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Top 15 Of The Creepiest Natural Phenomena EVER

Top 15 Of The Creepiest Natural Phenomena EVER

Nature always finds a way to show off its sick sense of humor. It can put on a spectacular light show and make it a tragedy in the blink of an eye. Let’s take the so-called “dirty thunderstorm” as an example. Despite its compelling beauty, such a phenomenon can really claim one’s life. What’s even more intriguing is that it’s a pretty natural occurrence. Did you know that “dirty thunderstorms” are formed when a volcanic plume produces lighting? We bet you didn’t. You see, nature is oddly beautiful. It can even wipe whole cities off the face of the Earth. And this wouldn’t be another trick. It would be for real. So if you ever happen to see something abnormal in the sky, you’d better run. Nature can be ill-tempered at times, so let’s not tempt fate. We know you’ve heard of volcanic eruptions, but how about exploring limnic eruptionsToday we bring you 15 equally creepy occurrences that are otherwise 100% natural. From mind-boggling waterspouts to underwater crop circles, nature will once again prove its bad temper. Are you ready to get started?

15. Creepy Waterspout


First on our list is the unimaginable waterspout. Although experts think of it as nothing special, this natural phenomenon can sink a ship. For your information, it won’t take long before it does its job.  So, forget about what experts think – it’s not simple volcanic activity occurring over water. We’re dealing with something much bigger and stronger than that – it’s a creepy waterspout that sinks boats and ships in tropical waters! Perhaps it only needs a second before it sinks them in deep waters. Bottom line: such a view can only mean a waterspout is raging out of control.

14. Squall Line

via Flickr

The so-called “squall line” is just another type of a thunderstorm. But unlike the dirty lightning storm, it’s well known for its blood freezing drafts of air. As a matter of fact, squall lines didn’t even exist for most people back in the 19th century. According to their beliefs, any cold front could be a squall line. However, such extreme natural occurrences can bring death all over. Squall lines are known for causing extreme hails, intense lightning storms, and heavy winds. In other words, it pictures the end of the world quite well.

13. Dust Storms

via History Collection

Duststorms are a pretty curious natural occurrence. For the most part, they occur in arid and semi-arid terrains, like deserts. Such a natural disaster arises when a gust of strong winds blows loose sand from a dry surface. The resulting saltation propels the particles along the way. As a result, the process of moving salt from one place to another gets instantly triggered. Although dust storms can cause extreme situations, it’s the flash floods that send shivers down the spine. The great irony here is that arid regions are at potential risk of flash floods. The desert sand isn’t very good at soaking up water. So, it only takes a heavy rainstorm to bring chaos and flood in the desert.

12. Dirty thunderstorms

via A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Space & Plasma Physics – Tumblr

Although it comes from the thunderstorm family, it’s nothing like the typical thunderstorm. Actually, it has got nothing to do with the supercell, either. This creepy phenomenon is quite a rare occurrence – it’s more like a mix of a lightning storm and a terrifying volcano. Quite a blend, huh? But unlike lightning storms, this specific type features ash particles colliding in an eruption cloud. The result is a spectacular phenomenon you don’t want to be near when it strikes.

11. Christmas Island’s Red Crabs

via CedAvri

Christmas Island’s Red Crabs is just another curious occurrence that still boggles the mind. It almost sounds like this island is entirely covered with red crabs. Rumor has it that this usually happens around Christmas. Millions of land crabs can be seen migrating to lay their eggs into the ocean. This easily explains why this place has become so popular around the world. The sight of their migration is so compelling that you just can’t look away. It’s already Christmas time on this island and it’s full of migrating red crabs. Once again, nature has totally caught us off guard.

10. Monarch butterflies

via World Wildlife Fund

There’s an unexplainable natural phenomenon in the eastern parts of North America. This unique occurrence offers the amazing view of monarch butterflies on their way to Mexico. Their migration usually happens at the end of the summer – hundreds of monarch butterflies can be seen migrating from the USA and Canada to Mexico. Covering thousands of miles, these creatures offer a spectacular sight in the sky. Thankfully, they’re quite harmless. Yet it still makes you want to take a step back. Such a phenomenon only reminds us how oddly beautiful nature is.

9. Sinkholes

via SFGate

How did this happen, right? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the asphalt and the materials it was built from. Now you can cross this off your list. In fact, it was the dissolving of rocks and salt beds that caused these sinkholes. This process terribly weakens the foundation of the road as it helps the creation of sinkholes. These voids can range from a few feet to over hundreds of acres. They even caused the deaths of 15 people in Guatemala City. In 2010, the city was hit by a heavy rain coming from the Tropical Storm Agatha. It’s also rumored to have caused the demolition of the ground beneath a local factory building.

8. Surreal spiderwebs near Wagga Wagga, Australia

via Pinterest

Another odd natural phenomenon happens near Wagga Wagga, Australia. Every year, thousands of spiders cover the fields of Wagga Wagga with cobwebs. The possible reason for their massive migration is the torrential floodwaters near Wagga Wagga. In fact, the Australian countryside is known for its floods during rainy periods. In 2012, a swarm of spiders covered the flood-ravaged Wagga Wagga with surreal spiderwebs. Frankly, it sounds so spooky that you’d better look away from that swarm of spiders.

7. Odd Fairy Circles in Namibia

via Lazer Horse

Have you ever heard of these mysterious circles in Namibia? What looks like moon craters to us seems pretty normal to scientists. They believe that a sand termite is accountable for their formation. But whatever it really is, one thing is for certain – these fairy circles in Namibia are hardly a typical view. In fact, this bizarre formation looks like a Photoshopped picture. As for that lonely tree in its center, it only intensifies this unsettling feeling. Once again, nature can be both incredibly beautiful and weird at times.

6. Flammable ice bubbles beneath Alberta’s Lake Abraham

via Narcity

Despite their beauty, these specific ice bubbles are highly flammable and toxic. Trapped beneath the frostbitten surface, they possess pockets of toxic methane – its effects are considered catastrophic and deadly. But what really bothers scientists is the rise in the temperature levels – if they continue rising, the concentration of methane can be unleashed into the atmosphere. You can only imagine its deadly effects on every living organism nearby. Not to mention that these ice bubbles are both super toxic and highly flammable.

5. Limnic eruptions

via Wikipedia

What do you think a limnic eruption is? We know, it’s all Greek to you. In a nutshell, limnic eruptions are also known as lake overturns. Thankfully, it’s a rare natural occurrence which doesn’t happen every other day. The accumulation of CO2 in deep waters may suddenly erupt and cause the formation of tsunamis. In fact, history remembers only 2 limnic eruptions of such a disastrous scale. In 1984, a disastrous limnic eruption in Lake Monoun caused the deaths of 38 people. Two years later, another lake-overturn occurred in Lake Nyos claiming the lives of over 1,700 residents.

4. Supercell

via BP’s Fuel For Thought –

Have you ever heard of a supercell? This spooky thing actually belongs to the thunderstorm family. Make no mistake, though: it’s hardly just a lightning storm. It’s more like an intense thunderstorm that produces waterspouts, downbursts, and rotating updrafts. A supercell occurs when a mesocyclone gets formed from an intense thunderstorm. This mesocyclone gets so strong that it can easily pick up a person or a heavy object. It only takes a second before it spins it around and carries it upwards. As you can imagine, the so-called “supercell” practically boxes you inside its mesocyclone.

3. Underwater crop circles

via YouTube

There’s one specific place in Japan where you can explore this unique view.  It’s a fact: the underwater crop circles are an incredible phenomenon in the waters of Japan. Locals believe that the weird crop circles are created from a male pufferfish to woo females. These are only suggestions, of course. Today this curious thing still boggles the minds of swimmers and divers alike. Therefore, they just can’t wait to dive deep into the freezing waters to capture this moment. After all, you don’t see such things every day, right?

2. The Catatumbo lightning

via Scienceline

Have you ever seen it? If not, would you enjoy such an experience? The so-called Catatumbo lightning is believed to occur in certain cycles only. If we turn to science, it’ll probably point to the following cycle of 140-160 nights per year, 10 hours per night + 280 times per hour. This unique natural phenomenon is an atmospheric occurrence in Venezuela. Another curious thing is that it’s named after the local river aka the Catatumbo River. Indeed, it’s a beautiful and spooky sight that only appears over the mouth of the river.

1. Extreme Heat Waves

via CleanTechnica

So what exactly is this thing and is it really that dangerous? Well, extreme heat waves are any prolonged periods of sizzling hot weather. At first, it may not sound that dangerous at all but think about the oceanic climate countries. Such extreme heat waves are more than a typical sight over there. The sad part: this scary phenomenon claims the lives of thousands of residents each year. You see, we’re talking about a completely natural occurrence. Yet, it can totally put one’s life on the line in the summer.


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