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19 Job Titles That For Some Reason Impress The Ladies

19 Job Titles That For Some Reason Impress The Ladies


Did you know that in early 2016 the dating app Tinder released a list of occupations that get the most swipes right? That’s right, there are actual statistics about that kind of stuff. It might just be the most valuable information out there for guys who aren’t too sure of their career path yet. Dudes who are mulling over what subject they want to major might find it interesting that Pilot ranks the highest among the right swipes on Tinder. That’s not exactly an easy career path, though. And you can’t be afraid of flying!

We’ve compiled a list of most impressive jobs so that you can find the right path and ensure success in life and with the ladies. Some of these were featured on the list Tinder revealed but we’ve made sure to add another few that we think are just as impressive. The money you make may sometimes make a difference to the women you’re trying to win over, but often it’s the skill, training and deeper qualities involved in a job that really make their mark. Looks will fade but your career will likely be there for the long haul. Just like personality can often win over appearance, an impressive job can make you stand out in a sea of men.

19. Business Owner


This one does appear on the Tinder list. Entrepreneur/Founder comes in at number 2 on their list for most right-swiped jobs for men. Being a business owner and entrepreneur sure does have its appeal. A guy who owns his own business is probably ambitious and forward thinking. It’s safe to say that someone who runs their own business is likely organized and dependable too. Some entrepreneurs might even have some money to throw around if they’re successful and that never hurts. What business you run might be an interesting part of the package too. Who could resist a guy who owns a cat cafe?

18. Stock Broker


Even if you don’t know what a stock broker actually does. Even if you find the details boring and you would prefer not to hear about them, you know that it has something to do with money. That’s probably a universal fact. We all know that a stock broker deals with money. We’re not greedy, but let’s face it, money is nice. A man who knows how to manage his finances? Perfect. So how do you become a stock broker and charm all the ladies with your financial know-how? You don’t actually need a university degree but you do need to get licensed. You can graduate from high school and head down this career path.

17. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer is number twelve on the Tinder most swiped-right jobs list. Of course it makes the list! Totally understandable! If you’re a personal trainer, on average you’re likely not making huge amount of money but the fact that you’re in good shape and care about your health and fitness is a huge turn-on. Chances are you don’t just care about your physical health, you probably care a bit about how you look too. Forget going out to dinner, ladies will want to get you in bed just to get a look at those abs. But it’s not just about the superficial. Someone who hits the gym like a personal trainer is clearly focused and determined, never bad qualities to have.

16. Writer


This one is not on the Tinder list. We think that’s crazy. Of course women are impressed by writers. Even if you’re not a famous author it’s an attractive occupation to have. Someone who has a way with words is super appealing. Think of all the love letters and poems they could write you! This job appeals to the intellectual side. It’s easy to romanticize the life of a writer. Some women like a guy who’s a bit more sensitive and introspective, most writers are sure to fit this mold. Use the power of your words to woo the apple of your eye via text message.

15. Radio Personality


This one is number five on the Tinder list of most swiped-right jobs. It’s bundled under TV/Radio personality. Okay sure, a TV personality is probably a bit more impressive. What lady would swipe left on Matt Lauer? A crazy one, that’s who. But don’t head down that career path just yet. Radio is becoming more and more popular again. Just think of the rise in popularity of podcasts. When you’re the host of a radio show, you’re intimately engaging with listeners as they listen in their bathtubs. If that’s not sexy, we’re not sure what is. If you’ve got a suave sounding voice, radio just might be for you and a nice voice is definitely a way to impress the ladies. Bonus if you replace Sarah Koenig as the host of Serial.

14. Architect


How is this not on the Tinder list? Oh. We think we know why. Very few people actually hold this job title. Being an architect is definitely impressive. Architects design the buildings we live in, work in and play in. You might find this occupation less attractive if you were ever a fan of How I Met Your Mother. The main character, Ted, is the most annoying architect known to man. But we imagine that others in the field are really interesting people who can visualize things none of us could imagine. By the way, architects make a pretty penny, some earning more than $90,000 a year.

13. Musician


Whether we’re talking about a guy who plays music as a hobby, a dude who plays jazz piano at a restaurant (like Ryan Gosling in La La Land) or a famous guitarist in a rock band. There’s no doubt that being a musician is sure to impress the ladies. It’s a creative pursuit that would impress anyone really. It takes patience to learn an instrument and play it well. Music has the ability to move us all and although this job didn’t make the Tinder list, we think that it deserves a spot. Some musicians won’t make money with their talents and they may have to find a second job to support themselves but isn’t that passion worth something? We think it’s super attractive.

12. Politician


We tend to all have this idea that most politicians are skeevy, corrupt and morally bankrupt. The ladies of Tinder might think the same thing since this job doesn’t make the cut of their most right-swiped jobs list. We think being a politician is super appealing. Most people in the public eye need to be somewhat eloquent and composed when they’re addressing the public (there are some exception *ahem* President Trump). Politicians generally need to look good too when they’re interacting with communities and other elected officials. Who can resist a guy in a nice suit? And even if most of them are morally questionable, it’s clear that they have some impressive qualities. Just look at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his ass was recently the talk of the Internet.

11. Firefighter


This one makes the Tinder list and we weren’t even surprised. It’s number 3 on their list. We think it’s a bit too cliche. Every woman has taken a peek at a Firefighters calendar and had to fan herself. It’s all hot. The uniform, the perfect tanned muscular bodies, the kitten saving, the people saving and the bravery. Okay, sure. We admit it, that’s all pretty impressive. But don’t forget that firefighters deal with danger all the time on the job. That might be hard to handle for some. No one wants to imagine their loved one in danger. So, firefighters are hot as hell but fearing for their lives is real stressful. That’s why they’re not at the top of our list.

10. Photographer


Here’s the thing, this occupation can either be super hot or super creepy. The artistic type jobs seem to share this problem. Creative people can be weird. But we’d take a chance on love and go out on a date with a guy who takes pictures for a living. Usually a photographer needs patience to get the right picture. It’s not just about snapping away without regard. Photographers need to be focused and know what they want. Isn’t that what we all desire? Someone who knows what they want and doesn’t play games. Hell yes! A bonus? If you date a photographer you’ll never have to worry about missing out on memories, they’ll make sure to capture them for the both of you.

9. Teacher


This one is number 6 on the Tinder most swiped-right jobs list. This makes total sense. Teachers, for the most-part, are kind and patient people. They’re moulding the minds of our youth! Ladies who wants kids will appreciate that men in this occupation are great with children. Teachers are able to be serious when need be but they can also let loose and relax too. It’s not the occupation that’s going to bring in the most money, but it’s usually a stable job. What woman doesn’t enjoy a bit of security? Teachers are dependable and probably very loyal too. Plus, they’ll be sure to share all the teacher gossip with you on a date. It makes for a great ice breaker convo.

8. Human Rights Worker


Um. This one seems obvious. A guy who works in the human rights field is probably very compassionate and wants to help people. He’s definitely not in it for the money so ladies can be sure that they’re getting a guy who will be kind and caring. It’s not featured on the Tinder most right-swiped jobs list though. We think it might be because a job in this field might mean that a person pours their heart and soul into it. Human rights is not a job that you pack away once you’re done for the day. Some women might prefer a person who can be fully present when they’re hanging out. These guys might just be a little too married to their jobs. But being a champion for people who have no voice? Nothing hotter.

7. Engineer


This one is number 7 on the Tinder most right-swiped jobs list. Engineers are obviously intelligent people and gosh being smart is just so sexy. Women tend to like a man who can carry on an intelligent conversation and who can string complex thoughts together. There are different kinds of engineers but most make a very decent living. An electrical engineer for instance, makes an average of $67,000 per year. The salary can go way up, though, depending on experience. Engineers also tend to be pretty good with their hands. So they can fix things and are sure to be very helpful when it comes to others things *wink*.

6. Doctor


Doctor is number 4 on the Tinder most right-swiped jobs list. This one is entirely obvious. Everyone is impressed when they hear that someone is a doctor. They are the healers on society, they can find out and cure what ails us. They study a long time to get where they are and are super smart people. They understand the human body and that’s fascinating. We all love to watch fictional doctors work their magic on Grey’s Anatomy or E.R. so when we get to interact with a IRL doctor of course we’re enthralled. We imagine that they’re not too bad with their hands either, considering they have extensive knowledge of the body and what makes it tick.

5. Lawyer


Lawyer is number 11 on the Tinder list. We thought it deserved a higher spot. Lawyers are super intelligent people who have a way with words and can win an argument like nobody’s business. They work in a world that most of us will never see or experience. They deal with people a lot, so most of them tend to have some charisma. We’re generalizing, of course, but let’s be honest a lawyer is a hot profession. It takes skill and savvy to become a successful lawyer. They make good money too. Good thing because they’re usually dressed impeccably well. Very hot.

4. Scientist


Oh yeah, tell us that Global Warming is a real phenomenon again. Scientist did not make the Tinder list. We think that’s absolutely ridiculous. Telling someone that you’re a scientist is super impressive. When you hear ‘scientist’ it might make you think of people who are a bit nerdy, but we think smarts are sexy. There are so many different types of scientists too. It’s a rainbow of impressiveness. A research scientist makes an average of about $63,000 a year. Not bad at all. And we don’t even care about the money. The fact that a guy works hard to research phenomena and disseminate facts, oh boy that’s appealing.

3. Chef


You know how they say that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach? Well guess what, it’s the same for ladies. Chef did not make the Tinder list but we think a guy who can cook is super sexy. Can you deny that a man with Michelin stars is impressive? Heck no! Someone who can make you a delicious meal at restaurant quality? Where do we sign up? It takes creativity, skill and confidence to become a chef. All desirable qualities. But that’s really not the important part, the important part is all the food you’ll eat. All the delicious, delicious food.

2. Veterinarian


Once again, not on the Tinder list. The people of Tinder don’t know what they’re missing. A veterinarian is like a doctor but better. They have to study hard follow this career path, they are clearly intelligent and best of all? They have to love animals. Having a love for animal friends, whether furry or slimy, is a clear sign of compassion and sensitivity. Any guy who has a soft spot for cats or dogs is instantly going to get us to bat our eyelashes. Veterinarians also make a good living. They make an average of $70,000 a year. We imagine a vet would bring us back to their place of work after dinner and let us pet all the doggies.

1. Pilot


Okay, yeah. We put this at the top of our list too. Pilot was at the top of the Tinder most swiped-right list. The skill and training it must take to learn to fly a plane is impressive in its own right. Airline pilots have the responsibility of getting passengers to and from their destination and they get to fly to all sorts of exotic locales. Pilots gets perks as part of their job too. Free flights aren’t something to sneer at. The responsibility, impressive training and free flights aren’t the only attractive things about this career. Pilots also wear super hot uniforms. And we’ve all been curious about the mile high club. Is there some kind of bonus badge if you join the mile high club in the cockpit with the pilot?

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