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Top 15 Most Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets In The World

Top 15 Most Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets In The World


We would be lying if we said we haven’t thought about what we would do if we ended up being super rich – Maybe we just win the lottery, or maybe we turn out to be an heir to a small country, Princess Bride style?

Whatever way we get rich, the question is – What would we do if we had an endless amount of money? Buying couture dresses and traveling in private jets is something any rich person can do. But being ultra-rich means spending money on bizarre things you don’t even need.

From a gold plated iPad to a diamond encrusted TV, the world is filled with expensive gadgets that will make you feel ridiculous and rich at the same time.

Of course, you could do the right thing and donate your money to help people get clean water, but you could also get a Dark Knight-themed home theater complete with a Batsuit and a secret exit for the Batmobile.

But if Batmobile isn’t your preferred way of getting around, you could opt for a flying car, which goes from the road to the sky in just a few minutes.

Here are 15 ridiculously expensive gadgets that you should only think about buying if you are pathetically rich.

15. Arkeg Drink n’ Game – $3,999


An arcade machine which gives you a beer every time you win. If there were an ultimate boy toy award, it would go to this very machine. The Arkeg Drink n’ Game machine is for men who might have grown up, but they are still a little boy at heart.

There are three rounds, and you can choose one of the five characters available. You can do anything to win including kicking, punching, and even butt slapping. The player who scores the most points in the three rounds wins, and to celebrate his win the machine dispenses a beer via a tap. There are also cup holders, drip trays, and motion sensors.

14. Boxx Personal Electric Scooter – $4,000


Don’t you hate it when you have to walk all the way around airports with so much luggage? Well, if you can drop $4,000 you can get yourself a scooter for your suitcase, and you can travel sitting on it as well.

The whole thing looks like a giant camera, and four-hour of charging can take you around 80 miles (129 km), with a top speed of 56km/h.

Yes, it might be a bit expensive, but hey, you don’t have to just use it at airports, you can literally use it everywhere to carry your stuff around. It’s like a hoverboard, but better.

13. Kohler Numi Toilet – $6,500


In an effort to make toilet the ultimate throne, Kohler has launched one of the most advanced toilets ever. The Numi model comes packed with features, and a price of $6,500 to match them.

So why should you buy such an expensive toilet? It has Bluetooth which helps you play music directly from your phones. It also has an SD slot which allows you to store playlists or a personalized greeting. A toilet that greets you every time you go to the loo – that’s what was missing from the world. There is also multicolour ambient light, allowing you to choose one light for every day.

12. Boardwalk Photo Booth – $11,000


Why get a new Polaroid camera when you can buy the entire photo booth for your home? For a steal price of $11,000, you can get this photo booth which prints four pictures in less than 16 seconds. Though don’t expect amazing pictures with this one. You get black and white 2″ x 2″ pictures with just 72 dpi.

Though the worst part is the fact that there is no coin slot in it. If there were, you could at least get some of the money back.

Also, as expensive as the booth is, you are also charged $2,000 for shipping since it comes straight from the factory. Maybe you could try Amazon Prime?

11. Deep space bed – $18,000


Don’t get confused and don’t be mistaken – This is a Star Wars bed. The only reason why it is called a Deep Space bed and not a Star Wars bed is because the creators probably don’t want to get sued by Lucasfilm or spend all their profits paying royalties.

It is a children’s bed, but it is not kid size, and you can definitely buy one for yourself too. The bed also comes with wall murals that give you a complete outer space feel. If you have always dreamed of becoming a soldier of the galaxy, then this is the moment you finally turn your dreams into reality.

10. Dry water jet massager – $30,000


When you are rich and work hard, you also need the best massager money can buy to unwind and relax. This massager can give you the ultimate full-body water jet massage without even getting you slightly wet. Using the principles of shiatsu, it is equipped with energizing water streams and 28 water nozzles to deliver precision.

It is shaped like a capsule, and you have to lay inside it. But of course, when you pay $30,000 for a massager you also get a 7″ LCD TV with a DVD player so that you can watch your favorite movie while getting a massage.

9. Hasselblad H4D – 60 – $32,000


The Hasselblad camera worth $32,000 takes the technology of the normal SLR cameras to a whole new level and gives you the precision and image quality that can make even the worst of the photos look great.

The camera comes with a True Focus feature which means photographers never have to worry about finding the focus or the focal points.

This camera is especially usefully for ultra rich people who really need to flaunt their richness on social media, but want to take the pictures to a whole another level. If only $30,000 could get you 1 million followers on Instagram.

8. Yalos Diamond TV – $130,000


When it comes to buying a TV, who wants to check the brightness, pixel resolution, contract ratio or how good the plasma TV is when you can get a TV with real diamonds embedded in it.

The Yolas Diamond TV will make you feel like a superstar with its 160 diamonds that total to around 20 carats, and white gold plating all around the screen. We are not even going to go into the specifics about the size of the screen or if its 4K or not, because let’s be honest – it doesn’t matter.

When someone goes to buy a diamond TV, they are never going to care if the TV is 4K or not.

7. Hovercraft – $190,000

Hoverboards are a thing of the past. Why float a few inches above the ground when you can literally fly 20 feet off the ground with a Hovercraft?

This thing can hit a top speed of 70 miles per hour. It comes equipped with a liquid cooled gas engine and a 130 horsepower twin cylinder which gives it the energy it needs. You can drive it over water, sand, and even snow.

So, the next time you get stuck in your house because of a snow storm, and there is no way to get out, all you have to do is start up this mean machine and take it for a ride.

6. Flying car – $350,000


Not in the mood for a Hoverboard or you can’t figure out how to ride it? No worries, just drop another $350,000 and buy yourself a flying car.

It’s a three-wheeled car/motorcycle hybrid which can go up to 110 miles per hour on the road. When you fly this car, it will go at a speed of 220 miles per hour.

How to take it from road to the sky? Just pull over and within a few minutes your car will be converted into a plane, and you will be ready to take off. Of course, since it’s part-airplane, you need to have a pilot license for it, and you also can’t be afraid of heights.

5. Aerodream iPod and iPhone Dock – $560,000


The ultimate iPod dock ever created, this one has been introduced by entrepreneur and musician Jean Michel Jarre. At a price of $560,000, this iDevice dock is unlike any other. Every technological marvel you can think of has been incorporated in this Aerodream dock.

This dock is 11 feet tall, and it has a 10,000 watt stereo system. It weighs 871 pounds, and it also comes with a ladder so that you can dock your device to the very top. But it isn’t just limited to Apple devices; you can use the USB port to attach other devices as well.

If you have been looking for a home entertainment system, then your search ends right here.

4. Dark Knight Home Theatre – $2 million


If you are as rich as Bruce Wayne, you deserve a home theater like Bruce Wayne.

The Dark Knight Home Theatre is completely inspired by Batman with every high-tech feature you can imagine right from the Batmobile hidden behind a secret bookshelf to the life-size Batsuits that you can wear.

It features an 180-inch screen, cylinder shaped elevators with a bat symbol and gargoyles. There is also a secret exit out of the room, which goes through a tunnel.

You’d think you could get your own Alfred when you drop $2 million, but sadly, no Alfred with this home theater.

3. Personal Submarine – $2 million

If you like automobiles but a flying car or a Porsche isn’t cutting it for you, then we recommend getting a personal submarine. Well, technically, it is a Submarine Sports Car.

Built in a very James Bond style, this underwater car is the perfect way to live a life of luxury. It can go at a speed of 80 miles on land and can stay up to three hours under the water after getting charged for four hours.

You can take your submarine for some solo contemplation or a usual session of Netflix and chill, that is completely up to you.

2. 18K Gold speakers – $4.7 million


The world’s most expensive loudspeakers, these D&W Aural Pleasure speakers have been developed by Hart Audio. The company came out with 99 bronze speakers, five speakers in sterling silver, and only one pair in solid 18k gold.

Each speaker weighs around 50kg, and they come with three speaker drive units which deliver bass and mid range. But we can’t help but wonder how revolutionary the sound is? When you are dropping $4.7 million for listening to music, you should get artists performing live for you. After all, what is the use of all that money if you cannot get Beyonce to do a private concert for you?

1. iPad Gold History Edition – $7,944,000

most expensive gadgets


It works like a normal iPad but it doesn’t look like a normal iPad, and it definitely doesn’t cost as much as one. First of all, it is an iPad which weighs 2 kg and secondly there is a 57g T-Rex bone in its casing. While we don’t get the whole logic of putting a dinosaur bone in an iPad, it can definitely be a conversation starter.

Instead of the usual home button, there is an 8.5 carat diamond with 12 smaller diamonds all around it. Also, when you flip and see the back, you’ll find the Apple logo encrusted with 52 separate diamonds.

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