absolutely free. You’ll have to have a minimum of $150 to enjoy the niceties this club has to offer. If you are looking to spend your whole day here, then you’ll need $1800.

4. Lush, Australia


Yet another Australian high-end luxurious brothel. It’s one of the classiest premium elite brothels in the world. It has a modern feel with a five start bordello that provides the thrill and sensual environment that their clientele needs to feel when they step in. The ladies here are from all over the world, with Russians, Brazilians, South Africans, Asians and even Spanish. It’s rated number one in Australia, and for this reason, their services are incomparable in the region. In case you are looking to have all the world has to offer, you better check in and book a 24-hour service, if you are up for it.

3. La Belle, Bangkok, Thailand


It’s another upmarket brothel that’s located in Bangkok, Thailand, probably Utopia’s smaller sister. The setting is extravagant with several floors, chandeliers, and escalators. All the girls on this premises have a reputation for being extremely cute and friendly. While the prices are a bit of a secret, we all understand that in Thailand, anything goes. There’s a price for everything, and if you aren’t good for it, then there’s probably a price to leave! La Belle is definitely the place to offer you an exciting time in Bangkok and especially if it’s your first time! If you’ve been to Utopia, then La Belle is a notch higher!

2. Ginza, Sydney, Australia


Well if you have been to Australia, then you probably understand that the locals here have a thing for Asian girls, and if you are looking for the best Asian brothel in Australia, then this is the place to be. While Australian brothels tend not to hide the prices, you would have to part with about AU$220 for the gold service here. Clients can play Japanese Emperor here, and the girls here are sexual artists, all of them being known to offer a full erotic service. The rooms here have a themed fantasy element, meaning you won’t have to pay extra for this thrill.

1. Yab Yum, Amsterdam


This brothel is one of the oldest, yet most exclusive, since it was run from a dignified 17th-century canal premises in Amsterdam until it was shut down back in 2008, probably after breaking a rule or something. It was bought by an entrepreneur in 2013 as they waited for the license to be restored. While waiting for the decision to be restored, the entrepreneur changes the premises into a museum. There are mannequins that resemble the girls; you can walk in and see the original beds that were once used, the bar, and the girls’ medical room. If you are looking to host an event, this place is up for hire.

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